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Free Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Review

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Have you heard of Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme? If not, today I take you through a detailed Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme review which will help you make a distinctive decision to buy or not to buy this theme for your Shopify store.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme makes it easy to create a beautiful Shopify store that not only has easy navigation but boost conversions and profits.


The Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme highly designed with a drop shipper or Shopify store owner in mind and it’s objective is to help you save big on apps fees and coding tasks.

Yes, you can save up to $2000 yearly using the Ecom Turbo theme.

ECom Turbo Shopify Theme is not your typical theme.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme triggers more sales, conversions and its crafted for simplicity. Its the most converting Shopify theme that was designed and created by a fellow dropshipping business owner like me and you who was obsessed with increasing conversions on his own Shopify store.


You won’t be the first customer Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme has helped increased sales or increase their conversions, the Ecom turbo theme has helped thousands of dropshippers to earn extra revenues from their Shopify stores.

Which problem does ECom Turbo Shopify Theme Solve?

When you are part of the problem or in the problem, then you alone can come up with the best solution for your situation. Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme has been designed by someone who runs Shopify business and has experienced the ugly sides of the dropshipping business. Also check the problem this theme can solve Turbo Shopify Theme Review- Out of the Sandbox

Unlike other themes out there being designed by companies who don’t understand how dropshipping business module work neither do they have a Shopify store. In other words, they are in the business to sell themes not to offer solutions.


The founder reached about he was very frustrated trying out new themes that only worsen his store situation; he was looking for a theme that would help increase sales and store conversions. Hence he took matters into his own hands and created Ecom turbo theme.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme has turned out to be the best theme any Shopify store owner who wants a high converting theme which is developed with inbuilt apps plus beautiful features Can use on their store.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme has the most cutting-edge apps which are integrated into the ecom turbo to help you save money and boost store conversions. The theme capability has been proven by store owners who are now pulling in large numbers over 7 figures annually.

You don’t need coding experience or lessons to customize Ecom turbo theme; the theme was created to accommodate all users hence you can use it without touching any complicated code on your theme editor. It’s a drag and drop shopify theme.


Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme custom Homepage

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme gives the option to play around with your homepage and choose or change your layout the way you want it to be.

You can as well play around with the colours to make it look amazing as per your store theme, change the font of your titles, prices and the colours as well.

It has conversion Booster.

This feature was implemented to help Shopify store owners to make more money by assisting them to double or increase their conversion on the store.

ECom Turbo Shopify Theme was designed specifically to boost conversion and help increase your store revenue as it saves you money on app fees you would incur using a common Shopify theme. Also read Booster Theme Review : DOUBLE CONVERSION RATE

Fast Store Loading Speed

Just like a blog, the downtimes and slow loading speeds increase bounce rates hence low earnings on ads or affiliate.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme is designed to offer super speed within seconds of typing in your store URL; you should be on the homepage.

Dragging stores lose revenue by at least 40% due to low speed. Customers tend to leave the store way before it displays products or homepage contents.

Access To Membership & Support

As Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme buyer turned user and now family, you get access to their membership platforms which are on social media platforms like facebook groups etc. In the platforms, there are, tutorial and videos showing you exactly how to set up the Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme plus theme documentation.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Review

By installing ecom turbo on your Shopify store, it gives you an edge over the competition. If you were tired of expensive, clunky apps to optimize your Shopify store, that ends today.

There have been updates from Facebook, penalizing bad ads and empty pages geared towards flooding Facebook feeds with no importance to the user, likewise facebook will soon do the same to pages that load slow.

When you have ecom turbo then no worry since your store will load faster unlike other themes, your advertising won’t be affected by Facebook advertising algorithm.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Cash Boosting Upsell

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme comes with customized designed popups which you can use for your discounts or collecting leads. This feature helps in boosting sales and promotions.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Review

You can target leaving customers who abandoned the cart and turn them into sales. No more paying for coupons app since this feature allows you to customize to come up with your desire look.

Scarcity Timer Count Down

This is an inbuilt feature that triggers buying aspect in any customer who will visit your product page. The timer is designed to show limited product availability or create fear of losing the product if one delayed from buying it at that particular time.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Review

Scarcity timer creates a sense of urgency which in turn will boost your conversion rate.

Fully Customized Call To Action

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme allows you to create or play around with call to actions buttons under your products or collections right on the shop homepage.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Review

Call to action massively increases conversion, what makes this feature more interesting is that you can customize the call to action colour, font and how you want it to display on your homepage.

Super Clean Footer

In most of the Shopify themes have used some have cluttered and confusing footer widget which in return bring in distraction and can lead to low conversions.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Review

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme has customizable footer template which is nice and clean designed to help with conversion.

Sales Badge on Products

When you show visitors that the products in your store are selling you then create urgency, the urge to buy and not miss out. This feature gives your product ‘sale’ badge which in turn geared to wards bring you more sales. The feature is 100% customizable you can play around with the colour, size and font as always.

Urgency Sales Ticker

Nothing creates urgency more than a sale ticker! Show people that things are selling on your site and it will boost conversions. The fear of missing out will always increase sales. This is 100% customizable! You can change the border, colours and whatever you like.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Review

Inbuilt Easy Trust Badges on the Product page

When using the normal Shopify theme, you are required to manually upload trust badge in every product you import or upload to Shopify.

Thus ends now, Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme has inbuilt trust badges that are automatically place at the end of every product description.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Review

You can as well replace the theme badges with your badges, your desired size and design and still, the badges will show up at he end of the product sales page.

Here is the pricing plan



There is a lot that comes with Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme, and in this ECom Turbo Shopify Theme review, I can’t cover everything in writing.

It’s upon you to try Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme and join the over 4 ,000 Shopify store owners who trust it and have given it a shot like me and the others out there.

Shopify review

The features that come with this theme are very vital and saves money.

I rarely vote for themes, but I would suggest you try Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme out and share your experience with us.

Was this Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme review helpful? If so, kindly comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list.

Good luck!


I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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  1. Thanks for the post Im going buy it next month, my theme im using kinda of slow doesn’t show products very well.

  2. Hi! Is there also the option for buyers of making a question of the product before adding to the cart like in booster theme ?

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