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Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress

The Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress

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Overview of the Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress

Before we I take you through this amazing Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress, first lets define some terms that you are going to face in this article.

Dropshipping is an excellent way to start an e-commerce business where one doesn’t have to worry about inventory or shipping. One can say it is as simple as offering a product for sale on your website and sending an email to your supplier to ship the item on your behalf when you receive an order.

While starting a dropshipping business is a good way to set up an e-commerce business, digging on the internet to find a reliable supplier can be difficult. However, with Oberlo you can find millions of products that you can drop as AliExpress products.

Do you know what AliExpress is?

AliExpress is a huge marketplace with a wide variety of products providing opportunity for consumer to select from the range. Because most AliExpress sellers are overseas manufacturers, their prices are very competitive. Within AliExpress you will find products ranging from women’s clothing and jewelry to electronics and home accessories.


  • Drposhipping with AliExpress:

AliExpress makes it easy to find products to sell in your store without taking on nerves about inventory or shipping. Add the products you want to sell from AliExpress to your store, set a price with a quote and when you receive an order, you pay for that product at wholesale cost and the AliExpress seller sends the orders directly to your customer.

Benefits of dropshipping with AliExpress:

  • Even though AliExpress can present itself as an online seller, however, a number of sellers on AliExpress understand their customers are resellers and are interested in drop shipping because with AliExpress dropshipping is also relatively easy. There are no costs or fees in advance, so you can try out products without a significant financial effort. You can start free dropshipping by finding Oberlo AliExpress products with a few clicks and adding them to your store.
  • Many AliExpress sellers have existing product photos that you can use in your store and basic product descriptions are also available. When selling a basic product, however, do not pay attention to the importance of being differentiated by positioning and how to polish the small details; it is usually worth investing in better photos and handwritten product descriptions.
  •  Al last, drop shipping with AliExpress is as easy as ordering the product on AliExpress after getting an order and entering the customer’s address.
  • Below we will share in more detail explain what we need to look for in a product and seller and how we can position ourselves for success, but frankly it is no more complicated than what I described above. Dropshipping via AliExpress is a great way to start selling online once you have everything set up.

Reasons to buy from your store instead one can buy same products on AliExpress:

  • Using dropshipping from AliExpress, your competitive advantage is not your price or your own unique products, however, it may be the competitive advantage which will reach and serve your customers faster and better than your current competition, In other words with the help of marketing, activities and support will enhance your profits.
  • Good marketing alone is a competitive advantage. Marketing is the way you help customers find, evaluate and purchase your product; it is intended to improve a customer’s experience with your store and generate income. Marketing is also the overarching activity that you seek to build a brand, such as creating content that is useful and entertaining.
  • And last but not least, your customer support is an important distinguishing factor, especially if your current competition offers a matt service or a frustrating shopping experience. You can significantly improve your service level by quickly through helpline/customer support and making a top priority to help consumer fully solve problems if they encounter when buying at your store.

How to set up your AliExpress dropshipping store?

As we now understand how AliExpress can help you with sourcing products as a dropshipper and why it is important to position your store correctly, we will continue to set up your store.

Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress : Choosing which dropshipping products to sell:

The first part of setting up your store is to select a niche, or the selection of products that you are going to sell. If you don’t know where to start, start with the product categories that AliExpress has and start offering options based on what interests you most or what you would find most confident. Once you have a clear niche in mind, it’s time to choose a few products that you want to resell in your store. For instance we have chosen trainers or jogging shoes as my store niche.

Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress

As with many categories on AliExpress, there is a huge selection of products to choose from. It can be overwhelming and can lead to a headache if you do not select a quality product from a reliable supplier.

Although it is not perfect, I have developed a list of criteria for choosing a product. There is no science, but so far it has helped me select reliable sellers. Here are a few things I look for when selecting a product on AliExpress for dropship:

  • Avoid Branding or presenting Fake Products:

I skip products with any existing brand name to prevent me from counterfeiting and accidentally reselling. Since you are not an authorized reseller, unless you are establishing a legal partnership with the brand in question, the risk of selling a product with another person’s logo is not ethically, legally and morally acceptable. Yes, this may ultimately limit your choices, but it also saves you many problems, so stick to product categories where a recognizable logo is not that important, such as with electronic accessories or clothing.

Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress

  • ePacket delivery with free Shipping:

Where possible, I focus on reselling products that offer free ePacket shipping. Because most products on AliExpress come from China or Hong Kong, ePacket delivery is not only the most economical, but also one of the fastest options for sending small goods to the United States.It is important to note that even if a seller sends ePacket but it’s not free, I’d rather choose a seller who offers it than a seller who doesn’t. It is simply the most cost-effective and reliable shipping option currently available to get products from China to America and Europe.


  • Orders Exceeding 300:

A product with many orders tells me a few things. First, there is a demand for the product. Secondly, it tells me that the supplier is more reliable than average, because the number of orders means that there are probably a few recurring purchases. Sometimes when searching for a new product I will start sorting products by most orders.

Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress
Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress
  • Ranking more than 4.5 stars:

I also want to make sure that the products that I intend to sell have a high product rating (more than 4.5 stars) and that the seller usually also has positive feedback. To get a second opinion on product sellers, I use a Chrome extension with the name AliExpress Seller Check.

With the help of a third-party tool, I get an overview from a seller who is more candid and unbiased. I have discovered that this is much more reliable than just using AliExpress’ rating system.

  • Products having high margin potential and having low price:

Depending on the product I want to sell, I like to buy products within a price range of $ 1- $ 20. This gives me more room to spend on marketing dollars to get a customer because these products can be priced at $ 20- $ 50 or more. For example, I can find running shoes on AliExpress for around $ 20 and sell them for $ 50, leaving me with a 60% profit margin before processing my marketing costs.

  • Lots of great, unbranded photo/images of products:

Do your due diligence to ensure that the photos come from your manufacturer and are not taken online at another store. If you quickly perform a search on Google, you can see if the product photos are from a real brand and a seller or from the manufacturer himself.

  • Supportive and good communicative seller:

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions before you place an order with them. A good reliable seller answers all your questions quickly. If a seller doesn’t respond to messages there might be something fishy in it

Addition of Products in your Store:

After you have set up your Shopify store and have taken into account a product category and supplier, it’s time to add products to your store. This step is important to describe in detail because it is not as easy as using the images and description from the AliExpress list and placing them on your website.

Instead, if you want to position your store for success, there are a few things that you should consider.

  • Presenting with own product descriptions:

The product descriptions for many of the products on AliExpress are not written by copywriters or with the intention of fully explaining the benefits of the products. Having your own unique content will better serve your business in the long run and will help you convert visitors on your product pages to customers better. Finally, you avoid duplicate content risks if you write an original copy on all pages of your store.

  • Information of Delivery Times to the customers:

It is a good idea to include on the product page (or elsewhere in your store) that your customers may have to wait up to 20 days, depending on the supplier, before their order arrives. Because most suppliers on AliExpress are in China, shipping times may be longer than average.

  • Use an app to follow apps:

With longer shipping times than most people are used to, you can receive emails from customers asking where their purchase is. Use an order tracking app in the Shopify App Store to keep your customers informed of the status of their purchase.

  • Free Shipping Offer:

Competitive shipping costs is the one which can become one of advantage or cause of less orders, so I strongly recommend offering free shipping to your customers by using the free / low shipping costs as it is offered by many AliExpress sellers.

  • Pricing products right way:

Consider pricing your products at around twice the cost. Shooting with a 50% margin makes running the business worthwhile, and covers necessary expenses such as marketing and support.

Add products to your store with Oberlo. Instead of manually adding AliExpress products to your website, you can use Oberlo to quickly add products to your store.

Techniques to use AliExpress to dropship:

So you have received your first order? As your store is full of products ready to sell and ship, what do you need to do now? This will prompt in your mind but you need not worry because as you read below you will be clear at the end.

Dropshipping with AliExpress works in a similar way to any regular dropshipper. When you receive an order, buy the item on AliExpress and enter the name and shipping address of your customer. The seller of AliExpress takes care of the rest.

Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress
Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress

If you want to do this manually, it may be a good idea to have a worksheet on hand with a list of all the products on your site, the amount for which you are selling them, the amount they cost on AliExpress and a link to the Listing of AliExpress. In this way, each time you receive an order, it will be easier for you to find the supplier on AliExpress, as well as track price changes.

Alternatively, you can use Oberlo, which can handle all this for you, including making it easy for you to purchase orders on AliExpress and observe price changes. This approach is not only easier, it also saves you a lot of time, your most valuable resource. This provides you with an opportunity to grow without worrying about having to manually order dozens of (or more) products on AliExpress.

How does it work? It is as simple as having the Oberlo application installed in your Shopify store, reviewing your orders in Oberlo and clicking on Request product next to each pending order. From there, Oberlo does the rest. Buy the AliExpress product for you and insert the details of your client.

Capture 5

Oberlo will even inform you when a supplier on AliExpress has changed its price or has run out, and will suggest other suppliers.

Furthermore, Oberlo can be a control panel for your AliExpress shipping company, allowing you to track all your orders and monitor the status of deliveries.

To place an order on AliExpress, it is a good idea for the seller to know that you are making the direct shipment. In this way, the supplier will not include any invoice or promotion in the package that is sent to his client. At the end of the purchase, you can leave a message for the seller. I recommend leaving a simple message like: “We are sending shipments, no promotions or invoices, please!” Oberlo can do this for you when you make a purchase on AliExpress.

As it’s mentioned earlier, try to select the shipping of electronic packages if the supplier is in China and if it is available as a shipping option. Many providers will offer this shipping option for free. Oberlo allows you to automatically choose to send electronic packages in the payment process for all orders on AliExpress.

Depending on the processing time of your vendor, you will receive an email shortly informing you that your order has been shipped.

Go to your Shopify administrator and complete that order. Be sure to enter the tracking number, too.

While using Oberlo, the order will be automatically fulfilled by you, including the tracking number, and your customer will know that your order has been shipped. Feel free to skip the previous step if you are using Oberlo.

So now it’s just a matter of waiting for your customers to receive your order. When the order arrives, AliExpress will send you an email requesting confirmation that the order was received. Wait a while for the client to communicate with you if there is a problem with the product or delivery. In this way, you can raise the problem to the supplier through AliExpress, encourage it to correct it and, hopefully, solve the problem for future orders.

How to handle refunds and policing about return?

Returns are not offered by a number of AliExpress suppliers therefore you have to process the return and refunds in one or more ways. If there is a problem with the order placed by the customer in your store, this is usually because the order has never arrived or your customer is not satisfied with the purchase.

In the first case, an order that has never arrived, you have to ask a problem with your AliExpress supplier. In this situation, contact your supplier to resolve the issue or use AliExpress Customer Protection.

If your customer is simply not satisfied with the product which could be usually expected what they received was not what they expected. I suggest you make a refund and see if there are any changes to make your marketing feedback (in many cases, the customer may not have fully understood what he or she ordered). If the product is damaged, ask your customer to take photos and send these photos to the Aliexpress salesperson and continue from there.

Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress Conclusion

How to expand your AliExpress dropshipping business?

After making first few sales you have to analyze how you can grow your dropshipping business and earn more money.

Eventually you start to find out who the reliable and quality suppliers are and who are not therefore you should consider building relationships with the reliable ones. This will provide an opportunity to get better prices and prioritize order processing. Its a norm we have noticed that most suppliers on AliExpress use Skype.

14 days free trial

If you often order yourself from the same seller, it’s a good idea to ask them for their Skype username to develop a business relationship. Once you have demonstrated that you can generate repeat sales, with some sellers you can place your logo on products or include custom invoices and brand attachments in shipping packages.

Did you leanr something new in this Definitive Guide To Dropshipping With AliExpress ? kindly share your thoughts below.

I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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