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10 Dropshipping FAQs Every Dropshipper Asks

Every successful dropshipping success account commences with a question. As a result, we cover the most often-asked questions about the dropshipping business in this post.Here are 10 Dropshipping FAQs every beginner must ask before they venture into dropshipping business.


How much capital is required to begin dropshipping? How can we deal with Amazon? Despite the high traffic, why doesn’t my store have any sales? Why am I getting the same product from 100 different suppliers? We covered everything.

If dropshipping is new to you, you may be curious about the answers to some of the most often-asked questions regarding the sector. This essay looks at store owners’ most common questions about dropshipping operations. Let’s get started by going over some dropshipping frequently asked questions (FAQs), which are answered in detail in the following article:


“How can I incentivize customers to wait 2 – 3 weeks for shipping?”

I’m curious if you agree that this is the most often-asked question.

The supreme prizewinner! The deal-breaker here is that shipping times on AliExpress are almost always longer than you’re used to, more so if you’re accustomed to Amazon and other two- to three-day shipping alternatives. 

Shipping estimates on AliExpress range from seven days to up to 60 days using Epacket Delivery. There are substantial shipping windows and unpredictability banding shipping dates, and you’d expect it to take at least a few weeks. So, how should people answer this shipping-time query in their dropshipping stores?

As a dropshipper, you must be transparent with your customers and tell them how long it will take. Customers usually wait for shipping as long as they are kept informed.


Returns and refunds are a possibility if you are not transparent. When dropshipping, you must automatically include a price to account for earnings, marketing charges, and other business-related expenses. A nominal shipping fee is an excellent idea.

dropshipping faqs
10 Dropshipping FAQs Every Dropshipper Asks 5

This will significantly benefit both you and your customers. Perhaps they do not want to wait two or three weeks. People will be more patient with you if they know where their talent is. 

You can also change your settings with Dsers. Include automated tracking codes as well. As a result, a tracking code is issued as soon as your customer receives an email telling them their order has been delivered. There is also a technique to trace it. 


There is a better timeframe than two to three weeks; although we must be practical, it is entirely feasible.

Why wouldn’t the buyer order the products from Amazon?

One important dropshipping business question is, “Why wouldn’t a customer just buy my cheaper products from Amazon?”

Many dropshippers, particularly those just starting, are debating Amazon vs. dropshipping. 

And, given that Amazon sells everything imaginable, this makes sense. As a result, no matter what a dropshipper chooses to build their store on, the products or that product will exist on Amazon in some manner. As a result, Amazon can deliver it to customers sooner. 


Furthermore, Amazon is a multibillion-dollar organization, so competing with the big boys is scary. However, similar goods sold on Amazon can be sold, and this type of employment is quite common.

So, what should people remember, or what can you say to comfort someone scared to compete with Amazon?

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Your target market consists of customers who make impromptu purchases. 

Because people are scrolling through their feeds on Facebook and Instagram, these channels are fantastic for dropshipping. “Wow, I want that,” they say when they see an ad. There are two kinds of customers in our world; ‘price shoppers’ and ‘not price shoppers.’

On this planet, there are eight billion people. As a result, even if you ignore such people, you can still earn a lot of money. Just focus on potential impulse people. Is it correct to say that it’s not nearly head-to-head? I didn’t even suggest the possibility of Walmart carrying the unicorn slippers I’m so obsessed with. But I never consider it.

What should I do if there is traffic to my store but no sales?

Another dropshipping business question is: I have traffic to my store but no sales; what do I do?

To start, this isn’t the worst situation. To be successful, you need traffic. So, if there is a bright side to this issue of having traffic but no sales, that’s it; you’re going to need traffic eventually. 

It is thus a significant deal if you have traffic to your store. So it’s fantastic that you got it because it proves that your ads are effective, your store’s basic premise appears sound, and customers are eager to buy the goods you offer.

People have the time to visit and browse because it is a specific specialization; moreover, you want people to buy rather than look around, so you want them to refrain from browsing. So let’s go through some measures people should take if they receive traffic but no sales.

The insistence that you can better understand the issue by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and recommendations to checking the price and any markups online can not be over-emphasized. 

Many successful dropshippers will start by selling their products for far less. After that, they will use Facebook ads to find similar audiences, but they will revise the price.

In some instances, coffee store owners are surprised to see interest in their reusable coffee pods but few sales: “I have traffic to my store but no sales.” When we realized this, we could adapt and say, “Okay, people in this market are going to require this brand.”

And because getting sales is what we’re ultimately after, that could be more reassuring. However, an email can be critical, and an email can be a technique to create recurring transactions. So if traffic is coming to your store, I suggest a pop-up app with an accidental email form.

How much capital is needed to start dropshipping?

The most frequently asked dropshipping question is, “If you believe that you can sell goods without ads, then yes, you could start a dropshipping store for zero dollars as it were, but if you want to do it right, there are some costs involved.

What expenses should persons interested in dropshipping be prepared to incur?

When you start a dropshipping store, you’re beginning a business; thus, your monthly Shopify plan is the first thing you’ll need. A domain name for a year costs $14, similar to three to four cups of coffee. So with that money going into your business, you can’t go wrong.

$75 is a great starting point for evaluating products and determining whether they are of good quality. The best and most successful stores often open with three to five items.

We recommend setting aside $250 to ensure you have enough money to test them and find the most appropriate audience. After around six weeks, you estimate that this will cost you $368 total: $29 for Shopify, $14 for the domain, $75 for products, and $250 for ads.

How can I tell if a product will be successful?

How can I identify if a product will be successful in the dropshipping business?

We can assume that someone knows, in general, what niche they want to be in for this one. You may be pursuing something because you are interested in it and know there is a market for it. So you can connect with a specific target audience, speak their language, and relate to the people you anticipate becoming your clients.

On AliExpress, you can offer one million or more different products. How do you design a successful product? Test it first before assuming anything. Dropshippers must focus on a few key elements to determine whether or not their product will work.

“It’s usually US suppliers for some reason” is one of the most frequently asked dropshipping business questions. There are a few good reasons someone might want to find US suppliers. Claims that both high-quality and low-quality products can come from China. China and 40 and 50 other nations have an arrangement called EPacket shipping.

It is a method of shipping products from China to 40 or 50 different countries, with claims that it is a swift, incredibly economical type of shipping that includes free tracking.

Furthermore, let’s use Canada. You ordered a pair of pants from the United States last year. Awesome, it’s in the United States, you thought. It’ll take three days for this to reach me via USPS. Well, guess what? After traveling for three days to Canada, it was returned to customs, which sent it to a different part of the country. From there, it was finally delivered to your city, but they couldn’t give it to you because you weren’t home.

Why do suppliers stock the same products?

The other dropshipping business question is, “Why do suppliers stock identical products?”

To provide context, when browsing products on AliExpress, two independent products and listings from two different suppliers are nearly identical. The basic information, including product images, will remain the same. 

Despite coming from two separate sources, the product is virtually identical. So if you spend time on AliExpress, you’ll notice this peculiar occurrence. So, why are multiple suppliers offering what looks to be the same product, and what is happening here?

AliExpress is a type of online store. Producers make the products in China. Following that, AliExpress suppliers go out and buy such goods. That implies that they have raised the prices of those items as well. It is precisely like Amazon.

People on AliExpress run their businesses. Numerous stores and suppliers sell the same products. You can use this when shopping for suppliers. Because AliExpress has a supplier rating, you may put your trust in these ratings. In addition to merely purchasing their goods, I recommend testing a supplier twice.

Inquire about a product after sending them a message. Read the reviews of the product you want to import or any other products on their page.

I recommend looking into how long they have been on AliExpress, but take that advice with a grain of salt because many new suppliers are just trying to get in the game and are motivated by the desire to make a lot of money. 

As a result, they are typically prepared to provide better support, faster shipping, and other services as needed to begin developing those orders and creating their credibility on AliExpress. So, when ordering which product to order first, keep an open mind while considering all available data.

Isn’t dropshipping already oversaturated?

Another dropshipping-related question: “Isn’t the market already oversaturated?”

And this is a question that has been posed to us for many years, so it is not new. Since at least 2017, and possibly even before that, there has been a perception that the dropshipping market needs to be more saturated for new enterprises to succeed.

And we’re not going to say yes to this one. We’re a dropshipping workshop, so we won’t ever tell you, “Yes, it’s too saturated, don’t worry about it.” However, this isn’t just us using marketing jargon. Oberlo is used daily by people. Every day, new businesses open up, the first sales are made, businesses grow, and so on.

What should one remember if the thought occurs to them that it is too late to start dropshipping?

Dropshipping has only been around for a short time, but it has taken off in recent years. It is unconnected to the type of online sales or ecommerce you are selling, and you can be confident that it isn’t already oversaturated.

Having some pie is preferable to having none. However, it would help if you did not let your anxiety that the dropshipping market is already saturated prohibit you from growing your business.

It only goes to show that, while the US market is undoubtedly significant, dropshippers can and should explore other markets that are still untapped. 

As a result, it has yet to be well-known. So you should be more creative about your targeting and more inventive about where you will sell your products.

Dropshipping, on the other hand, is a business model. The beauty is that everything is decentralized so that you can expand your sales to those in your country. It is very much cross-border agnostic, so don’t assume that everyone has stopped purchasing goods shipped using drop shipping. As previously stated, offline and online shopping is still in favor. So there are still many opportunities here.

How can I establish whether a product is saturated?

So, although Oberlo gives information on order numbers when you browse for products within the app, AliExpress makes it a big deal about order counts in its marketplace.

You can filter by order numbers; product-finding websites like Ecomhunt also emphasize the importance of this order count; this is a data point. The quantity of orders is a data point that we and dropshippers frequently discuss because it is significant; therefore, if you could provide some context for what orders are all about and what people should consider when they see these order data floating around, that would be helpful.

When it comes to dropshipping, broach orders is a complicated subject. Make sure to sort by orders while looking for a potential product concept on AliExpress, so you can determine the suppliers to have sold the most of it and how many have sold. More than 3,000 clients on AliExpress, which the company claims is an excellent number to compare suppliers against.

When looking for a potential product concept on AliExpress, sort by order. This way, you can determine which suppliers have sold the most of it and which haven’t.

When you see 5,000 orders, you could think, “Whoa, this is way too popular for me to sell,” but you might be able to succeed in other markets.

Keep this in mind as you look at the order count: If a product has 8,000 orders but only 6,000 reviews, most of the product’s sales likely come from AliExpress. Customers log into AliExpress, view the product, buy it, and then post a review. 

However, if a product has 8,000 orders but only 2,000 reviews, it may be dropshipped by one or more people. So, for example, you will only return to leave a review if you’re dropshipping a product. Instead, you will leave a review if you make a direct purchase.

China-made products are they of poor quality?

Is the quality of Chinese products poor, wonders the dropshipping business entrepreneur?

Oberlo, as you may be aware, functions by importing products from AliExpress, a marketplace owned by the massive Chinese giant Alibaba, which also manages AliExpress. 

As a result, there is likely a connection between China and the products you add to your store through Oberlo if you are dropshipping, especially if you are dropshipping from AliExpress. 

So that sets the stage for the China question. Many drop ship products have some relation to China. What can you say about the quality of Chinese-made products and any potential concerns people may have?

American shoppers are concerned and need to be more informed about the quality of Chinese goods. Consider other things in your home rather than that inexpensive souvenir from the dollar store. They are most likely Chinese. 

If you’re concerned about the product’s quality, read reviews and shop at AliExpress. There are many high-quality Chinese-made products on AliExpress.

As a result, if you conduct adequate research and read the assessments, you should have no issue identifying them. Even those of us who are familiar with AliExpress are familiar with its infamous eyesore stories.

However, remember that some of these products are legitimate and on par with what you’d get elsewhere. You need to apply the proper caution, which is a critical component of this, and conduct your due diligence, as stated. Do your homework before selling anything, and you should be aware that AliExpress provides many high-quality products.

Final Thoughts on Dropshipping FAQs

How can I find profitable products for my dropshipping store? How can you find popular products that will help your business grow? This page offers answers to frequently asked people about starting or developing a store.

You will almost certainly need money to start a dropshipping business, but knowing how to spend it will help you avoid wasting it on unnecessary charges. I hope this inspires you to start or broaden your dropshipping quest.

Another strategy is sending free traffic to your dropshipping store without spending much money on marketing. If you’re starting, I’d recommend importing 5-20 products for your dropshipping store. However, you should only focus on 1-3 products simultaneously. These will be the first products you try before establishing your store.

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10 Dropshipping FAQs Every Dropshipper Asks 7

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