How To Get A Remote U.S Bank Account As A Non-U.S Citizen

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You can, in one piece, securely Open your Remote U.S Bank Account WITHOUT Visiting the U.S. Open your U.S. business or personal bank account to exploit the U.S. market from the solace of your native country.

Your Remote U.S Bank Account enables you to: 

  • Bank Accounts get FDIC Insurance Up to $250,000 
  • Deposit and wire transfer money 
  • Accept USD $ dollar payments from U.S. customers. 
  • Open Stripe and PayPal account 
  • Access to view and monitor your account online and on your cell phone 
  • Avoid overpriced multiple currency transaction expenses. 

Remote U.S Bank Account: Bank Accounts get FDIC Insurance Up to $250,000 

How does the FDIC insure my Deposit Accounts? You’d ask. Well, this short article outlines the rudiments of FDIC insurance.

Remote U.S Bank Account
How To Get A Remote U.S Bank Account As A Non-U.S Citizen 4

The FDIC is an autonomous office of the U.S. government that secures you against loss of deposit if your bank or thrift institution falls flat and is FDIC insured.

In this way, on the off chance that you have money in an FDIC-protected bank account and the bank comes up short, the agency repays you for any loss you incur. 

When opening a bank account, you expect the money you deposit to be protected. Nonetheless, these accounts don’t function as a personal vault would, which implies your money doesn’t simply lounge around sitting tight for you to make a withdrawal when you need access to it.

As a rule, Banks keep a specific ratio of money available, yet the more considerable part gets lent to other people. 

When banks can’t stay the demand for withdrawals, they may need to turn away individuals. At the point when more folks need their money and can’t get it, they wind up losing confidence, bringing about panic.

Thus, it can trigger a domino effect, prompting a failure in the financial sector (banking system), which the United States experienced during the Great Depression. 

To keep public confidence, the central government made the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in 1933. 

Note: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) secures customers against misfortune if their bank or frugality institution fizzles.

Qualified bank accounts are protected up to $250,000 for principal and interest. The FDIC doesn’t guarantee share accounts at credit unions. 

Deposit and wire transfer money 

Regardless of whether you have to send funds rapidly for a business purchase, have huge dollar payments, and additionally high volumes of wires or other wire types, Wire transfers got you covered. 

Wire transfers are one of the quickest methods to transfer funds across the country or around the globe. Wire transfer empowers you to move money quickly so you can return to business. 

So, What Is a Wire Transfer? 

A wire transfer depicts any electronic move of money. As a rule, when somebody requests a “bank wire,” they need a conventional, domestic bank-to-bank transfer.

A routine money wire transfers between different banks utilizing a network, for example, the Fedwire. or Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) 

Yet, the term wire transfer applies to different kinds of transfers. For instance, U.S. buyers can likewise wire money to individuals abroad through international wire transfers, otherwise called remittance transfers.

All the same banks, credit unions, and other monetary services organizations can go about as the money transfer provider in these transactions.

It’s thus critical that you clarify the prerequisites when somebody requests a wire transfer. 

Cost of Wire Transfers 

In contrast to some electronic payments, bank wires cost money. The expense relies upon the bank, whether the wire is domestic or global, outgoing or incoming, and the transfer amount in question.

By and large, incoming domestic wires fall at the lower end of the price range, while international outgoing wires fall are the most expensive.

Furthermore, a few banks waive domestic incoming wire charges for particular account types.

A few banks place a cap on the sum you can send in a single transfer or within a single day.

In any case, the limit will, in general, be high—up to $100,000 per transfer or $250,000 a daily transfer at some banks.

Accept USD $ dollar payments from U.S. customers

The bank account comes in handy when you do business in the U.S. Companies that transact in the United States but are not based there would profit incredibly from a U.S. bank account, particularly on the off chance that they get payment online. 

Remote U.S. Bank Account
How To Get A Remote U.S Bank Account As A Non-U.S Citizen 5

PayPal favors U.S. bank accounts and permits you to transfer money from your Paypal account into your checking utilizing ACH transfers.

Without one, you would need to hold back to get a paper check via the post office, which can take any longer than having the money deposited into your U.S. checking accounts.

Applying can prove dubious when you don’t live in the state; however, it’s certainly feasible. 

Remote U.S. Bank Account: Open Stripe and PayPal account 

Any individual with a verifiable bank account and a verifiable social security number can open up an account with PayPal.

A government-backed retirement number (SSN) is checked when they confirm your bank account! 

To utilize both Stripe and PayPal, you’ll have to set up accounts with each company-PayPal & Stripe. Thusly, you can permit your clients to choose which one they need to use. 

For inhabitants of developing nations, having a Remote U.S Bank Account awards access to payment processors like PayPal or Stripe, which is the outcome, empowers these business people to transact globally. 

Having a Remote U.S Bank Account will give you the occasion to utilize your ATM card around the world.

Through online-based banking, you will have the option to get and send your payments rapidly and control your accounts remotely from anyplace on the planet. 

Full access to view and monitor your account online and on your cell phone 

Once your bank account is open, you, for the most part, get a free debit card, which gives you access to a great many ATMs around the world.

You can make withdrawals and deposit money without setting off to a nearby branch, and you have 24/7 access to your account utilizing online-based banking.

You can either apply for a Remote U.S Bank Account straight from where you live while you are visiting now.

You’ll have access to the bank’s necessities of your personal preference and stand by until your application is processed.

When your Remote U.S Bank Account are set up, regardless of whether it is a personal or business account, you will have the option to continue with fewer issues and save in various territories. 

With your mobile banking account, making deposits has been made more straightforward than ever before!

Thanks to the mobile deposits, on a snap of a picture, you can deposit your checks. The feature renders full capability, and the cut lag time makes banking simple to utilize.

You can adapt alerts and have them delivered right to your cell phone. 

Also, you have your spending-plan on the go. Track your spending, track your cards, and the sky is the limit from there.

Regardless of whether you have to take care of a bill or reimburse companions for covering your dinner a few evenings ago, you can do as such through the mobile phone online. 

Avoid overpriced multiple currency transaction expenses 

As a business person, it is inconceivably critical to keep your business banking separate from personal banking.

The business bank account would bring about many challenges regarding ascertaining your annual taxes when the time beckon. 

Opening a bank account in the United States is a fantastic asset for business people who wish to enter the serious commerce field.

When you run a fledgling company in the USA, or on the off chance that you plan on making deals on platforms like Amcommerceazon and eBay, you will be needed to open a business bank account with one of the American banks. 

The U.S. dollar is one of the most utilized currency on the planet. Numerous spots, mainly online-based business stores, acknowledge the dollar over some other currencies.

It can be troublesome when you either patronize a US-based retailer or transact with clients in the United States.

You can change your home currency over to the dollar; however, this can prove problematic and costly.

Having a Remote U.S. Bank Account, nonetheless, can ease these hindrances and give different rewards too. 

Fees: Depending on what nation you live in, having a US-based financial account will lessen the portion of expenses you’ll need to pay.

From monthly maintenance or yearly expenses, international charges to transfer fees may be encountered using payment processors, such as PayPal. 

Rates: Exchanging one currency for another is altogether more affordable when you have a U.S. bank account.

For example, changing over your home currency, Euro, British pound, or the Canadian dollar is simpler when your financial accounts are situated in the U.S. 

You experience much fewer security questions and charges when buying stuff online or when you withdraw money. 

Another favorable position of having a bank account in the U.S. is about currency exchange rates.

As the U.S. dollar is a globally recognized currency, doing your business using USD and changing it over to your home currency is more moderate and simpler. 

The information we’re offering is SAFE and LEGIT for all that are involved. 

In recent years, the U.S. banking guidelines have altogether gotten more rigorous. Thus, it’s gotten progressively more hard for non-residents to open a Remote U.S. Bank Account without visiting the U.S. 

The info herein draws from our U.S. affiliate bank to ensure we’re offering SAFE and LEGIT for all concerned. 

By working with a trustworthy organization with past involvement with the U.S., you’re saving on time and money to open your bank account securely and safely remotely. 


Would I be able to open my Remote U.S. Bank Account as a non-U.S? Resident without an SSN? 

Indeed, U.S. banks can open your U.S. business bank account regardless of whether you’re a Non-U.S. resident without an SSN.

On the off chance that you don’t have an SSN, you will require an ITIN to open your Remote U.S. Bank Account. Mollaeilaw can assist you with getting your ITIN

Would I be able to open my U.S. business bank account remotely from outside the U.S. as a Non-Resident? 

Indeed, Mollaeilaw can open your U.S. business bank account remotely for you without you needing to go to the U.S. in-person. Albeit most U.S. banks require Non-U.S.

Resident entrepreneurs to visit the U.S. to open their account. The Mollaeilaw offers a safe and secure path to open your Remote U.S. Bank Account, so you don’t need to visit the U.S. 

What’s the process like? 

First, you will book a call with the Mollaeilaw. After ascertaining whether you fit the bill for the service, they’ll begin the onboarding and disclosure process by having you complete their service intake.

When your answers are presented, they will check with the bank to open your Remote U.S. Bank Account.

After they get affirmation from the bank, the affiliate will open your U.S. business bank account remotely for you. 

What documents do I need to have to begin? 

You should give a copy of your passport, and your U.S. business documents, and your U.S. tax I.D.’s (EIN ITIN) (Mollaeilaw will give these to you if you don’t have them). 

Would I be able to open payment processors or vendor services like Stripe and PayPal with my U.S. business bank account? 

Indeed, you can open payment gateway or merchant services like PayPal and Stripe once they facilitate the opening of your U.S. business bank account. 

Do I need a U.S. address in opening my U.S. business bank account? 

Indeed, you require an actual U.S. address to open your U.S. business bank account – likewise, the U.S. bank associate can assist you with getting your exact U.S. address. 

This is where Mollaeilaw comes in, they help you set up everything including the US address and the required documents needed.

What amount of time does the process require? 

Upon receipt of your admission answers, the whole process takes few weeks to about a month. 

Do you offer a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure my U.S. business bank account is opened? 

Indeed, if the Mollaeilaw can’t open your U.S. business bank account for you, they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

They offer this assurance to wipe out any pressure or wavering you may feel by shouldering all the risks for you. 

Upon getting my business bank account opened, do I gain access to my business account remotely? 

Indeed, you will have full online access to your U.S. business account both on the P.C. and your cell phone. 

Do I require an EIN to open my U.S. business bank account? 

Honestly, you need an EIN to open your business bank account. Equally, the affiliate bank can assist you with getting your EIN. 

Do I need a U.S. enlisted LLC or Corporation to open my U.S. business bank account? 

Indeed, you will require a U.S. enrolled LLC or Corporation to open a U.S. business bank account, which the affiliate U.S. bank can enable you to enlist. 

Read also: How To Get LLC for non-Us Resident (New Guide 2020)

Could a non-resident/outsider open a business bank account in the U.S.? 

Honestly, as a Non-U.S. resident, you can open a U.S. business bank account without visiting the U.S. the Mollaeilaw company can assist you with doing the same. 

Would I be able to open my account with the registered agent’s address? 

No, you’d need an actual physical address and that the Mollaeilaw company can furnish you with.

What are the prerequisites to start a business bank account in the U.S.? 

The Mollaeilaw company needs your U.S. business documents on the off chance that you haven’t formed it yet; the company can help the you-alongside provision of your details. Their agents will clarify the full process while conversing with you. 

Must I have my ITIN ready prior to open my account? 

No, as long as the ITIN will be given to the bank in 60 days of your account opening, the Mollaeilaw can even now open your account at first without having the ITIN. 

Can a foreign organization open a U.S. bank account? 

Indeed, however, first, it needs enrolling in the U.S. Mollaeilaw can assist you in setting up your business in the U.S. 

LLC for non Us resident

Remote U.S Bank Account Conclusion

If you were looking for secure and safe ways to open a remote U.S bank account as a non-US resident then it’s my prayer the above post has addressed your concern.

Dont hesistate to leave a comment below or question that might be bothering you about opening a remote U.S bank account.

Thank you for reading.


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