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How To Publish A Theme On Shopify Store

How To Publish A Theme On Shopify Store

How To Manage Your Shopify Themes

One of the qualities that set the Shopify platform apart is its ability to add, modify and manage a theme which can be added to the Shopify admin. So let me show you how to Publish A Theme On Shopify store

You can decide to choose a specific theme to be displayed live on your e-commerce store; you can make a backup copy of the theme you want to customize. You already read How To Set Up Shopify Store Without Guru’s Help

You can delete an obsolete or unwanted theme or download a theme and save it for the future use as well as update an expired version of a theme to a newer version of the theme.

How To Publish A Theme On Shopify store

A published theme: – This is the theme that displays on the homepage of your online store. It is the one seen by your customers whenever they visit your Shopify store. On your Shopify store, you can add about 20 different themes to your online store although you could only publish and display a theme at a time. You can also read How to Start a Successful Dropshipping Business

Multiple themes cannot be published simultaneously on your admin dashboard; a published theme can be found in the “current theme” section of the “theme page.” while the themes that are yet to be published can be found on the “More Themes” section of your Admin page.

To check for an old theme, after publishing a new theme, the theme you published recently will be automatically moved to the “More Theme” section. All you recently published theme are saved there automatically for future use. None is lost. You can also check out  What is Print On demand?

How to publish a new theme

To create and a make a new theme to be displayed on your homepage, you can publish this theme from your admin page. This can be done by following the below steps:-

Goto your Shopify admin page, from your admin page, click on the “Online Store” icon, then go to the “Themes” section.

Publish A Theme On Shopify store

Scroll down, you will find a “More Themes” section, Find your favorite theme that you will want as a displayed theme to your customers then click on the “Actions” you can preview this theme to see how it displays, if you satisfied with it, then click on the “Publish” icon for the theme to be added successfully.

While you are on the “Publish Page” and after you published a new theme, your previous theme will automatically be moved to the “More Theme” section of your “The Theme” pages.

How to publish a theme using the “Theme Editor” button

The steps below will guide you on how to publish a Shopify theme using the “Theme Editor” button.

On the dashboard, go to your Shopify admin on the left-hand side, go to the “Online Store” then go to the “Themes” button. Scroll down; you will find a “More Themes” icon, search for your favourite theme and click on it to publish the theme.

You can then click the “Customize” button to modify your theme according to your taste.

On the “Theme Editor” page, there is a bar at the top where you can find the “Publish” button, click on “Publish” to publish the customized theme.

Publish A Theme On Shopify store

Just as stated previously, once you publish your customized theme, your previous theme will automatically appear on the “More Theme” page of your online store.

How to duplicate a theme on your Shopify store

Duplicating a theme means to make a copy of your original theme so that after customization and modification, you will still have a copy of the previous theme unaltered.

Shopify Dropshipping Store

So before you customize a theme, it is advisable to create a backup copy of the theme so that if you do not like your customized design, you can delete it and still have the copy of the previous theme. You can also start the customization again if you so desire.

Publish A Theme On Shopify store

It should be noted that; if you already have 20 themes on your Shopify store, and you wish to make a duplicate copy of the previous theme, it cannot be duplicated unless you delete one of these themes to enable you to have a duplicate copy of your desired theme.


If you were looking for ways on how t Publish A Theme On Shopify store there you have it. The above are the only method accepted on Shopify when yo want to Publish A Theme On Shopify store.

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