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Your Ultimate Oberlo Review

To drop ship items online nowadays, one doesn’t need to have a clear-cut website of their own. The process has been significantly eased, and one plugin that is making what was once a dream, real is Oberlo.

Kindly, go through this review of Oberlo and do understand why it should be your drop shipping extension of choice!


A Comprehensive and Unbiased Review of Oberlo

Without a doubt, Oberlo is the best place to launch a fun, easy and profitable drop shipping business. Experts in the industry regard it as a powerfully assembled, user-friendly, yet awesome and convenient drop shipping app for Shopify. Statistics even allude to the same with over 65,000 Shopify shops using it and merchants registering over $36 million in sales alone!

What is Oberlo and why should it be your go-to choice for drop shipping?

Entering the fast-growing world of e-commerce just got notch easier, thanks to drop shipping, and more importantly, Oberlo. It is a drop shipping plugin that allows you to seamlessly import commodities from AliExpress straight into your Shopify account, of course, in a few clicks. As it stands, there are over 65,000 Shopify stores using Oberlo, and the list is tremendously increasing. Just before we go deep into the source I gave detailed post  on dropshipping kinldy check A Definitive Guide to AliExpress To Shopify Dropshipping Business

About Oberlo

Being the giant eCommerce store we all know today, Oberlo started humbly in 2015 as an idea of few close friends. Its growth path has been impressive, however, and at the moment, its users enjoy the glamor of using a feature-rich dropshipping app in the Shopify Marketplace. Everything happens online with the merchant never physically handling the goods.

OberloAs stated, the site allows you to easily import products from AliExpress directly into a seller’s Shopify account where one then sells them off to a buyer at ultra-low prices. The major idea behind Oberlo is to offer different online customers a chance to get goods they’ve been looking for online, buy them, and then wait for it to be shipped off to their doorsteps. As for the merchant, importing goods from AliExpress at cheaper rates and selling them off at a profit is a wholly blissful idea.

The main features of Oberlo

When it comes to drop shipping apps and software, features are everything. If its features include converting sales while making it easier to update the site and track sales, then it is the best. Oberlo is widely revered by savvy merchants online because it delivers on both fronts!

  • Shopify Integration is perfect!

Loosely, both Oberlo and AliExpress are a match made for each other, and so their integration is just beautiful. Once you install the plugin, going to the site and clicking on the products, you would love to import becomes pretty much like browsing the web. In the end, you’ll not have to really trouble your mind with such hassles as shipping, storage, packaging and such. Also go through the article I did about how  shopify works

  • Seamless importing of thousands of commodities from AliExpress

The main reason behind the widespread acceptance of Oberlo is how it makes it easy and convenient to import a product from AliExpress. Not only does one gain access to countless products from AliExpress, but the images, product details, prices and the glamor of getting different goods for one’s discerning clientele.

We all quite agree that AliExpress has a reputation of having top-quality goods and do offer them cheaply. And Oberlo makes it so much easier to get products anywhere in the world. So, with a simple plugin that makes one import goods affordably and with just a few clicks, being a successful online entrepreneur is a breeze.

  • Change product suppliers the way you want

Being a dedicated online merchant who uses Oberlo for AliExpress is an absolute advantage, not just because of the seamless importing feature, but also the flexibility that comes with it. AliExpress is full of products that aren’t just awesome, but differently priced with different delivery times. As a seller using the plugin, you can change the supplier of a given product in order to meet your buyer’s needs.

  • Beautiful Interface For Managing Products

It is important also to acknowledge the professional interface of Oberlo. Almost similar to WordPress configuration, the dashboard features a clear menu on the left-hand side for swift completion of a range of tasks, including searching through the site for a product, setting featured products, importing, etc. Everything is reasonably arranged so that any editing is also done with ease.

  • Automated Order Fulfillment

Here’s my favorite part of the whole platform as it makes  dropshipping remarkably easy. Once your customers order a product through your Shopify account, all you’ll need to do is just to locate the product from your inventory and then click the Order Product button. Everything happens easily and what’s even glamorous is, you may add a few more items from other suppliers.

With the automated order fulfillment, everything is controlled by Oberlo once you hit the Order Product button. They’ll notify the seller on Aliexpress who then will package the product, ship it and ensure that the client gets the very same item as you had offered. Everything ends with that 5-stars rating left by the customer later.

Did you know that Oberlo comes with automatic inventory and pricing updates?

If your dealer runs out of stock, the same item is spontaneously pulled off your site. The same is the case with price fluctuations. It is a great feature, particularly because it saves you much hassle.

Aside from that, sales tracking is a breeze, especially because of the dashboard that keeps track of whatever has been sold and that which hasn’t. Through Sales Tracking, you will be able to tell which product isn’t selling and perhaps think of a better strategy of hawking it off.

Oberlo Support

Despite being a fast-rising eCommerce window, Oberlo certainly treats its users pretty seriously. There’s a blog that reminds of any updates, changes, strategies, and aspirations. Furthermore, when you sign up to the newsletter, an eBook is wired directly to your email. But if you have a burning issue, just shoot them a short message via Facebook.

I’ll not forget to mention the hugely vibrant forum that encompasses thousands of users and useful topics that help everyone using Oberlo. It is a decent community, nicely managed and regularly responded to by Oberlo. In a nutshell, all support routes seem to have been catered for.

Oberlo Pricing

Before we get to explain more about Oberlo Pricing, it is imperative to say that there is a free Oberto trial version that lasts for a month. The 30-day free trial period is just a snippet of what you can actually enjoy if you sign up for the Pro version, or in short, it is all the best features of Oberlo.

  1. Starter Plan

It is free of charge and accords you a setup of 500 products, a total number of 50 orders every month, free daily products sync, automatic order fulfillment, sales reporting and a free Chrome extension, among other benefits. It is the most popular plan, although it lacks a host of features present in the other two.

  1. Basic Plan

For just $29.90 per month, anyone is guaranteed to receive a setup of 10,000 products and 500 orders per month. Along with that, all features of a Starter plan above are available and also include shipment tracking and order fulfillment monitoring.

  1. Pro Plan

Being the best of all that’s offered by Oberlo, Pro comes with everything provided by the first two plans, save for the setup for 30,000 products, unlimited orders per month and the convenience of being a multi-user plan. It costs $79.90 per month, though and has a few more benefits coming soon, including allowing multiple sales channels and verified suppliers.


It is seemingly clear that the pricing plans are structured in such a way that anyone can get what suits them without breaking a bank. Essentially, the current rates are incredibly impressive, despite the fact that they were reduced recently.

The Parting Shot from this Review of Oberlo

Perhaps you are still lost as per why you should use Oberlo as your best drop shipping choice. Well, aside from what this review has shown, ranging from the features and benefits to its competitive pricing plans, it is crystal clear that the over 65,000 Shopify users who use Oberlo know that it is a jewel.

It takes a few minutes, and a couple of clicks before your Shopify account is up and running. Moreover, you don’t have to start with a paid-for plan yet there’s a free, Starter plan. Through AliExpress, you can find quality goods at incredible prices and reliable suppliers and end up being a successful digital entrepreneur.

Signing up is an easy process, pretty much like the entire installation process. If you are thinking of drop shipping, do think Oberlo because you’ll not regret. If you have an issue, a question or anything in-between, please drop it down there, and I’ll be happy to help!

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