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How Sharma‎ Made $140,000 In 18 Days On Shopify

How Sharma‎ Made $140,000 in 18 days On Shopify

Sharma‎ Made $140,000 in 18 days:

In this summary article, I’ll be sharing a few things that are working for him and helping him touch 4-5 Figures revenues every single day and how Sharma‎ Made $140,000 in 18 days, consistently, with a decent profit margin. He’s currently doing Print on demand and a bit of AliExpress. I’ll explain everything keeping POD in mind.


Let me be precise and share what has been working for him since the day he started:



He tested multiple designs across different niches. The average number of models that he tested on a daily basis range from 3 to 5. He always reverses engineer. So, instead of deciding on the niches he wants to go for, he focuses on finding winning designs (on Facebook) and testing them.

He searches merely for keywords like ‘get yours here,’ ‘teespring.com’ and ’t-shirt’ to see what’s working on Facebook. As the saying goes “Money is where the engagement is”.

Sharma‎ Made $140,000 in 18 days

So whenever he finds an excellent, engaging post, he can quickly decipher that people love that particular design and that the niche is worth tapping into.

He usually sees the number of shares a post has got. So, if an advert has more than 2000-3000 post shares, it’s worth testing and taking design-inspiration from.

Sharma‎ Made $140,000 in 18 days

Now, he takes inspiration from that design and asks his designer to create something better and different. Along with this, he also searches for 3-4 more designs in this niche that either has excellent engagement [on Facebook] or look good to him.

He finds good, engaging designs on Facebook itself by searching for that {‘niche’ + ‘get yours here’}.
For better understanding:

Step 1. First, he searches for a good, engaging design on Facebook by searching for keywords like ‘teespring.com’:

Sharma‎ Made $140,000 in 18 days
Step 2. Then he finds more designs in the same niche.

So, let’s say he found a Print on demand design in the Dad niche, He will go to facebook and search for ‘Dad shirt get yours here’ or ‘Dad teespring.com’ or ‘Dad shirt’ buy here’ in Facebook search

Sharma‎ Made $140,000 in 18 days

From here he’ll pick 3-4 more designs.

Step 3. He asks his designer to create something better and different than the designs that he shared with him. He pays him around $10 per design.

Step 4. Ready to test


He keeps a total testing budget of $20-30$ per product/campaign. He puts it into consideration that the experts say that he should have a product an Ad run for 3-5 day testing window, but trust me; it has never worked for Sharma.

He usually tests the products for one day or 2 days max. He usually gets an idea how well the product is going to work, in the first 24 hours itself.

According to Sharma, he creates at least 3-4 Adset per campaign. Every Adset is run with a budget of $5.Then explain further how he distributes the targeting as follows;

Adset#1: Magazines or websites | He usually intersects 3-4 magazines or websites in that niche.

Adset#2: He then targets the ‘I love’ keywords for that product. So let’s say if he’s to target dads, he’ll target interests like ‘love being dad,’ ‘love my children’ ‘love being daddy’ ‘love my son’ etc.

Adset#3: He selects males and parents from the demographics. So, all fathers would see our ad.

He usually tries to keep the adset audience size to 300k-1 million. So either he adds more interests, or he intersects them, to reach his target audience size while testing.

If he doesn’t get a sale within 24 hours, he lets the adsets run only if they have a good CPC [Cost per link click]. Anything less than a dollar is okay.

48 hours is the maximum he waits before killing an adset or the entire campaign.

He’s seen from experience that if a product works for him on day#1, it works when he scales it too.
If it doesn’t work for him on day#1 and works on day#2, it gives him a. a hard time while scaling it.

Sharma‎ Made $140,000 in 18 days


He tests multiple things one-by-one. Let me break it down step-by-step:

1. $5/adset, testing phase, 1-2 days
2. Works? Yes – Let’s scale!
3. Duplicate the adset to $25/day
4. If it works, he duplicates the same adset to $50/day. And carry on with the same process[50-100-200] until the adsets are profitable. 1 day window.
5. If daily budgets don’t work when he scales, he runs them on life time budgets. So if $25/day doesn’t work, he runs them at $350 lifetime for 14 days [which is $25/day too].
6. If lifetime works, he duplicates the adset and keeps doubling the budget [350-700-1400-2800 and so on]. 1 day window.
7. If none of these work, he increases the budget of the test adset slowly. So from $5, he makes it 15-25-35-50 and so on. 1 day window.

He’s come a long way since he started with e-commerce. It’s been one interesting journey for him. The best thing about e-commerce is that it’s a proven process and anyone can make it work. It took him 8 days to see his first sale and 30 days to finally have a profitable day.

Today, he’s grossing consistent revenues of $7k-$10k/day. It’s all about being patient and testing.

Don’t try to focus on complex concepts or strategies if you’re starting out.
It’s simple. All it takes is patience, persistence and of course, hard work.

And, in the end, it’s all going to be worth it when you finally find your most-awaited winners.


Today, I’m going to talk about his overall journey and the biggest lessons that he learnt on the way.

1. He got started in the first week of April. He heard a lot about eCom and Shopify and was doubtful for entering the space as people used to say “Shopify is dead. The POD is dead. eCom is dead. Dropshipping is dead“ and what not. That scared the shit out of him and made him sit on the fence for long.

Sharma‎ Made $140,000 in 18 days

I’m sure people are still going to say the same this year as well (they do it every year) so if you’re still sitting on the fence and thinking about making it big with Shopify, now is your time. 🙂

LESSON: Never doubt yourself by listening to OTHERS.

2. He started with an ad budget of $3K and then bootstrapped my business. The first month was a loss for him. He did a few sales and overall lost $500-600 in ads.
He tested around 40-50 products in April and didn’t find a winner. But still, he never thought of giving up.

3. So, he continued in May and in the first week of May, found a winner and since then he’s never looked back. He slowly started noticing patterns in his winners and then created a process around it.

And after that, he consistently found winners.

But he also made a mistake. He didn’t have any email marketing strategy in place, no funnels and no upsells.
So left quite a bit money on the table in May and June.

LESSON: Get some lessons in email marketing through YouTube and other sources

4. Starting July, he got his partner involved in the store, and things started getting on track.

He started working on email marketing, automation sequences, cart abandonment sequences, email broadcasts and a ton more.

Shopify dropshipping business dead


TIP 1: They started using SMS cart abandonment sequence, and that has been very effective. Amazing ROI on that. You’re leaving free money on the table if you’re not doing that.
He recommends Carts Guru for the same.

”Cart Abandonment Sequence (12 emails in 12 days)
*Cart Abandonment SMS Sequence (4 SMS in 4 Days)
*Welcome Series (3 Emails in 3 days – I do pitch products in every email)
*Upsell/Cross-sell Series (4 Emails in 2 days – Run a sale for 48 hours)
*Thank You Email (1 Email – For Repeat Customers)”

TIP 2: He’s split tested Klaviyo


He did $450k in sales selling one single product in 4 months. And then he has several others that have made us multiple 5 figures. Did he know this when he was testing them with mere $20-30 budgets?

) $1.4 Mil in 9 Months/270 Days 🙂
In a nutshell, they have a repeat customer rate of 20% on their store; their cart abandonment series consistently brings in $20-25K/mo or more with 35%-40%+ Open rates.


You know what the secret sauce is?
Let me tell you,NONE

It’s simple. There’s no point complicating the process or re-inventing the wheel. Just keep it simple.
Acquiring new information and learning is great, but it’s going to be of no use if you don’t take action.There’s no point seeing 1000s of videos on scaling or research if you don’t implement them.

ARTICLE CREDITS: Nishkarsh Sharma 

Watch Proof of his earnings in this video:

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