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Top 8 AliExpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping

With the dropshipping business setup, you won’t have to scratch your head over warehousing to store your products or buying more inventory.

Which are the best AliExpress alternatives in the market currently?

Dropshipping has, over the years, evolved to swiftly crop up as the simplest, most compelling means to make money online.

Dropshipping lets you corporate with suppliers, thus ensuring your customers get what they need with the trifling hassle.

There are even online store owners who enjoy the advantages of dropshipping business tacts and strategies using accessible wholesalers such as Amazon.

With various online shopping sites, you can sell everything ranging from pet supplies, Chinese products to cosmetics, and top a range of leading products all over the world.

AliExpress is among the leading wholesale solutions for drop shippers today. For a long time, AliExpress has stood apart as a reasonably priced platform, teeming with a selection of various products to pick.

Sadly, despite apps like Oberlo or Spocket, making it easy locating the best products to sell online, it isn’t perfect for all. Some simply cannot find products they need on AliExpress, or they fret the credibility of the merchants.

If you are among the folks who consider AliExpress not to be their avenue to dropshipping, you are at the right place.

There are dozens of other wholesale suppliers and online shopping sites out there, which can help you mint money on your WordPress or Shopify websites vis dropshipping services.

In this post, we are going to file all the best AliExpress alternatives in the market.

Finding Dropshipping Suppliers: An Introduction.

It is vital to point out there is much more to dropshipping as a business than most would like to imagine. You can’t possibly buy all your products from eBay and Amazon, for example.

You’ll need an ecosystem that sells your products in wholesale volumes. The various other online marketplaces, as well as eBay and Amazon that most consumers are familiar with, aren’t necessarily wholesale suppliers.

As a business owner, there is an immense difference between the places that give you cheap merchandise as a customer and places you’ll go to stock up your virtual warehouse.

AliExpree and other dropshipping suppliers intend, namely, to offer companies low prices on bulk or volumes of products.

Dropshipping suppliers offer a wide range of buying options, from Chinese to American products, and gives at a lower price you’d ever find anywhere else.

With a firm like DealExtreme, or AliExpress, for example, you’ll get merchandise shipped directly to your customers from Hong Kong and other locations around the world without forking out a fortune.

There are even bulk suppliers that ship from locations nearer your target audience.

If you want to start a successful dropshipping store, find a supplier that not only can deliver a variety of products to sell, you’ll also need a dropshipping business that integrates with your e-commerce store, and makes it easy to generate profit.

Point of Reference: What’s AliExpress?

Before delving deeper into exploring the alternatives to AiExpress for contemporary drop shippers, it’s worth scrutinizing the benchmark product.

AliExpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group launched in 2010, and over time, the brand has evolved to be one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms globally.

AliExpress is exceptionally resourceful and appeals to the international market via 16 different languages.
Besides, the platform sells products in small batches to firms that do not wish to sell in bulk.

The majority of the merchandise you’ll find are Chinese items offered from lower prices from locales like Hong Kong and beyond. But you can place orders to the US and other places around the world.

One particular element makes AliExpress outstanding; it comes with existing integration for Shopify using tools like Spocket or Oberlo.

Oberlo allows you at once add dropshipping solutions to the online shopping experience; a handful of other dropshipping services only provides this easy access.


-Direct Shipment: AliExpress products are shipped directly from China, which means a minimal middlemen role in the mix, thus reducing the chances of errors with your order.

-A wide selection of products: AliExpress has a wide variety of products, ranging from kid’s toy to clothing, and so on.

-Easy to explore: Through product category, drop shippers can search and find products that suit their store.

-Global access: With multiple languages supported, AliExpress supports dropshipping for vendors from all around the world.


  • Suppliers: Much as the majority of AliExpress’ suppliers are credible, a handful can rock the boat using fake ads, it can be hard to tell which from which.
  • Long Shipment times: Though the products are sent straight to your customers from China, it means they will have to wait before receiving the goodies.
  • Complicated returns: Since the product ships from oversea, mostly it can be challenging to organize for a replacement or an exchange in case your customer is dissatisfied with what they receive.

The AliExpress Alternatives: Alibaba

Selling via suppliers has become a mainstream business type of e-commerce. Anyone who’d wish to side-step the pain and hassle of warehousing their products or manage their shipping can opt for dropshipping to simplify their sales.

That is to say that there loads of excellent alternatives to AliExpress setup that you can try your hands on.

Among the best solutions is the parent company to AliExpress-Alibaba. If you all set for something a bit different from AliExpress-you’ll get fabulous and professional experience with Alibaba.

Capture 24
Top 8 AliExpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping 10

Alibaba is broadly a global trading platform providing products in bulk. You can always find products in volumes; it means to get a good deal, you’ll have to buy large amounts at once.

But you could pay a little per product if you intend to sell via a small online store. Depending on your needs, it is possible to buy products through credit cards or PayPal.


-The easy to use search function helps you to locate ideal products for sale.
-You’ll find bulk suppliers from around the world, offering reasonable prices that suit your budget.
-A vast selection of various items and categories for any kind of business.
-Faster shipment process for products compared to AliExpress.
-Free to use as you set up your business, you just pay for the products you purchase.


-The high minimum orders cut out people who want a few items at a time.
-Customer support isn’t top-notch; getting in touch with suppliers is difficult when you need them.
-Oberlo is not supported, it could be a problem if you have a Shopify store and you’d like to manage your dropshipping suppliers and other facets of dropshipping business using Oberlo.

The AliExpress Alternatives: Salehoo

So, if neither Alibaba nor AliExpress cut for you as an ideal dropshipping solution, there are dozens of other options to explore.
Salehoo, for instance, is a compelling choice for those who loathe fretting over suppliers’ credibility.

Capture 25
Top 8 AliExpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping 11

Thankfully, when you dropship through Salehoo, you’ll experience reliability. Salehoo vets its suppliers; thus, Salehoo’s over 25 million products all come from trustworthy suppliers.

Possibly those are the reasons Salehoo has featured on sites from Forbes to HuffPost.

Salehoo is among the most dependable alternatives online for fast shipping, superb online shipping, and tons of various payment options, whether buying pet supplies, gadgets, or anything else for lower prices.


-Brilliant support for dropshipping customer services
-A wide variety of 25 million-plus of products to sell. Shopping online for companies has been made convenient.
-In enhancing trust, all suppliers are pre-vetted
-The search function is easy to use, and therefore it helps when in a hurry.
-Many success stories of satisfied clients


-Again, it’s not easily integrated with Oberlo for Shopify sites
-Minimal global appeal-restricted to the US
-Paid directory complicates the choice of suppliers.

AliExpress Alternatives: Doba

It is widely considered as among the most thorough dropshipping stores in the market. Doba offers an incredibly detailed directory of manufacturers and wholesale to pick.

Capture 26
Top 8 AliExpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping 12

Doba removes the need to partner with many suppliers to run your business. Instead, pin down an item you wish to sell, list it on your website, and then start selling.

The bulk of the work Doba does it on your behalf from contacting the suppliers to sending products to customers. With Doba, you won’t have to be worried sick about managing the suppliers you work with.

If you would wish to start dropshipping products without having to concern about missing out on customer support, Doba is your alternative.

When you are having a problem with the item or PayPal, you won’t search for answers on Google; instead, Doba allows you to connect more consistently with your suppliers.

Also, you get the benefit of that comes packed with setting up your store with fast shipping and security options such as FedEx.


-You do not have to manage the suppliers. Doba does it on your behalf.
-A wide selection of products with countless suppliers
-It is easy to organize lists of bulk export into your store
-You get email updates about supplier discounts
-Using PayPal and other tools, you pay for what you need


-Has fewer products than AliExpress
-Doesn’t easily integrate with Oberlo for Shopify

Aliexpress Alternative: DHGate

It is one dropshipping that is very similar in style to AliExpress. You’ll appreciate DHGate’s appeal, from appearance to navigation, all akin to what you’d often get from AliExpress.

The sole drawback with DHGate is some of its problems are the same as the ones you’d get with AliExpress.
For example, you can’t always trust every supplier; shipment times are usually long. On the flipside, DHGate is a solution similar to AliExpress with more products.

AliExpress Alternatives
Top 8 AliExpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping 13

DHGate has alternative dropshipping suppliers; it’s among the best-listed options on Google with much better prices than you’d think.
Stocking your store is easier using DHGate than eBay, Amazon, and the other US options.

Besides, there is a wide variety of products at better prices than you’d find elsewhere. Be it pet supplies, gadgets; this could be your perfect alternative.


-A wide range of products even more significant than AlIExpress
-Easy to use interface and simple navigation similar to AliExpress
-Has DH protection
-You can freely use it to create your dropshipping relationship


-Supplier trust issues
-It is not easy to integrate with Oberlo
-Many products have long shipment times

AliExpress Alternative: Taobao

Taobao is one Chinese site designed, namely, to appeal to Chinese drop shippers. Although similar to AliExpress on the prima facia, it has a lot more variety than the typical dropshipping option.

By far, Taobao is among the best AliExpress alternative for brands with an in selling clothing.

AliExpress Alternatives
Top 8 AliExpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping 14

With a wide variety of products to pick from, including clothing from leading brands, there is a lot of opportunities to mint money with Taobao.

But you may have a difficult time surfing its site because a lot of the content printed on the pictures might need a translation.

Sadly, it’s not big on customer support and stands to run into difficulties tracking down what you want than it would be with the other dropshipping suppliers.

For your online shopping, there is no guarantee for many credit card payment options and other alternatives.


  • A vast selection of products plus branded clothing
    -Excellent reliability and high-quality products from suppliers
    -Pay for products through PayPal
    -Setting up dropshipping relation is free
    -Many credit card options and plenty of product categories


-People from outside China will the order processing complex
-Difficulty in site navigation
-No integration with Oberlo for Shopify

AliExpress Alternative: Worldwide Brands

Worldwide brands is another fabulous popular tool for these days drop shippers. Upon visiting the site, you’ll figure that it takes a different approach to dropship in comparison to AliExpress.

AliExpress Alternatives
Top 8 AliExpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping 15

The company has been in the industry for quite some years, and it quickly offers a massive selection of products to your customers.
With Worldwide Brands, you’ll have direct access to suppliers and millions of items.

The site is easy to use, but unlike AliExpress, you’ll pay for the directory.

It is one supplier that feels very different stocking your online store with juxtaposed to using a merchant like Amazon or eBay.

Thankfully, you can order and make payment using some options like credit card and PayPal.


-It is safe and secure with the highly-rated suppliers you can trust
-You have direct access to suppliers
-You have an infinite of certified products
-It’s a reputable brand with years of experience


-You have to pay for annual fees
-AliExpress is more straightforward than Worldwide Brands

Banggood is akin to AliExpress to in style, providing low prices for a wide variety of stunning products.

This site offers everything from leading VR technology to smartphones; you’ll just love it.

Further, many folks still don’t know Banggood, and it is, therefore, an enticing spot to source new products.

AliExpress Alternatives
Top 8 AliExpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping 16

You are sure to find what you want from Banggood since it provides an avenue to buy items from Hong Kong, China, the US, and more.
However, just like with AliExress, it can take 30 days for products reaching the customer’s locations.

No doubt, Banggood is easily among the best alternatives to AliExpress and the best platform to gain a solid reputation around the world as well.

But even if you can get lower prices, you don’t get the best results as regards shipping. This dropshipping model very much resembles the other alternatives of e-commerce platforms in the market such as AliExpress or DealExtreme,


-The navigation is easy to use for finding ideal products
-A wide selection of products, including drones and smartphones
-Several of payment options accepted
-Multiple of different languages


-AliExpress or Alibaba has more products
-Long shipment times

AliExpress Alternatives: Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox is a renowned Chinese supplier store that offers trendy products to clients all across the globe.
The site is a perfect spot for merchants to locate and buy exceptional products that appeal to their consumers.

AliExpress Alternatives
Top 8 AliExpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping 17

Several firms find that Lightinthebox is very useful when it comes to purchasing jewelry, clothing, and electronics.

Similar to AliExpress. Lightinthebox’s warehouse locates in China, which means we are looking anywhere up to a month for customers to get products they ordered.

Also, with Lightinthebox, you don’t have as much a wide range of product selection as you’d get with AliExpress.

You’ll not get lower prices with Lightinthebox suppliers, again this site is not one that easily integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Oberlo for Shopify.

If you choose Lightinthebox as the best alternative to AliExpress, you should find it more comfortable setting up your store with its service.


-You’ve got quite a plenty of products to stock up your store
-Big on household products and fashion accessories
-The navigation is easy to use
-Lower prices, at times more economical than other brands in the same niche


-Most products have extended delivery times
-Suppliers are not 100% reliable

Tips for Picking your AliExpress Alternatives

Be mindful that there are numerous alternatives to AlIExpress to choose from, not all of them are dependable or trustworthy as they’d seem.

If you can talk to the representatives of the brand you intend to partner with, check-out on the reviews from the alternate websites.
Even as you choose dropshipping products or any items for your store, one thing for sure you won’t find; what integrates with Oberlo, Oberlo option works seamlessly with AliExpress.

Before committing to sourcing dropshipping products with a particular company, consider the following:

-The type of products they sell: Your online store could sell anything from fashion accessories and pet supplies to clothing and gadgets.

It is vital to make sure that the suppliers you intend to work with can provide a wide range of dropshipping products you wish to sell to your target.

-Shipment solution: For a successful online store, you’ll have to go out of your way and offer more than just better prices and the right products than your competition.

You’ve got to deliver fast delivery. Of course, not all AliExpress best alternatives give you that speedy shipment you desire.

Ensure that you assess how quickly products get from locales like the US, Hong Kong and beyond.

There are drop shipping firms for fast shipping partners with brands like FedEx.

-Payment: Similar to different e-commerce platforms offering various payment options, dropshipping wholesalers can deliver custom payment strategies too.

Just ensure that the supplier of choice can take all from credit card to Apple pay and PayPal payment.

-Integration: There are dropshipping solutions that easily integrate with online store tools that you use.

Case in point, your Shopify store, you can use Oberlo-a Shopify integration that lets you quickly add dropshipping products to your Shopify store in a flash.

Figure out how convenient it is to use integrations to populate your online store.

-Simplicity: Simplicity is not just limited to combinations like Oberlo that enhances the effectiveness of the dropshipping site,
You want to look into other facets of the entire model, like is it possible to set up direct payment with say PayPal to keep the items coming?

How many different types of gadgets, pet supplies, and other merchandise can you capitalize at once?

You want to assess how easy is it adding dropshipping products to your e-commerce platform from particular suppliers.

Further, are you assured of high-quality customer support?

Pinning down the best dropshipping solution is not a walk in the park. But if you decide with the knowledge of what you need from your suppliers, there is a higher chance that you’ll end up with the service and products that you need.

Choosing AliExpress Alternatives

So many different factors come into play in picking the best dropshipping store wholesalers for your online store.
For a long time, AliExpress has come out on top of the list as the choice for Shopify customers.

In any case, the Oberlo app for Shopify has meant brands can easily link their e-commerce store to dropshipping suppliers globally.

But if you have tried Shopify, Oberlo, and AliExpress setup, and you are not impressed with the outcomes you got, then consider a change for something different.

On balance, there is more to one way of operating an online store. Key-in ” dropshipping company” on Google and the search engine will return plenty of fabulous site designs that can complement your new business plan.

Be it you are shipping pet supplies with FedEx, or you are purchasing gadgets with DealExtreme, it is crucial you research.

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By doing so, you’ll get better prices, save money on your PayPal payments or credit card, and so on.

Research may lead you to discover your dropshipping solution of choice ships faster to the USA, accepts PayPal payments, or gives better customer experience.

Dropshipping is a perfect way to start an online business; however, it brings with it obstacles and challenges to think about.
Deciding on the right dropshipping solution is one of the painstakingly hard parts of launching your new company.

Simply because AliExpress is amongst the most renowned dropshipping website does not mean it’s a perfect fit for all.

If you want to find a modest dropshipping setup that lets you fill your store with first-rate products, ranging from pet supplies to gadgets, there are loads of terrific alternatives to AliExpress that will take you just a bit of research to get.

Our pick of fantastic alternatives in this article is sure to get you catapulted in the right trajectory.

Best of luck to pinning down AliExpress’s best options for your online store. You can start your dropshiping business today just sign up on Shopify for the 90 days trial and start dropshipping.

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