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$60K Per Day Dropshipping From Losing Millions Gambling

How Chay & Galvin Scaled From $0- $60K Per Day Dropshipping

The odds of making money gambling were not on their side, but then they tried eCommerce and now making $60K Per Day Dropshipping on Shopify.

Ecommerce in this new age is one business that has created amazing lives for a good number of people. And the good thing is that it just keeps getting more accessible by the day.

$60K Per Day Dropshipping
Galvin Bay

So as an entrepreneur, you can build a successful business today with dropshipping. So was the story of two wonderful men from the most expensive city in China, Macau. Galvin Bay & Aloysius Chay were pure professional gamblers, which where were sourcing for a better option to meet earns online. 

On average, their store generates at least $60,000 daily, which is a massive development for a business in less than one year. 

It is not easy to cash in more than $60K Per Day Dropshipping business moreso if you are green. Below are a few things they have to say about being successful in the eCommerce industry.

How the dropshipping business started

Our dropshipping choice was nothing we had pre-intended; it happened as a gradual process. Before now, we had lived mainly on professional poker playing; before we got introduced into dropshipping by one of our friends. 

$60K Per Day Dropshipping

Seeing this as a very viable financial option, we dived into it with all the resources we could secure. We were not so keen to take this option seriously until just last in May.

By August, it grows big we had to extend to a second store. It was a significant development, and that was how everything continued growing so fast.

Did we have Challenges? Yes, we did.

It was not easy for users to get the best product for our store at the first stage; we needed to know what the market wants. 

At first, it was tough to experiment up to 30 products in the store, and it all failed. In the end, we met with the best products for your store. 

As we focused on learning, we also never lost sight of growing the business. Even though starting wasn’t so easy, dropshipping is still the best eCommerce option if you want to cut cost and focus more on profit-making. At least, you channel more of your effort on building a big business.

When we had our First Sale

Our niche store marketing Jewelry in June was a vast experiment that added to our experience, though it failed; we still learned from that. We just understood that it was better to market to a specific audience per country.

So we re-strategized and approached the market differently. We tried so many other products after jewelry, till we met our groundbreaking product. 

Do we use Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is more like the most viable ads campaign for our store. Indeed Yes, we choose Facebook because it is effortless to use and as well as set up your ads campaigns. 

And just like other new businesses, we had to go through a lot of Youtube videos and courses to help us capture all the information we needed to know. 

Plus, we leverage on groups and friends that had experiences in using this platform. You cannot imagine how far you can grow your dropshipping business with just sharing ideas with friends of like mind.

What was our motivation?

Seeing money come can be a severe inspiration. But not that it was the essential thing for us, getting to learn for challenges and re-strategize for better option can be pretty fun. 

Plus knowing that we wouldn’t have to work the regular work hours as some of our friends helped us to focus on doing it better.  

So we can do our business and then still have a comfortable life, as well as explore other viable business option. 

So far, we have been able to change our lives with dropshipping, and we know this eCommerce business has also touched so many lives.

What is our Sale-per-day?

Presently on a good day, we make at least $60,000 in sales, and we are working on building it into a million daily.

How long have we used Oberlo?

Oberlo app has been just like our partner from the very start. It is a fantastic app for dropshipping beginners if you want to win big. And Oberlo is free for a start.

However, Shopify Apps are unusual for a cheap set of features it has to help optimize your store.

Why Oberlo?

We chose Oberlo because it is relatively easy to manage your orders, and it has a very organized user interface. With Oberlo, we can place the order on any Aliexpress in a few seconds. 

Imagine automating your orders and watch them get delivered to your customers. It is indeed a huge plus, as we focus other pressing issues. 

And this process helps reduce the tendencies of making mistakes with customers’ orders

What we like about Oberlo App

Oberlo has a pretty easy to use interface. So we can get to any feature we need in just a few seconds. Plus it helps reduces the stress of manually keying in all the details you need. 

The fact that it saves time is one thing that distinguishes Oberlo from its competition. So we can find time to focus on giving our customers the satisfaction they need. 

Finally, it helps reduces the risk of sending the wrong product choice to customers. So we change automate the option for all the orders and let them get fulfilled on their own.

What we like most about Oberlo App

If you ask, I would say that is the order automation on AliExpress that tickles my fancy about this fantastic app. Also its ability to blend very well with Shopify, and transfer your order tracking numbers to the platform easily; is so much of enormous development. 

And most importantly, it is very can pay for bulk orders with Oberlo. You are allowed to pay for up to 100 orders at a single time. So you don’t need to go through the stress of paying repeatedly. You make the payment at once and manage other affairs.


As a new and potential eCommerce entrepreneur, you need to know that getting the winning products into your store; it is the best way to be successful in the dropshipping business.

 And except you take through using alternative apps to source out these products, you would have to try a lot of products. It is before you can get the best products for your store.

It might be very hard, but the benefits are worth the stress you would go through. 

It might not be easy starting new, but for effectiveness; hire an extra hand except if you would want to work extra hours.

Finally, it would be in your best interest to set goals and plans to grow your business, to direct it in the right course. 

Adding an extra person to help organize your store would go a long way to grow and expand your eCommerce business.

Their story of how they made $60K Per Day Dropshipping should be a motivation to you who are reading this to start a dropshipping business today. If you need help kindly reach out or comment below.


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