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The Practical Guide To AliExpress Dropshipping

Aliexpress dropshipping guide

The Only Guide To AliExpress Dropshipping You Need To Sell Online

If you are combing the internet for an all-inclusive AliExpress dropshipping guide, then you have come to the right place.
During this editorial, we are going to look at everything you need to start selling online with the help of this excellent platform.
Does that sound great? Brilliant, let’s dive into it.

What is Dropshipping?

If you are new to the forte of e-commerce selling, you might be a bit doubtful of what dropshipping is.
In a nutshell, it is a business model that sanctions you to sell online. However, when a customer buys something, your merchant then ships the merchandise directly to the buyer on your behalf.

It’s almost self-evident that you will sell your provider’s products at a profit-it is how you will make your money.
By and large, you can market and sell a $5 product you have bought through AliExpress for as much as $20-that is a substantial ROI.

It’s the possibility to make a massive return on investment that makes dropshipping more alluring than other business modes say, affiliate marketing.

If you do not know, when you sell affiliate items, you earn a commission pre-determined by the provider
While you should know by now with dropshipping, you price your products-thus the opportunity to generate higher revenues.

Dropshipping is also laid-back than opening brick and mortar stores. Like the ones you see in procession up the boulevards.

With the in-person shop, the businessperson has to crop up winning product ideas, locate manufacturers and suppliers, then disburse for products and their shipment.

Not to mention the stress and stretch of marketing the brand to pull off those all-vital sales.
Unfortunately, you could simply squander all this time and money only to discover your chosen product does not move very well. That is the gamble you take with conventional commerce.

With the e-commerce dropshipping mode, you won’t throw away your valuable budget on any of the above.

Why You Should Dropship

Up and until now, we have only highlighted the tip of the iceberg of dropshipping. So before diving deeper into the niceties of AliExpress, it would be useful to make the point why so many businesspersons utilize dropshipping.

Enjoy location Freedom

Akin to the mass majority of other online businesses, you can run your dropshipping undertaking from absolutely anywhere around the world.

So, if you picture being a digital traveler, dropshipping could make for an excellent fit for transmuting this dream into life.

Tons of Money to be made

As we have alluded to, if done right, a lot of money can be made dropshipping.
Consider Tim Kock for example, he ventured into dropshipping and generated a howling sic ($6,667in under eight weeks)

Not everyone who ventures into dropshipping destined for success story quite as remarkable as Tim Kock’s, but you get the drift, right? There is a lot of possibilities to make serious bucks.
Besides, a huge budget is not necessary to launch. Even when it comes to learning the ropes, you will not shell out 100s of dollars on impressive courses sold by the ‘experts.’

Instead, there are several video tutorials, blog posts, and podcasts. Within a couple of days, you will have learned the ins and outs of how to set up and launch a successful e-commerce undertaking without spending a dime.

The Internet is Your Gem

With a pool of more than three billion folks online and seemingly an infinite number of products to vend on your store, there is a decent possibility you will land a profitable market.
The internet is your gem, therefore explore out there for your niche. There is no cap to your creativity.

What is AliExpress?

Thus, what is AliExpress Dropshipping? In summary, AliExpress is a giant online retailer based in China, owned by the Alibaba Group.

inaugurated back in 2010, it consists of thousands of merchants selling merchandise online store owners across the world.

Currently, the time of writing that is, AliRxpress’ site is available in the following languages:


With so many styles accommodated, you quickly get a glimpse of why AliExpress is well-liked by entrepreneurs all over the world.

Why Dropship Using AliExpress?

Undoubtedly, there are bushels of online retailers you could use to jumpstart your dropshipping.
However, AliExpress is the most renowned platform-and there are justifications to it.
As implied already,.AliExpress file hundreds if not thousands of trustworthy merchants vending products at realistic prices.

Additionally, the majority of business owners have used AliExpress for long; thus, suppliers are experienced with the needs of the entrepreneurs and, as such, often endeavor to cater to your wishes.
, there is zero upfront cost to sell AliExpress merchandise; you can freely try various products without fretting loss of funds.

The minute you dig deeper into the feasibilities of AliExpress dropshipping, you will find lots of apps that can import images and details AliExpress listings to your store.

Regardless of whether dropshipping is your full-time gig or a side hustle, time is money, and you want to automate the mass of your business with plugins like the apps is a must-we will elaborate more on this later, read on.

AliExpress Products Are Excellent Quality-Usually.

Similar to other mass online retailers, AliExpress as well sell their fair share ‘ineffective’ products.
But the main difference with AliExpress is how convenient they make finding the superior products.
Due to the vast majority of folks using their services, their review section ablaze!
You want to use this to your advantage.

To enhance the prospects of landing a supplier selling products of superior quality, consider the following:

  • Work with suppliers priding themselves of positive feedback rating no less than 95%
  • To get the sense and feel of a supplier’s performance, use merchants with a feedback score of no less than 2,000
  • Head to the review section at the bottom of the product listing. It is essential to consider other e-commerce merchants’ opinions of the supplier.

Failure to do so, you will be running the risk of banking on AliExpress suppliers who are unreliable and putting your brand’s reputation.

It is only prudent your run your business with vendors who have been tried and tested.
Within moments on this platform, you will get a feel for which product showcase superior quality.
Tip: while on AliExpress product listing, click on the feedback tab, it will provide a full rundown of the provider’s feedback score.

Hack: Positive Feedback refers to the supplier’s feedback rate, whereas the Feedback score is the vendor’s sales volume.

Any other advice?

Do not just go for the supplier with the lowest price, though it is enticing. It is worth remembering that if everyone uses the cheapest product of inferior quality, AliExpress standard, in general, will take as deep.
Instead, look into and compare the prices of different suppliers offering similar products.

If many sellers markets their merchandise at the approximate same price point, but a few merchants sell at a significantly lower price, there is a decent chance the latter has compromised on quality.
You need to avoid vendors who compromise on quality like a plague. You do not wish to come across a brand dealing with trashy products.

AliExpress Shipping is Budget-Friendly

In spite of most products on AliExpress coming from China, most shipping costs are either exceptionally cheap or free; this is a massive incentive.
Free shipping almost always honeys the deal and could be the all-vital benefit that convinces the customers to complete the purchase.

But if you want your clients to receive their products swiftly, you can opt to use AliExpress’ ePacket-the premium shipping option.

If you choose ePacket shipping, just know that it takes somewhere between 7 and 14 days for orders to get to the UK, Australia, or the US.

At times your profit margins may take a hit owing to premium shipping, but it is worthwhile. Customer satisfaction is key to sustaining customer loyalty.

Tip: Using Oberlo can help you isolate which product in your niche has an ePacket delivery option.

Launching AliExpress Dropshipping

from the above reading, there is a good chance you want to get your skates on.
So, here is how to make a start.

1. Pick a niche

A niche refers to a specific section of an industry. For example, baby accessories, gym gear- fantastic niches these are.

If you are unsure of the niche to major in, comb through AliExpress and visit other digital stores to pick up brainwaves.

While at it, enumerate the niches you like their sound bite,
If still, you fail to garner inspiration, the following spots are fantastic for jumpstarting your product research:

  • Amazon Best Sellers
  • AliExpress Weekly most popular product
  • eBay Daily deals
  • Lazada top seller
  • LightInTheBox’s top sellers’ list

Tip: Pin down a niche you are enthusiastic-about. You love to say, yoga, for instance. You can vend yoga mats, sports bottles, exercise clothing, et cetera.

You will figure that fashioning content and marketing your store as easy going.
Besides, the sincere passion for the merchandise you are selling is critical, as it goes a long way to keep you driven once the novelty of running a business wears off.

Word of guidance: Pin down a niche with loads of product options; you want products that are not readily available on mainstream e-commerce or at hand in the street stores.

But are more comfortable to sell that is product niche has a higher demand.
Now, what next?

Type the product brainwaves and list of niches into Google’s Keyword Planner. Then select-Keyword Ideas, it will indicate how many people are searching for the products and other related keywords.
The info of this nature helps you steer clear off niches with little to no traffic.
Hack: The hush-hush to performing useful keyword research is balancing search traffic, and competition-which can prove treacherous to follow.

As it were, you want Keyword scoring low on competition, but still swanking lots of searches.
If you find striking a balance between the two components of Keyword, a handy tool like AHREFs can help you pin-point high converting keywords.

We can also vouch for

Copy and paste prospective products and check whether its demand is upsurging or decreasing-do you see noteworthy patterns?

You will have to sidestep niches where products fall off in popularity, or the mass of merchandise is seasonal. Else, you will find marketing your store an uphill task.

Products to Spur Your Creativeness

Hopefully, the following products will get your creative juices flowing to clear the uncertainties.

Phone Grips

The number of times you have accidentally smashed the screen of your smartphone, I’m sure it is once on the bare minimum.

Phone grips put up a strong case as an idyllic solution to genuine client problems. Besides, there is a good mark up, thus easy to market and money spinning-win-win!

Fitness Leggings

Fitness of all costumes, more leggings tend to sell and sell well.

Magnetic Eyelashes

As we have already alluded when it comes to choosing e-commerce products to sell, the nicer, the better.
And magnetic eyelashes make the cut.

2. Get the Tools You Need

if you want to hit the ground running dropshipping, use Shopify and Oberlo.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce store builder used by tons of drop shippers. Inside hours, you can create a fabulous digital store and start selling.

But, after two weeks of free trials, you will have to pay for the software. And above, you have to fill your store with merchandise and- in enters Oberlo.

What is Oberlo?

Majority aspects of your dropshipping business can be automated, and thus Oberlo comes into play and to get started, first things, first:

-Download the Oberlo extension onto your Shopify store
-Import AliExpress merchandise you want to click the button sell-just
-A client buys your merchandise
-Shopify sends payment through PayPal account
-Oberlo, on your behalf, finds the product on AliExpress, automatically fills your details, and purchase it from the AliExpress supplier.
-The AliExpress supplier ships the order directly to the address
-Once the order gets dispatched. Oberlo send the client a tracking code on your behalf
et-viola! It is that simple.

Many vendors sigh up to sell their goods via Oberlo, so you have plenty of products to choose from a wide array of niches.

From toys to electronics, to beauty and fashion…and the whole shebang in between, you are destined to find what allures your audience.

Oberlo handles the storage, packaging, and shipment of your products, thus freeing up time for you.
So, now you can concentrate your energy on growing the brand, marketing, and raking in all those all-crucial sales.
The best part is that you can cut down the process to just two clicks; one order and two finalize!

On a tight budget? Worry not, for Shopify users, Oberlo is free of charge for 1st 500 products-for beginners 500 is a massive figure!

Finally, Oberlo keeps you in the loop regarding changes to inventory or price of products, so technically, you will never get caught off guard.

3. Order Samples

Never be tempted to sell dropshipping products without inspecting ut first.
Ordering for a sample is the sile way of ensuring that your store sells what your clients can trust.

Tip: Opt for Express delivery if you are ordering for a couple of items. It is this way that samples should be with you in a few days,
With samples, the sooner, the better so can hit the ground running like yesterday.

A Few Dropshipping Tips

As an additional benefit, here are a few dropshipping tips to help you take off.

Setting Product Prices

We can’t belabor this point enough; dropshipping allows you to set product prices.
However, be warned, do not be enticed to overprice your merchandise. The online shopper of these days is savior-faire than never before; therefore, they will know when getting ripped-off.

You run the risk of driving customers off your site to your competition when you price your items too high.

Be Wary of Branded Products

Legitimate luxury brands on AliExpress are rare-therefore do not gamble selling them. They are likely counterfeit products, and you run the risk of infringing on copyrights.

AliExpress dissuades its merchants from these type of products- to the extent that you can not search for Chanel or Versace given that these Keyword are blocked,

Solely Use Responsive Suppliers

You want to send over a message to an Ali Express merchant before committing and see how long it takes them to respond.

This way, you will also have a feel how well the supplier expresses themselves in English-it is a crucial skill for effective communication.

If it runs into weeks without a response or the merchant’s response is futile, then possibly they are not worth transacting with.

If you get to the point of urgently calling the supplier and they are unwilling-unable to offer a helpful solution, undoubtedly, you will run into trouble,

Learn the Art of eCommerce

Granted, debuting a dropshipping business is easy; it is somewhat a straightforward process.
However, there are a couple of things you need to learn, Namely, how to attract qualified traffic to your store.
There is no other way to say this; No traffic, you will not make sales, period!

There are lots of traffic generation techniques, and it is only prudent you look them up.
You must learn the basics of:

  • SEO
  • Social media ads-Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook et cetera
  • Pay per ads
  • Email marketing

In general, a blend of the above will help shore up traction suffice to lock your first few sales.
Going forward, you will review you’re your stats and get a sense of which marketing strategy fits your niche. Then hone and focus on that. Let data do the talking in marketing.

Hack: request for custom packaging, directly reach out to your supplier to and see how that pans out.

What if You Do Not Wish to Use Shopify?

If Shopify does not tickle your fancy, WooComerce is a fantastic alternative, more so if you already have a WordPress website.

In brief, WooComerce is a downloadable plugin that lets you set an e-commerce store from the suitability of your WordPress.

Similar to Shopify, WooCommerce is a budget-friendly and in-built option that allows you to:

  • Sort taxes
  • Sell both physical and digital products
  • Make secure payments
  • Manage inventory and shipping risks

WooCommerce is open and free, just like WordPress. Download the plugin, modify it as you wish free of charge.
Though WooCommerce is extremely powerful, it is beginner-friendly; you need no coding knowledge, none whatsoever.

Okay, so how do I dropship with the WooCommerce solution?

Enters WooDropship.


Correctly, what does it do? So you know, WooDropship is the WooCommerce form of Oberlo.
The extension lets you do the following:

  • Add and sell AliExpress items
  • Ship products directly to your clients
  • Set price for your products-you is free to set the profit you want to make from each AliExpress merchandise you sell and edit the pricing of your bulk products.
  • Access the inventory and price syncing tools-WooCommwece automatically updates your sales page whenever price changes or product is out of stock n AliExpress
  • An intuitive image editor-Just a click on, and you simply remove any watermark printed on AliExpress product image.
  • Customize your product details-Change your product title, images, descriptions, variants, et cetera, ensuring that all sales pages exhibit the beauty of your store.

Pros and Cons of AliExpress Dropshipping


Let’s start with the positive
You can Buy Cheap Products
The mass of products retailed on AliExpress is unbelievably cost-effective, as is the case with shipping.
The shipping is often either free or extremely cheap. Based on that background, there is a decent chance you will make a reasonable mark-up on the products.

It is Easier to Sell High Maintenance Products

Typically, some items cost more in storage and shipment than others, so much so that the harder the delivery to clients, the handier it is to dropship the merchandise through AliRxpress.
By ‘Hard-to-Ship’ Products infers to as follows:

  • Heavy products: The more massive the product, the higher the shipment cost. The cost often eats into profit margins.
  • Larger products: Products that take up enormous space to store.
  • Valuables: High-value products needing additional security and insurance
  • Fragile products: Items that require specialized care while on transit

Overall it makes no sense to pay for excessive shipment and storage fees when it is possible to directly drop ship these merchandise from AliExpress to your store at no exorbitant cost.


Now let’s do the drawbacks to AliExpress dropshipping
Be Wary of False Ads
Unquestionably, this is the nightmare about AliExpress.
Here false ads refer to a case an item on AliExpress looks tremendous online, but in reality, the product’s quality mismatches either the customer’s expectation or yours.
To the way to minimize falling foul to false ads take heed on the tips, we had earlier on shared about finding a trustworthy on AliExpress supplier.

Much Longer Shipment Times

On AliExpress, vendors’ turnaround times vary considerably. There are ship orders that take seven days, and others can last up to 60 days.
The discrepancies may put some clients off, more so when competitions such as Amazon Prime can execute shipment as soon as the next day.

Return Can Be a Nightmare

It can prove a hassle to return your clients’ orders to the primary AliExpress seller and get a refund.
Some suppliers do give a small refund just to get you to keep the product, Namely because shipping it back is too much expense, time, and the hassle is not worthwhile.
Further, return, and refund is something you want to talk over with your supplier before committing to transact with them.

Tip: If you hold that it is in your own right to a refund from AliExpress supplier and has not been forthcoming, directly get in touch with the AliExpress customer care team.
At times, dependent on the product and merchant, a refund is offered. But this is no guarantee.

AliExpress Dropshipping: FAQs

If the above reading has kindled a few questions, then read on to find answers to frequently asked questions around AliExpress Dropshipping.

Why Would Anyone Buy From Me If They Can Get Similar Product From AliExpress Cheaply?

Retailers have bought products at low prices and sell at higher rates for profit for ages now.
If you think about it, it is how the conventional brick and mortar stores have transacted since time immemorial.

Therefore, similarly, with a little time and effort, you can conjure a better shopping experience than AliExpress.
Tools like Shopify and Oberlo will help you create dependable stores that customers feel comfortable to purchase from.

Additionally, provide customers with valuable content, and you have a winning combination.
You can perhaps offer a free e-book for or publish a blog. It works magic in building trust with your audience as you set up yourself to have clout in the industry.

What Can I Do, AliExpress Take Too Long?

You will be startled to know just how many shoppers have no qualms with longer waiting times, and numbers don’t lie: Alibaba made over sic ($17.7 billion in sales in only one day).

It is self-evident that there are folks out there who do not mind waiting for their products.
Provided that you make your delivery times VERY clear on sales pages, you shouldn’t worry.

The much of it boils down to setting realistic client expectations. Furthermore, if you sell products at competitive prices, often you realize that people tend to wait when you give a discount.

So, I Need To Return an AliExpress Product: How Do I Go About That?
In general, AleExpress suppliers do not accept returns. In that case, you rea own your own, You will have to work out a way to manage returns and refunds.

It is to say as you might already deduce that you will have to write and publish a clear return policy on your store.
Tip: Google search ”template return policies” pin down one that you can change to fit your needs.
While creating your refund policy, consider why someone might want to return your product.
Typically, if a customer wants a refund, often it is either:

1. They did not receive their order
As such, contact the AliExpress supplier directly to solve the issue.
It is of the essence to clip these kinds of issues decisively at the sprout because they tend to eat into your brand’s reputation.
2. The product got damaged on route to their delivery address.
In the unfortunate case, a product gets damaged on its way to the client. You must ask the buyer to take a photo of the damaged item,
It enables you to inquiry with the supplier more efficiently then make provision for the refund.

Does Amazon Allow Dropshipping? If So, How Does It Work?
Conventional dropshipping ain’t permitted on the Amazon platform. So to answer your question, No.
But that is not to say you have to fulfill the orders yourself.
To do it, turn to Fulfilment By Amazon-Amazon FBA, akin to regular dropshipping takes on your behalf the picking, packaging, and shipment of orders.

How it works.

  • Set up your Amazon FBA account
  • Create your Product listing
  • Ship your products to Amazon and handle the rest.
    ‘The rest’ means;
    -Select, pack and ship your products
    -Furnish customer with tracking info
    -Customer service-include returns

But there is a fulfillment fee; it varies subject to the size of item and time of the year, but typically, prepare to fork out sic ($3 per lightweight items).

Besides, using the Amazon plugin, you can add Amazon as a sales channel on your Shopify store.
It tracks your inventory and informs you on your Shopify dashboard whenever there are Amazon orders to fulfill.

Is AliExpress Dropshipping Dead?

Unequivocal No.

In the past recent years, entrepreneurs have made millions-dropshipping, and there is tons of money for earnings.
But you will have to let a little of your creative juice flow to stick out in an ever more competitive marketplace.
The real-life case studies stats speak for themselves. In 2017, Johnny FD made a whopping sic ($203,728.15 in net profit dropshipping); therefore, this business ain’t dead!

Is Dropshipping from AliExpress Profitable?

Again the answer is in the affirmative-Yes. Dropshipping from AliExpress portends the possibility to be incredibly profitable.

You need to account for self by drawing out a plan outlining how much you want to earn then make out how many products you must sell to hit the target.

A clear goal and objective setting will go a long way.

Is AliExpress a drop shipper?
A drop shipper refers to a store owner who ”dropships” the merchandise from suppliers on the AliExpress platform.

Are There Any Decent AliExpress Alternatives?
There are lots of options to AliExpress, and the following are a couple of them:


Salehoo is another great dropshipping business model alternative to AliExpress.
Similar to others herein, Salehoo provides a large pool of trusted suppliers. And to crown all. Salehoo has tutorial videos of hacks to make the most of their marketplace.
Feedback from its users reports that Salehoo’s customer support is helpful and friendly.


In contrast to AliExpress, Wholesale2B is a wholesale supplier directory based in the US.
On its platform are two million products, spanning more than 120 categories-all updated daily.
Not to mention, if you reside in the States, Wholesale2B is a superb option to AliExpress.
Wholesale2B is a perfect description of ”one-stop-shop” for drop shippers. Besides the dependable suppliers, you get guidance setting up an online store.

It integrates with most of the e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Bigcommerce, et cetera.
To help you have a sense of what kinds of merchandise you find Wholesale2B items categories examples are:
-Baby Products
-Exercise and fitness
–Health and beauty

Ordering and inventory control are a straightforward process on Wholesale2B’s dashboard- a click on a button automates both.
They handle refunds and returns on your behalf but surcharging you a whopping sic (3% +$2.50 transaction fees on every sale made)


DHGate akin to AliExpress marketplace m tons of their merchandise overlap; thus, price comparison on their platforms is possible to ensure that max out on profit.

Both AliExpress and DHGate use ePacket shipment.
Merchants from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Asian states sell on the DHGate’s platform, providing a large selection of ten million merchandise.

There is something for everyone here. You can pay via PayPal.
DHGate product categories have the following to offer:

-outdoor and sports
-Watches and jewelry
-Toys and Hobbies


This e-commerce marketplace prides itself as” Mecca” of low price items.
On this platform are bound to be spoiled for choice, we are talking of more than four million products listed from the US, China, and Hong Kong.

The site not renowned, and that qualifies it as the go-to spot tp locate fresh items for your audience.
Banggood list products in niches as follows:

-Drones and Robots
-Gardening and outdoor
-Outdoor and Sports
-Smartphones and computers
-Home and Beauty

They offer Visa cards or PayPal payment options.

Banggood provides Airparcel and ePacket shipment as well. And the shipping can take in between seven and 30 days to get to your client.


If you are at this final section, it means you have read this detailed guide, and therefore you are good to start AliExpress dropshipping.

Shopify sign up

Have you tried AliExpress dropshipping before? If yes, share with us in the comment section below, Also any gainful tips or hacks that our readers can benefit from.

I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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