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A Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping Business (A-Z)

A Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping Guide shows you how to start dropshipping business online and how to work with suppliers, and what products to pick, you are now set and ready to invest in the dropshipping business. Ready for A Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping Business?


Well, there are some fundamental ideas you should keep in mind while the other listed information is just good to get you going. To keep you from flopping from the onset, we have named a few important factors to consider.


What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is simply a supply chain management process where the merchant in real sense doesn’t own the inventory you vend.

In this process, you operate as the mediator that sells the goods on your website, and when the order is received, it is being forwarded to the drop shipping company for them to collect, gather, bunch, and fulfill.

Furthermore, Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment approach where a store doesn’t stockpile the products it sells.

Alternatively, when a store buys a product, it acquires the goods from a third party and has it shipped forthwith to the customer. You can go through Shopify Review: Why The Pros Overweigh The Cons


Your earnings lie in the difference in the amount of money requested from your clientele on your Shopify store and what the drop shipping company charges you for the product.

How Does Drop Shipping Work?

Dropshipping is relatively straightforward. Below are steps that summarize the proceedings of dropshipping?

1. A customer visits your online store and makes a purchase.
2. Accept the order and spontaneously forward that order onto your dropshipping associate.
3. The drop shipper packages the order and sends it to your clientele hence representing your services.


Dropshipping Guide: The Benefits of Dropshipping

The major and significant benefit of dropshipping is the very small investiture and the proficiency to proffer varieties of products devoid of acquiring inventory upfront and managing that stockpile. It also aids in transforming your inventory and test products substantially.

The drop shipping business patent has the following advantages;

1. Lower Capital Requirement:

Dropshipping doesn’t require high capital in inventory. The product is only purchased when there is a subsisting order to fill.
With dropshipping, one can start up an e-commerce store without investing thousands of dollars in inventory upfront.
Using this model, you don’t have to buy goods except you have made a sale and have been paid by the clientele.


Thus, one can start a flourishing drop shipping business with little capital.

2. Simple to get started:

Managing and maintaining an e-commerce business is less strenuous when you are not in contact with physical goods. Using dropshipping, the following are eliminated.

• Paying and operating in a warehouse
• Packaging and haulage of orders
• Monitoring stocks for accounting purpose
• Managing returns and incoming consignments
• constantly placing orders for goods and overseeing inventory level

3. Varieties of Product Selection:

If you don’t prepurchase the products you sell, then you can offer considerably vast amounts of goods to your clientele.

4. Reduced Risk:

As dropshipping doesn’t require massive amounts of money to be invested in inventory, the peril involved with starting an online store is drastically curtailed. If merchants stock goods, you can list it for sale on your website without any extra cost.

5. Flexible Location:

A dropshipping enterprise can be managed successfully in any area provided there is access to the internet connection. If you can convey with suppliers and customers smoothly, then you can run and manage your business.

6. Highly Scalable:

A dropshipping business doesn’t require manual fulfillment of each order; hence it’s quite easy to scale a dropshipping business. By leveraging dropshipping suppliers, the job to process orders will be borne by the vendors; this provides a way for you to grow your business freely and without stress.

When your business expands, work increases, however, a business that makes use of drop shipping especially when it is pertinent to conventional e-commerce businesses flourishes.

Disadvantages of dropshipping

The advantages listed above make dropshipping an attractive pattern for business to both new and standard merchants. However, dropshipping has its pitfalls because all this benefit and flexibility have a negative consequence.

1. Merchants Errors

No matter how perfect a dropshipping supplier fulfills orders, errors are bound to occur, and these are errors you take responsibility for. An average and inexperienced supplier will cause ceaseless disappointments with missing items, erroneous shipments and inferior packing, which can ruin your business repute.

2. Lower Margins:

Dropshipping competition boundaries for businesses are relatively lower. This makes it onerous to expand your business early on because your advertising prospects are limited.

3. Low Level of Brand Control:

With dropshipping, products are not handled by you. As a result, it leads to lower level of control over the brand undergo.

4. Inventory Issues

Filling up your inventory with your goods, it’s moderately easy to monitor the flow of goods. But when you are sourcing from several warehouses, which fulfill orders for other suppliers, inventory changes regularly. Although there are improved ways to accord your stores inventory with your suppliers, these solutions don’t always work coherently, and suppliers don’t always support the technology required.

5. Shipping Complexities

When you work with several merchants, the goods on your website will be sourced through various drop shippers hence constraining your shipping costs.

A Beginner's Guide to Dropshipping Business

For example, if a customer orders multiple items, but are available from different suppliers. You will acquire separate shipping charges for sending the item to the customer, but it is not recommended to pass this charge along to the customer, to avoid complaints about been over charged and frequently, mechanizing these calculations can be onerous.

Is drop shipping a profitable business model?

It is possible to build dropshipping stores that generate substantial and significant wealth. However, the drop shipping business has become competitive over time. It has become more arduous to strive as a drop shipper in the world of Amazon and as e-commerce.Also read How to Start a Successful Dropshipping Business

Presently, it is vital to have a very strong unique selling excitation. Nonetheless, it’s not impossible to accomplish this with drop shipping, but it gets complicated when selling other people’s products.

Drop shipping Profit margins

This differs significantly, and it relies on the products you offer. For high-priced electronics, the limits are slim. But for inexpensive accessories, margins are likely to be in the 100 percent range.

Nevertheless, according to standard, drop shipping gross margins are usually in the 10percent to 15percent scope.

The main difference between a DropShip wholesaler and Manufacturer

A manufacturer and a drop ship wholesaler are often used equivalently, however, there are significant differences between them.

A manufacturer’s function is to produce the end product that you are buying. Some manufacturers hold drop shipping platforms so you can associate directly with them.

This is perfect because there are no third parties hence the prices and profit margins are favorable.

A dropship dealer is responsible for buying products from the manufacturer and then drop ships them for you the retailer.

As manufactures concentrate on manufacturing, they vend in the program to a drop ship wholesaler which in turn creates a drop shipping program for retailers to access.

Who Is Drop Shipping For?

The following are the variety of Entrepreneurs willing to use dropshipping

 1.Validating Entrepreneur:

Drop shipping is a medium to evaluate new products and start-up before investing exceedingly in inventory that is not profitable. Thus this is a perfect business paradigm for capitalists that demand a high level of business and product substantiation before investiture.

2. Budget Entrepreneur

Drop shipping is by far the lowest expensive system of e-commerce as buying any upfront inventory is not needed. Hence, the drop shipping method works perfectly for capitalist that have little budget or would prefer to keep start-up costs.

3. First Time Entrepreneur

Dropshipping model is a good platform for a new business just starting to sell online. Although selling online can be onerous, pushing traffic for a normal marketer can take a substantial amount of time to figure out and improve. However, the low costs connected in driving a drop shipping business allows new entrepreneurs to learn the connections of setting up a store, improving traffic and alteration optimization before investing a lot in inventory.

4. Wal-Mart Entrepreneur

Drop shipping is also for whoever wants to sell a range of products and models.

It relies on what the price specification of the products you want to sell, If are selling a wide range of diverse products it’s quite impossible without enough finance to acquire that entire inventory which makes drop shipping the perfect system.

Drop Shipping exceptions for entrepreneurs

The following are types of entrepreneurs that drop shipping are not meant for;

1. Margin Focused Entrepreneur

The biggest challenge facing the drop shipping business model is clear thin margins. Overall, for conventional dropshipping items or goods and companies, your gross margins are between a 10 and 20 percent range.

When payments for a credit card transaction, shipping cart, email service and other application fees is made it’s just a small percentage. There are several entrepreneurs, managing million dollar revenue per year, dropshipping businesses but makes forty thousand to fifty thousand dollars as profit.

2. Non-Creative Marketers

Some producers have sales targets in which thirty percent of the sales should come from direct consumer sales and via their personal e-commerce site.

This implies that you will be contending directly with your supplier, which has greater margins than you on the same products. Competing abreast with them is vain.

They have the financial backing, so they will always succeed. To competent and surpass your supplier, it is important to imbibe creativity and seek for mediums to utilize methods of acquiring customers.

Risks involved with drop shipping

The risk involved regarding potential financial loss is low, that is because inventory is not purchased up and you do not have to worry about shipping product.

The risk involved in drop shipping comes in the form of insufficient margins which means you have to push a couple of units before profit is made and intense competition. Combining that, the slim margin reduces the ability to execute specific marketing affairs productively.

Is Drop Shipping a Dead Business Model?

Over the years, dropshipping has been a prosperous business model nonetheless; it has become progressively easy to set up an online store, the market hence making it more arduous to contend with other drop shippers.

Consumers are now requesting for a more superior brand experience that drop shippers can’t abide by or maintain. However, the business platform still flourishes but it is quite onerous to build a large business using the drop shipping model.

For optimal success, concentrate on the items you choose to sell and work in close cooperation with manufacturers of the products you tend to sell as opposed to dropship aggregators to get the best margins on your products.

How To attain success in drop shipping

To excel in drop shipping, you will need to specialize in a given area.

Merchants that choose to employ dropshipping have greater success when they specialize in a particular nook. Many modern entrepreneurs think that by restricting their products to a specific niche, their consumers will be limited along with revenue and profits.

Nonetheless, by narrowing your product hub, it helps you find a perfect customer that aids in your marketing focal point and diminish the cost of customer attainment.

Furthermore, working in close contact with manufacturers that drop ship can help you sustain a sound margin by cutting out arbitrators


To save you from start-up disappointment, you should be aware that you are going to spend more time and money than you had expected to create a good foundation for your business. The commitment would be our first point on how to Learn Dropshipping or run a successful dropshipping website.

• Time

You might think that a large sum of money will see you take the market by storm, which is a good strategy but filled with disappointment. Your first investment option should be time and not money because;

  •  Time allows you to learn all the intricacies of the business. You will know where to bet your money on and where not to bet.When you have taken your time to do some plausible research, you will have a clear background of who your customers are and their market needs.
  • The research will save you from spending money on little things that won’t propel your future business.
  • Time helps you learn a few things that can be incorporated into your business and make it flourish.

Under the topic of time, most people would be on the edge of whether to stop working on their current job and fully concentrate on drop shipping business or manage both jobs at a go. As a start-up person, it is normal for you to stat off by maintaining your 8-5 job and giving dropshipping time too.

Dropshipping Guide

For one year, when you dedicate a maximum of 15hours per week, you can quickly earn a high of $2,000 a month from drop shipping. When you go full time on drop shipping, you can be assured of $50,000 profit for the whole year but not after you have invested all your time in building the business. The benefits of drop shipping will later show off, but you should always be keen on these two things;

  • Most of your time will be eaten when starting up the business and building its foundation, but once it has taken off, you will use less than 40-hour in a week to maintain it.
  • There is a high possibility you will want to resell your business in future. Keep all your financial record in check to see how much you are earning and losing; this will help you when it comes to determining the real worth of your business during resell.

•Learn Dropshipping:  Money.

Money can be a factor in launching your business, but it should not be the primary goal when it comes to drop shipping. As low as $1000 you can start the business and other minor fees to do with the building of your site, and supplies will incur some cost, but that’s it.

When you have invested a relatively amount of time, you will have excused yourselves from people who will give ‘not-so-needed’ advice on drop shipping business and turn away from programs that are there to eat your cash rather than help you set your business right. It’s a known factor; time beats money when it comes to laying a good foundation on drop shipping, but that does not mean you should turn a blind eye to capital needed for the business.


N/B; before we proceed, learn that the business structure named here and the employer identification number (EIN) are relatable to people residing in the US ONLY.

There are several ways to go about when creating your business structure but the most known structures include;

Sole Proprietorship – to have this structure you have to fill in your personal taxes and business’s earnings and that’s all to it. The downside of this business is that you get to lose all your personal assets in the case your business get to be sued, and there is no personal liability protection offered.
Limited Liability Company (LLC) – this is more of sole proprietorship the difference is that you get personal liability protection. In the event, the Company is sued the personal protection liability might not work in your favor too.Also read how International Seller’s Guide To Shopify Payments

C Corporation– this means the business runs on its own and there is no link to your personal assets. This structure works well for most corporations, but they end up paying twice the tax, fees, and any other needed cost.
Picking the best structure will be good if you discuss it with your attorney who would give you a clear picture of what you might expect in case of a wrangle. The two used structures are the LLC or sole proprietorship, but as said, talk to your lawyer on the business structure format to implement.


The employer identification number serves as the social security number. The same way when filing personal taxes you need to have SSN, in business IRS requires you to use your EIN in filling any business related form. Getting the EIN is simple and free, and the application can be made online.

Learn Dropshipping


It’s easy to mix up your personal finances with business finances, but that will cause future problems that should not be there in the first place. When starting your business, you should have a clear record of what your personal finances are and where your business finances come from, this will call for the following measures to take place;

  • Opening a new Business Checking Account– this will be the primary account from where your business will run on. Withdrawal, Deposit or any other finance related issues will pass through this checking account.
  • New PayPal account– instead of using your personal PayPal account, you will need a new account under your business name.
  • Credit Card– you need a specified credit card for purchasing inventories and drop shipping them. Since most credit cards have rewards, you can always use those rewards to upgrade your business. Capital One has an exceptional travel reward program, and Fidelity Visa Express has the best cash-back program.


This is the most continent thing when it comes to online businesses. Collection of sale tax will apply if;

– Your state allows sale tax collection.
– Order from a customer is within the same state.

In case an order is placed by a resident who lives in a different state, you won’t have to collect any tax even if the state charges their won taxes.

Sales tax collection will be limited to very few orders that are placed within the state you are operating from. All you have to do is reach out to your state’s department Commerce and register as a retailer, after that you can inquire about the frequency of handing over tax collection from sales.


Every state has its rules and laws on how business should be operated. Regular business will ensure that you regularly renew your business license, but when it comes to drop shipping business, the rules might be different since most of them are set-up from homes. To be safe, inquire into your local laws and regulations and see if anything is required of you.


An outside U.S Incorporation can occur but with few complexities here and there. When an international drop shipper wants to incorporate their business in U.S, they will stand a chance of accessing U.S based customers and drop shippers, so they will have to fill in relevant forms to prove their legitimacy and look for a U.S resident who can be their trusted business partner.

The Trusted business partner from U.S will help in setting everything up for them Alternatively; you can hire an agency to do all the work for you.As part of our online series of how to Learn Dropshipping we will be tackling various points about the whole subject of  dropshipping.

Shopify Dropshipping Store

Outside U.S incorporation is complicated, and it requires laws and regulations understanding to operate smoothly, you might need a lawyer’s take on that.

Did you learn something new in this topic of A Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping Business ? Comment below.


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