Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time

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Fastor Theme is a multipurpose Shopify theme packed with features that you can’t miss taking a peek at. 

It has been rated the best Selling Shopify Theme from 2019 to 2021. Fastor Theme is one of Themeforest’s highly rated Shopify themes.

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Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time 17

Fastor Theme is a feature-packed theme that is high on speed and performance. It comes with all the marketing instruments that a store owner would want to have. Hold an eye on this one, Dropshippers.

It’s a super-fast, cutting edge Shopify theme that offers plenty of features that will spin your head!

 Another theme that can be used on various types of sites for ecommerce is Fastor. It has 95 premade demos ready for use at any time! 

They can be used to sell sports equipment, electronics/computers, lingerie, jewelry, other types of fashion apparel and accessories, toys, games, baked goods, cleaning equipment, even martial arts; you name it!

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To help you create the most suitable Shopify store for your e-commerce business, Fastor is packed with useful features. 

It isn’t easy to decide whether store demo selection or Fastor’s feature list is the most impressive aspect of this Shopify theme. However, Fastor should have a design for everyone with pre-built store designs for businesses selling sports equipment, computers, fashion items, grocery stores, holidays, health-related services, and much more.

Fastor also has general-purpose store layouts that make this an even more flexible theme, with an evident focus on the Shopify store designs. Whether you want to set up a store that sells multiple products, or just one, Fastor has a matching design.

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As mentioned, the Fastor feature list only rivals the selection of pre-constructed store demos. With this Theme, thanks to its clean and optimized code, you can ensure your website will load as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the built-in pop-up tool, you can also harness the power of notifications in your Shopify store. This function can help you bring fresh products to your visitors’ attention and encourage their shoppers to share their social media products. It’s also easy to search for your store using the Fastor Theme.

In other, for you to find the products you have in stock, the live search has an auto-complete feature that helps visitors enter the correct query. You can also modify the settings for product filtering to make it easy for shoppers to concentrate on one specific type of item.

Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time 20

Fastor is yet another remarkable, eye-catching, and impressive Shopify theme approaching multi-concept. When it comes to multi-concept, Fastor has a collection of well over eighty predefined demos for various niches, such as beauty, electronics, food, fashion, tools, and furniture.

With ease, you will find the correct web design that suits your style. And you can do that, too, if you would like to tweak and enhance the demo of choice.

After the Ella Shopify theme, this is the best-selling Theme at ThemeForest. Fastor was only developed for Shopify and is useful for creating all forms of e-commerce.

With over 80 pre-designed models from various stores offered by Fastor, you can adapt your Shopify store to almost any product type.

With unique Christmas integrations, you can even start preparing for the Christmas holidays!

In terms of loading speed, Fastor has a compressor that minimizes CSS and HTML on your site by default. This allows you to enhance your Shopify site’s loading speed without using paid plugins or strange solutions.

The Fastor Theme works optimally with the dropshipping application Oberlo, thanks to its original configuration. Therefore, you can import your products automatically, as you would typically do. Fastor also has a specific mobile phone navigation menu, but also a fast purchase option.

Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time 21

Fastor’s other specialties include cart reminders, countdown timer, age check, Facebook chat, Revolution Slider, dynamic checkout, and 360-degree product view.

You never run out of opportunities and options with Fastor to make things happen like a champ and get people to crave your products and items. Just take charge now, and you can quickly and effortlessly have a page live.

Fastor is a multipurpose Shopify theme, an incredible choice for anyone looking for something to do it all. It’s responsive, very lightweight, and was Themeforest’s best-selling Shopify theme for 2019, so go ahead and check it out!

Why Fastor Theme?

Fastor updates most of the technologies that help customers make things more comfortable to use, minimize the UI, eliminate complicated settings, eliminate errors in the previous version, but still keep Fastor’s goal odd.

The integration of Shopify Sections in this version, which makes Fastor 4.0 better than ever, is incredibly successful for the Theme. With every single detail of Fastor, the team is always precise to ensure perfection because we know that customers are the essential object in their way, their own goal.

This multipurpose Theme has seen plenty of updates since the initial version under the moniker of Fastor v4. It is now faster with less complexity, and Shopify features (like Shopify Sections) have also been added.

Choose from various skins (95 in total!), including a vast number of examples recently added, such as the fashion demo below. The team behind Fastor also released enhanced documentation that included video walkthroughs and tutorials. All this makes it one of the Shopify themes that best perform.

Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time 22

Fastor 4.0 is a versatile theme that has been updated several times since its original release. With less complexity, it’s faster now, and support has been added (like Shopify sections) for Shopify features. You can choose from various masks, such as the sports demonstration below, including five recently added examples. The team behind Fastor also released enhanced documentation, including tutorials and tutorials on video.

A demo can be downloaded and then customized for you. It’s great to try many different things with various skins, styles, and countless ways to change stuff and not be sure what you want. The downside is that all these options and features can have a considerable impact on load times. You won’t be able to use all of Shopify’s features or additional styles at the end of the day, as it only takes up space.

The template comes bundled with useful plugins such as Revolution Slider, Mega-Menu Blog, and Multistore. Fastor is designed and developed using today’s best practice coding methods and is 100 percent responsive, meaning that your website will scale beautifully to suit every device regardless of the device.

Fastor has 50 + beautiful premade layouts for you. Fastor could be the WooCommerce website solution you have been looking for, with features including eCommerce support and a single Admin Panel to control everything.

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Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time 23

Almost every company has covered the theme layouts, from fashion industry blogs to pet shops, musicians, and websites for mechanics.

Fastor Shopify Theme Pricing

The Fastor Shopify theme is quite affordable, and it is sold in two plans. The first plan is the affordable plan, which goes for $39 plus an additional optional $9 if you choose to extend support to 12 months.

The second pricing plan goes for the rate of $2800 plus and additional optional cost of $768 if, eventually, you chose to extend support to 12 months.

Both plans can be used by you or one client, in a single end product which users can be charged for. The total price consists of both buyer fee and item fee from Themeforest.


The Fastor Shopify theme comes with great features that make your store looks attractive and inviting. This is a multipurpose and responsive theme ideal for shops, clothing stores, fashion stores, furniture stores, and shoe stores. Some of its unique features are:

Have Your Visitors Search Your Shopify Store Easily

The live search selection also has an auto-complete function that allows visitors to enter the correct information to find specific products on your website. Another option allows you to customize the product filter settings and make it even easier for shoppers to look for a particular item.

Clean, Speed Optimized Code 

Fastor is a theme that provides a super-fast site loading experience for your visitors and your clients. It contains a clean, compressed code explicitly designed to load your site as quickly as possible. Both CSS and js files are placed in one file and have no spaces, making your website load super-fast.

Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time 24

Built-in Pop-ups Tool 

Use the Notification pop option to engage users and improve conversion rates for your customers. You will show visitors new products and bring them to their attention with the pop-up tool. You will also encourage them to share the products on different social media platforms that you are offering.

Fastor Theme
Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time 25

General Features

  • Shopify Compatibility – Fastor Theme is very compatible, most especially with the Shopify store.
  • RTL and LTR Languages – You can use any language of your choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s RTL or LTR direction. Our Theme supports all languages.
  • Bootstrap – The Fastor The Theme was built based on Bootstrap 3 features
  • Compressor Code – The content of JS and CSS files are regularly placed in one file, delete spaces, which tends to allows for faster page loading
  • Video Tutorial – For this Theme, video tutorials with instructions on installing and configuring some features.
  • Additional skins included – if you have the intention to make your shop look like one of our demos, just install other skin.
  • SEO Optimized – the structure of Fastor Theme is in SEO standards


You can change the pattern of each module you’ve set in your store in Advanced Settings. These settings do not make significant changes, but only a few small CSS changes in spaces or borders. Because we have many types of elements that we have created for you in Live Editor, so you can see changes live.

Fastor theme
Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time 26

Advanced Widget Custom templates and advanced configurations create different grids. If you intend to display HTML content, links, products, newsletters, or something else, you can decide. Also, you can load the products tab as the column element in the grid.


This easily customizable top-notch Theme will give you all the freedom to design your website style, but also to tinker with the pre-constructed demos if you’re not really in the mood to build kinds from scratch. Checking out the Shopify demos Fastor library is highly recommended since there will surely be a design that matches your store.

  • Unlimited colors – change each element’s color in-store, set your image as the background picture.
  • 600+ Google Fonts – select any font you like from the Google Web fonts section
  • 57+ Pre-made skins – all skins are already included in Theme, and you can use anyone you want
  • 100+ Colors – You have the option to change the colors of each element in your store
  • Hover effect – 10 custom hover effects for banners to choose with live preview in the admin panel
  • Cart icon – upload your cart icon and hover icon


  • Custom layout width – select from 2 predefined layout widths or set your own
  • Spacing between columns – choose a spacing of your choice size in the horizontal segment between columns
  • Responsive – enable/disable any responsive layout for your store
  • Layout type for each element – You can choose between the fixed and full-width layout of each component like Top Bar, Header, or Slideshow


  • Quick view – enable or disable the quick view option
  • Display hover elements – choose which buttons you want on hover
  • Lazy loading for all your product pictures
  • Default view – choose either between list and grid
  • Sale & New badge – display sales and new badge on product pictures with custom text or percentage of discount for product sale
  • Product number per row – define the number of products that should be displayed in one row for the default module
  • Product image effect – choose an effect for image hover
Fastor Theme
Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time 27


  • Additional pictures position – select place to display other product pictures
  • Product social share – this feature helps you to enable and disable the social share module
  • Previous / Next product feature – you can have featured in the breadcrumb, which allows you, with a single click, go to the next or previous product
  • Auto-update price on the product page – different prices for different colors or other attributes? No problem
  • Image zoom – This feature allows you to zoom the theme product page
  • Product image size – 3 images size: medium, small, large
Fastor Theme
Fastor Theme MultiPurpose Shopify Theme Of All Time 28


  • Contact – add contact details. You can add two phone numbers, two skype profiles, and two e-mail address of your choice
  • About us – add some information and full details about your store
  • Facebook – add your personal Facebook business fan page 
  • Instagram – add your Instagram pictures from your account
  • Custom tab – where you can add what you want


  • Quick search auto-suggest – autocomplete search with an image
  • Header type – choose from 10 already predefined header types
  • Advanced headers – more custom headers are available for selected skins
  • Vertical Mega-Menu – decide if you want to have vertical mega-menu always enabled or disabled on category or home page


  • Product page – add custom HTML code block on product page
  • Contact page – add custom HTML code block on the contact page


  • CSS – there is always a section to add custom CSS code to your Fastor Theme store.


  • Facebook – add your Facebook fan page to your store
  • Instagram – you can add Instagram pictures from your account
  • Custom tab – where you can add what you want
Breadcrumb Background Image
  • the module allows you to upload your background photo for the breadcrumb segment
Powerful slider –
  • flexible slider module included in this Theme allows you to put a sticker, change the position of the text or customize the animation
 Testimonials –
  • create testimonials using HTML content or page content and put it in the carousel

 Cookie –

  • A customized section is also embedded in other to help you with cookie information. The content, or where and how you want it displayed, can be decided by you.

 Custom Widget –

  • Create extra content with anything you want. It’s possible to use HTML or load content from a page.

 Advanced Product Filtering –

  • Use Shopify Tags, color swatches supported by a built-in filter for your collection page

 Color Swatches –

  • the swatches for any custom colors, even complicated colors

 Header Notice –

  • simple header notification with HTML content.

Unlimited variety of colors –

  • In your store, you can change the color of any item you want, as well set as your background any image of your choice;

Mega-Menu –

  • own Mega-Menu instead of the default submenu.

 MailChimp Popup –

  • a nice pop-up window with a newsletter feature

Product Questions –

  • Extra buttons under the ADD TO CART button on the product page

Compressed code –

  • CSS and js file content is placed in a single file, with deleted spaces, all of which makes loading your site much faster.

SEO optimized theme –


  • Images used and included in Fastor Theme are for demo purposes only. The license is only for demo purposes. Commercial use is NOT permissible and is at your own risk.
  • In SEO standards, the structure of the Theme is developed;
  • Video tutorials from developers of the Theme that will tell you everything you need to know about the process of installing and configuring this Theme;
  • More than 600 Google fonts;
  • Ten custom hover effects for your banners, and a live preview in the admin panel;
  • Foster theme gives you the ability to upload your product cart and hover icon.
  • More than 57 pre-made skins

Fastor – Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme Review Pros And Cons:

Let’s talk about the pros of Fastor – Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme Review

  • Reasonable price 56$, but it is worth more than 720$.
  • 87+ Pre-packed modules included with this Theme, which is worth 720$, which is already mentioned above.
Fastor Theme
Source: Fastor Theme
Good Google Page Speed And GTmetrix Speed
  • Google Page Speed score 17 in mobile phones and 41 in the desktop, which can be improved if enabled cached page modules. 
Google Page Speed Insight For Mobiles
  • A previous test with Google Page Speed Insight for Fastor – Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme Found the scores 17 for mobiles and 41 for desktops, which are below average and need to be improvised
Support Team Response Time: 
  • They usually respond quickly in a maximum of 2 to 3 days.

More designs and additional pre-designs are expected to be released soon too.

Fastor text documentation is also made available for new users.

Sample data is also made available where users can easily import the demo store in just one click.

Cons of Fastor Theme- Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme Review

  • The page speed of Google and the page speed of Gtmatrix need to improve, currently at an average score.
  • Comes with responsive designs, layout builder, and will take time to understand.
  • It is advisable to use almost bug-free, but more light-weighted themes.
  • The price is 55$, which is fixed; no discounted price is allowed but might see some discount near future if the author allows a discount.

Support Period

A supported item includes item support for six months from the purchase date. During those six months, fastor theme purchase service is available to provide the item support services. Response times can vary on the volume of inquiries, the request’s nature, and whether questions have already been sorted or support has already been provided.

You will also have the option to buy extended item assistance, increasing item support for up to 12 months from the purchase date.

What is included in Fastor Theme

  • Responding to questions or problems in regards to the Theme and its features
  • Fixing bugs and Theme reported issues        
  • Providing updates to clients in other to ensure compatibility with new software versions

What is not included in Fastor Theme

  • Item customization
  • Setting up your store
  • The Theme is customized without our permission
  • Support for third party customs/software/plugins
  • Teaching you HTML & CSS etc.

Conclusion on Fastor Theme

Fastor is a multipurpose Shopify theme that provides a user experience optimized for a premium speed. As a website owner, this gives you plenty of space to choose from and customize options to create an outstanding and recognizable style for your eCommerce venture.

Fastor has many impressive features we didn’t have room to cover in this Fastor theme review. As we mentioned above, it’s a multipurpose theme, meaning it can be used for various particular online dropshipping business And if that’s closer to your online venture.

It can also be used for a more general store with more general-looking layouts that can fit all companies. Fastor has your functionality, covered with speed and style no matter what it is.

Fastor Theme

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