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Print On Demand Designs Factors For Conversion

Print On Demand Designs Factors For Conversion

About Print On demand Designs customers will buy

Yeah… You are welcome, after having discussed how to identify an evergreen niche, I will be talking about how to build Print On Demand Designs that your customers won’t be able to stop thinking about.

You should understand that there are lots of suppliers, especially when it comes to print on demand, this gives customers lots of options.

Right on Shopify, there is a large number of print-on-demand suppliers. On a personal experience, I will advise you to carefully do a search and select the best partner for your business.

Factors that are to be considered when choosing a partner will be discussed as you read along the course. Do enjoy!

Note that on Printful, there is an excellent selection of high-quality apparels, the app platform is straightforward to navigate, it offers a competitive price among its stores. While on Footmen, there is a massive availability of products offer.

You can decide you need a print on your purchase, right on everything, ranging from ornaments, appliances, accessories, etc. For example, when you require a print on shoes or sandals, you can use that to generate more profits.

You could also find lots of printing partners offering the same product at different prices, although this depends greatly on your niche and the interest of your target audience.

Let’s take, for example, you choose a niche of coffee lovers, without doubt, coffee mugs will be on high demand likewise dog beds or dog belts will be high on the list of animal lovers.

So let, using a fairly generic product with a unique print will fascinate your target audience.

Also, a t-shirt, for example, lots of people love a great t-shirt which portrays their hobby or interest, it shows their sense of humour, also, joke shirts, puns shirts tend to do well as long as it is of great humour.

The sense of humour is a critical factor in creating patterns and prints. Clothing is an essential piece that represents a person, who they are, and sometimes what they do.

Print On Demand Designs

So your designs, prints should adequately represent your customer. This is a reason why it is imperative to understand your target audience and their passion.

When you can get this right, once your audience sees your shirt, they will be tempted to buy because it represents their object of interest and it portrays their values. You should always keep this in mind when developing your product.

Your Product Design

Some of you might be a great designer, although am not a great artist, that doesn’t stop me from achieving my goal. I’ll take you through how you can purchase a design or create one for your print-on-demand business.

There are few options with regards to this, either you create a great design yourself, or you purchase a ready-made design, or you assign an artist to make something beautiful for you. Are you thinking that’s going to be expensive?

No, don’t panic, I’ll guide you through how to purchase designs at a cheaper cost, I will also share some of my favorite places where you can find affordable artists who will offer you creative designs at more reasonable rates.

Firstly, for great designers and artists, you can make your designs either using the Adobe photos hope, illustrator or Corel draw to name a few.

You can also decide to make use of online designing tools such as Sketch, Pixar which are a quite more comfortable platform to use for amateur designers.

To make your design, you can also consider using a designing tool like Canva or Google Draw. You can choose different writing styles and fonts to design your text or go to dafont.com or font.com to choose your choice of text styles.

You can even download some of these texts which suits your needs. Some fonts are free for downloading, while you need to pay for others or you need a license for some uses.

Because you are looking to sell shirts with the fonts being displayed on its front, you might need the commercial rights to use such fonts. Should in case you come across a good font, it’s usually worth investing in.

Again, if you are purchasing a ready-made design, make sure you have the commercial rights on anything you are buying. Make sure you make it obvious to the artist. Design marketplace includes CreativeMarket, Eva to market, etc.

You should also know that it also bears down to what your niche is, some design marketplace might be better than the other in a specific niche. Make sure you research before deciding on the most suitable market place for your niche.

When purchasing a design, place yourself in the position of your target market, feel what the design will mean to them, when you focus on your interest or hubby as a starter, you won’t have much problem to understand this because you will understand what the design will resonate to your target customer.

In case you don’t even know that much about your niche, it might get a bit tricky, I’ll teach you how you can go about it, try to make use of the skill, it might come in handy in building your future business.

Assuming you are in a design marketplace, as you go through numerous designs made available to you, make sure you have a budget of the amount you are willing to spend, say a range of $10 to $100 or more.

It’s usually common that the cheapest design might have been sold. Keep it in mind that the most expensive designs will be purchased less and are more unique.

Choose designs that best suit your niche. You should also try to keep in mind when selecting designs is that you might not be going to get it right at the first time, don’t worry yourself by trying to select a perfect design, you will be allowed to test a few designs to the one with the most attraction.

The way to know if you’ve made the right decision on the right product is the amount a customer pays for the items. We’ll talk about how to test your designs on your products as we move along.

Getting a custom design

A custom design can also be made for your product; this can be done in two different ways. Firstly, you can make a creativity contest where you will have multiple designers to develop different ideas and offer you their designs.

You can then choose the winning design, contact the designer and work with the designer to make necessary amendments and adjustments, then negotiate price and make payment for his service. This is a very dynamic way of having many versions of a particular idea.

Design contest can be conducted on different websites such as 99Designs, DesignCrowd and many more. The prices of these designs may vary depending on the number of different designs you receive although you should be prepared to pay a fee in the region of $100-$500 for your custom design. It takes time and skills to learn the craft of Print On Demand Designs that will bring you sales.

Note: A custom design will be your design on your product, it will be unique, it will make your product stand out, without minding its investment, it usually worth it at the end.

Alternatively, you can hire a designer; you give them the brief creative work for perfection and modification. You can use platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to search for creative designers. You can refine your search to suit your needs and style.

You can also view their portfolios and start noting down the names of the designer you will want to work with.

Besides, you can also check their ratings and reviews although do not let a lack of reviews stops you from hiring a designer, such designer might be new to the platform or do not have a rating because he just started building his profile on such platform.

What you need to do on this platform is to give a “creative brief.” I.e., a document that fully explains your ideas to the designer keeping in mind your target customer and how you want your customers to feel when they see the product.

With a brief description and information, good designers will be able to work with that and produce something that suits your needs. In case you have a sketch up, you can also send that to the designer.

An advantage of using an intermediate medium like Fiverr or Upwork is that it provides you with assurance regarding payment. Your payment is only credited to the designer when you are happy with the work you received. Also, regarding cost, it varies, you can spend within the range of $20_$500 for custom made designs.

A little recap on Print On Demand Designs

When selecting the product you want to sell, think about your niche and what is required for such a niche by the customers. Have in mind that there will be lots of competitors.

When it comes to creating a design, you can either make the design yourself, purchase a ready-made design, or hire a creative designer through a contest or on a freelancer platform such as Fiverr or Upwork.

Next up, we will be learning how to get your design onto a product mock-up, i.e., where you can display your custom design over a product image to create a realistic first look at your custom product.

Any question about Print On Demand Designs ? If you have any relating inquiry or what you feel I left out kindly comment below.

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