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How To Find Unique Niches For Shopify Store

Welcome to Formulas to help you find Unique Niches for your store website, more so for a dropshipping business.

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How To Find Unique Niches For Shopify Store 6

Firstly, you can search for a niche by researching a specific niche using tools such as Aliexpress, eBay, Google, etc., then trim down the specific niche into a subtopic. Then, lastly, find a target market to take your products to. The formula could be represented merely with this:

Find an industry – A target Market – a specific category of people – then reason – product.

E.g., Health industry – Diabetes – over 50 Men – those at the risk of losing their legs then find products related to legs, e.g., wheelchairs.

You can see that the formula applies to most of the niches we have discussed above, although there can be some exceptions, as there are exceptions to every rule.

So it is advisable to always “niche down.” do you know why it’s crucial to niche down?

Formulas For Finding Unique Niches

So, how do you find unique niches?

Discovering a distinctive niche involves several steps, such as:

  1. Pinpointing your interests and passions.
  2. Researching popular topics and trends.
  3. Analyzing the strategies of successful individuals in your field.
  4. Understanding customer desires and requirements.
  5. Experimenting and gathering valuable feedback.
  6. Assessing competitors and their approaches.
  7. Identifying your unique selling point.

For instance, if you aim to find a niche for content creation, you can explore how your hobbies align with creating engaging content pieces. Additionally, leveraging tools like Google Trends to examine popular searches within various business categories can provide valuable insights.

Why do you need to “Niche down” your Dropshipping ideas
It should be noted that the more you “niche down” your research results, the more specific and more information about your target market you will get, and the higher your chance of success is.

Formulas For Finding Unique Niches
Formulas For Finding Unique Niches

Whenever you are trying to market your products to anyone (e.g., weight loss for every sex, age, and condition), this will lead to not focusing on a specific type of person, categories, issues, etc.

This might make you miss the mark. Therefore, it is better to narrow your target market by targeting a specific audience or group of people who would benefit from your products.

This way, you can ensure that your message resonates with them, making them more likely to purchase what you offer. Additionally, by targeting a certain group of individuals who share similar characteristics (e.g., a certain age, gender, or location), you can create more effective campaigns.

This will help maximize your return on investment and ensure that you are reaching people who are likely to be interested in what you offer. Ultimately, by tailoring your marketing message to a specific audience, you can ensure that it resonates with them and creates successful sales!

Adversely, if you were, let’s take, for example, a 50-year-old woman who got divorced recently and is looking forward to returning to the dating game. Would you ever want advice from a guy in his early 20s?

Who has never been in your type of situation? Or would you have preferred to take advice from a divorced woman over 50? This is someone who understands your situation well enough to give you advice.

Or are you a woman looking to get back into shape after pregnancy? Which would you choose, taking advice from a mother of three who still looks cute and fit or an overweight 24-year-old lady?

find unique niches

I know you will prefer a mother of three who looks great. That’s to say, you will always want advice from someone more experienced or with a ready-made solution to specific problems. Better off you would want to listen to someone with a better experience.

If you just set out content and advice designed to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one.

People will always say, “This advice isn’t aimed at me,” so choose your niche wisely and be specific.

So, Let’s briefly wrap this chapter up…
A little summary of what this chapter entails
You should know that

About 99 percent of websites could be considered broad and generic and try to look appealing to their visitors; therefore, more often than not, they offer little to no value with so many ambiguities.
Moreover, if you trim your areas much to find that superb niche, you’ll get a smaller audience and super niche.

You should also know that there are lots of competitors that are trying to compete and gain the attention of your audience. So, you must find a unique niche to create an evergreen niche for your Shopify store.

You could also use this numerical analysis.
To earn about $1,000, you only need about 100 customers to spend about $10 monthly; you will make your target income. That is a projected estimate for a particular niche.

So, without stress, you could easily get over 100 customers to spend as little as 10 bucks if you go into a specific niche, as discussed earlier.

Know that you could get as much as 500 to a thousand people to spend as little as 10 bucks, no matter the specific niche you choose.

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The trick here is that you can easily get hundreds of people to spend as little as $10 if you offer them super-specific advice that suits them directly.

That is why it is better to choose a specific niche than one wide and general.

By now, you should have understood what a niche is all about and how to get a profitable niche.
Thanks for reading my guide on Formulas For Finding Unique Niches

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How To Find Unique Niches For Shopify Store 7

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