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How To Dropship Paleo Diet Niche With Shopify

There’s one thing we’ll agree on, and that’s health-wise. The manufactured packaged foods these days are not nutritious, and you do know who else knows this? Millions of people.

The market we’re about to unpack was 2018, estimated to be worth at least $300 billion.

The Paleo Diet Niche. This article will dissect the multi-million niche to reveal where the money is, how to mint it, how to find your segment audience, and the readily available solution.

Herein, you’ll discover the most popular social network fora, blogs, hubs, the most influential people, and, importantly, what’s accessible content.

You’ll find thoroughly researched reports designed to grant you an edge in profiting from this niche.

We endeavor to pick dropshipping niches with a wide range of various business models available.

However, the enormous majority would make perfect authority stores monetized by the Dropshipping business model.

Always remember that there are different ways to mold this niche; therefore, “too crowded” should not worry you.

Market Size & Worth of Paleo Diet Niche

In 2018, Paleo Diet products were estimated at $300 million

In recent years, interest in the Paleo Diet has seen a dramatic rise

In 2014, Paleo Products had a sales growth of 57.3% in specialty and natural retail.

2020 projected increase in sales is 58.1%


  • Paleo Diets get followed 22% more by women than men
  •  21% of Paleo followers have a household income of over $100k
  •  20% plus of the market are in the age bracket of 30-44
  •  They’re likely to have a smaller household (2-3) than the US general adult population.
  • Identical to the US adult population, 53% are married
  •  In contrast to the general population, those who buy fresh food are 22% more likely not to have children.
  • It may imply that children somewhat drive up the purchase of packaged food.
  •  Fresh food consumers are 8% more likely to be currently employed.

They’re 39% more likely to be undergraduate and Ph.D. holders than the general population.

Niche Demand.

The table below highlights the monthly searches on this niche. Cumulatively, they sum up to more than 200,000 searches a month, and this is beside the long-tail keywords not captured here; I tell you it’s a considerable niche awash in demand that your Dropshipping store can leverage.

Paleo Diet Niche
Photo Courtesy: Nichehacks

If you harbor any interest in Dropshipping this niche, it’s evident from the above illustrations that people have vested interests.

Growth & Monthly Searches

The stats and trends in this niche can guide your Dropshipping. The numbers point to a stable interest in the Paleo diet, and the demand only looks to double down in years to come.

Paleo Diet Niche

Dropshippers can cash in on this niche and related products, given that the Paleo diet was immensely popular a couple of years back and has since remained.

From this point onwards, it can only be growth because people will always be interested here.

People from across the globe search for products and solutions in this niche and perpetually look for new ones.

You need to have your store up and running since all the market research is here, and the report lays everything bare.

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Sub Niches To Explore.

Paleo Diet lends you the legroom through sub-niches that you can explore to build your Dropshipping business, and they are as follows:

  • Paleo diet definition
  • Paleo diet benefits
  • Paleo diet foods
  • Paleo diet for beginners
  • Paleo diet results
  • Paleo diet recipes

The mainstream content On the Paleo diet niche can provide insights and ideas that you can use to create credible content on Shopify sites.

  • The Basics of Paleo Diet Plan
  • 22,200
  • Evidence From Prehistoric Revealing How Paleo Diet looks like
  • 20,700
  • Neanderthal Dental Plaque Reveals what Paleo Diet looks like
  • 12,200
  • Lifestyle guru Pete Evans confirms ketamine can be part of
  • Paleo diet-The Betoota Advocate
  • 12,000
  • In Defense of Real Food: A Paleo & Whole30 Dietitian
  • Responds to US News & World Report “BestDiet of 2017”
  • 9,000

From the above entries, it’s evident that there’s an aura of excitement to share content on the Paleo diet.

Influential People In The Niche

Influential people in the Paleo diet niche market are not your enemy. Instead, you can liaise with them to generate traffic to your Shopify store. Network with them, interview them, feature, or highlight them in your content on the Paleo diet and related products.

Also, influential people can assist you in your research. And so, the following four are the most influential folks in the Paleo diet market niche.

Finding Products On Aliexpress

Amazon boasts more than 50,495 products on its platform, with some costing a base price of just a couple of bucks.

It may prove a bit cumbersome Dropshipping on the Aliexpress platform; however, some tweaks enable Shopify stores to source Paleo diet products or related products to clients.

There will always be newer and superior products. Therefore, it’s integral to align your eCommerce store to Dropshipping.

Blogs, Fora, And Social Media

Social networks blogs, and make for your go-to boiling pots for inspiration, networking, and Paleo diet ideas drive traffic to the Shopify store.

Stats from Google blog search reveal that nearly 563,000 pages and posts are indexed as Paleo diet. It’s proof of a vast wealth of content ideas on the niche and a network of bloggers to liaise with Dropshipping.

Find Top Paleo Diet Niche Blogs

You can align your Shopify store with these networking options, guest posting, and content ideas to generate traffic for your Dropshipping store on Paleo diets and related products.

Top Paleo Diet Fora

Some fora have emerged top cater to the Paleo diet niche. The forum’s membership numbers have made it simple and comfortable for you to discover and help solve prospects’ issues.

Solving problems opens a traffic floodgate to your Paleo diet-incorporated Dropshipping store.

Social Media

Even as Dropshipping has a love-hate relationship with social networks, there’s an exception to it.

Tens of thousands of people on platforms like Facebook are interested in the Paleo diet.

For Shopify stores, you can make a few tweaks to make the social network platforms a great place to advertise, network, and get traffic to your Paleo diet product page or related products.

Why Are People In Paleo Niche Market?

Those with wheat and gluten sensitivities, intolerance, and undiagnosed celiac disease can obtain relief with the Paleo diet.

The Paleo diet helps cut out some foods, assisting those with celiac disease to achieve complete gut healing.

The Paleo diet addresses lifestyle factors responsible for gut permeability by getting rid of some foods.

It lowers the risks of diseases associated with excess intake of free sugars.

The Paleo diet has zero free sugars; thus, it’s healthful.
While other diets lack one or the other, the Paleo diet naturally strikes a balance of fats since it suggests it in equal amounts.

The paleo diet suggests cold-water fish, one of the best fats and protein sources, contributes to a healthy brain.

Vegetables form a significant portion of the diet, and various veggies are subject to seasons.

With the Paleo diet, you get better digestion and absorption.
Many foods on the Paleo diet list are anti-inflammatory, so you run a low risk of getting inflammation.

Most Common Questions And Topics

These topics or questions, as they were, are issues that need solving. Fashion your Dropshipping model to solve these problems through products, recommendations, or content. This way, you’re bound to have happy customers on a spending spree.

Clickbank and Amazon provide products in answer to these problems. Your Shopify store can incorporate this Paleo diet or Dropship-related products into the niche sourced from AliExpress suppliers.

Who’s Advertising In The Niche

Often, Ads are strong signals of a profitable niche market. Brands or people do not just spend running Ads for the heck of it without profit as the end goal.
The table below shows significant advertisers on

Why You Need To Get Involved In The Paleo Diet Niche

The paleo diet niche is highly profitable and a table market as well.
In 2018, its annual sales are estimated to be worth $300 billion; it keeps growing, so this is the best time to join.

With more than 2,230,000 searches on Paleo demonstrate the substantial online demand.

With both female and male disposable income, you can reap big from this target audience expenditure.

Between a and social media hubs are nearly 311,542 engaged members, and your Shopify store can tap into this enormous pool to claim its piece of the pie.

The niche has a vast array of content ideas, including the renowned The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Paleo Diet and 7 Easy Paleo Diet Tips!-create similar but superior content, and it’s almost a sure bet it will go viral.

There are infinite problems in how the Paleo diet gets explained with available product solutions through Dropshipping.

Plenty of domain names-pick one and hit the road running.
Brands like advertising in this niche are sufficient to get you involved. Brands only spend on ads for profits.

Hacks To Getting Into Paleo Diet Niche

You can have a current, relevant, authoritative Shopify store on the Paleo diet.

This niche has everything going for your Shopify store: loads of fora and blogs rich in the easy-to-reach audience, lots of social networks, and, importantly, an obsessive segment audience with disposable income to spend on tons of products on sales.

You can generate traffic to your store from interaction with influencers, forum marketing, blog commentaries, and guest posting.
Contents popular on Paleo diet blogs and related blogs offer content ideas to assist you in creating bolder, excellent, superior, and forceful content.

This niche has an enthusiastic and passionate target audience, so your profit will exponentially grow in no time.

Your store will grow when you link with others in the niche, network, and share their content, as they’ll return the favor, driving traffic to your product page.

By building an email list, you strengthen the relationship with your audience, thus availing more avenues to share fresh content to generate traffic for Your Dropshipping product page.

You can start printing on demand targeting paleo diet lovers or find products on Aliexpress or Amazon, then create a dropshipping store.

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