E-commerce is an exciting venture, and it is growing at a higher rate now that many businesses are moving online. It offers multiple opportunities for new start-ups, and that’s good, especially if you want to be your boss. Starting an e-commerce business takes a lot of work. 

Many must understand that e-commerce comes with tasks such as managing orders, understanding customers’ preferences, delivering on time, and staying on top of the game. This can be easy at first, but as the business grows, orders and the customer base increase, making it a real struggle.

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly popular, new tools are popping up daily. It’s essential to embrace this technology daily to maximize productivity. Shopify has rolled out a game-changer tool, Shopify Magic AI, to help you transform your online business.

Let’s look at the “magic” in Shopify magic and how you can use it to enhance your business.

What is Shopify Magic AI?

Shopify Magic is an AI tool developed by Shopify to automate tasks and simplify e-commerce life. It is a suite of different AIs that enable features that help you start, run, and grow your business. The intelligent tool is flawlessly integrated across Shopify’s products and workflow, enhancing overall functionality.

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The primary goal of Shopify Magic AI is to simplify e-commerce processes, making managing your online business more user-friendly and efficient. Currently, the AI tool can automatically engage with customers in real time, respond to common questions, and encourage customers to leave their contact information for follow-up.

What does Shopify Magic AI do?

Now that you know Shopify Magic AI, how can you use it? Let’s learn how to use these tools to help you save money and time as you run your online store more efficiently.

1. Generate text automatically.

Think of ChatGPT and see how generative AI has been a game changer. Shopify used it as the baseline to create Shopify magic AI to help business owners speed up their writing process. Here, don’t expect Shopify magic to do the magic.

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You’ll need to feed it with prompts to generate content suggestions. These models are already trained on vast datasets of existing content.

Therefore, when you feed it information, it uses its training to analyze your input and create content that fits the context. The more merchants use these tools, the better. These tools learn and understand the brand’s voice and content needs.

How to apply it

1. Write product descriptions.

Product descriptions that compel your customers to buy your products would help. Shopify magic can speed up the process if you provide the necessary input, including the product title, keywords linked to your product, and the tone of your writing.

The tool allows you to customize the tone, making it persuasive, supportive, playful, etc. Once you are done, click on the “generate text” button, and the tool will provide a few descriptions for you to choose from.

Email your customers.

Email marketing is an essential tool in any e-commerce business. Shopify Magic AI can help you generate emails for customers. Like in the product description, you must prompt it to write the emails. Shopify Magic also provides various titles for an email header, and you can also provide it with additional information, such as email campaign types, for better and more accurate results.

Give instant answers.

Shopify Magic’s AI tools can help provide instant answers to common or frequently asked questions. To set it up, go to Shopify Inbox, go straight to the section “Get More Out of Inbox,” and click on “Manage Instant Answers.” Click on the Shopify Magic AI option and proceed to produce instant messages. Remember to save and turn on your instant response to add it to your inbox message replies.

Manage Incoming Chats

Shopify’s magic features offer AI-generated replies to respond to live chat inquiries quickly. Before sending the chats, you can review and edit them.

Create blogs, theme editors, and page content.

Here, the tools work similarly to generating email and product description texts. Anywhere Shopify Magic’s icon appears, you can develop content for that field. Be specific when providing prompts allowing AI tools to generate top-notch content. You must set the content box to text to generate the Shopify Magic AI icon for the theme editor.

2.   Check app reviews.

With over 7,000 third-party applications integrated into Shopify, finding the right one for your online shop can take time. Reading reviews will also take time and effort.

Shopify Magic filters the apps, allowing you to quickly identify the best one to use by reading the summarized AI-powered app reviews.

You’ll learn what other business people think about the app or their experience. The tools generate summary reviews for apps with over 100 reviews and a 4.0 rating.

3. AI-enabled virtual assistant

Have you ever considered having an assistant to help you set up, navigate, manage, and scale your e-commerce business? Shopify thought about this and developed an AI-enabled virtual assistant to make managing your business easier.

Shopify Bot that hits the jackpot in the Shopify Magic suite of tools. Only some Shopify merchants can use this, but like the other Shopify Magic features, the tool will be accessible across all the subscription plans. Sidekick is trained to understand all Shopify tasks and access everything necessary to generate highly personalized support for Shopify tasks. It can access context, data, and expertise. 

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To understand you, you don’t have to be so precise or type correctly for Shopify Bot.

Given the description, it follows your instructions and can even create a new product for you. Additionally, It can help you set up discounts, redesign your store, or even ask for your current best-selling items.

Besides assisting you with tasks, Inventory management, and acting as an assistant, it can walk you through setting up things for your omnichannel chatbot in your store. 

Launch it, and just like a chatbot, do everything you want from there.

How Shopify Magic Works

Shopify Magic is automatically integrated into your e-commerce business, so you don’t need to perform a complex installation process to use it. 

Let’s have a step-by-step look at how it works.

  Turn on Shopify Magic.

You won’t find a specific tab for Shopify Magic, and you need to access it through editing or adding a product page. 

Go to the Shopify dashboard and click on any sidebars to proceed. To create a new page, click on online stores, then pages, then new page, and enter the page’s content.

Please move to the generative icon and click on it. A pop-up tab will appear where you can enter the information, including the keywords for the page.

  Fill in the required information.

To add a new product, click on products and enter prompts on the product screen to help the AI work effectively. Your input determines the text it generates. Head to the description text box, look for the Shopify magic icon and select the two purple stars to open Shopify magic tools.

You’ll be asked to provide the following information to help Shopify Magic generate product descriptions:

  • Special instructions
  • Tone
  •  Keywords and features.

Keywords and features are essential and should be linked to your product, reflecting its nature and use. The product’s features, appearance, design, and material should be apparent. Separate your keywords using commas to avoid the system combining them wrongly.

The tone helps the product description better reflect various customers’ personalities. Shopify Magic AI tools offer several tones tailored to resonate with different target audiences. The tone should complement your brand’s image.

You can choose from the following tone options:

  •  Playful: This tone is lighthearted and fun. It allows the use of humor, slang, or playful language to prospect customers. This tone is best when targeting casual or younger audiences.
  • Sophisticated: This tone evokes the impression of charm and luxury. Merchants selling high-end or premium products use it.
  • Daring: This is a solid tone that pushes customers to be bold. It uses actionable language to motivate customers to leave their comfort zones. The tone is best suited for risk-takers and wild individuals.
  • Persuasive: This tone can be described as convincing and evokes customers’ emotions, pushing them to act. Merchants who aim to motivate and inspire customers use this tone.
  • Supportive: This tone offers helpful guidance to the target audience. It is straightforward and primarily addresses the customers’ pain points and how the product provides a solution. It is best suited for products that offer practical solutions.
  • Expert: As the name suggests, an expert tone conveys authority and professionalism. It is used mainly for products that require a high level of knowledge and expertise.

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 Provide special instructions, if any.

In this field, you must type particular guidelines for Shopify Magic, emphasizing the key points or exceptions. Examples of special instructions include “don’t use emojis” or “use bullet points.”

Save and publish

Once satisfied with the AI-generated descriptions, click “save” to save the changes, which will automatically be published on the product page.

Tips for using Shopify Magic’s features effectively.

Now you know how Shopify Magic AI works. Here are a few insights to keep you in check when using the tools:

Provide as much information as possible.

You are the primary source of information for your text generator. For it to do a good job, provide all the details you need for the text.

Don’t Copy

Avoid copying and pasting descriptions for every product. Use the generator to help you create helpful and original content.

 Edit the generated content.

As much as AI is helpful, it may be flawed. Ensure you read and edit the content to sound as human-written as possible.

Using Shopify Magic AI for your e-commerce: Wrapping Up

Shopify Magic is among the top secrets for running a successful digital store. It is the ultimate solution for repetitive product description tasks, saving time and effort.

The Shopify Magic tools are free, so they are not risky. Always remember that, as the only source of information it has, the quality of the output depends on your input. Learn how to provide meaningful prompts for it to meet your expectations.

The tools empower small business owners to create compelling descriptions with their capabilities, custom templates, and support for various languages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Shopify magic-free?

Yes, Shopify magic is free. It is available to all online merchants, regardless of their subscription plans.

  1. How does Shopify Magic work?

Shopify Magic uses artificial intelligence (AI) tools built with two sources: information unique to Shopify and technology from OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Shopify secures your data using its well-established security system and privacy policy.

  1. How many languages does Shopify Magic support?

Shopify Magic supports different languages depending on the specific feature you’re using. While most features work with Northern American English, some can also handle German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.

  1. Does Shopify magic work on mobile?

Currently, not all Shopify Magic features are optimized for mobile.

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