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The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide For Dummies (A-Z)

The main aim of this dropshiping guide is to ensure you become a successful entrepreneur.If you are looking forward to being a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, dropshipping is possibly the easiest and appropriate way to kick off with your online business.

Dropship with Aliexpress is a fresh e-commerce trend for the following reasons:

It requires little capital to start

Everything piece of information is available online.

It’s an internet business, and you don’t need a physical store as you can use a large number of articles, videos, and other educational materials.

If anyone is having doubts considering creating a successful eCommerce business, I prove you wrong. At the moment, Oberlo users are currently getting over 50,000 orders that sum up to $1,400,000 on sales. Lets firts define some of the vital aspect of this Dropshipping guide post.

How AliExpress dropshipping work

Once you have decided to start an eCommerce store, your next step is to come up with the product clue, look for reliable suppliers and make payment for the product and get them into your actual realm store. Afterward, sell, you try hard to sell the products since the main problem is that you are not sure what will well or if at all you will be in a position to sell any of the products.

Dropshipping guide, for instance.

George buys 100 units of a specific product line and pays $1,000 for them:

He makes a sale of 10 products and obtains $200 in sales.

Georges quickly notices that nobody likes the products and resolves to close up his store, and he experiences a loss of over $800.

Dropshipping guide
The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide For Dummies (A-Z) 3

In the scene above, George invested $1,000 on opening the store but hurriedly realizes the product does not sell well or not accessible or does not know where to find people to purchase the product. He not only makes a low sale of $200 but also closes his store at a loss of $800.

If he had tried the dropshipping option, he could make a $100 in profits despite failing to pick the right products. The following depicts the alternative.

George uses dropshipping and, thus, does not buy the product in advance. He only makes to sell ten products and brings $200 in the sale.

Georges orders products from his suppliers and has them shipped them right to his customers; He quickly notices that nobody likes his products and tries a different product. He is still happy about the $100 in profits.

The above two scenarios clearly illustrate how similar situations can bring very different results, with the significant difference being dropshipping. If at all everything went on well, He would have made a $1,000 profit in the first scene.

 Individuals often underestimated their abilities in creating a successful eCommerce business generally if it’s their first attempt.

Here is the beauty of drop shipping; you don’t buy a product before you sell it, and thus you don’t spend your golden budget on stocking an inventory.

Do not forget that people typically overestimate their ability to create a successful eCommerce business, especially if it’s their first time. So why is Aliexpress important in this Dropshipping guide ? Lets find out.

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Dropshipping Guide: Dropshipping with AliExpress

AliExpress dropshipping is one of the famous models to drop shipping for entrepreneurs. You get the opportunity to import product contents and images from straight to your store. One is given the freedom to set prices too. 

The exciting part is that after you sell the commodity, you obtain it from a supplier on the AliExpress marketplace and have it shipped directly to your customers. With AliExpress, dropshipping is easy and straightforward for innovative e-commerce entrepreneurs.

FAQs about AliExpress dropshipping

Now that the guide has given you knowledge based on AliExpress dropshipping, unanswered questions may arise.

Will my customers know if their order is drop shipped from AliExpress?

Unlike other market places such as Amazon and eBay, AliExpress has very excellent infrastructure which it has developed around dropshipping.

Oberlo users ship up to 450 000 orders every month, and no reports of unhappy and unsatisfied customers heard.

There is rare promotions or invoice on the packages your customers receive, and you can inform your suppliers not to include it, so you be on the safe side. If you are doing well, you can as well arrange for custom packaging and AliExpresss premier shipping known as ePacket.

Why should you buy from me if you can buy the same product from AliExpress cheaper?

You are the best!

You may be a better marketer who can reach potential customers first. You may be in a position to create a more trustworthy brand that clients feel safer buying from.

Also, you might provide extra services or content that builds a tighter relationship with your customer.

Don’t attempt to compete on price matters because you will never be the cheapest! Especially with low-priced products such as $100, the price is not the determining factor, and you have to check on the same product on other websites such as and DHgate. 

The companies are all multi-million dollar businesses. Are these companies price competing? No. Are they out of business? No.

AliExpress takes too long, and my customers will get worried.

That’s your assumption, and I suggest you try with AliExpress shipping.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, your main task is to establish clear objectives, define your own shipping rule, and display it in pertinent areas of your online store. 

Some people may opt-out of your site, but you get surprised how the majority of the people don’t care about that. If your customers receive free shipping, they understand that it will likely take a little longer to receive their product.

Clearly, with the now AliExpress premium shipping ePacket delivery option, it takes only about 7-14 days for most shipments to reach the US, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other big countries. It’s the perfect shipping option to help you achieve success in eCommerce when you dropship from AliExpress!

How to select trustworthy AliExpress suppliers?

With AliExpress dropshipping, there is a high chance that you lose control over the customer experience because you have no contact with the product.

 If you are attempting to do a top-notch service, dropshipping may become a liability. AliExpress, however, takes care of improper suppliers itself; it’s still good that you be careful when selecting your dropshipping suppliers.

Tips for the Best Suppliers

(1). Do not always go for the lowest price. Suppliers try to be cost-competitive, and each product has several similar variations, frequently at artificially reduced prices.

To summarize, the prices on goes down with the product quality. Many sellers offer the same products on the website. 

If thus, you need to be successful in business, you need to do thorough research on the prices of different suppliers. If the majority of the sellers have similar prices on the same product and one supplier has a significantly lower cost, this indicates that they have compromised on the product quality.

Buy from suppliers that have 95% and higher positive feedback. The rating system for given products and respective sellers are incredibly essential for every market place. 

You have to listen to what buyers have to say regarding each seller and learn from their feedback. Simply look for the highest-rated suppliers.

The feedback mark shows the seller’s sales capacity, while positive feedback represents the feedback rate the individual supplier has received. When you want to channel products for your store, always aim for 95% or even higher in positive customer responses and at least a 2,000 feedback score. 

Also, remember to check on the customer picture review!

Be Careful with Brand Products. Most known luxury brands on our website are rare. You cannot even search for channel products because the search keywords are blocked.

 However, not all products are fake, as AliExpress usually organizes partnership promotions with other brands such as the famous Lenovo, among others.

Be attentive to the responsiveness of the supplier. You should make up an urgent issue and message a vendor to see on their response and how they do it. 

Check on their reaction time, expertise English and their ability to understand and provide solutions to your problem. If they respond with a generic and meaningless message, you ought to cross them off from your probable suppliers. 

After all, the chances are good that you will have a real situation like it and you want to know they will be handled the right way. When you are trying to create a successful e-commerce business with dropshipping, be wise when choosing your suppliers.

Look for ePacket Delivery. The primary topic of long Delivery is sensitive, especially for new entrepreneurs. You should always check for dropshipping suppliers who can offer the best delivery options for your store. 

The cheapest and quickest delivery option is ePacket, which takes around 14 business days up-to-door and involves a tracking code that your customers use to check for the location of the order.

How to Dropship from AliExpress

If you are aiming to be successful with eCommerce, then you may need to make sure all of your products are perfect. It would be good to order samples for yourself, although I don’t recommend it. Make an order of sample products that you are about to use in your advertising campaigns.

 This is to ensure your site is presentable and attract many viewers who eventually turn to potential customers.

If you are going to dropship from AliExpress, using cash-back is highly suggested for an additional margin, which, when scaled, can earn you a lot in profits.

How to pick the right product to sell

Try to generate a list of product ideas and cross out the ones that are not worth testing. Once you are done, just place them in order.

Generating product ideas

The following three product ideas helped me, and I thought perhaps you might try them out.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, your mind is probably full of ideas and products you have ever heard of, and so on. Do write everything that comes to mind. It does not matter if you think the product will sell or not-just write it down.

Second, browse on other stores and look at their offers, best-selling lists, and promoted products. The majority of the stores have a lot of data and employ entire departments to organize their sales and pick their products.

Dropshipping Guide to Filtering Product Ideas

Once your list is complete and you are sure you left nothing, narrow it down so that it contains only the best ideas.

Look for the products that are underserved by a large number of players. This will help you create a successful eCommerce business.

Some product categories have bred significantly over the last period and smaller shops out there delivering the products. 

You cross off books, jewelry, electronics, and clothing from your idealist. Be specific about finding a given lucrative niche.

Go through your product list and enter each of the product names and variations into the Google Keywords Analysis tool. Pick the keyword ideas and check on how many searches each Low Competition Keyword receives.

Go to, enter teach of your product ideas into the search, and look at the trend. Check if the trend is increasing or decreasing. Also, check on the patterns and any spikes. Finally, cross out the fading trend product and seasonal items.

After crossing out the ideas not worth experimenting on, you should be left with a few potential winners. What else? Open a store and try them out! I am sure you will find success, particularly after reading thi dropshipping guide.

Dropshipping guide Conclusion

Dropshipping with AliExpress helps you add hundreds of products to your store and ship your orders with just a few clicks. Also, you can track your order delivery information. Finally, you get full support from our experienced customer success administrators.

Comment below if you have any questions in regards to the Dropshipping guide post and I will revert Asap.

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