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The Best Oberlo Alternatives For Shopify Store Owners

Oberlo alternatives

Before we dive into these amazing Oberlo alternatives apps, lets first define a few terms.

Dropshipping is speedily becoming one of the most popular fulfillment models for online stores.

So why choose dropshipping? Well, because it is simple, I have not said easy.
Instead of having to find storage amenities for all the products you want to ship to clients, then stress over the fact that the stock is not moving fast enough-you collaborate with an individual to do the hard part.

Dropshipping tools let you use the merchant as somewhat a middle-man in your business operation.
You build a site, allure clients, and make the sales, whereas your dropshipping merchant fulfills the orders by sending the merchandise to the rightful owner.

Even as that sound as pure, straightforward performance, well to make the most of dropshipping, you need the right tools.

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is possibly the best-renowned solution for drop shippers as it gives business persons with a Shopify e-commerce website the possibility to surf through the products and add the ones they wish to sell directly to their store.

Oberlo exports products directly from AliExpress into one’s digital stores. Although the software virtually works all around the globe, it is solely available for Shopify store users.

It may prove challenging for brands that choose WooCommerce or WordPress.
The primary features of Oberlo as a tool are:

  • Product filtering
  • Create a product list
  • Sales tracking
  • Pricing automation
  • Link existing products
  • Product customization options
  • Shipment tracking
  • Product supplier management
  • Multiple user accounts

Though Oberlo is among the simplest ways to start a dropshipping business, it is not impeccable. In that light, therefore, the following are Oberlo pros and cons you want to consider:

Oberlo pros
  • Simultaneous integration with Shopify store
  • Tremendous time and effort saving with app
  • Pricing and inventory automation
  • Automated product order fulfillment
  • Access dashboard with great UI
  • Quick, secure product import from AliExpress

Oberlo cons

  • AliExpress is the solely supported merchant
  • No alternative to work on standard site
  • No product edited within Oberlo

The Best Oberlo Alternatives for Shopify

As mentioned already, Oberlo is solely available to use for Shopify customers. It means that it is typically the go-to solution for Shopify based brands.

That said, it does not necessarily mean that there no alternatives to Oberlo out there despite Oberlo’s position as one of the most popular dropshipping choices for Shopify users.
For example, conventional alternatives include:

  • Printful: A POD company selling just about every sort of clothing and accessory product.
  • Spocket: A generic marketplace akin to AliExpress. As an alternative, it carries a lot of various kinds of merchandise from different vendors around the world.
  • MXED: An exceptional drop-shipping solution that bargains officially licensed products to sell in your store. It provides a cluster of great products such as Star-wars, Nintendo et cetera.
  • Dripshippers: A niche-focused Shopify app designed namely for the Shopify eCommerce space -it is envisioned just for coffee.
  • Spreadr: This app adopts a new approach to dropshipping by connecting you directly to Amazon and let you list products as a kind of affiliate.

Best Oberlo Alternatives for WooCommmerce

one of the significant drawbacks of Oberlo, and it’s why people often look for Oberlo alternatives, is that as a solution, it is only available for Shopify users.

As WooCommerce or WordPress client, you are going to need ultimately something else.
Some of the critical choices for Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce include:

  • Dropship.Me; This dropshipping tool is among the most popular service available for entrepreneurs that use WooCommerce or WordPress.
    It comes with over 50,000 products from AliExpress, which you can import into your WordPress website.
  • WooDropship: Another eccentric WordPress plugin that businesses use to sell absolutely any AliExpress products on their site. All that is required is an integration of this plugin with your WooCommerce services and good to go
  • Dropified: Another marvelous plugin that integrates with your WooCommerce, the service comes with a swarm of super-advanced features, thus making your dropshipping successful. You can even get notifications every time a new product is available.
  • Beeketing: This WooCommerce extension intends to double down your sales and revenue. The plugin used with various features can boost your income.

Further, Facebook chat option and coupon codes are among the features available with Beeketing.
Not sure precisely about what you need? Well, let’s take a look at some of the top Oberlo alternatives in detail. Consider the following.


SaleHoo is a remarkable New Zealand firm providing merchants with options of more than 1.5 million products to explore as they build their e-commerce brand.
Presently, you can pick products from thousands of different wholesalers and dropshippers dependent on your individual needs.

Furthermore, you can browse the suppliers listed on the platform to make sure that you have access to the most trusted suppliers, capable of shipping quickly.
SaleHoo projects as a simple, straightforward alternative to Oberlo for those looking for a fast way to locate distributors.

SaleHoo is also reasonably priced especially for novices
Who not have a lot of money to splash on their supreme product strategy. For instance, SaleHoo costs just a little over sic ($65 per to begin with.)
Features include:

  • Suppliers are pre-vetted to guarantee excellent quality.
  • Credited with award-winning client-care.
  • More than 25-million items to select from
  • Impeccable customer service


Spocket has emerged as a highly rated alternative to Oberlo; some experts opine that it is more advanced than Oberlo, namely, as regards the quality of suppliers available.

If you seek to build a dropshipping store to remain relatively local, Spocket is the go-to tool. That is to say, for example, you do not get packages sent from China and parts of the world to persons in the US.
Instead of just fixating exclusively on Shopify stores, Spocket has a module for WooCommerce.

It is premeditated to help you ramp your e-commerce performance with useful ways to engage with your customers and establish long-term selling strategies. Spocket is a valued part of your online selling tactic.
Main features include:

-Impeccable pricing structures
-Excellent supplier choice
-Tracking and local shipping
-Branding of your receipts and invoices


For dropshipping entrepreneurs, Dropship.Me is outstanding as one of the most popular alternatives to Oberlo.
Designed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce, this software most definitely appeals to entrepreneurs who wish something other than Shopify to operate their business.

Dropship.Me has access to over 50,000 products from AliExpress-you can import directly to your WordPress site, Isn’t that great stuff!

Besides, Dropship.Me is among the most trusted in the marketplace; in other words, no need for research before you start selling products to clients.

All the merchandise on this platform is hand-picked by experts, thus lending you peace of mind.
Key features include:

-The plugin is free of charge to install
-A single click to import products
-Enjoy sale without searching products
-Saves time of editing products and uploading


As on the of principal Oberlo alternatives, Printful has a perfect kind of dropshipping setup, namely intended to print-on-demand.

The setup combines the custom printing and dropshipping aspect of the business; thus, you can sell exceptional and creative content. Printful is an excellent way to make for yourself in the industry.

Similar to many dropshipping services, if you are a fan of WordPress, you will not be able to use it. It is especially suited for Shopify.

However, for Shopify store owner all that you need is to choose the product you want to sell and upload the designs,
Key features include:

  • Nothing to pay upfront, the pay is only for the items picked in the catalog
  • Thousands of items to choose from
  • Smooth printing and dropshipping process that is all handled for you
  • Excellent customer support from a global service and assistance team


If you are an entrepreneur that wishes to deliver AliExpress products to customers speedily and with ease, then WooDropship is a simple solution for your e-commerce business.
Premeditated to support your WordPress sites with WooCommerce plugins, you will need to integrate WooComerce plugins with WooDropship, and you set off to build a profitable store.

WooCommerce slots well with nearly all themes and advanced plugins in any business It is possible to integrate your existing or new store, all dependent on what works for you.
You can use the Chrome extension as well to import products straight to your store.
Main features include:

-One of the most advanced AliExpress plugins
-Quickly fulfill your orders regardless of your needs
-Edit AliExpress products when needed
-Add AliExpress products straight to your store


With Importify, you can start importing best-selling products from marketplaces into your e-commerce store.
Importify allows you to automate your sales, address fulfillment needs efficiently, and manage your Shopify store without having to maintain an inventory.

As an alternative to Oberlo, Importify is user-friendly, which makes for the right choice for newbies who might find high-tech software uncomfortable.

Additionally, the solution is compatible with some of the major e-commerce platforms and wholesalers such as AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy et cetera.

Importify lets you to:

-Automate various aspect of running your business
-Customize product listing
-Access swift customer support
-Import winning product


Modalyst may come across as another generic dropshipping app at first sight, in which case you search for items you need, then sync them with your e-commerce store.

However, the fact is that there is much more to this app than meets the eye. Modalyst allows you to get access to some of the top brands in the world, including Calvin Klein and Timberland.

Besides, Modalyst provides a comprehensive curated catalog of suppliers taken directly from the US and Europe. It means you quickly deliver products from brands people trust.

If you seek to develop a business that shuns delivery of shady products and knock offs to customers for a low-priced price, then Modalyst is here to ramp up your e-commerce endeavor.
With Modalyst, you get:

-Access to credible brand product
-Independent brands to partner with
-The local environment enables fast shipment
-Great pricing rules


If the idea of starting your e-commerce store without an inventory appeals to you, then Printify could be just what cuts for you.

Modeled as an alternate to Printiful, this beautiful software lets you deliver a wide range of products to your customers, including accessories, phone cases, shirts. Mugs et cetera.
Printify links your business to a massive network of print providers and allows you more than 200 products to choose from in total.

On top of selling via Shopify, with Printify, you get access to revenue streams through marketplaces such as Amazon, or solutions such as WooCommerce.
If you wish to sell your custom products and do not want to be confined to sales on Shopify, Printify can make an idyllic option.

Features of this alternative to Oberlo include:

  • A vast network of printers to choose from to help create the best product
  • Put your branding on the packaging
  • Make the most of your designs with mock-up generator
  • Use integration with Etsy, WooCommerce as well as Shopify

Choosing Your Oberlo Alternatives

Nowadays, dropshipping provides a brilliant alternative to conventional e-commerce for entrepreneurs that do not have a big budget to launch their company.

If you do not have money, storage facilities for shipping products yourself but you want to sell fantastic items to customers around the world, then dropshipping is the go-to solution.

Oberlo Alternatives

Undeniably, as it were with an e-commerce strategy, to get started, you are going to need the right tool. Oberlo alternatives like the ones documented herein make sure that you are not stuck with a one-size-fits-all solution
On balance, granting Oberlo is popular; it is not the right fit for every business; this principally rings true if you are running something other than Shopify, such as WooCommerce and WordPress.

With the reckoned options in this article, you can elect a dropshipping solution that pleases you without compromise.

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