Welcome to this amazing list of Best Shopify Stores. More often than not, people find it difficult to start an online business, due to the demands of owning an online store, the task setting up an e-commerce store, how to get a better optimization of your landing page can become a daunting task, to simplify the whole process, the Shopify platform was designed.

One of the best e-commerce platforms for building an e-store is Shopify. Since its inception in 2004, numerous e-commerce store owners have moved to the Shopify platform to get their business going.

Since its inception, there are more than 500,000 active stores running on the Shopify platform in over 170 countries, collectively, these stores have amassed more than 40 billion sales.

Of all the successful Shopify stores, we will talk about few of the successful stores. Just as success means different thing for different businesses, it means different thing for each of these successful Shopify stores, some stores based its success on the number of clients it amassed while some based its success based on the revenue it generated.

Are you thinking about having your Shopify store, or you already have a store, but you don’t know how to make your store stand out, I have have highlighted the best of these stores based on their sales and income, I hope this provides you with an invaluable inspiration and motivates you in achieving the desired success of your online business.

Successful Dropshipping Stores to follow

When you go for shopping in your locality, what exactly are the things that motivates you into buying from a particular store from the other? Is it the set up? Is it the advertisement? The location of the store? Its design and aesthetic? It’s price range, or any other factor. Find an answer to these questions and note it down.

More often than not, people tends to neglect the popular saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” this is basically what people do subconsciously when choosing a store to buy your items from, just like you do when selecting physical store, you subconsciously do the same when selecting online store. The moment you see a store, you might naturally get attracted to its setup, its display, its content and its items and this might actually attract your attention in finding more information about the store.

Like the physical store, the moment people land on the home page of your store, they tend to make subconscious judgement of your product and your services. For you to have a great Shopify store, you have to stand out in different ways such as providing your visitors with a captivating landing page, offering them a variety of shopping options, offer them a unique shopping experience and services and, of course always giving them a reason to come back to your store.

Read along as we talk about different Shopify stores based on their categories and the characteristics that sets them apart. Hopefully you can learn from the methods deployed by these successful stores to strategize your plan towards having your unique Shopify store.

Best clothing and Wears store on Shopify


Unconditional store operates a Shopify online store with a homepage of white background, simple, yet eye-catching theme. Another store which operates on white background is the Uppercase magazine. Unconditional starts in London, and it has been in operation on Shopify for about 12 years. The store describes itself as the “winning combination of laid back and the edgy.”

Capture 1

Negative underwear

Negative underwear is an online store that operates on Shopify platform, they have excelled in the fashion industry, their goal is to help women feel good, confident and gets classy in putting their body into shape. They outline their aim is helping women feel confident and sexy without having to rely on the use of push-up pads and bows. This concept is actually working miraculously for them as they have been able to grow a revenue of more than 150% after the launching of the store.


They have been projected to stardom due to their success in the fashion industry. Their success hasn’t been left unmentioned in successful magazine’s stories such as Vogue, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes for taking a place at the top in the fashion industry bridging the gap of indifferences between confident appearance and functionality.


Another Shopify store that makes the cut is the bluebella store. The store landing page is simple, easy to navigate, while offering subtle colors to add glamour to their clothing images. The bluebella store is a leading store in the collections of the lingerie and nightwear products.

Capture 2

They offer products that reflects the modern age of lingerie and underpants. With their unusual fabrics and trims, they are able to create a unique product that matches customers satisfaction while keeping on creating collections upon collections of stunning silhouettes.

Taylor stitch

Another fashion store that is exceling in the fashion industry is the Taylor stitch. This company from Brooklyn, NY was launched in the year 2010. It specialises in men’s wear and tattoo making. They have been able to thrive in the area of making sophisticated dressing affordable while also shipping fake tattoos by Real Artists or offering temporary tattoos for their clients.

They have a store that looks sleevy in displaying the varieties of tattoo options, categories as either a custom-made, scented or long lasting.

Capture 3

Taylor stitch has been able to create a special bond with their customers by allowing them to share their various experiences and stories, this has made some of their customers share amazing pictures with captivating captions from wedding days, to birthday parties, dating outfits, hurricane cleanups, motorcycle crashes and lots more. Since the launching of the store, their revenue has been multiple each year, interestingly, three years after the launching of the store, the company has been able to generate a sales of more than $1.5million, this figure has been tripled or doubled each year.

Helm boots

In the fashion industry, producers of footwears cannot be ignored, this is an area where helm boots has been thriving. The helm boots store was launched on the Shopify store in the year 2009. Having previously founded in the same year in Austin, Texas. Helm boots was founded to provide classic leather boots that combines modern style with little pride and purpose.

Capture 4

The boot store sells casual shoes, work boots, and casual boots which are products that are sourced and crafted and produced in the United State. Their products are produced with care, purpose and pride. They sells boots that are 100% made in the United States. The company has attracted the attention of celebrities such as Ben Affected and Kevin Bacon.

Best Shopify store for accessories


A store that keeps its head high amidst the influx of numerous online stores that sells accessories is the toy shades. This is a trendy store with a unique style which adds a touch if colorful background to their collection of shades. The landing page is as simple as possible,it has a very few navigation features with different collections of shades, the products arr categorized based on usage and needs such as everyday wear, winter shades, autumn shades and many more.

Capture 5

Wolf circus

In the categories of accessories, wolf circus gets itself distinct in offering its customers a wide variety of fine jewellery products, especially the handmade products in vancouver, BC. There line of jewellery are handmade or those cater using the lost-wax casting method. Sometimes their products is a result of recycled sterling silver or a recycled bronze which is coated in a 14k gold plating.

Capture 6

This Shopify store gain its recognition and recommendations through the kind of jewellery accessory they produce and their knack for paying attention to great quality and little details. The accessory store brands itself as an “attainable luxury.”

Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura vidal bracelets store is anotherstore that has established itself in the Shopify platform, it has simplified the usage of its store greatly that its customers does not get overwhelmed by the lots of options available on the store. With the variety of bracelets, different sizes, colours, and materials, the store has been able to design a filter tool to ease the customers navigation, the filter tool will enable the customer to filter with respect to the materials (eg metal, stone, charm etc).

Capture 9

It also provides a sort out option for the customer to select how they want to view the products, is it based on the popularity, based on price or new arrivals, the sort out button will do that.  A tactics which pura vidal bracelets has been able to maximise is the, “share button” which has enable the client to share the products with their friends and families. Also, their store enables you to know the number of people who have the same item in their carts at the particular point in time. That’s a magic plus, isn’t it?


Another company doing pretty well in its categories is Nerd wax. This is an all natural and organic beeswax that helps its customers to with a specific proportion of formula that helps its clients in keeping their glasses from falling off their face. Basically, they offer products and services geared at solving the problem of constant slipping of of glasses of its users face. This company is growing rapidly, it has made much more than a million dollar in sales. You know what that means if a company could reject two different offers from Shark Tank.

Capture 7


This is another accessory store with greater success rate in jewelry brand on the Shopify platform. On the homepage of biko is a magnificent, yet simple design with very few navigation bar, specifically, only four navigation buttons. Their products are handcrafted using materials such as natural stones, sleek metals, etc. They are famous for their “modern nostalgic jewelry brand” quote.

Capture 8

What sets them aside is the quality of their product image, wow! With captivating product images, they were able to display the highlights of their product and drive users to always wanting to have one for themselves.

Best Shopify store for health and beauty

Skinny Teatox

Are you marvelled that you could find even health programs right on Shopify? Yes! Skinny tea tox has its shop on the Shopify store, the tea tox tea store is an e-commerce store that promotes good health and weight loss.

Capture 10

The store has a simple and appealing homepage, this store is one of the stunning e-commerce stores which was designed using Shopify. Teatox products are 100 percent natural, neither preservatives nor chemicals are included, its ingredients are natural and they include ginseng, tea leaves, ginger, cinnamon bark, senna leaves, rhubarb and many more.

Kylie Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is another important industry thriving on the e-commerce market, this is the exact area Kylie has invested and reaping heavily, besides celebrities, almost everyone wants to look good, ladies especially. Kylie cosmetics has a fascinating landing page, infact, they include product videos as this gives impression of the effectiveness of their products, this is exactly what the customers wants to get, an effective cosmetics.

Best Shopify Store

Having it in mind that more than 70% of adults will surely wants to make a purchase after watching the short product video and besides, there is more than 50 percent trust on campanies which include product video to those without the video magic.

Another area where Kylie cosmetics has glued its product in the mind of its clients are the various periodic flash sales they host, its mind blowing, one of the largest flash sales on Shopify store, this is a means of endearing themselves to their customers and selling out their products within minutes.


With the trend of the beard gang as a symbol of gentleman, many young guys have seen their flare for beard increased rapidly, this market is ever increasingly growing and beardbrand has taken the opportunity to build a niche for themselves by introducing various high quality products such as oils, shampoos, natural oils, balms, etc for rapid beard growth.

Best Shopify Store

They embrace this opportunity due to a change in the view of beard by the young generation, they use various eye-catching images and graphics of beard men to attract their customers, this has definitely enabled them to generate an income of above $120,000 monthly.

Based on the popular saying “seeing is believing” they use various success stories and graphical images to captivate the heart of their customers, as we all know that a “picture is worth more than a thousand words.” one thing that is worth mentioning is the red icon at the top right corner of the page, according to its founders, it has helped them generate about 7000 email subscribers within a month. Newsletter is sent to their clients with a popup icon of” remember our previous lesson? “

With a short video lesson, and a timely newsletter which serves as a reminder and a testimony video, the store is really making waves.


Which of these Shopify store fascinates you most? Were you able to get inspired by their level of creativity? These stores has various success stories but they can be a source of inspiration for you to begin your own store,. Majority of these stores generates thousands of dollars monthly.

Now that you have proofs that you can also join the list of successful people on Shopify store, why the wait? Get Started with your e-commerce store, launch it with great design, fascinating caption and ux and spice it up with some genius marketing strategy and you are assured of making it big on Shopify.


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