How To Make Money Online: Free Tools & Websites

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You’re possibly in search of long-term, sustainable income-generating results, or perhaps you’re looking to make some quick money. Either way, there are certainly ways to make money online today. And making money online isn’t as elusive as most make it seem. It does call for some discipline, though. 

Today, the internet is awash with loads of mainstream lucrative get-rich-quick ideas that spring up in every case. But do they work? And can you make money engaging? Or perhaps, you’re better off with grinding away on your day-job. In any case, it’s an assured paycheck, right?

Despite the ever pandering avarice of schemes online, there are realistic approaches to make money online– people do make money online every passing day. From drilled marketers, budding entrepreneurs to freelance digital nomads, business ideas abound, ideas that you can try your hand provided a PC & strong internet connectivity. So, we should separate how to make money online…the legit way. 

Here’s the crux of the matter. Realistic ways of making money online today boil down to the following paths you can take toward profitability.

Some will yield you instant results, enabling you to attend to your basic monthly essentials such as utilities, rent, and overheads. In contrast, others have the potential of transforming your life by revolutionizing your financial fortunes in the long haul.

Review Software, Apps, and Websites 

Individuals looking to earn money online by reviewing software can leverage the Software Judge. That said, for those who wax lyrical about user experience, reviewing is one fast way to make money online. User Testing, for instance, pays reviewers $10 for feedback on their websites and apps. As you browse through the User Testing’s website, you’d have to answer a set of questions. 

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You have to navigate the User Test website or app, and then while at it, communicate your ideas & feedback to entrepreneurs via a video.

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Your video runs 20 minutes long; therefore, three videos translate to $30. You’ll have to move real fast whenever a new app or website gets added for a review because User Test can prove cutthroat.

Make Money with Print-On-Demand

Print on demand is equally on the top-end of options. The business model has offered graphic designers a platform to sell their designs on apparel and different products thus, monetizing their craft better. Given their unique designs, they can set up a brand for their business. 

Print on demand compares to dropshipping because, with the business model, you also don’t have to stock or ship products to clients yourself. On the flip side, two contrasts emerge, though. To start with, you get to add brand labels. Second, unless you can sell at higher prices or in large quantities, shipping costs are over the top, making it hard to create a sustainable business model. 

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Does Print on demand make for the ideal approach to make money with your business? With the model, you can leverage the free marketing channels.

You’d reap handsomely using either Pinterest, Instagram, or latch on Instagram influencers who convert their audiences well to promote your products for free. 

You want to check out our resource on the Print of demand (Here) to get a complete overview of the business model’s benefits and drawbacks.

Make Money Online with Courses

In case you’re an expert, say a particular subject, sharing information is probably among the ideal ways to make money online. You can monetize your expertise by taking courses online. If you as of now have an audience on your website, sell your course on Udemy. Some entrepreneurs bring in as much as $5k monthly selling online courses. 

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You want to watch different courses on your topic of focus. Take a look at the reviews, of note: the audience’s acclaim and the disapproving viewpoints. And then, how can you improve & create something superior to what’s been created already? With this approach, you create a mainstream and successful course. You want to zero in on making content that addresses the complaints while replicating the positive aspects prospects rave about. 

Largely, it’s the platform you sell your course on that will decide how to make money best. If you sell your course on Udemy, you don’t need to do a lot to promote it. You can even nearly set it and go about your business. Perhaps promote it to certain online journals or on your website. 

Nonetheless, if the course is hosted on your website, you should run ads to promote the course. Likewise, you can build an email list to keep on marketing future courses to that same audience. 

Make Money with Photography 

Be that you’re an expert photographic artist, or you simply love snapping incredible images. It doesn’t matter. There are several most effective ways to monetize your photography & make you money online. By posting your photography services, for instance, in, say, your local community Facebook groups, you can make money. 

A site like Burst provides you more exposure. Though if you look to monetize phone photography real quick, Foaps comes in handy. You can use the internet to acquaint yourself with product photography tips to help you start making money with photography.

Become a TikTok Consultant 

Become a TikTok consultant. TikTok consultancy counts among the trendiest new ways of making money online. Brands will reach you for conceptualizing video ideas, creating engaging bios, and then some. The approach offers a fitting money-making opening to digital nomads –as in you can manage the entire business from your smart cell phone. 

Contrasted with Instagram, TikTok is fairly new thus, untapped, so enabling brands to grow brand awareness on the app may have the Midas touch. 

The TikTok consultancy route nonetheless needs that you at least have a handful of talents up your sleeve before engaging brands. You must be able to create viral videos that draw in the audience to engage with brands. But if you are out of depth skill-wise in this platform, you want to acquaint yourself with making an impactful contact by taking the TikTok course. 

Make Money Online Blogging 

Start a Blog. A blog is probably the most seasoned strategy that makes money online. Individuals who love writing will, in general, begin blogs with a niche focus. For instance, a blog about dropshipping, toys, video games, cars, and so forth. With blogging, it is often a tight enough focus so you can build a steadfast following, narrow but big enough that you can make a great deal of progress. 

You can begin a blog on different platforms, from Shopify to WordPress. With Shopify, to evade subscription fees, you’d need to remove the checkout. When you start your blog, center around specific keywords with a tight focus and keep on venturing into other however relevant categories as you grow and expand into new spaces. 

Focusing on specific keywords enable you to build a massive blog over the long haul. Likewise, the design is equally important for establishing a striking first impression with visitors. There are blog designs to draw inspiration from & help you launch your blog. 

Blogging provides several avenues to bring money online. For instance, you can employ to establish an online presence to land TV bargains, lucrative contracts from clients, or even speaking gigs. Sponsored posts can help you bring in money from certain brands – review bloggers have made a cash cow out of this strategy. 

As a blogger, sell physical or digital products on your website. For instance, you can add Oberlo products to your website. You can add affiliate links in your posts- you must use a disclaimer. You can adapt with AdSense by putting ads appropriately on your website. 

Make Money with YouTube 

Yes, start a YouTube Channel. You can make money from YouTube. Some YouTubers’ve carved out a niche in reviewing products and thus, bring in tens of million dollars annually via their YouTube channels.

You can leverage YouTube & run, say, a cosmetics brand that sells tons of dollars in products in annual sales. Your YouTube fame brings about influence, helping make money online, even surpassing your YouTube earnings. 

Take Jeffree Star, for instance, who at one point made close to $20 million on YouTube and has a makeup brand that sells about hundreds of million dollars in products every year. He has employed his YouTube (Myspace) and influence to make money online even beyond YouTube income. 

To monetize Your YouTube channel, you want to focus on a niche; this way, you build a strong, loyal audience. For example, you can review products, teach skills, create makeup tutorials, create funny videos, basically anything else you think there’d be an audience.

The key to earning money on YouTube involves creating content that people; either entertaining or educate. A witty tagline would do in alluring folks to watch. Better still, use keywords optimized for YouTube search. Once you hit a thousand subscriber achievements, start monetizing your channel with YouTube ads. 

Become a Virtual Assistant 

With the ever mushrooming of businesses, the demand for virtual assistants is ever-expanding. Virtual assistants have their work cut out. From writing, accounting, order processing, and social media to customer support, make some of the tasks that will define your assignments as a virtual assistant. 

Websites like Upwork, Indeed, or Virtual Assistant Jobs present platforms to make money online. As a virtual assistant, you can carve out ways to make money online. Contact say brands & businesses, inquire about the position of a virtual assistant. By a mix of job posting applications and outreach, you’d likely make money real fast. Also, you want to build an active social media presence, say on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to help boost your chances of landing new clients. 

Become a Twitch Streamer 

Over the recent years, Twitch streaming growing popularity has proved unshakeable. Although the platform began as a gaming arena, its tentacles are fast spreading to other content types. First, you’ll need to grow your following. With consistency, streaming on Twitch can help you build a significant audience real fast. This way, you can make money on Twitch. 

The other alternate way to grow your following involves engaging in the chat feature on Twitch. Besides communicating in popular chats, it’s equally crucial that you engage with those chatting on your streams.

Strategically, you’ll need to find a popular game or channel without cutthroat competition; thus, people can easily land your content. In tandem with that strategy involves having a consistent style channel to make money online from streaming. Regarding style, you can opt for the comic, entertainment, or education route, for instance. 

There are different ways to monetize your Twitch channel. The methods range from selling products, Twitch ads, fan donations, brand sponsorships to subscriptions. It’s thus vital that your Twitch streaming leverage these monetization strategies to max out on profits. You’d probably make more on Twitch than you’d on YouTube, and therefore making Twitch streaming a standout amongst other lucrative ideas for video content creators. 

Sell Your Clothes Online 

You probably have garments you haven’t worn for some time now. What’s more, you don’t even intend to wear them, and I don’t know until kingdom come? Instead of letting clothes waste away, taking up space of your wardrobe, why not make money off of them? 

If you could diversify selling on different platforms, you can make money online. But if you look to sell stuff in-person, both Facebook and sell-group communities offer opportunities to discover people online and sell the clothes face-to-face. 

Many sites exist to power your selling of used fashion items. Refashioner, Tradesy, ThredUp, Poshmark, and TheRealReal make for some of the online sites where you can sell your used clothing, shoes, purses, and so forth. 

Become an Online Tutor 

As a coach, you pick working hours, and you can rake in shiploads of money online. From online tutoring, you can make an upward of $1000. Interestingly, you can grow your client base through word of mouth, visibility, and impressive group rates. Often, sciences & maths have skyrocketing demand regarding online tutoring slots and English mainstream among international audiences. In case you’re an expert on a subject, tutoring makes for a probable path of making money quick real. 

To make the cut as a tutor, a basic, you’ll either have a degree or involvement with a language, highlight your degree, high grade average in a course, or other evidence that you’re able to teach that subject. You’re likely to land a tutoring position when you have a degree in teaching. Also, if you’ve spoken at a conference or an event about the subject, you may likewise be considered for online coaching, educating, or mentoring position. You must focus on tutoring in an area of your expertise. If you fall short, it’s prudent that you don’t want to tutor on that particular topic.

The internet brims online tutoring opportunities. Consider the following platforms::

  • Chegg Tutors
  • Tutor.com
  • Tutor Me
  • Cambly
  • Yup

Conceptualize Side Gigs 

The thing with side gigs is that you make money online while you keep your day job. In case you look to make an extra hundred dough every month, a side gig is a fitting concept. The work often lasts a short while, though you can make it long-term. 

Head to platforms like Fiverr to create gigs. If new to Fiverr, you’ll need to work out a low pricing for your offerings to get your first review. I’d prescribe winning over a friend to purchase your gig then get them to leave your first review thus, accelerating your launch. Address the friend as you would a customer; the process then delivers the item that you can highlight on the platform on your portfolio. 

Fiverr a numbers game as well. A look at top Fiverr clients, and you’ll discover that they have various gigs available. The more gigs you have, the more probable you are to be found. 

If Fiverr prices don’t cut for, you can flip to platforms like FlexJobs & try to alternate side gigs. Under the job section, search for telecommute or work from home openings. The thing about telecommute opportunities on FlexJobs is that it’s possible to apply for them from any city worldwide.

FlexJobs has various side gigs that cut across business, writing, design, and bookkeeping; you name it. So if your skillset doesn’t match up with anything else on this list of lucrative concepts, you might want to try applying to multiple opportunities to land a few small side gigs and start making money online. 

Make Money with Apps 

Create an App. As a non-developer, you’re possibly evaluating this lucrative idea and feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the thought of it. Lucky for you, this age presents ways with which you can have an app created, bypassing any programming expertise. 

As a marketer, you can leverage freelance marketplaces to find developers to create apps for you at a competitive price,

To monetize your app, you should add it to Google Play & App Store. However outlandish, having free apps can prove more lucrative beyond paid apps. A free app enables you to add ads or cash on the premium aspects of your app. Since the free app draws higher traffic, it becomes easier to upsell them. 

Start Translation Work 

Given that translation work falls under relatively underserved niches, it offers you an opportunity to make money now. You ought to be conversant in at least two dialects to do translation effectively. So, in case you’re bilingual or studied a mainstream language in school, translation work offers a lucrative opening for you to try your hand. 

You do need proof or an affirmation of your capacity to translate. As such, a language degree or experience translating texts would suffice. Also, try to show samples of your portfolio. The majority of organizations will require a translation test. You must be fluent in the dialects you’re applying to be a translator because you can’t use translation tools. 

And the translating websites where you can make money online include: 

  • Translators Base
  • People Per Hour
  • Pro Translating
  • Upwork
  • Gengo
  • SDL

Become an Influencer 

If you can build a personal brand, you can likewise make money online. Take the case of 2019, the highest-paid influencer, for instance. Cristiano Ronaldo took home close to $1,000,000 on every sponsored Instagram post.

Often, the great example influencers seem like celebrity artists, sports personalities, and even reality stars bur the silver lining is that even then, non-celebrity influencers today can get more money than they did a couple of years back. 

As an influencer, you want to build a legit following. Instagram and YouTube offer the easiest platforms to do that; the two platforms have accorded some of the most influential non-celebrity influencers their first exposure. In case you look to build a massive Instagram audience, you should check out our resource on acquiring Instagram following (Here). 

As an influencer, to make money, you can create your online store and sell products, sell your photos, sell ads on your podcast, add affiliate links in your bio, speaking gigs, get paid as a brand ambassador, get paid to appear at events, charge for sponsored posts, create a book, and more.

Sell Designs Online 

There are several ways through which you can monetize stunning expertise in graphic designing. As a freelancer, you reach out to clients & work as a graphic artist on projects. And if you opt to sell your designs on custom products, Print on demand makes for the way to go.

On the other hand, you can create your graphics, templates, and more and sell them on marketplaces like GraphicRiver or Creative Market. Better still, you can pitch your designs on a crowdsource platform like 99 Designs.  

Sell Greeting Cards 

Let’s face it; some undoubtedly have an edge in picking out the perfect greeting card for various events. If you make the select few, greeting cards present an easy way to make money online. To design the cards, an online graphic tool like Photoshop or Canva adds to it massively. The tools make it easy to piece together nice-looking cards that deliver.

Nonetheless, I don’t prescribe that you market your services to every Tom, Dick & Harry – it is anything but a brilliant way to do business. Instead, you can start a greeting card’s brand focused on catering to specific segments of the populace. 

For instance, target healthcare professionals who wish to thank their patients for opting for their clinic. Also, designing greeting cards that cater say C-level executives wishing to thank their Senior Vice Presidents for making profitable decisions the previous year. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing enables you to make money by promoting different brands. As a resourceful marketer, you can earn a commission from sales by promoting, say, apps, retail products, programming, and then some. The commission might seem little, but you can affiliate for different brands & incorporate several affiliate links on a blog entry, the commission compounds. 

Affiliate marketing perhaps makes for the most popular ways to make money online. Over the years, its popularity has gone through a rise & fall, yet it’s a reliable method to make money online. And the most endearing aspect about affiliate marketing is that it provides you the latitude to the affiliate for almost any organization, from Shopify, Apple, to Uber, and the sky is the limit. 

Making money online through affiliate marketing goes in tandem with content marketing. By working out a blog with several pages of top-notch content, you’re essentially carving out an asset. The benefit that comes with focused content marketing is that you’re never tied down, and should an affiliate program collapse; you can switch the affiliate link to competition without adversely impacting your side gig pay. 

Try Dropshipping 

Of the mainstream business models to make money online, dropshipping makes the cut. At present, Google Trends indicates that dropshipping’s popularity is fast-growing, painting its practicality as a way to make money online.

Examples abound about entrepreneurs making over $6,000 in about two months or eCommerce store owners raking up six figures selling only one product. Dropshipping is a legit method to make money online, and there’s a plethora of proof to that effect. 

Those without the foggiest idea what dropshipping entails: dropshipping is a business model where you offer a product to a client. However, the supplier stores, packages, and ships the product without you handling the physical product. 

Oberlo dropshipping provides you access to a large pool of products to add to your store. Likewise, Oberlo’s toolkit powers you to edit item descriptions, choose your product images, thus lending your business a personalized feel, and this way, shoppers love shopping from your store. 

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Is dropshipping the ideal approach to make money online? Most entrepreneurs have focused on some marketing methodologies, say having influencers promote their products, running Facebook ads, and even sending direct messages (DMs) to prospects through social media. 

You don’t pass up our resource on Dropshipping. You want to check it out (Here) to help build your first dropshipping store. 

Publish an Ebook 

Amazon KDP has made publishing a digital book simpler than ever. With Amazon KDP, all that’s left is simply writing the ebook, format, make an ebook cover, publish, and promote the ebook. Starting today, you can create several ebooks on Amazon, and then 2,3 4 years down the road; you’d still make money from them. 

Even better, you can decide to recruit a writer to work on your ebook, a graphic designer to design the cover, or an expert to design the ebook for you to help reduce the workload you’d need to exert. It’s a deal if you can focus on keywords based on popular searches on Amazon. You should employ the Keyword Tool, which powers you to discover the words people use while searching to create your title around such. 

There are various ways you can advertise your ebooks to enable you to make money online. Among them entails you parting with your ebook for free for a couple of days. This strategy enables you to rank high in search results for quite a while and get reviews, ranking better for paid listings. 

You can also make custom graphics on Pinterest that fit the Pinterest style as it were, as opposed to simply putting the ebook cover as a pin. Doing so will drive clicks to your ebook from Pinterest.

Become a Writer 

Given the surging interest in content marketing, more brands increasingly hunt for incredible writers to create the content. The key to prevailing as a writer calls for a level of expertise in a niche. Many writers take to generalists approaches, writing for a wide scope of topics, from food, fitness, health to tech. In any case, having a niche focus as a writer provides you the latitude to write impressive content. 

Possessing experience in the niche equips you, which means you get to inject a refreshing perspective on the content. That implies you’re churning out unique, fresh pieces that contrast other articles online. What’s more, it’s that stuff brands truly need to pay for — your musings, experience, and insight into their niche. 

If a prospect requests a marketing writing sample, send them marketing writing samples. You can’t send them fitness or finance articles. If the hiring party can’t access a relevant writing sample, it becomes hard to know how well you understand the niche’s industry. Also, if you pitch without a list of links to your writing samples, it’s going to get overlooked. Your best bet lies in applying for openings best suited to your expertise and experience. 

As a writer, you can make money online on the following platforms: 

  • Be a Freelance Blogger
  • Freelance Writing
  • Blogging Pro
  • Media Bistro
  • Problogger
  • Craigslist
  • Flex Jobs

Invest In Stocks 

You can make money by putting resources into stocks. But you don’t want to engage in a fishing expedition when investing in stocks. Therefore, if you lack expertise in fishing out stock, this lucrative concept isn’t for you.

Although the stocks can post handsome returns, they can likewise bring about financial loss, especially when you lack experience. If you hold a day job, check out your organization’s financial plan. 

Perhaps it has a program that enables employees to invest in the company’s stocks. Assuming this is the case, pursue it. As an employee, the stock program powers you have some impact on the organization’s prosperity. If your organization has an RRSP matching arrangement, you can likewise pursue that. RRSP enables you to save for retirement or commit a portion of it to your first home. 

Drive Your Car 

Do you want to figure out how to make money real quick driving Uber? As a Uber driver or delivery person, you can make some extra money if you own a car. If you don’t have a car, use your bicycle or motorbike and become a delivery person. 

Uber drivers hoping to get more revenue off their vehicle can transform their vehicle into an ad through Free Car Media. The model works by getting your car wrapped with a removable vinyl decal. Alternatively, as a Uber driver, sell products in your car. But first, you’ll find a way to start often discussing what both you and your passenger do eke a living. 

If you own side business, you can market your products to your passenger to pique their interest. Of course, not all will buy into your marketing endeavors. But If some are intrigued, they communicate interest in your products; you can have products available to be purchased under the driver’s seat for passengers to sift through. In case the passengers are not liquid, you can have them pay for the product with Uber’s tip function. 

Sell Your Stuff 

At times selling your stuff makes for the only alternative to make money. For the jobless and struggling job seekers, selling your assets can prove an incredible way to bring in money real quick. 

You’ll either strategy shared in this section to make money online or head straight to a pawn shop. And because selling online comes with related shipping costs, your customers will incur shipping fees when your ship items globally. 

And selling your stuff doesn’t include disposing of your junk like CDs, Tape cassettes, etc., as a majority of people promptly jump to think. No. I mean, it’s 2021, who’d want to buy such? – would you buy a CD? Likely not. Therefore, don’t even waste time selling such junk. 

If you contemplate making money real quick, you want to offer stuff of value, say phones, TVs, furniture, apparel, or designer totes. Also, try selling this stuff on different platforms. For instance, take a stab at selling your item on Instagram, Facebook groups, Reddit than only one of them. Selling on multiple platforms amplifies the possibility of somebody finding your stuff. 

You’ll have to take impressive photos then edit them. For an online retailer, you can’t upload photos as they are. Hire the services of a photo-artist to take incredible photos. You must enhance images. 

Look at your product post like an online retailer. Always remove the background. Try not to take pictures of products on tables. For products on the table, remove the background and make it white. In case you lack fancy photography gear, consider taking a product photography online course to figure out how to take dazzling product photos without the high-end camera & accessories. 

If you’ve decided on what stuff to sell online, then you have what it takes as an online retailer. In that case, start an online store using Shopify. Thus, you can now make money online at home. 

Sell Domains 

Perhaps you’re the type that often buys domains but then fail to use them. You need to realize there’s a market for such. You can try & sell them for profit. But here’s the disclaimer; you’ll find the selling of domains overly competitive. One word .com domain stands a better chance of selling. Equally, words with high search volume sell well. 

Domains on-trend tend to sell better. Use the Shopify domain registration platform to search for available domain names and buy a custom domain.

GoDaddy’s Domain Auction accords you the marketplace to sell your domains. Evaluate the domains with the most bids to perceive what kind of domains sell well. The insight enables you to determine whether your domains merit selling, and you can even project the revenue you’d generate selling them. 

Use Coupons 

There are times the money does get tight; as such, coupons can help save you money. But even better, the internet age has powered coupon companies that can make you money online. Sites like Coupon Chief offers a Pay to Share program where you’ll draw a percentage of sales based on coupons you share on their platform. And the coupons you add must not have been shared before. Monetizing your coupons through the Coupon Chief’s share program can earn 2-3% in commissions. 

The Pay to Share program compares to affiliate marketing, where you share referral links then receive a commission when somebody purchases through your link. Coupon companies have carved a reputation of making regular payouts to their affiliates without fail. So it’s a realistic way to make money online. Take Coupon Chief, for instance, to date; the company has paid out close to $1.5 million in commissions. 


Present your day job online instead. It’s the least demanding approach to make money online. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, clerical expert, writer, teacher, designer, and so forth, you can market these skills and land customers online who are happy to pay you for the services rendered. 

As a freelancer, you need to work out a solid portfolio. That may involve accomplishing some free work with some respectable mid-level brands to begin. When you have built a solid portfolio, establish contact with big clients to bring in more money online. The thing with freelancing is that it’s a numbers game: the more applications and personalized emails you round out, the more probable you will land a gig. 

When it comes to freelancing, you have an abyss of websites for every freelance gig sector. Take the example; freelance writers can apply for gigs on specific online writing job boards and general freelance websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, and all the others. If you hit a snag & don’t seem to generate income, you may need to evaluate other transferable skills you may have. 

Find a Part-Time Line of work. 

If you’ve engaged all the necessary steps to make money fast but can’t make headways, at times, you’re left with no option except to find a part-time job. Many of the lucrative ideas herein make great for building ground-up & they can pan out fruitful over the long haul as well. 

But when you can’t make money fast enough, you may have to find a part-time work line in your field. Platforms such as Monster, Indeed accord you the means to land a part-time job. Alternatively, search job sites in your industry. 

Probably you seek to generate an extra income monthly or even grow a successful six-seven figure brand regardless. I trust the lucrative ideas have electrified you to action. Although figuring out how to make money from home or making money fast forms an important part of success, the execution bit the bottom line to making money. 

Final thought on make money online

Other than enabling you to generate an extra side gig income, making money online can likewise empower you transit from your day job to full-time entrepreneurship. Generating additional income means financial freedom, an improved financial position, and a step closer to a life on your terms. If you stick & work hard, making a living online, it truly is conceivable. 

Let us know in the comments which of these realistic ways of making money online you will try out first.


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