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Free Guide To Making $100 Per Day On Youtube

What’s cracking lovely people? In this write up Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos, I intend to demonstrate how a bizarre video of the top 10 fastest trains in the world generated over $100,000 in profit and, more importantly, how anyone, regardless of experience or subscriber count, can start earning money on YouTube today without creating any videos.

I can pretty much guarantee you that this is going to be a good one. Keep it here. Alright, guys, so in this post, I’m going to show you how to make $100 or more per day. The examples I’ll give in this piece are people making significantly more than $100 per day simply by creating YouTube videos.

What’s ahead on How To Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos

  • Creative Commons
  • Video views & revenues
  • Profitable video niches
  • Estimating video revenues

Here, I will point you to how you can start making $100 per day on YouTube by simply re-uploading existing videos. Because I’m aware that many people lack cameras and are averse to getting before a camera, anyone anywhere with zero subscribers can start doing this and earn a fortune.

As a result, most believe that you cannot reuse YouTube content or other people’s content that they upload to YouTube. People think that copyright protection exists and that they are not allowed to reuse material. And while this is often true, it is not always.

Creative Commons 

Without performing any of the recordings yourself, you are not required to appear on camera; in fact, you are not required to do a thing.

All you have to do involves remaking videos that are legally available for use; get it? It is 100 percent legit; I conducted all of the research; there is something called Creative Commons that we will demonstrate and discuss a little later.

There is a stuff called Creative Commons. And Creative Commons is a license that allows anyone, anywhere, to reuse video content that people upload to YouTube as long as it is marked Creative Commons. And the cool thing is if you know how determining what Creative Commons is and what is not is quite simple.

Disclaimer: However, do not cut through any part of this post because there is one critical point that you absolutely must understand to make this work.

While I appreciate that some people will skip sections of the article or jump to the end, you will not be able to make this work unless you know every step because there is one critical error that many newbies make.

And if you avoid that error, you can begin to Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos. As an example, the video on the fastest trains generated over $100,000 in profit. And if you still don’t believe it, allow me to demonstrate it to you shortly.

Alright, so I want to bring to your attention a few examples of people who are raking in real dough doing videos, so we’re going to share quickly.

And if you go to your YouTube Channel search, type in scary, so scary, and what you’re looking at right now is all you typed. As you can see from, say, 9.6 million views on the ten scariest videos discovered on the dark web.

Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos
Free Guide To Making $100 Per Day On Youtube 9

You’re looking at, say, over 6 million views, for instance.

However, you can do this for anything; you can type in “top 10” and look at all of the different things on YouTube.

Capture 8
Free Guide To Making $100 Per Day On Youtube 10

You can see the 4.4 million views dating back to two months ago. 1.5 million views All of these different videos even hit upwards of 160 million views, and you can enter anything.

My favorite categories to enter are sports, Fitness, conspiracy theories, and teams, stuff that people search daily.

Video views & revenues 

Thus, you’re probably saying to yourself that these people have millions of views. But how are they making money, right?

And we’re going to look at how much money 1 million views typically generate for the majority of these YouTubers, as well as how much money they’re making from a profit standpoint.

Because according to Business Insider, most YouTubers earn around $3 CPM, which is the amount paid per 1000 views.

Therefore, if a video has a million views and you’re paid $3 per 1000 views, you’re paid 3000 US dollars, or 100% profit, for every million views you get.

Thus, here is another example. Top 10 world’s fastest trains 2018 is a compilation of the fastest trains in the world that you could see three years ago and has close to 40 million views, and so if we pop up the calculator, we can see 40 million views times $3,000, which is precisely what I just proved to you.

And that’s roughly $3,000 per million views for the YouTubers. Thus, 40 million multiplied by 3000 equals $120,000 profit for literally uploading a train video featuring the world’s top ten fastest trains.

Capture 10

Hence, you’re probably wondering, how do I determine which of these videos I can use? And then how am I going to make a living doing it? That is a valid question.

And you do so by utilizing what is known as Creative Commons. Thus, whenever you type something into YouTube, you can click on Filter, then hit Creative Commons.

Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos
Free Guide To Making $100 Per Day On Youtube 11

So what Creative Commons means is that you can download the videos. And if you’re not sure how to download a YouTube video, all you have to do is Google search on the same. There are MP4 downloaders available.

It’s ridiculously simple to accomplish. And once you’ve filtered for creative commons, as I said, it’ll show you videos, and each video that comes up comes with the creative commons filter enabled.

However, and you’ll attest, it is right here; every one of these videos is free to use. As a result, you could download the exact million-view video. Additionally, you could download some other compilations of the top ten fastest trains that include creative commons.

Note: Each time you conduct a new search, you’ll want to double-check that the creative commons filter is enabled, as it occasionally turns itself off.

Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos
Free Guide To Making $100 Per Day On Youtube 12

And what you can do is reorganize. You can use free editing software such as iMovie or any other editing programs and then re-upload the same video bearing a different thumbnail and title.

All you need take an eye-catching thumbnail and a well-organized title. People always want to see the most recent version of whatever they’re searching for on YouTube. For instance, the top ten fastest trains in the world 2021.

Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos :Profitable video niches

What are the most profitable niches and topics to pursue to Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos? You’d ask.

Because you can create top ten lists, top five lists, or top three lists for anything, but there are a few specific categories where you’re going to make the most money, and if you’re saying, but I have zero subscribers, I’m just getting started learning how to make this work.

Every one of these YouTubers who does this correctly, when you look at YouTube, realize these people upload these top five and top ten videos not because they enjoy doing so, but because YouTube pays them thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars to do so.

And all you need is one video to go viral via YouTube’s algorithm. A person creates a six-minute compilation for free; it probably took them a couple of hours, as they downloaded various videos from YouTube. And they created a collection of the top ten, re-uploaded it, added an excellent thumbnail and title, and they were done.

But what are the best niches and topics? If you choose the wrong topics, no one will watch, and if no one watches, you will make no money. So let’s dissect the best topics for these compilations.

So, what are my favorite topics for these compilations? In reality, the best thing that people are constantly watching include:


· Conspiracy theories fascinate people. As if you had typed conspiracy theory, you can see various videos here. With 1 million views 3 months ago, it’s a blunt indication people enjoy watching the top ten conspiracy theories of all time. It’s strange but true.

Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos
Free Guide To Making $100 Per Day On Youtube 13

· Gaming: If something goes viral, gaming is probably the most popular topic for YouTube videos. Therefore, if you type in gaming, you also can type in popular games, such as Fortnight.

· Sports: People enjoy watching sports highlights. Thus, if you type in here, such as the top ten sports, you filter creative commons. You can see millions of views of the world’s best jumpers. You can see a lot of different things you’d search on.

Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos

You can also make top ten sports compilations, highlight reels, and best dunks videos. There are a plethora of various topics you can create videos about. Thus, sports is another activity that I adore. Are you aware of recent events?

· YouTube trends: Additionally, you can latch on video items that Google and YouTube indicate are popular. As you’d figure, there is a YouTube trending video, and all you need to do is Google search for YouTube trending video.

That is to say; YouTube is currently trending for gaming. And you are aware of what is being viewed. It could be 2 million views in 19 HOURS 1.1 million views in 20 HOURS.

You can see what people are watching and then recreate them using compilations and reposting videos with creative commons that allow you to do it correctly.

This is not shady at all. It won’t get your account deactivated. YouTube is completely fine with this; all you have to do is make sure they’re creative comments that allow you to reuse the footage.

Estimating Video revenue 

And there’s a fantastic tool that allows you to see how much money the YouTubers make from their YouTube channels. Furthermore, you can utilize a well-known YouTuber, such as RiceGum, for instance.

We can do this by using their YouTube username and then head over to the Social Blade website. Thus, what Social Blade does is estimate how much money the YouTubers earn.

Suppose RiceGum earns an estimated $2 million per year from YouTube, which is probably lower than the actual earnings 

Capture 16
Free Guide To Making $100 Per Day On Youtube 14

because if you were to use a different channel for whose monthly earnings you only know too well vis-à-vis RiceGum, you’d get the picture. 

You have no idea what RiceGum makes, but based on this estimate of monthly earnings, you know it’s realistically four to five times that amount.

Therefore, if the earnings of RiceGums were four or five-folds, RiceGum could earn up to $10 million per year from the YouTube channel.

The RiceGum channel has a sizable following. However, as you’d appreciate, Social Blade is a terrific tool for estimating how much money people are making with their YouTube channels based on the number of views.

Summary on How To Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos

Finally, good people, let us quickly summarize. So how exactly do you Make $100 Per Day On Youtube Without Making Videos? The best way to accomplish this is to go to YouTube and search for popular videos licensed under the Creative Commons license, which allows for unlimited reuse.

And then, you create enhanced versions of their videos, enhanced thumbnails, and enhanced keyword-rich titles.

And then you re-upload the video, and suddenly you’re looking at ten different compilations of the world’s fastest trains. And, as you may pick out, number two is lame, as is possibly number three.

And so what you do is create a better master version of all of those already popular videos and then re-upload them.

Your first video may not be perfect, and your second video may not go viral. Still, there YouTuber friends who are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars using this exact strategy, and they all started with no experience and no subscribers.

Do not be one of the 99 percent of people who never try this stuff and fail because all you have to do is remake better videos that are Creative Commons licensed, 

upload them, and watch the views begin to pour in because there are millions and millions of people on YouTube every single day, and this is an incredible opportunity.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and feel free to leave a comment below letting me know what you’re having difficulty with.

If you’ve ever earned even a single dime online or if you need assistance, and I’m going to attempt to personally respond to every comment you guys leave below, assisting you on your path to financial freedom.

Let me know what you are currently struggling with. If you’re making money online or just getting started, please share your progress with me.

As a result, I can personally assist you in your quest to begin earning more money online.

Therefore, until the next time, happy grinding.

I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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