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10 Dropshipping Myths Debunked In Seconds

Dropshipping is a fantastic e-commerce business, but there are so many untrue speculations and mythical beliefs about the business. What are some of the dropshipping myths you have heard before?


It is very glaring that most people who venture into the business run into it, considering all these dropshipping myths. 

Mythologies About Dropshipping
10 Dropshipping Myths Debunked In Seconds 6

Below is a review of 10 Dropshipping Myths and the truth behind them to help model your choice of business if you should do dropshipping.


Most persons who got rich while still operating this business model did not do this with drop shipping alone, though a select did.

However, as enumerated by some successful dropshipping business owners, it could take up to ten months with a winning product, diligence, and efficient application of marketing strategies to gross around $76,500 in sales revenue.

 So, even though dropshipping is a fantastic business model that guarantees comfort and riches, it is not a get-rich-quick model. 

You can never fail with Dropshipping.

Though dropshipping is a kind of business that requires little or no professional, and almost anyone can dropship, it entirely isn’t through that you must succeed with dropshipping. 


Most drop shipping success stories do not explicitly discuss the failures they encountered during their journey to stardom.

To make it with dropshipping, you must be dedicated or somewhat unique in your approach.

Those who made it through concentrated their energy on making it big, not on the money, which was the reason for their success.


So, to succeed with dropshipping, you must focus on the process and not how much you have or will make from it. 

There are tendencies that most people who fail with this business structure channel their effort on how much they will make or that they don’t have money. Let’s check out the second myth in this 10 Mythologies About Dropshipping.

Some people who start dropshipping begin with the fear that their stores won’t sell well because they are not among the so-called popular dropshipping stores. 

No one cares if you stay 20 years in the dropshipping business; once you have a product people like, they will certainly buy from you.

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10 Dropshipping Myths Debunked In Seconds 7

If you ask most shoppers how many dropshipping stores they know, they probably might not remember any because the quality of service is more important. 

Once you have a well-structured marketing plan and people can see your ads and access your store, they will pick from anything they find interesting to buy. 

All your customers’ needs are the same product quality that attracted them to your store; who you are doesn’t matter

Dropshipping is a Get Rich, Quick Business Model

Most persons who ventured into dropshipping enter the market because they heard or read that they would get reached quickly or without doing anything. 

Thousands of online content broadcast this epistle in falsehood so that they can make money from people. 

However, one will ask, how do I win big with dropshipping, and how long will it take for this to happen?

Like most other business structures, dropshipping requires you to be diligent and hardworking and expect ups and downs and failures. 

So successful dropshipping store owners recorded around $1,500 in their first month of business, and it isn’t so much of a reason to quit your full-time job already. 

Proficiency in Facebook Ads Set-Up is a must.

Most people believe that to succeed in advertising as a dropshipper, you must be a Facebook Ads campaign guru, but I’m afraid that’s not right.

Mythologies About Dropshipping
10 Dropshipping Myths Debunked In Seconds 8

Though the Facebook ad platform is the most popularly used medium for advertisement, several other platforms can still make you much money with minimal stress.

Instagram is a viable alternative to the Facebook Ads platform, especially if you are on a tight schedule or do not have much for advertisement.

All you need to do is upload pictures, followed by hashtags and promotion; your followers will see and follow your link to your store. 

You can also promote your products on Pinterest free of charge by posting images of those products there. However, the only challenge is uploading a custom image of those products to ensure authenticity and convert more to sales.

One of the most effective alternatives to Facebook is setting up a blog around your store with quality SEO-optimized content to engage your audience. 

It obviously might be a mission impossible, making each page SEO friendly, but with a niche blog, you can engage your store visitors and even get them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Hence, Facebook might be an excellent option for advertisement as a drop shipper, but it certainly isn’t the only way to get visitors to your store.

You can Dropship if you are in the US or to the US alone.

As a Droshipper, you can sell anywhere, from around the world, and still make a lot of money from the business. 

Distance is not a barrier with drop shipping, and it only seems like most drop shippers reside or focus sales on the US because of the vast population.

 After China and India, it is the third most populated country with a population of 328 million.

And to your amazement, most successful ads focus on small nations with return sales. All you need is a hot-selling product, and your advertisements will convert to sales, even in the remotest country. 

One of the best-performing ads on Facebook is from New Jersey. So this shows that you need a willing audience to buy a winning product, promote it, and make your sales.

Drop-shipped products don’t get to customers on time.

This a notion that most people have, not even among drop shippers alone. However, the myth broadcasting about drop-shipped products taking up to a month before arrival is not exact at all. 

On average, due to some unnecessary delays that might be encountered in the cause of delivery, it might take up to a week to fulfill an order. 

Dropshipping is a Business of the Past

One thing about this business model is that it has been for so many years and will still exist in many more years to come, and most importantly, it is not a furor. 

Suppliers might change over time; people may change the kind of products they sell, but the business model withstands the test of time.

As noted, dropshipping eliminates the stress of stocking physical products on your inventory. 

Customers only have to pay for their order, while your supplier packages and ships directly to them. So, because of the cost-effectiveness, it is a model that can’t just die.

Your success depends on your niche.

The idea of the relevance or supremacy of a niche over another is nothing but a wild goose story. It is the product in your store that matters. 

Even a product like a beach blank can do better than phone accessories, bringing in six-figure revenues. 

You only need to market your products on social media or paid ads campaigns. So, the kind of niche you run on does not matter.

Success Stories about Dropshipping are not real.

Success stories about dropshipping are 100% authentic, and these people exist, as well as the effectiveness of their applied principles and strategies.

 It is still better to work up the ladder to success rather than base your achievements on other people’s accomplishments. 

Though most platforms remove links to the individual product store link because of identity theft, which had been cast in the past. However, either way, these stories are real.

Making it with Dropshipping is Easy.

This is a familiar mythology that most new drop shippers hold onto as they venture into the business. They think dropshipping is about getting a store, creating an ad, and Voom customers will flood their store. 

Most dropship beginners do not even know how to create a store; they either mismatch the colors, do not complete it, or are missing images.

So, a 30-minute store creation might not cover sales if you launch it that way. 

The sophistication of your store depends on how much time you give into designing it, marketing, and sourcing for winning products. 

Dropshipping is not as easy as exaggerating, and you will win big only if you are ready to give in your best. 

There are a lot of hidden failures and corrections you should be willing to get through and remain focused. Have you enjoyed the above 10 Mythologies About Dropshipping? 

Conclusion on Dropshipping Myths

In as much as drop shipping is an excellent model for making money online, it still needs diligence, perseverance, and hard work.

It is filled with ups and downs; the more trial and error encountered, the easier it becomes over time. 

So, with the right product, you can also give your success story, as drop shipping is here to stay and available to everybody globally.

The above is the most talked about Dropshipping myths ; share your thoughts in the comment below.

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