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BigBigProduct Review: Dropshipping Winning Product Tool

BigBigProduct Review: Dropshipping Winning Product Tool

How To Find Dropshipping Winning Products For Your Shopify

Getting a hot selling niche product is the biggest obstacle faced by many drop shippers, in this bigbig product review I show you why and how it will help you find hot selling products for your Shopify store instantly.

If you are like me, who have tried different apps out there purporting to have the ability to help dropshipping newbies find winning products for their store, only to end up with the same exhausted products every shop is trying to scale or make a sale.

Then you are in the right place, Bigbig product helps drop shippers gather winning products with potential to sale or scale from Aliexpress to your Shopify store.

It gives you data from Amazon best sellers comparing it with the Aliexpress performance dashboard on the same product.

There re several apps and websites offering fake data to lure dropshipping dummies into buying their niche research packages which offer no value for money.

bigbig product review

The bigbig product helps you cut course on money spent, would you rather buy an ebook worth $997 from the so-called Shopify experts and self-proclaimed gurus or do it yourself on the big big product platform?

I would love to try, make a mistake and learn; these are the same principle I used when I started learning dropshipping business some 5 years back.

You become more equipped by making mistakes and learning from them as you gear towards your success.

Back to the bigbig product review, so if you want to try out this fantastic niche research tool, there are payment plans that one can choose from as per their budget and what they want to achieve with their Shopify store.

Bigbig Product Pricing Plan

There are two plans in the bigbig product packages;
1.The Basic Plan for $49.99 Per month
2.The Pro Plan for $299 per month

As you can see in the above image, the plans cover different aspects to what it will offer when you choose a specific one; there is a jump in price from the basic package of $49.99 to the pro package of $299 monthly.

bigbig product review

The pro plan offers more features and functionalities unlike the basic package which also provides you a 7 days trial for only $1 if you want to get a sneak peak how the website works and the products it displays.

When you choose the trial, you will get instant access to the dashboard using your email and password.

Unlike the Basic version, the pro version includes trending product right now and also shows you the recently launched product or launched trending, and this option gives you the opportunity to see potential products in a real-time event when they get added on Aliexpress and other top sellers stores on Shopify.

You can search your way in using the filters on the column sections and choose by newest, sorting by date and even the most popular product.Before we continue kindly read  How To Set Up Shopify Store Without Guru’s Help

bigbig product review


So, if you want only to access 100 products then go with the Basic package of $49 per month, but if you wish to the whole meat, then the pro plan is your package. It will show you an unlimited number of hot selling products.

The bigbigproduct websites give you vital stats of the product you want to add to your shop; the displays show the product price, the store rank that sells it, the estimated product sales and the revenue.

This data is helpful for projection and comes in handy in decision making, which product to add to your shop and why? How much should you sell it at? What will be your profit margin?

bigbig product review

One exciting thing to mention in this bigbig product review is the ability to check products on two different platforms, Amazon and Aliexpress.

You can click the product buttons which will either take you to Aliexpress or Amazon product page of the same product. This feature works perfectly and helps with insightful information about the product or niche you want to venture in.

After you’ve confirmed the product you want to send to your shop, you click on the ”save and add button on bigbig product and the product will be added to your Shopify store within seconds.

The product import features add the product entirely; it comes will the images, product titles, description and the original product price.

What Makes Bigbig Product Review Useful

On the bigbig product platform as a basic user, you can review and go through all the products they have added since the website launched.

Bigbig product extracts products from best performing Shopify stores, according to their website they add at least 50,000 products on a daily basis.

Bigbig Product review

There are pretty much about 30,000 pages full of products extracted from Shopify stores on the internet that give you an insight on which product you can add on your store, what is working and what is not.

Bigbig Product Review Conclusion

I started with the 7 days trial for $1 then upgraded to the $49.99 monthly but I wanted more so have settled for the pro plan. The plans on the bigbig product are worth every cent considering the cash have wasted on some fake data product apps that yielded nothing.

If you want to get access to over 40,0000 top selling products collected from best performing Shopify stores across the world, then the bigbig product pro plan is for you.

I still don’t support the fact that they steal other’s store owners products instead of showing the products on aliexpress, I find it disturbing but I would still renew the plan this month.

But,for you to use bigbig product you need to have a shopify store  Sign up click the image below

Shopify review

Was this bigbig product review helpful? If yes don’t forget to share, comment and also share with us your experience with the big big product subscription.

You can as well share the product research tool or website you are currently using for your niche related dropshipping business store.

Contact me if you need help designing your store via the image below:

Shopify Dropshipping Store

I would recommend you try the bigbig product for either the 7 days $1 or go in at the basic or the pro level and share your experience with us how your journey was.


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I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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