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How To Create Dropshipping Product Videos That Convert

Over the last couple of years, videos have become content king.

Brands find new ways to make their products appealing to customers, including investing in product video production.

About 2-3 years ago, there was a time when product marketing only involved product pictures! 

Those days are over.

Using videos to market your brand and products is an excellent move. 

Look at it this way: how many TV ads have convinced you to buy a product, or how many times has a catchy YouTube video made you sign up for a service or buy a product?

A survey by Animoto revealed that 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchases. 

73% of those surveyed stated that they are likelier to buy an item after watching a video explaining the product’s compelling stuff.

Product videos can be used for ads across social media networks, on product pages, and linked to emails. 

They present an opportunity to grab the attention of potential clients and give another reason to trust and choose your product over others.

It was challenging to make videos without specialist equipment and a skilled team. 

Today, we can access all the necessary tools thanks to free video editing programs and smartphones.

Leveraging the tools can produce excellent results that will elevate your brand store to the next level, but it takes time and effort.

Trust me; it can feel daunting making product videos. 

In light of that, to help you take your first steps, this guide will walk you through the process- creating a short, essential, and snappy video that will capture your attention. Let’s hit the road running.

Choose a Format-Approach for Your Product Video.

Before you start yelling ”action”, there are a few things you need to think through to get the most from your videos.

Where is this Product Video Going? 

What is its Purpose?

Any mental picture of where you will use the video you are making and who will watch it?

Your product video may have multiple uses; however, picking an essential platform or place will help shape its construction.

Consider where the viewer will be in the customer journey. They likely do not know your brand if they watch a video on Instagram or Facebook.

But if they are watching your website, they are probably interested in your product and weighing whether or not to buy it.

So, instead of using the same video for product pages and ads, make different ones that appeal to the various stages.

Is the video specifically for ads and awareness?

Captivatingly showcase your products and brand. Is it intended for the product page?

Ensure that you flash all your product’s features and their usefulness.

How Do You Want this Video to Look?

Take some time to formulate a clear idea of what your final result should look like. You want to keep things consistent, maintain one theme, and avoid overloading your video so that it feels cohesive.

Find inspiration from other brands and your competition. Search social media and check websites to see what they have devised.

Enlist with the ads that appear on your Instagram and Facebook feeds. Algorithms will show you more ads.

It is all market research.

You want to understand who would buy your product and visualize how they might live and where they might go.

Videos that show individual lifestyles or environments can entice people who value those things to buy your product.

For example, someone buying sunglasses might live an active lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors. 

Highlighting it in your ad will demonstrate how your sunglasses fit them perfectly.

What Style of Video is Aiming For?

Even as the camera rolls to shoot out an all-out narrative-driven, emotional video that could be above your current skill set, choose a style you figure you can nail. The following are a few ideas:

  • Images are strewn together into a video. It’s a simple concept, but the overall effect is superb when adding music or text. It’s a good idea for quick social posts or ads.
  •  Short, looping video. It is more similar to an Instagram Boomerang or GIF- they are little snappy numbers that allow you to capture a handful of seconds.
  •   You can repeat the GIFs several times, creating a video that only consists of the same few seconds you repeat.
  •   Do you have a long product page? You can record a scrolling screen capture, crop out the undesired parts of the screen, add text, and voila! Your ad is done.
  •   A demonstration video is perfect for a product page. The videos need not be extended, but they should give clients an idea of the product and its features.
  •   Review videos are excellent for social media and building trust in your brand and product. You can film yourself or someone else reviewing or unboxing your product.

You want to highlight positive and negative features- preferably more positive than negative! 

It will help make the video more trustworthy and allow clients to make an informed choice.

Write Down the Plan for Your Product Type

Diving right into filming without a game plan is the last thing you want to do.

You want to script, sketch, and storyboard the plan for your video to prepare where and how the shots should look properly.

If scripting, storyboarding, or sketching the plan differs from your thing, at least ensure you have a firm idea of how you want the finished product to look.

Also, determine the location that fits your product and video, taking into account aspects like ease of filming and lighting of the site.

For first-time video-makers, simple ideas like filming against the wall, the floor, or a table can work. 

Try a metro station, busy street, or crosswalk to execute the urban look.

And your backyard, a local beach, lake, or park can deliver an excellent outdoor vibe. 

Although the setting is essential, you do not want anything that will distract viewers from your product.

Even the adorable dog at the park can steal the spotlight from your product.

Quick tips:

  • Use a tripod. A tripod helps steady your shots, giving them a professional look. If you don’t have a tripod, find a way to ensure your camera is steady.
  •   Do not use your phone’s zoom feature. The digital zoom on a phone’s camera makes everything look grainy. Move the camera closer to keep your shots crisp.
  •   You are shooting vertically. If vertical footage or images is what you won’t go for it. But generally, film your video horizontally- you can always edit later.

If you go for vertical filming, remember you can not undo it.

  • Lighting. You do not want your subject to end up silhouettes. You do not need fancy light to shoot a video, but do not film looking directly towards the sun.
  •   Audio. It would help if you had a second phone or a microphone. It is not a good idea to film and record audio. Set up a second phone or microphone closer to the subject to capture high-quality audio.

Choose Your Editing Software or App

So, you have pictures and videos you want to combine! Thankfully, tons of free and easy-to-use video editing programs help you do that.

If you are a newbie to editing, place a program that has tutorials that can help you should get stuck.

Depending on what you are editing with, the following programs might work.

Mobile: Quik

This free app is another product by GoPro. If you need a perfect quick video, it helps you create one. 

It selects images and videos from your phone’s gallery and automatically edits them into a video.

It also allows you to edit the video to match your vision manually.

Mac: iMovie

It is accessible to all Mac users.iMovie is easy for beginner editors as it keeps things simple. 

Besides, plenty of tutorials online help you should you get stuck.

Windows/Mac/Linux: OpenShot.

Regardless of the operating system, OpenShot is an open-source editor available for free.

Despite its simplicity, OpenShot is powerful enough to produce quality videos you will be happy to present.

Example 1: Creating a Simple Video Ad

You can create a simple Instagram Story ad for a watch with a cat-shaped face. You want to make the video you have seen other brands too.

How To Create Product Videos For Dropshipping Store
source: Oberlo

Photos display your products, the different colors, and how they look when worn. 

You can also include some pictures of cats for good measure. 

Choose some from free stock images if you don’t have a cat model.

Next, you need to choose music that would suit your video on Bensound, a great tool that lets you use music without purchasing a license.

Using iMovie, edit the video, import the audio, and say 14 of the best pictures you took, those of the cats, and a title card you made in Canva.

Trim the length of the image to fit it with the beat of the music around the sic (0.5 seconds for most).

You can put a title card at the end of the video so that the brand name and logo are the last thing viewers see.

Resize the video to suit the Stories ad.

It is simple and can be more polished, but it shows your product. It is funny, and it does not take long to create.

Creating the video, including watching a few iMovie tutorials, can take around 1.5 hours.

Example 2: Creating a Product Video.

Putting a video on your product page is an excellent way to display your product and give potential clients their best chance to see what the items look like in real life.

How To Create Product Videos For Dropshipping Store
Source: Oberlo

For this reason, you want to add a video to your product page for a fanny pack store.

You want to think about a customer watching the video would like to know and settle on a video of a person interacting with the bag and showcasing its features.

You want to demonstrate the fanny pack’s features, versatility, and size. 

The video helps support the written product description directly above it on the product page.

You want to shoot the video in a bright environment. 

To keep the video consistent, set up the camera facing a white wall and film all the footage simultaneously.

Because you intend the video to be the final decision-maker for buyers, it is essential that it quickly informs them about the product.

When editing, ensure you use footage showcasing the product’s features and trim the excesses. 

Keep some sections at regular speed, but others faster-you want the video to be shorter.

You also added the title card with details that you wanted to highlight. iMovie allows you to include text on the cards, but you can not find a way to insert your logo!

Instead, make them in Google Slides, take a screenshot, and insert it into the video as an image. At times, this requires being creative and finding a workaround.

Unlike the Instagram video, choose the music you do not think would detract from the video or turn buyers off.

Again, it is unlikely that you will bag a prize, but stick to what you can, and the results are the video that fits what you want.

It shows what the bag looks like, its features, and how it looks worn differently, the nitty-gritty customers want to know.

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Filming Your Product Own Product Videos

If you feel enthused by this step-by-step guide to filming, now it is your turn to shoot a product video for your brand.

Get started, and keep going if it takes to find what works or if editing gets murky; all these will come together with practice.

There might be a couple of failed attempts before the final product video improves, but all these are part of the creative process!

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