Have you ever sat by yourself and wonder, “Hmm? What is print-on-demand business? and how does it work?”

If you haven’t, then take it that this Write-up on Print-on-Demand: A Low-Risk Model to Sell Custom T-Shirts, Books, Et cetera seek to flash out What’s a print-on-demand business model, pros & cons, designing products as a novice, where to find design ideas and designers and importantly, the Print-on-demand services that aids with creating custom products.

Regardless of whether you’re a designer, writer, artist, or business person, the fact is, physical items can prove an ideal canvas to commercialize your innovations. 

If you go the conventional course of purchasing and holding the inventory, in any case, you risk being left with a heap of items that aren’t selling.

From knapsacks to books, shirts to banners, you can put your unique spin on regular items and sell them online. 

At a fraction amount of the expense, Print-on-order services offer an option model to sidestep all the perils, time, and investments related to managing an inventory thus, transitioning you from making to selling custom products.

What is Print on Demand Business?

 So, What’s Print on request, and how can it work? 

Print on demand is where you liaise with a supplier to tailor-make white-label items, e.g., handbags or basketball caps, using your designs to sell them on a premise of per-order placement under your brand. 

So there’s no compelling reason to purchase in bulk or hold any stock yourself because print-on-demand implies you don’t pay for the item until after you’ve sold it for real. 

Whenever you’ve set everything up, it takes a couple of clicks to fulfill an order whenever you’ve made a deal. With print-on-order services, everything after the sale, from printing to shipping, is taken care of by your supplier. 

You can utilize print-on-order services to: 

  • Niche customer. Make unique products specifically for a specialty of clients. You can try your hands on, say, an attire for passionate individuals about pets, for instance. 
  • Try out a business concept or new product line for an already operational business without running the risks that accompany buying stock. 
  • Sell photographs online by setting your photography on various items to sell on your business site.
  • Monetize your built demographic. You’re possibly a visual artist, social media influencer, or YouTuber who invests in creating content instead of fulfilling orders. As such, you’ll undoubtedly find Print on demand as an exceptional alternative. 
  • Print one-off stuff— You can send these as donations or retain them for yourself and your group. The print one-offs may include packs, shirts, wall art, books, PC skins, shoes, cell phone cases, mugs, stickers, thus considerably more. 

Print-on-demand services 

At a glance, many of the print-on-demand services might strike as similar; you’ll need to deliberately consider the ones you pick dependent on the retail prices you’d charge, the products you need to create, and where you ship the products among different variables. 

A low floor expense for one item, For instance, might make it an obvious choice until it hits you that with your most inexpensive shipping option that it would take 21 days to reach clients. 

When you assess a platform that aligns with business aspiration, you want to exercise due diligence.

I’ve drawn a snappy overview of the absolute most mainstream services that address different scenarios to get you out. These services integrate with Shopify, plus they cost nothing to set up save for when order a product.

In no way, shape or form is this rundown thorough. And therefore, for more print-on-demand alternatives, check out our other resources on the Shopify App Store.


Printify, a Shopify application, is among print-on-demand service featuring the standard selection of shirts and hoodies. 

What’s outstanding about Printify is that its worldwide merchant network empowers various novel white-label items that you’d probably not find elsewhere, for example, shoes, gems, stickers, and water bottles. The stage gloats more than 200 items under its belt you can imprint. 

Printify costs nothing to use, but in case you’re looking to scale up later and improve your overall revenues, the service offers a reliable option through its premium subscription for $29 per month, which gives you 20% off on all items.

Lulu Xpress

With Lulu, you have a self-publishing platform for printing and disseminating your books and ebooks books. 

Print on Demand Business

Lulu Xpress, a Shopify app, is its print-on-demand offering and lets you browse a wide selection from book sizes, page/Print quality, and binding types to building your book product. 

Even with the absence of an in-built editor to help design your book, Lulu Xpress offers downloadable templates to kick you off.

The service also comes with a straightforward pricing calculator to assist you with costing out your venture, including different shipping choices. 

If you’d prefer to order in bulk, Lulu also offers discounts in that regard. 


Among the popular choices on print-on-demand services is Printful, a Shopify app given its wide selection of items and brands American Apparel, Gildan, et cetera, options that allow you to add your branding to the unpacking experience through custom notes, package inserts, and stickers.

Also, Printful offers simple to-utilize prototype generators. 

Print on Demand Business

Printful, in particular, offers various printing techniques for clothing items. Below are some of the printing technique that you’ll need to know about: 

Embroidery perhaps counts as the most intricate printing procedure given that its eventual outcome is a threaded design with a 3D effect.

Embroidery is a perfect fit for simple designs that entail a handful of shades and include caps that customarily highlight embroidery designs. 

Cut and Sew or all-over Print if you like For max coverage, the article of clothing gets imprinted on in pieces and afterward sewn together for a consistent print over the whole piece.

Whereas the base prices might prove expensive, the technique lets you create a more top-notch item that could sell for more. 

Direct to Garment prints directly ink onto the material, particularly useful for less intricate designs, such as creative shirts. You can print on specific regions of the item accordingly. 

Likewise, you ought to be aware of how extra customizations have a bearing on the cost. For instance, imprinting on the sleeve would often mean paying a small fee over and above the base price. 

Other than clothing, Printful additionally offers framed banners, mugs, beach towels, pillows, aprons. Essentially the sky is the limit with Printful, you know. 


Gooten, a Shopify application like Printful, offers a broad scope of items that you can customize with a few exceptions to its catalog, for example, dog beds and calenders. 

Print on Demand Business

But because Gooten has a global network of sellers to print their items, that means a more pronounced variance between their quality and shipping products.

In any case, that also implies you’re probably going to see a reduced item and delivery costs. 

Likewise, with an intuitive picture editor, Gooten affords you a good sense of your products’ probable final look. 

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Designing products as a novice for your Print on Demand Business

Undoubtedly, the design assumes a critical part in spurring successful print-on-demand items. In any case, it’s not a must that you’re a full-time designer to source unique designs.

So long, you have a basic grasp of a few key concepts that work to assist you with liaising successfully with designers. As such, there are numerous approaches to commission or deliver your designs, 

We must address setting up your print file first. When engaging with designers, you ought to indicate that your design is for printing.

And your specifications need to reveal to them that you prefer 300 pixels or digital pixels per inch (PPI or DPI), have a transparent background, and different subtleties of designing for print vs. web. 

PS: Those print file specs vary contingent upon the printer and printing method employed. If in doubt, send the designer the print specifications for the product in question and any printing guidelines; thus, you provide them the full context. 

The designs you choose to upload should be large enough for the actual item’s printing area—attempting to resize a small picture to make it greater will likely lead to compromising its quality.

You can leverage the free services of Pixlr, or one of the photo editing tools assuming you can’t access Photoshop.

Also read: Creating Eye-Catching Print On Demand Photos

Finding design ideas and designers

If you can’t have immediate access to design talent, don’t despair. That’s precisely what defines outsourcing. In the best scenario, you’re either a designer, or you know a proficient one you can successfully co-ordinate. 

Through freelance sites such as 99 Designs, Behance, et al., you can discover designers to work with creators who can deliver practical designs as long as you give clear guidelines. To provide clarity and context for your design venture, incorporate the following: 

  • Reference: Give examples to spur inspiration. For instance, you can highlight past work that you loved or provide a reference basis for the design. 
  • ClarityWithout an overlay, opacity clarifies what you need. Utilize your initial pitch and resultant revisions-you ought to get in 1 or 2 to emphasize what you look for and the rules to adhere to. Equally, endeavor to provide precise feedback at all times. 
  • Share insights: Offer insights into your audience and share what it’s for and who your demographic comprises. Likewise, sharing your site with them, if you have one, can help. 

You ought to have the option of finding somebody who’d bring your design concepts to life, given there are a ton of skilled creators, except that the sticky part is fishing out what you need to design in any case. 

Checkout: Print On Demand Product Validation Process To Adhere To

The decision on what to design is mostly a contingent or spin-off of your target demographic for the product, yet consider the following resources from where you can find design inspiration: 

  • Subreddits 
  • Pinterest 
  • Facebook Pages 

And wherever your prospects hang out online. 

Critically, ensure you do not infringe on anyone’s work. With that addressed, you can dig for content, styles, or messaging that already resonates with your intended demographic to conceptualize ideas essentially worth brainstorming. 

The other terrific spot to acid test your design concepts is social media. In case you wish to transform the web into your target audience, try: 

  • Leveraging Instagram’s Poll & Question stickers to implore for feedback
  • Sharing a rough version of your design concept with a relevant subreddit
  • Posting to groups or on your account on Facebook 

Tips for starting a Print on Demand Business

Much as a print-on-demand service may come with fewer bottlenecks than dealing with the stock inventory, there are a few unique considerations to this methodology that you ought to know. Fortunately, for the vast majority of the hiccups, you’ll confront, there are ingenuity solutions.

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About starting a print-on-order business on Shopify, well Print on Demand Business is a simple, low-risk approach to launching a massively productive business without inventory.

And so, with this Print on Demand Business instructional handbook, you get access to all that you require to begin.

Strategic shipping

Whether or not you ship products yourself, shipping inherently has some multifaceted complexities through shipping times and expenses to manage clients’ expectations. 

With regards to shipping, you’ve got to account for the printing times. Whatever the shipping times, add 2 to 4 days or all the more contingent upon the production item. 

You want to stay ahead when it comes to shipping times lest you end up with a support inbox loaded with shipping inquiries.

On your store FAQ page, you can map out what to expect or consider making a different Shipping page to thrashing out what’s shipping to clients. 

On the off chance that you can, try to somewhat or completely absorb your shipping costs into your retail price.

Besides time and again, year on year, studies showing that unexpected shipping costs included at checkout can hinder clients from making a buy, free transportation reinforces some of your other advertising endeavors. Consider the following:

  • You can leverage free delivery to legitimize longer wait times. Many shoppers will sit tight somewhat longer for an order on the off chance that they realize it saves them cash on shipping.
  • Contingent free delivery, for example, “Get free shipping when you spend through $40 or more,” urges clients to add more to their cart to meet the condition and ordinarily causes you to accomplish a comparative superior shipping rate since you’re shipping as a single package. 
  • Free delivery is an incredible deal sweetener, regardless of whether you offer it for specific locales, and gives clients one more impetus to purchase. 

Zero in on a niche to simplify marketing 

The success of your business ultimately spins on marketing. Be that as it may, and paying little heed to the strategies you employ, the focus is so significant. Therefore, in case you’re focusing on everybody, then you’re not advertising to anybody. 

Having a well-defined demographic, for example, dog owners, can help you make items that are sought after, bring down the expenses to get clients, and max out your potential profits, given that your focusing decisions will substantially deliver much precision.

Read: Print On Demand Designs Factors For Conversion 

Even better, if you can construct a demographic of your own through marketing, you can create a permanent asset for your business regardless of whether your items change. 

Even with the innumerable opportunities for advertising, still consider these few designs to kick off: 

  • Collect email from guests so you can keep on promoting to them for nothing. 
  • Start an Instagram account and curate content for your intended interest group. Get followers, use what hashtags get the most likes, and build connections among your prospects. 
  • Get your items to influencers who can push your product through their clout and assist you with making deals. 
  • Run Facebook ads that focus on the interests of your demographic. For as little as $10, you can likewise hinge Facebook ads to try out your designs and see which ones resonate with your focus group. 

Print-on-order or otherwise, growing an optimal target audience of your clients is an absolute necessity for building a drawn out business, 

Order samples always

If you sell online through print-on-demand services, quality assurance is paramount. It’s often conceivable that something will go amiss, as in stuff getting lost amidst the translation from the design you see on your screen to your printed product.

Luckily, such concerns get addressed if you contact your supplier’s customer support team and settle on the best way to fix any issues. 

To guarantee that your physical item looks and feels as you intended, you’d need to be your customer this way; you get the first-hand experience of what it is like to receive your merchandise.

A few services, like Printful, considerably offers a sample rebate of up to 20% off or even free shipping; you want to max out on that if it’s available. 

Besides guaranteeing product quality, if available, you can effectively use the sample to take your item photographs for your website and social media profiles.

Create prototypes that hotshot your products

Although models can assist you with snapping convincing photographs of your items, prototypes are likewise a successful other option and will be a conspicuous aspect of your product pages. 

While many Print on Demand Business can assist you with making your prototypes, displaying your items on a person or as a flat lay, but in any case, there are different services and a lot of free mockup templates that can likewise rejuvenate your items. 

These mockups are what will sell your items to clients, so it can, in a real sense, pay to go the extra mile.

So, if you have the hang of the Photoshop fundamentals or other photo editing tools, go ahead and browse Behance or Mockup World for templates.

Alternatively, PlaceIt is a simple to-utilize mockup generator that lets you make photographs and video mockups for $8 each.

The advantages and disadvantages of Print on demand 

You can utilize Print-on-demand websites to create a business based on a dropshipping model—where both the shipping and products get dealt with by a third-party.

It’s one of the most open approaches to source items or starts an online store; however, you must acquaint yourself with the advantages and limits before making a plunge. 

Advantages of Print on Demand Business

Low investment, lower risk: Because you do not hold any inventory, it’s simpler to pivot your methodology, test concepts, and possibly add or remove items. 

Delivery is dealt with: With both fulfillment & shipping out of your hands after the deal and in your suppliers, you can focus on client support. 

Make items rapidly: In minutes, if you have the design, you can make the item and make it available for sale. 

Disadvantages of Print on Demand Business

Limited customization: Your capacity to tailor-make items hinges on the merchant and the item. You’ll need to evaluate printing techniques, base costs, accessible sizes, and customization alternatives when choosing which items to customize.

Less authority over shipping: Shipping expenses can get muddled as it regularly shifts for various items. Likewise, when you look to deliver a standout unpacking experience, you’d probably have limited alternatives. 

Lower profit margins: Ordinarily, if you purchase in bulk, your expenses per item tend to be higher than otherwise naturally. On-order items may return thinner profits, contingent upon how you get clients and price products. 

Design, test, sell, and develop.

For newbies or for any person who needs to test a concept before they put resources into it, Print-on-demand services offer an accessible inventory source. 

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On the off chance that one of your concepts works out to generate you a sufficient number of sales, you can generally progress from a print on demand site to holding your stock or keep on utilizing these services as you find better approaches to develop your focus group. It’s your call. 

Conclusion on Print on Demand Business

If you were looking for ways of starting a profitable Print on Demand Business then I hope this post has addressed some of your concerns and you are in a position to start Print on Demand Business on your own.

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