The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have

Now let’s talk about the Shopify apps you should install onto your store, basically, the apps that I recommend in 2020 and beyond.

There are a lot of incredible Shopify Apps. I mean, the Shopify App Store has grown and continues to grow. 

There’re always new apps coming out, apps that do things better. You’ll find a lot of both the free and paid Shopify app.

But usually, the paid Shopify Apps are the ones that make you more profit and, of course, pay off themselves. 

Visit the Shopify Apps Store. In this article, we’ll start with the following:

Order lookup

We’ll start with the order lookup app, and this app allows you to install like an order lookup onto your store. 

And that’s fantastic because if you’ll have your supplier ship the order or if you do like fulfillment centers, which we’ll look into, your customer, upon obtaining a tracking number, can go onto your website and at the top, they’ll find like an order lookup number.

Visit the Shopify Apps store and type in Order lookup, click on Order lookup. Order lookup offers a 7-day free trial. Click on the add app. 

You want to click on the install Shopify app. 

Click on start free trial. All right, now you have an Order lookup installed, ensure that you clicked. 

Yes, please verify my store, and the team will verify your store. Now, after that, you can proceed and add the app to your menu, 


But first, you want to continue adding apps that you’ll need; thus, the next app you’ll need is the help center.

HelpCenter is a FAQ Shopify app. It will allow you to have a nice looking frequently asked questions section on your page. 

Go to the app store and type in HelpCenter,click on install app. And the app allows you to create a nice-looking FAQ section.

If you want to look at your competition, go to their menu page. You’ll see that they have a questions and answers page.

This way, you can see all of the questions, like all the frequently asked questions that they usually get. 

This is a fantastic insight because you already know the questions that you have to put.

Now, you can have your answers to these questions.

For example, a question would be How does it work? So, if you go to Edit FAQ and then click on Add New Section. 

At the Add, New Sections put in questions and answers, then click on Add section and Add New Article, put in How does it work?

And then you can put in like the actual answers to the question. 

In this case, How does it work? You put in, for example, something like Smooth Skin handset uses Advanced IPL technology, then click Add article. 

And then, if you go on click on the preview page, you’d see how it looks at your store right now.

You’d find it looks pretty good, even just the way that you’ve installed it. Though there’s a room, you can make it look way better.

Loox-Photo Reviews 

Now, Loox Photo reviews is yet another great app. It allows you to have picture reviews on your page. 

shopify apps
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 13

The app essentially lets you write your reviews initially because you don’t have any social proof. 

Social proof is like other people posting reviews; basically, your customers posting reviews on your product. 

It makes it difficult to start selling initially, but with the Loox, you post your reviews. 

You can download like an Excel sheet then fill in some reviews, perhaps from your previous customers or friends and family.

On the sheet, you can put in like some names, some reviews. Even write your review and then click add app.

Loox will set you back ten bucks a month after the 14-day free trial. The app has plans to choose from, and for the moment, you can either do a Basic or Growth plan. 

Start with Basic then later upgrade it. 

On the Loox dashboard, go to settings. You can change a lot of VARI settings here, including the language. 

In the dashboard, you’ll find a review request email, but preferably, you have that as part of your email marketing and will talk about email marketing, hang on. 

We’ll have a whole section in this article on email marketing and how to get a right email sequence set up to get abandoned carts recovered and start getting reviews on your page automatically.

On the app dashboard, you’ll see, like orders. 

You can import your reviews. I had alluded to this, so like here, you’ll find the instructions on what you’d need to do to import from a spreadsheet if you don’t have any reviews yet, and you want to write your own to get the things going.

SMS bump 

Now, the next Shopify app you want to install is called SMSbump. Smsbump is incredible as it lets you send out automatic texts to potential customers.

Assuming that someone goes on your sales page and don’t buy, this shopify app will send them a text that can like hey and come back to the store to the page. Here’s like a 20% off coupon.

shopify apps
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 14

The app has worked insanely for me. I’ve had like a quadrupled return on investment just using this Shopify app. 

It’s a superb app, once you’re in SMSbump, you have to put in your phone number and your email. If you do that, hit skip.

Later on, in this article, I’ll teach you the way to get it set up. Smsbump is a compelling app, and I recommend all of you install it as you’ll get so many more sales and generate so much more profit on autopilot with the app.

The person who made Smsbump is but a genius because they’ve changed the Shopify game. 


Next, Klaviyo is the next app you’ll need to install. Klaviyo is your email marketing app. 

shopify apps
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 15

So, go to the app store and type in klaviyo. You can use this email marketing app. If you go to the app, you’ll find that they have monthly plans as well. 

Click add an app, Klaviyo is free to install, but as soon as you start doing volume with the app, they’ll charge you money.

Hopefully, by then, you’ll make sales and not get solely charged for apps. Again, we’ll have in this article a whole section on email marketing as well. 


Now, Recart counts among the other few great apps that you can check out. Recart compares to SMSbump and the Klaviyo app, SMS, and marketing, respectively, except that Recart supports FB marketing messenger. 

shopify apps
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 16

As such, Recart allows you to set up sequences that hit customers in their Facebook messages, and the Facebook messages are known to have higher open rates, which means people tend to look at them way more than just email. 

Imagine hitting prospects from Facebook Messenger, email, and SMS. That’s massive, like you’re going to make so much more money doing this app in conjunction with Klaviyo &Smsbump. 

So, I’d recommend that you install Recart as well. 

Go to apps store type in Recart, click install. Ricard will ask you for your email. Ensure that you use your store email. 

In this case, put CC somebody, and then for the phone number, you put in your phone number. 

You can connect to the Facebook page. But we’ll get into setting up your social later on, so hit skip. And then Recart offers you to start like customer chat & stuff, but we’ll also cover this later on in this article. So, skip to the dashboard.

And on the dashboard, you can set up things like an abandoned cart sequence, which is fantastic, and you can also set up a sequence with the Loox review app. Picture this, a customer buys a product from your store and then in their Facebook message, they get an automatic message sent from your page that goes hello, please leave us a review, et cetera

There’s a much higher chance the clients will probably go and leave you a review. The more the reviews you get, the more social proof you’ll have, which translates to sales if you hit prospects from every single angle.

Omnipresence is the linchpin to winning in the 21st century with eCommerce omnipresence with social media. Social media and eCommerce are the two immense forces in our time alongside the internet. And that’s why the app is enormous. 


Now some other apps that you can try out include Zipify. There’s two Zipify, Zipify Pages, and Zipify one-click upsell.

I’ve used Zipify pages, and they’re great. What the Zipify pages let you do is set up like a sales funnel for your page. 

I don’t have much liking setting up funnels for the page. Frankly, you should have a clean product page.

shopify apps
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 17

Ensure that you make your product page like super nice. A sneak peeks at your competition at how they’ve made their product page comes in handy. 

There’s a high chance that you’ll find a competitor who does not use any kind of funnels.

They probably have a product page with some beautiful pictures. A scroll down you’d see like social proof, further down, you’ll probably bump into Loox as well.

Another fantastic way to figure out your competitors’ exact apps and this is gold like no one else will teach you this.

That’s why I’m so delighted here. So, while on the competition product page, right-click to view page source. 


If you click on view page source, go on the search and type in apps. And let’s say your competition has a currency app installed from Bold. You can then go to the app store and search Bold currency. You should be able to find it here, Bold multi-currency.

shopify apps
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 18

Bold multi-currency is a currency converter. It’s an automatic currency converter.

And so if someone comes from Australia will be in Canadian dollars. Some come from the US, US Dollars, and some Europe; it’s in Euros. 

I’d recommend installing Bold multi-currency.

That’s if you intend to sell internationally, and then on view page source, you can see like every Shopify app that your competition has. 

Easy location

You’ll find that some of your competition also has an easy location. So, go back to the app store, search for easy location, and click on an easy location. The Easy location is an automatic GeoIP redirect app.


shopify apps
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 19

The app redirects the user to the appropriate store language on your page, which would be great.

For example, if you’re selling in Norway, Spain, and the US, someone comes from Norway, and you have a Norwegian version of your store, the app would redirect them to the Norwegian (NO) page of your store. 

Discounted upsell

The hack is so great. I mean you, it enables you to see all of the apps that your competition use, although the hack can sometimes prove a little complex like a lot of coding stuff.

But if your scroll through the page source, you’ll see different sections for different Shopify apps your competitor has.

The hack is crazy, and you can use it on all of your competitors and get unique ideas.

By using this tact, you’d find discount Ninja. It’s some kind of a permanent discount Shopify app.

Suppose you search the discount, Ninja. It’s an automatic discount app, and also you can do like multiple coupons. 

But Discounted upsell is the one that I use. I have vast experience using it. It allows you to like set up an automatic discount.

With the app, suppose someone buys two of your handsets, then they can get a deal for like, let’s say $439 instead of paying $450 or so. 

Click on Discounted upsell, click install. Go back to your store. At this point, you have all of that you want to be installed.

And you can generate an auto upsell. In this case, you can search for upsell products. If you have your product, hit continue to step 2. 

To set up a discount, for example, Discount upsell asks Do you want to improve conversions by applying a discount? 

We’ll talk about this later meanwhile, hit save. Head back to the App Store. 

But if you want to use the old way of copy-pasting products from AliExpress, then you’d need Oberlo.

Proceed to the app store. Search Oberlo click on it to install Oberlo. Although this method is not branded drop shipping because you’re copying and pasting and I hold, this method doesn’t work well.

However, if you want to do it, I’ll show you how to do it. That be the case, install Oberlo. 


You’ll have to add pages to point to your menu bars too, so right here; you can add pages for the following 

  • Contact Us
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Reviews
  • Shipping details
  • Track Your Order

For example, you can also see handset; you already have a page for that. It’s the product page. 

Go to Online store, click on pages, click add page then in the title field, put Review page, and a reviews page hit save. 

And now you do the same thing for your money-back guarantee. Again, you can check your competition probably. 

You’ll find some having basic text for the money-back guarantee. Their page can read like a lifetime warranty. You can put Warranty+ Guarantee hit save. 

Add the shipping details page. Again, you can look at your competitors’ order lookup pages, but you can rename this to Track your order.

For that, go to the online store, click pages, then add page type in Track your order and save 

For the contact form, use a Shopify app called Easy contact form, proceed to install. Don’t fuss like after the free trial that you’ll pay for the apps because after a few weeks; you ought to start selling your product and run some ads. So, don’t scratch your head about that. 

You want to have an abundance mentality like when you start running those ads, you’ll still get those sales coming in, and those will pay off way more than your apps.

The Shopify apps are an inevitable expense, something that you have to pay. So, click install app. 

And since you have the pages that you need, you need to proceed back with creating menu buttons.

Menu Buttons

Alright, so now you’ll need to add some menu bars at the top of your page. Head to your actual website.

Capture 49
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 20

At this juncture, your page looks very basic, I mean, it’s plain. I know you also added a product page, but you don’t have anything up there. 

You have to add your menu bars. So, for that, proceed to the online store, then to navigation, and here, click on the main menu.

And then, go ahead and add your menu items. For this, I’d also suggest that you look at your competitor draw some inspiration from seeing what kind of menu options they pack. 

Capture 50
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 21

Remember, don’t copy; you can tweak things up and come across as unique. It’s never about copying your competition. You need to add value, but for this article. We’ll make this quick. 

Capture 51
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 22

You can start creating some menu buttons. Go to the online store, navigation, the main menu, then click on Add menu item.

For menu items, you put, for example, title field put Contact us, link would be pages, then point to Contact us. 

Capture 52
The Highly Recommended 15 Shopify Apps You Must Have 23

Continue, menu item would be, for example, handset and link would be products, you point that handset to the product.

Another menu button would be like a lifetime warranty.

So for that, go to add menu items, for menu items, put life warranty for link pages point to Lifetime Warranty+Guarantee, then hit save for now. 

That’s very simple, and Shopify makes it very simple much as Shopify is limited functionality-wise, as you’ll discover like you can’t guarantee a perfect display of your pictures on mobile and stuff, and that’s where custom coding swings in which we’ll also talk about here later on towards the end. 

Now, if you go back to your page, you can see you have such menu buttons, and you can change the order of the buttons as well.

Say you want handset first and then lifetime warranty you hit save and then if you go back, hit the refresh button and refresh, you can see that now everything works fine.

And you even have we have review app at the bottom although for now, you don’t have any review upon importing your reviews, you’ll see that they go down at the bottom. 

All right, now that we’ve looked at the apps, we’ve talked about creating your Shopify store and the basic design of it, the menu buttons.

You must follow along as there is a lot of information in this article, which undoubtedly will change your life. 

And this is the new way of becoming successful at Shopify and eCommerce cashing in on this incredible global trend. 

Google domains

From this point on its promises to get technical as regards the apps. There is a lot of technical stuff you’ll need to do.

Luckily for you, I’ll go over every single aspect and part of that.

The first thing we’ll start with is the domain name. 

Because your store is already has a domain, although when you create your Shopify store, it’s not going to be by default that way.

As such, you have to go to the online store and then domains. Once you go to domains, it’s here where you go and connect your domain after you’ve purchased a domain. 

Capture 53

To buy your domain, I recommend going on, and once you’re here, type in & search for like I’m sure you can see is taken, 

You have to try a couple of domains, and sometimes you have to like dig deep if a domain is taken.

For example, You can check it out and see who owns it, and sometimes you’ll see taken domains are for sale others not for sale. 

But if it says on sale and maybe then you can buy it, but it’s best if you don’t spend more than like $20, $30, or $50 for a domain because you don’t need to and, even though the. com domain is always the best you can still have like, you know, or 

Later on, once you have more money, get a more expensive domain if you want. 

And if you opt to use like GoDaddy, it makes it easy to connect your domains to Shopify. If you go to online then domain, click on connect the existing domain, and you’ll discover – I assume yours is from GoDaddy here; actually, it’s very simple. 

You’ll have a way for you to like click-through buttons, and then GoDaddy automatically connects your domain to Shopify. And if not, then you’d have to go, and GoDaddy shows you a step-by-step guide on how to connect your domain. 


GoDaddy is the other domain provider I recommend as it’s one also is great. Although GoDaddy has a little lower upfront, you have to pay a little more after a year. In the same way, you just go over to GoDaddy and type in the store name and then hit search, and the provider will find domains for you. 


And another domain provider that works is You go to Namecheap. It’s great. And this provider a little bit cheaper, I suppose, in the long run.

So, the three Google domains, GoDaddy and Namecheap, are terrific, and the rest of them, frankly speaking, I wouldn’t use anything else other than these. These more than suffice

Conclusion on choosing Shopify Apps

If you have any questions in regards to activating the right Shopify App for your store, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section below.