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AliDropship Review : Custom Made Dropshipping Stores

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AliDropship Review:


The current crop of dropshipping gurus gives newbies unrealistic promises of success and financial freedom without telling them the work needed in order to achieve the wealth associated with dropshipping business. For those who have tried their hands on dropshipping, you are clearly aware of the difficulties and hurdles it comes with.

Dropshipping is a great business for a smaller organization with less capital and can as well be done by an established brand who wants to invest few bucks into a new venture or product without having to think of inventory.

As a vivid reader of my blog you know I share dropshipping friendly apps and plugins and today we are going to delve into Alidropship which is one of the coolest tools for WordPress  dropshipping.


In this Alidropship review, we will dig deeper into its features and outline the pros and cons of using Alidropship plugin on your dropshipping store.

Aliexpress is the retail version of Alibaba, owned by the same person Jack Ma. The Aliexpress marketplace works similar to Amazon but majors in Chinese products and dominants the Asian Region unlike Amazon which concentrates more with the western market. Aliexpress allows users or businesses to order products online in quantities of their choice, this has brought forth plugin innovation in line with dropshipping business.

There are many plugins and apps created to help individual add products to their shop from Aliexpress.

How Does Alidropship Plugin works

You may have come across various apps on shopify that helps mostly with Aliexpress product importation to shopify but Alidroship integrates with wordpress instead of Shopify, which means you can now start and run dropshipping business on WordPress.


Alidropship plugin integrates with woocommerce hence your payment methods sorted. With the plugin you can build a complete websites which also offers hosting and anyone can design their own store no need of coding skills.

Just like Oberlo, Alidropship plugin allows you to connect your dropshipping store and imports products from Aliexpress, you can pick a product of your choice or based on the niche you researched on.

When all is set and done the selected products is imported with its descriptions, images, features and any other elements it had on Aliexpress.

Alidropship offers two options based on the budget and what you want to achieve, the custom store allows you to do anything you want in terms of customization of the store, which lets you develop your website how you like it.

In addition to the customization option, you still get to enjoy the 100% ownership of your shop in addition to other extra like hosting and a library of Alidropship themes to choose from for your homepage set up.

On the other hand you can choose to go with their WordPress plugin option which almost works similar to the custom store package with the only difference being, it integrates with an already existing WordPress website.

This option is for users who have a designed WordPress shop, they can then install the Alidropship plugin on their website site and it will integrate well with the site and the WooCommerce.

Alidropship Review: The Best Features You Should Know

What makes alidropship stands out is its unqiue feature one-click plugin that converts a wordpress site into a ready to launch dropshipping store with various options of tweaking the store to fit your primarily needs.

It has various features that we are about to explore in this Alidropship review,

Automated Features

From searching the ideal product to import to adding it to your shop, the all process is automated by a click of a button. The plugin will apply filters, pricing automation on products and allows you to set your product pricing.

The order fulfillment is automated, you set your own mark-up price and also adjust product price in case of any changes. Apart from the above exiting features, the plugins also provides automatic order tracking.

Unlimited Add Ons

Alidropship helps you eliminated extra expenses by offering handful awesome Add-ons like google merchant support to Facebook business add-ons you really need not to worry spending any further when using this automated plugin solution in your dropshipping store.

Store customization

There are various options to choose from when it comes to themes, the Alidropship offers amazing built –in themes one can mess around with when customizing their store.

They also have wooCommerce support and equipped with a built in image editor software that allows you to add branding and captions to the products.


Unlike other dropshipping tools, the Alidropship plugins offers a marketing section, you can give customers coupons, and share discounts as you collect emails.

In other apps these options are not listed hence you have to source the said from other add ons or apps. It is only on Alidropship that abandoned art feature is available to help convert those doubting customers.

The Plugin Pricing Plans

Now that you know what makes up Alidropship plugin, it’s time to jump into their pricing plan and how to choose the features.

The plugin pricing is straight forward and it’s easy to decide on which one you want to get for your store.

On their website they have a plugin price of $89,the wordpress plugin has been listed to go for the above price but it doesn’t say either to be paid monthly or annually.

Capture 7

If you’ve bought any WordPress plugin before, then you are aware they only take a onetime payment then charges for an upgrade to support. The support caters for the plugin updates, unlimited products importation, automation ad the previous amazing features we discussed at the beginning of this Alidropship review.

If your desire is to develop a custom dropshipping shop on the Alidropship platform then you need to choose the Alidropship custom store package that starts at $299.

AliDropship Review

In this package you part with the one-time fee but comes with 50 products added by alidropship support plus unlimited number of products unlike the first package which limits you to only 50 products.

The Alidropship website is designed for you by the demo, you will also get to check the Alidropship demo to familiarize yourself with what to expect when everything is set and done.

The other packages that the Alidropship forum offers is the $499 and %$899 store packages. You can either buy these packages direct from sign up or just upgrade an existing store to any of your choice.

The packages comes with professionally produced promos videos for your store and also social media tools to help with conversions.

Alidropship Hosting Plans

Since we all love free things, most of  us would look for Alidropship coupon in order to find relevant discounts for their hosting plan, there is no need for that.

AliDropship Review

The Alidropship hosting plan starts at only $48 per year and includes a free SSL certificate for your store.

Here are some of the hosting plans.


It’s the $48 per year plan which comes with 3GB Space and unlimited bandwidth. You get a dedicated control pane plus 20 email address slot on top of a free SSL of up to 5 stores or Alidropship websites.



This 8GB of space,40 emails address slots and supports up to 10 Alidropship websites plus includes everything in the silver package is only $86 per year.


This package combines both Silver and Gold packages with an extra 17GB, 80 email address and can support up to 30 Alidropship websites for only $220 annually.


Alidropship Add-Ons

The only extra expenses one can incur with this plugin is if you go ahead and pay for extra add-ons.

AliDropship Review

The Alidropship has an add-ons store which has cool add-ons with special functionality that can help your store in terms of growth and performance these may include the pop up notification, the countdown time add-ons etc.

Any additional add-on may change the final cost you will incur using Alidropship, some are free but not all are cheap.


How Much Do You Need to Use Alidropship Plugin?


You will need a onetime fee of $347 which is the least expensive plan but combines hosting. On the other hand if you intend to only use their WordPress plugin then you will part with $89 unless you want to buy an extra add-ons then the price may change based on what you want as your extras.



If you were looking for ways of starting your own dropshipping business and you are shying away from shopify monthly fee then you can try out Alidropship plugin,ignore the rumors online purporting Alidropship is null and void.

The app works great and many have success using them for their dropshipping business.

Are you currently using Alidropship plugin for WordPress? Whats your experience and what do you find odd about this Alidropship review?


AliDropship Review


Have you made sales with the plugin yet?


Let us know your experience and your recommendation when it comes to Alidropship website and services offered.

Thanks for reading.

I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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