How To Set Up Shopify Shipping Rates For Your Store

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Shipping is paramount. So, go to settings and click on shipping. On this page, you’ll be able to add shipping zones and set up Shopify shipping rates in your Shopify store.

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Shipping origin is right above your shipping zones, and that’s the address that you entered for your business when you signed up for Shopify. 

Here that’s immaterial because you’ll have your supplier process all your orders, and I’ll show you how to download those orders in a sec, but first, you’ve had to set up your shipping zones. 

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So click on add shipping zone in order to start setting up your Shopify shipping rates, and this is very crucial because if you want the shipping costs that work on the page, then you want to make sure that customers aren’t getting fleeced for shipping or you’re not just getting people to do free shipping, lest you want to do free shipping or it’s a common thing in your Niche. 

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It’s not prudent doing free shipping, especially if you have a lower priced product you want to charge shipping. 

If your price level dance around $320, then you can do free shipping. Again, you can take a look at what your main rivals do.

I bet you’ll find those who offer free shipping, some even delivering free 1-3 days express shipping, but that’s mostly because they deal in much more expensive merchandise; thus, they’re making a high-profit margin anyway.

However, here I’ll show you let’s assume you want to do like a $10 shipping for a unit, $15 shipping for two units, and $20 shipping for three units. 

That way, I’ll demonstrate how to set this up. 

For free shipping, you would go to Price based rate and click on Add rate.

In the name field, put in Free shipping because your customer will see that, and you’re free to name it anything you want.

Your customer will see this at the checkout page, so it’s better that you make it even look good. 

So free shipping, mark-free shipping rate, and then hit done, and that’s it. That’s all you have to do for free shipping.

And for the Zone name, you would do worldwide, click manage you’d do rest of the world. And that’s it basically, that’s all you got to do. 

Shopify shipping rates

But let’s set up your shipping zones such that they align with, let’s say, the theoretical $10 for a unit, $15 for two units, $20 for three units.

For zone name, you’ll do the US. 

In this instance, we’ll name it Shipping to the US. 

For countries and regions, you want to select the United States and then click Save. 

Shopify shipping rates

And next, you choose a weight-based rate. Remember how we had selected your weights for one of your handsets to be 100 grams. 

Shopify shipping rates

And that’s why if one unit is 100 grams and two units is 200 grams.

Because metrics in is in Kg, that means that from 0 up to 0.19kg would be a $10 shipping cost. 

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Name it Express USA shipping, and theoretically, you can even put like two or three to shipping but don’t lie; you run the risk of having your shop shut down real fast.

And for rate, will do $10, to calculate a rate, you’ll skip that and hit done.

You want to add another weight-based rate, name put Express US shipping and then here, for two units you’d do from 0.2 minimum up to 0.29kg max will be a $15 shipping rate hit done.

Shopify shipping rates

And then for a $20 shipping rate would be the same, so name Express US shipping cost 0.3-0.39kg for $20, right? 

That’s the best way that to do this, click save. So, there you go. Still, if you want, you can go back to your shipping zones and continue setting United States shipping price. 

If you charge for shipping, it would be best to have shipping rates set for the United States. 

This way, it’d be like $10 for one unit, $15 for two & $20 for three-units, and then I would have a shipping rate for Australia.

You add another shipping Zone, for name put like shipping to Australia, and then you’d redo the whole part again. 

Countries and regions do Australia because it costs different to ship to Australia as it does to the United States.

Repeat for the weight-based weights. You can also do the same for Europe. 

Go to add shipping, add shipping and click manage, and you’ll click on Europe. Since you can’t do Europe, you’d have to choose like every country like Norway, Spain.

Typically, the countries would essentially be like the ePacket countries. 

If you type ePacket countries on Google, these countries have just better shipping agreements. 

You would find Finland, France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, et cetera to see all the European countries.

Then you can go back on your shipping page and then select them, and then ultimately, you would have the Add shipping zone all filled out and proper, and so then, the shipping would work, but as I said, if it’s free shipping, you don’t have to do any of this, and you click and do the free shipping Zone. 

If you have any question on how to set up Shopify shipping rates for your store,kindly let me know in the comment section below.

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