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How Melvin Grossed Over $100K in 3 Months with Dropshipping 

What have you heard about dropshipping? So many hold a lot of assumptions about this business. But only those into the system know how much you can earn with your online store; as a drop shipper. So let’s check on How Melvin Grossed Over $100K in 3 Months with Dropshipping 

How Melvin Grossed Over $100K in 3 Months with Dropshipping 

Young Melvin Chee, a 22-year-old student from Australia, had just given dropshipping a try after trying a lot of online business options, which he woefully failed in almost all of them.  

By accident, as you may call it, he had just stumbled upon a dropshipping group on Facebook during a semester break. And overtime got the motivation to start doing the business with Oberlo

What happened has been more of a mystery how his dropshipping store on Oberlo made over $100k+ in just three months.

According to Melvin, he had just decided to try dropshipping after he came across Oberlo on Facebook in December. Over time, he had thought if it wasn’t better to give it a try during the break for the semester, and he did. And that was how it all started.

However, knowing that your dropshipping store can show into a mega business is a huge plus, as it will help model your business plan as a drop shipper. 

So are you thinking of owning a dropshipping today, and build a 6 figure store like Melvin?

Let me, guild, you all you need to know to start dropshipping today.

What is Dropshipping?

Like other e-commerce businesses, dropshipping involves your selling products in a digital platform, known as a store. 

But drop shipping is very delicate in the sense that you do not own the products you sell. And so you do not need to buy the products into your store to start.

All you have to do is get orders and payment from your customers sent them to your suppliers.

And it will be shipped directly to your customers within a specific time. So you do not handle these products yourself.

So you can make a consistent changing decision today like Melvin, with less than $100, you can start a very standard dropshipping store on Oberlo.  Check out  10 Mythologies About Dropshipping That Are Not True

So what do you need to sep up an amazing dropshipping store? To start, you will need an audience (i.e., your online market), a domain/store ID, and store subscription for Shopify and Oberlo. 

When all things are ready, all is required of you is to drive more traffic to your store. 


Choice of a winning product

Dropshipping one business that works better when you narrow down what niche you want to work.

A lesson from Melvin, He had focused his dropshipping store on youth clothing and accessories; Knowing that the clothing category is very vast.

How Melvin Grossed Over $100K in 3 Months with Dropshipping 

He understood that gaining the right traction was essential, so he made sure to add value with every piece of his product. 

Imagine having a T-shirt with inscription ‘I Speak Sarcasm fluently”, you would grab a lot of attention from your target audience. 

So as a prospective drop shipper, first, you need to resolve how best to add value to your potential customers even before you start setting up your store.

Choosing a Market Strategy that works for your store

As a prospective drop shipper, the first thing to consider is the best market strategy that would generate sales for your store.

Today, social media platforms are the best marketing channels to use if you want to make it big in the e-commerce industry. 

As Melvin pointed out, he had leveraged on the power of Instagram. In just three months, he built n online presence of over 130K followers on Instagram; and thus converted them to sells.

However, you might consider retargeting and call to action post, to make sure you give exhaust all options on presenting your store to your audience.

Also, it is crucial to learn more languages if you would want to break grounds as a new drop shipper. This will help you to communicate with your clients in their native languages, which in turn boosts confidence.

Melvin suggests that you take the option of running your campaigns on platforms like Instagram for beginners, so you can get a vast audience to market your product to.

Thank you for reading How Melvin Grossed Over $100K in 3 Months with Dropshipping, did you find anything worth practicing? kindly share below.

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