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Stripe For Non-US

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Is it daunting to get a STRIPE ACCOUNT in your Country as a NON-US RESIDENT?

There is a solution! , you will discover how to Get Stripe for non us residents.

Additionally, it is legal and devoid of any unlawful gimmicks!

We’ll look at how to join the Stripe payment system as a non-US resident, regardless of where you live.

Then, you may accept payments from anywhere in the world.

You’ll need Shopify if you own an online store—whether it’s a Shopify-based store or a website that accepts payments—Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how to boost your odds of receiving payments via Stripe for Shopify Dropshipping.


As a result, while you are here, we will tackle your concerns about the following:

  • Accepting Payments Via STRIPE from Overseas for Shopify Drop-shipping without the Need for a Legal Entity!
  • How can non-US residents easily set up a Stripe account and start accepting payments?
  • How do I register Stripe in a non-resident country?

Payment processors are a necessary component of any online business.

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However, they can prove a murky affair, mainly if you live outside the United States or in countries that do not support the Stripe payment processor.

As such, we at Dropshippingit believe this is the case.

If you’ve set up an online portal to manage your clients’ services and accept payment cards on your website, Stripe is required.

However, because Stripe is not available in your country, you are obliged to devise a method of getting access to a Stripe account.

We help you Get Stripe For Non-Us Residents, and we’ll address the legitimate question of how much it will cost to create an individual account from the start.

Non-US Residents

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If you reside in the United States or the United Kingdom, you can easily open a Stripe account.

It’s straightforward if you live in a country that Stripe supports. However, everything is different in our instance. Nevertheless, several countries limit the creation of a Stripe account. This is because Stripe views certain countries as high-risk.

This is because Stripe does not trust anybody from your country, regardless of whether you want it or otherwise.

Often, most business firms succeed, and eCommerce businesses need to execute a creative pitch.

Alternatively, you can register your own company in the United States and then open a bank account in person.

This alternative has somewhat reduced the expense.

Still, I will demonstrate how you can Get Stripe For Non-Us Residents regardless of your country of residency.

Dropshppingit’s team immersed themselves in the Stripe payment gateway solution for non-resident countries.

We provide a Payment Gateway solution for any of your eCommerce projects.


What is Stripe, and why is it necessary for businesses?

Stripe for non us residents

Stripe is a payment processor that enables legitimate digital businesses to accept online payments from around the world easily.

With our Stripe Solution for non-US residents, you can accept payments for your eCommerce business without establishing a legal entity.

If Stripe blocks your account as a result of our error, we will replace it for free.

  • Avoid financial risks; we work quickly.
  • Avoid financial risks; we work quickly.
  • Collaborating with us is entirely transparent.
  • There is no requirement to establish an LLC.

The Non-US Resident’s Nightmare

Stripe does not work with some Tier-3 countries due to a lack of trust in their local firms.

There are no viable options for residents of Tier-3 countries, as using other payment methods like PayPal or 2Checkout has a considerable chance of being blocked and having funds frozen for an extended period.

In addition, Paypal has a lousy reputation for dropshipping.

Dropshippingit to the Rescue

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Nevertheless, here is where Dropshippingit can assist you!

To Get Stripe for Non-US Residents, Dropshippingit’s simple Stripe Solution provides services for generating personal Stripe accounts.

In carrying out our mandate, we collaborate with the following:

  • White-hat firms offering Internet services
  • eCommerce and dropshipping initiatives
  • Digital agencies and start-ups in information technology

Why is Stripe so successful?

Again, why’s Stripe the best payment system?

  • 1. In-site payment. When clients make a purchase, they make the payment directly on your website, rather than opening other windows, as with 2Checkout, PayPal, or other local payment systems. This results in a higher conversion rate!
  • 2. The holding period is seven days for the first month, then drops to 2-3 days, compared to PayPal’s 21-day hold period for the first month!
  • 3. Direct integration with your Shopify/WooCommerce store; with just a few clicks, you may add a pre-configured Stripe account to your store!
  • 4. Stripe enables you to accept payments worldwide in any currency and via any bank card, with a few minor limitations.

For years, we’ve set up accounts for accepting payments from worldwide.

Dropshippingit can deliver 100% assistance if:

  • You want to run your business effectively and efficiently without wasting time and money on tests.
  • You attempted to register on your own but were blocked/banned/held
  • Stripes are not available in the country in which you reside.

You want to run your business without wasting time and money on experiments. Hundreds of clients use Stripe to run their businesses, courtesy of Dropshippingit’s stripe services.

We are dropshippers. We have experienced everything from A to Z. As a result, we at Dropshippingit understand all your troubles firsthand. With nearly 2000 account installations for clients, we made receiving money easier for large Dropshipping teams.

Stripe requirement

To make sure you are aware of the work we undertake here!

Personal/Pro plan:

  • We work with individuals and establish an account for you or based on the papers you give (for a license, foreign or dual-use passport)
  • You receive your European bank account (NOT RENTAL). You can accept monthly payments of up to $10,000/$29,000.
  • Make a withdrawal to your Payoneer account or Wise account (formerly Transferwise).
  • We provide 100 percent connectivity.

How to Integrate Stripe & Shopify for Non-US Residents

Dropshippingit engages in only “100% Legal” activity. Therefore, if you are a non-US resident, Dropshippingit may assist you in setting up Stripe for Shopify:

  • Without establishing an LLC or a limited liability company.
  • Configuring your Stripe account
  • Additionally, no legal company will need to be incorporated. If Stripe terminates your account as a result of our error, we will replace it without charge.

Correspondingly, we will require the following information from you to connect your account:

  • Full Name—as it appears on the foreign passport/license driver’s
  • Birth Date
  • eCommerce or website link
  • Store description—what are you selling and to whom
  • Payoneer’s global payment address in EUR/USD (IBAN)
  • Scan of the identification card (Passport)

Consequently, the procedure is as follows:

  • 1. We send an invoice and await payment.
  • 2. We’ll send you a form to complete.
  • 3. If everything is in order, select the time and date for your connection. You must communicate with us via SMS within two hours while we operate.
  • 4. We wait approximately two days-48 hours after registering an account. We completed all verifications and passed our quality control throughout this period.
  • 5. We transfer the username, password, email address, and all guides to you.
  • 6. We make every effort to address any further concerns that may arise.

Why use Dropshippingit over a legal entity?

Why is working with Dropshippingit preferable to incorporating a legal entity?

Why not form a legal entity on your own? the following answers it all:

  • If you are forced to close your firm, we will save you money and time, perhaps saving you thousands of dollars. You do not need to go through the process of dissolving a legal corporation.
  • Our attorneys are conversant with the intricacies of working with payment systems. They are adept at resolving a wide variety of Stripe-related issues.
  • We are responsible for the filing of reports for legal companies. You are not required to be concerned or educated about these processes.
  • Using Dropshippingit saves you time and money.
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Start accepting payments online for your products or services! To Get Stripe for Non-US Residents, send us a message over Facebook, and we will assist you in setting up Stripe, enabling you to accept online payments from anywhere in the world!

Dropshippingit will contact you and advise you on any concerns completely free of charge. We inform you of all the documents you’ll require.

Hold your hand by selecting a tariff and making an invoice for the plan of your choice.

Following your payment, we will request the further information necessary to engage with you.

We will check the accuracy of the data and conduct a site audit. We will assess its readiness and conformance to Stripe’s requirements.

We make an account for you and email you instructions and information and rules for working with Stripe.

The Danger of Setting Up Stripe Account Yourself

Attempting to set up a Stripe account on your own can cause complications.

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  • Why? Unlike other platforms, Dropshippingit guarantees to replace your account if the ban was not your fault.
  • You are legally obligated to run the legal entities. Violations of any rules or regulations result in substantial fines.
  • You must be familiar with payment systems. You must understand how to resolve an account issue and much more.
  • Without prior experience, the entire account creation can take up to 1.5 months to construct. There is no assurance that you will make it at all.
  • If Stripe terminates your account, you will be unable to use your legal entity in the system and will be required to liquidate it. It can cost several thousand dollars. The final cost of the liquidation procedure is jurisdiction-dependent.


The other point worth noting!

Be cautious while purchasing Stripe accounts, as the majority of ads on the Internet are illicit gimmicks! Scammers of all Stripes employ shady schemes. They sell pre-registered accounts using stolen documents or acquired legal entities.

What are the risks involved here?

Your account risks permanent suspension.

Shady dealings are illegal and raise concerns. I do not advocate that you purchase Stripe accounts on forums or other inscrutable websites.

You, not the account seller, are solely responsible for the usage of such accounts!

Stripe is continually evolving and updating its security systems. As a result, verification is becoming more stringent. Attempting to open an account using the stolen documents will fail.

Dropshippingit creates separate Stripe accounts for you. These are the only agencies that open accounts for people who do not own a business. They put your documents to use, and everything is legal and secure!


Dropshippingit In A Nutshell

With the help of Dropshippingit, you can check to get a Stripe account, and as you’d attest on account of the quality of our work, we do quality work. We’ve been in business for years now.

We pioneered payment methods and systems in the CIS and expanded our services globally. Our mission is to eradicate the disparities between developed and developing countries. Dropshippingit advocates for and embodies our values.

Therefore, let’s start with using our services and what you’ll need to get started.

Dropshippingit enables us to communicate via Facebook Messenger. You can click on the button and select a connection method that is most convenient for you. “I’d want to open a Stripe account,” and we’ll explain our pricing text and answer any questions you have.

However, keep in mind that Stripe is only compatible with white projects. They do not link projects that violate Stripe’s rules of service.

To start, you will require the following:

  • Payoneer (USD/EU Global Payments)
  • A fully functional Shopify website
  • Travel document (ID)

Nota bene: Ensure you have not already used or disclosed any of these to Stripe. The first and last names on the passport and Payoneer can be different or identical; it makes no difference.

Dropshippingit’s Stripe Account Fees

Now that we’ve sorted it out, let’s determine the price we’re considering. There are two:

There are two: $399 USD & $499 USD

Personal: $399 USD

  • Monthly revenue cap of $10,000
  • Personal Stripe account that is 100 percent verified and ready to use in your name, regardless of your country of residence.
  • They are entirely your property, with no additional commissions or hidden expenses.
  • It’s almost magical. ✨
  • The ideal and risk-free way to start your eCommerce business

Personal Pro: $499 USD

  • Monthly income cap of $29,000
  • The plan comes with everything included in the basic package-$399 USD, but with increased monthly restrictions.
  • It is more appropriate for people who are more committed to our eCommerce objectives.
  • It is possible to upgrade. If you started with a Personal plan but your turnover is increasing, text Dropshippingit to upgrade to a Personal Pro plan for $100 USD.
  • If your project generates more than $29k per month in turnover, there is a solution! Kindly notify us. Please send us a text.
  • We’ll lead you in the right direction by accepting up to $500k every month!

Further, the payment is one-time; it is not a subscription.

Dropshippingit Stripe Solution FAQs

What happens if my account is banned? What assurances do you provide?

Stripe is a substantial financial organization. It operates under its own set of rules and regulations. Therefore, if Stripe determines that you violate service rules, such as selling low-quality goods, counterfeiting, failing to ship, or receiving a high volume of complaints, they will ban your account. It is critical to follow the instructions we provide. There are no arbitrary bans. If a random ban occurs, we will reconnect you at no additional fee.

Can I link many stores to a single Stripe account?

If you violate this regulation, the ban is almost certain to occur. 1 Stripe account is equivalent to 1 store. You can modify the store associated with your account if necessary.

How do I pay for the Stripe connection?

You may pay with any major credit card-VISA/MasterCard through an invoice issued in your name.

You will be required to provide us with the following data:

  • First & Last Name-in Latin, as on the card you will pay using.
  • Email address (an email address should not be associated with Payoneer)
  • The country in which you live
Do you check websites before engaging with them to ensure they pass Stripe moderation?

 The team at Dropshippingit checks background checks on all websites to which we connect and only work with white-labeled projects. We audit each site and create a set of standards to ensure that Stripe works appropriately.

How can you make a withdrawal from Stripe?

Withdrawals are made using Payoneer. There, you’ll need to create an account. Payoneer creates a virtual USD/EUR bank account for you, which Stripe debits. You link your bank account to Payoneer and initiate a withdrawal. We do not have access to your funds. You decide when and how much money to transfer. This form of withdrawal is entirely secure. Payoneer deposits funds in the currency of your choice into your account.

Which businesses do you facilitate?

Stripe will be set up for any legal digital business, including online retailers, dropshipping ventures, IT companies, subscription services, and advertising agencies.

How likely are accounts banned?

You risk being banned if you fail to follow our instructions or if you breach Stripe’s terms of service. Accidental bans are uncommon. If this occurs, we will replace the account for free.

What commissions should I anticipate?

Your account will be charged a commission of 1.4 percent plus €0.25 on all European payments and 2.9 percent plus €0.25 on all international payments (the USA and others). Working with PayPal will result in a loss of up to 5.5 percent of turnover (commission, exchange rate, etc.).

Is Stripe subject to any restrictions?

Stripe’s typical hold period is seven days. Then it can be shortened to three days.

Guys, if you have any questions about online store payment methods, hit comment, and I will assist you. You may inquire about the following:

  • The precise methods by which the site will receive payments;
  • General inquiries about payment acceptance.

We are here to assist you! Liaise with our sales manager via Messenger if you have any questions.