Shopify Payments


The next part we’ll look into in this section is the actual settings of the store. And the first in line is Shopify Payment Providers.

Shopify Payment Providers

You’ll have to set up your Shopify Payment Providers, and the payment processors that you crucially need on your store include PayPal and Shopify payments or Stripe if you don’t have access to shopping payments in your country. 

Shopify Payments

So, to install Shopify payments, go to activate Shopify payments, and then it will walk you through a step-by-step process to install everything.

Shopify Payment Providers
Discover Shopify Payment Providers For Dropshipping Store (2021) 9

In case you don’t have an LLC or a corporation, choose an individual or sole proprietorship, fill in your address, your city, and postal code, that would be your house. 

If you have a business, in the Business type box put corporation, fill in the legal business name.

Shopify Payment Providers
Discover Shopify Payment Providers For Dropshipping Store (2021) 10

Then for your details, you’ll put in your personal information hit next, and it’s going to ask you for a bank account.

So you want to put in the bank account that you want to have the money deposited into your account. 


Do the same thing with PayPal. First, just go to PayPal.com. You go through the PayPal prompts when installing PayPal.

Ensure that you set up a separate PayPal for your store. 

And then, when you’re on the PayPal page, sign up, and you want to click on business.

Capture 67

So, sign up for business because if you initially set up a personal account, later on, PayPal will ask that you transfer the personal account to a business account. 

For a corporation to do business, you can do personal if you don’t have a corporation.

When you are installing Shopify payments or Stripe, you must scroll to the bottom of the page and ensure that your transit, institution, and account numbers are correct. 

For the Banking info, that’s your bank account. So, for your bank country, put US, Norway, Canada, or whichever country you reside in, then for the billing statement, it’s what shows up on your customers’ credit card info or credit card bills.

So that’s why you want to make sure it’s apparent. For that put, we’d fill in Smooth Shave now. 

And then, for a phone number, fill in a customer service phone number. 

Either your phone number or if you dislike getting a bunch of calls, you can put like a fake phone number for, and later on, when you do have a support system in place, you can change the number.

Shopify Payment Providers: Checkout

Click on checkout, you’ll find in settings, and you’re going to customize the checkout options here.

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It says choose if you want to prompt your customer to create an account when they check out for customer accounts. If accounts are disabled, I hold that there’s no need.

Capture 69
Discover Shopify Payment Providers For Dropshipping Store (2021) 12

Customer contact, it says choose which contact methods your customers can use checkout & receive updates.

Click on customers can either use email or phone number you have to select this option if you want SMS bump to work-the app that you installed that follows up with them, the SMS Bump app. 

Capture 70

Scroll down, and it says under To receive shipping updates that customers can download the arrive app from the order status page. Leave that checked. It’s fine.

Form options need first and me, company name leave hidden, address line 2 leave optional, and phone number leave hidden for the shipping address. 

Suppose you scroll down for the Order processing option. In that case, it reads while customers checkout use the shipping address as billing address by default check that and then for Enable address autocompletion enable that as well.

After an order has been paid, Do not automatically fulfill any of the order’s line items.

Capture 71
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Check this option since you’ll fulfill the orders yourself. After an order has been fulfilled and paid, mark automatically archive the order.

Scroll down, and for the Email marketing option, pre-select the signup option that way; you’re going to automatically build your email list when people visit your store and signing up.

For abandoned carts, you shouldn’t like to use the Shopify default checkout emails. So, turn it off. It’s because you’ll use Klaviyo instead, and I’ll talk about how to use that later.


If you go back to settings, you want to click on billing, and it’s here you want to choose your Shopify plan.

There’re different Shopify plans available we’ll talk about them about here. 

Go to google and type in Shopify pricing plans. You’ll see the different pricings.

Right now, you’re on trial; however, you easily convert to the $29 a month plan. You’ll have to need to do that by the end of your trial if you want to keep your store and it’s cheap. 

You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars per month. As such, $29 monthly would suffice, and then you only need to upgrade to a higher plant.

I suggest that once you’re making a lot of sales, you must understand the transaction rates vary. 

That knowledge is essential, and not a lot of people talk about it. If you are, let’s say, doing $ 5,000 orders a month, the Basic Shopify 2.9%+$0.30 would be more expensive than the Shopify 2.6%+$0.30 because of the rate per transaction. 

And in that case, you want to go and type in on Google Shopify transaction calculator fees something of that sort and if you proceed and type in your monthly revenue.

So, suppose your monthly income is $50,000. And you’re using Shopify payments and on a monthly plan. 

The calculator will show you us that the Shopify plan is a couple of bucks cheaper than both the Basic plan & Advanced Shopify plan.

Now, let’s say if you do $10,000 a month, it shows you that the Basic Shopify is cheaper. If you do $200,000 a month, then Advanced Shopify proves significantly less expensive. 

And so that’s why you want to use the calculator, and it will help you, especially once you get to these phenomenal numbers like hundreds of thousands.

But again, these monthly turnovers aren’t crazy in any way, although, for newbies, the numbers might seem astronomical.

But it’s possible, and it’s not something that qualifies as crazy in the eCommerce world today. 

Planning permissions is where you go and choose your plan. You can add staff accounts in case you’re hiring coders, which we’ll discuss here in a second. 

If you have any question about Shopify Payment Providers or the right Shopify payment gateway to activate for your shop let me know in the comment section below.

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Shopify Payments is my topic today. In my previous post, I talked about how to get a stripe account for international sellers. Well, the time has passed. 

A lot has changed. As you all know, Stripe has upped their game; when they read these tactics online, they upgrade their system hence the recent cries of limitation account, especially those who were successful in applying the method I shared above.

At this point, I assume you already have a store and ready to launch, or if not, read about the post I did a day before this on  Turbo Shopify Theme Review- Out of the Sandbox and choose a theme if you still shopping around.

This post gives you quick setup documentation specific for international sellers who use Shopify for their drop shipping business but find it hard running the business from their respective countries due to payment processor gateways challenges.

Capture 81
Shopify Payments For International Sellers Guide (2021) 21
Shopify Payments
Shopify Payments For International Sellers Guide (2021) 22

So I will take you through how to set up a Shopify store and how you will get your Shopify payment gateway done the right way.

Suppose you are active members of any dropshipping business Facebook groups. 

In that case, you know how many store owners post about their store being on hold or limited by payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, and even Shopify payment themselves. 

I hope you are getting something and ready to learn how to make Shopify Payments available for your customers.

It happens more frequently if you are dropshipping and term it a high-risk business due to chargebacks and refund-related issues.

But just like you, I wonder why Shopify platforms promote drop shipping, even advertising the business model on Facebook, yet they are the first ones to have your account on hold at the same time. 

Double standards?

To my international sellers, we have to make ends meet. We have no idea how long it will take for this e-commerce giant even to start thinking of integrating payment gateways that favors us apart from the ones that suck already. 

We have to persevere and try to beat around it.

Do you need Shopify Payments?

Why is this process vital for your Shopify dropshipping business?

I assume you are non-US citizens or any other European country. If you are an international seller, you must adopt this method to get paid the profits you accrue through your online product sales.

There are several payment processors available for Shopify, but funny enough. 

Almost all of them don’t favor you as an international seller who doesn’t have access to EIN/BIN or SSN to have a US bank account. 

So the ones available on Shopify will force your customers to finish the checkout in a new browser tab instead of completing the checkout process while still in your store.

Shopify Payments
Shopify Payments For International Sellers Guide (2021) 23

A typical example of a payment method that takes customers out of your store is 2checkout, and it takes the customers to a new page for the purchase to complete.

When it comes to online transactions, not many customers will finish the conversion more if they redirect to another page. 

We are dealing with sensitive information here; who would trust a payment gateway they’ve never heard of, whereas they only used to the likes of Paypal? 

This redirecting hurt a lot of conversions.

When looking for a payment processor as an international seller, you need processors whose rates are pretty considered to the rest.

Most sellers lose a lot of cash when it comes to processor rates and currency conversion rates.

It would help if you had a processor that will offer you a reasonable exchange rate. 

You will be using USD as your default currency on your store unless otherwise; hence working with a processor that provides fair currency conversion rates is way too good not to sign up with them.

I understand some international sellers have to manage to get their merchant accounts and have their payment gateway. 

Well and good, this article is not meant for you since my target is to address those who are in the business but cannot operate smoothly due to payment gateway issues.

When we were nearing a processors’ solution, Shopify plugs the surprise on us by removing one of its essential plugins, NMI, responsible for a third-party payment gateway that payment processors like Bluesnap heavily relied on to offer international sellers solution. 

It’s no more, and Bluesnap can no longer integrate t PayPal platform.

So, today I share with you the newest, proven method to go around dropshipping and getting paid as an international seller on the Shopify platform.


To start us off, if you don’t have an operative Payoneer Account Use this link to get a free $25 when you sign up:

Shopify Payments
Shopify Payments For International Sellers Guide (2021) 24


Why do you need a Payoneer account at this stage?

Besides the above reasons we started with, you still need Payoneer for a few significant other reasons.

As an international Seller, you have a few if none other ways to set up a local US account from your respective country of residence without setting foot in the United States.

Having a verified Payoneer account, you can own a virtual US bank account because Payoneer is in an exclusive agreement with Bank of America to enable you to enjoy this freedom.

Shopify Payments
Shopify Payments For International Sellers Guide (2021) 25

Are you maybe asking yourself why you need to have a US bank account? 

It would be best if you had it to sign up and operate your store with a Stripe account; it’s a mandatory requirement.

When you have a Payoneer account, it’s effortless to wire cash to your local bank account; Payoneer gives you the option of linking your bank account.

The second reason this is so great is that you can connect your local bank account to your Payoneer account

Shopify Payments
Shopify Payments For International Sellers Guide (2021) 26

This means you can transfer your money from your US account to your Payoneer wallet and then from your Payoneer wallet to your local bank account.

What makes a Payoneer account one of the best solutions for international sellers is that besides having the best features, it also has the lowest exchange rates on money transfer from your default store currency USD to your local currency. 

This is important and very helpful since it allows you to keep the money you made with the slightest difference in exchange.

Using Payoneer, you can either open a personal account or business account, but there is no need for a business account if you don’t want to. You can operate with a personal account, and it works just fine.

Use this link to sign up

STEP 2: Connect Your Local Bank Account

Once you’ve gone through the first step of signing up on Payoneer, you need to connect your local bank account for easy cash transfer.

Payoneer has a lot to offer for international sellers who are dropshipping using Aliexpress to Shopify’s business model.

STEP 3: Setting An LLC Business In The US

 It’s time to get your valid business name; as part of setting up Shopify Payments, getting LLC in the US is essential, and you will see the advantages of having an LLC.

You need to set up LLC because you can connect it to your Shopify account and the US bank account to your online Shopify payment section on your store. 

If you need to run an honest business, then you should consider registering LLC. Getting an LLC is one of the steps required if your dreams of using Shopify Payments is still one you think about.

I know you are asking yourself now that you have a virtual US bank account, LLC, and Payoneer, what comes to taxation?

Well, I have used the same method I am sharing with you now, I know you don’t need to pay Tax, but you will have to get taxed in your respective country after you’ve earned the payment into your local bank account.

When it comes to Tax, I am not an expert but can roughly advise, but this will depend on your country of origin.

What I love the most about having an LLC, it is not limited to the number of stores; you can create as many stores as you want. It acts as an umbrella for many stores.

Your LLC can do business as usual if you ever heard of that term abbreviated as DBA. The same way you see one LLC presented in different business entities, just like KFC and Taco, are some of the leading fast-food restaurants but operate under one LLC umbrella called YUM LLC.

Read Also: How To Get ITIN for Non-US Citizen (Step By Step Guide 2021)

I would advise you to choose a brandable LLC name that is broad enough to accommodate any business you may come up with in the future.

How to create your LLC

Technology has evolved, and with just clicks, you can get your LLC in a matter of minutes with the trusted help of Delaware inc.

But why Delaware?

Well, it’s a smart move to incorporate your LLC business. There more to you as an overseas business owner; they’ve shared a lot of information about their website and services; read more on the above link I provided you earlier.

Ready? Head over to their site and fill in your details, LLC Name (company name) personal details, and then hit on the GREEN tab, the GREEN PACKAGE for $179. 

The last time I checked, it was around $279. It seems they are running some discounts as I was writing this guide.

While still on the page, it is essential to add or check the FEDERAL EIN Services at an extra $95. This is very important and way more effective than calling IRS directly, which is no longer working.

Shopify Payments: How to Get EIN

For international sellers, it is impossible to get a social security number SSN. EIN will act as your SSN; hence very important not to skip this stage.

When using the Delawareinc, they will be able to get your EIN when you click the” DO NOT HAVE EITHER SSN?ITIN while making your application.

During the sign-up, you are required to indicate your” Principal Place of Business’ simple means your local business or company address, and you can also use your address. 

You also need to indicate if you have any job offers in the US in the next 12 months.

If you’ve followed the above, you are done, confirm the order, and your LLC documents will be sent to you within a week.

Step 4. How To Create Your Stripe Account

This is the easiest part apart from signing up for a Payoneer account.

To get the account, head over to the stripe website, fill in your details, verify your email, and boom, your good to go.

The next step would be to fill in your SSN (Social Security Number). Since you don’t have SSN, you will need to key in the four digits of your EIN you received after application.

At this stage, expect an email from Stripe that will say they can’t confirm your identity, don’t worry. Just reply to the email and tell them you are not a US citizen and you are using a registered company’s EIN.

Next, you will be required to verify your ID as well as your LLC company information. 

But this will be taken care of since you have a US company, and Stripe will automatically get you verified.

Now that your stripe account is set up and verified, you will need to set up your business setting. 

You need to use the LLC info and address provided to you by Delawareinc during the application, which I assume you now have the documents sent to you already.

STEP 5: Connecting Your Payoneer Bank Account To Stripe

While in your Payoneer account, click the Global payment Service area, and you will be able to access your virtual US bank account.

You need to sign up to use Shopify Payments on your store. There is no shortcut to this.

So, in your Stripe account, you will see a section where you need to fill in your banking details, thus the spot you need to fill in your US virtual Bank account.

It’s just simple, you ready to go; you should be all confirmed and gear up now to use your stripe payment gateway and have it linked to your Payoneer account.

STEP 6: Connecting Your Shopify Store

This last stage is where you are required to connect your Shopify store to the newly approved stripe account for stripe payments.

Shopify account head over to the setting tab, click on payment providers or underpayments, and then choose” stripe “from the menu drop-downs and activate it.

Capture 85
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When you are not logged into the stripe account, it can redirect you to log in before activation, but just if you are logged in will be detected automatically and confirmed right away.

Then you’ll be all set to start receiving payments with Stripe on your Shopify store!

Shopify Payments Conclusion

If you have tried the above, I hope you are about to launch or use this method for your Shopify business.

Have you learned anything new about Shopify Payments and how to go about it? Well, share your thoughts on the same and also your experience.

Suppose you’ve used it before.

If you are looking for a Shopify expert to help design a professional-looking store with hot selling products, then hit me up.

If you were looking for either Shopify Payments alternatives or how to beat Shopify and use Shopify Payments without their knowledge or dodge the account limitations, there you have it!

If you doubt whether you can do this on your own or not, don’t worry; I help clients with the entire process; inbox me on Facebook.

Also, read about Drоріfіеd Review: Your Dropshipping Shopify App.

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