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How To Dropship Phone Cases On Shopify Store

Do you want to learn how to start dropshipping Phone Cases? Keep reading.

Have you never started a business before? Ever! As a potential budding eCommerce store owner, I am uncomfortable admitting this.

That fact is weighing heavily on your mind as you are thinking while reading this case study to help you succeed. It is bound to keep you up late at night a few times.

Starting a dropshipping business is scary. Fortunately, there are things to turn that fear into a profitable business.

The initial step involves reading. Reading lets you expand your knowledge exponentially. When you read, you absorb the thoughts someone else has already shared.

It lets you learn from their experiences and avoid common rookie mistakes.

Secondly, seek mentorship. Among the easiest ways to avoid the common pitfall traps is talking to someone who’s been through them already.

Talking will save you money and time and give you more insight into what it takes to be successful. Set aside time to discuss your ideas and plans with a mentor; it will accelerate your growth and set you on track much quicker.

Getting ahead is often more than tactics; it is more about mindset.

Taking a plunge into starting a business is more challenging than ABC is. It is enormous, strategically and emotionally; however, hearing from others who have done so successfully makes it seem achievable.

If you harbor thoughts of starting a business, the importance of seeking guidance should be stressed more. It will arm you with tips and tricks, and a support network will complement them to assist you in getting over barriers you may encounter.

If you do not know anyone who has started a business before, consider joining some Facebook Groups for eCommerce entrepreneurs, for example, the Shopify community.

Finding a Product to Sell

At many points in this journey, you will have to go against your instincts to succeed; that is not to say you get reckless, to the contrary.

In our case, we will focus solely on Selling Phone Cases using the Aliexpress dropshipping method.

But you will do some things a bit differently. For instance, you do not have to start this business by finding a niche first; instead, you can find a product.

Focusing on a niche is a great way to start a business, especially if it is a niche you are familiar with. If you know and understand your ideal client, finding a product that suits their needs and wants is simple.

You have to look at their desires and pain points, and an opportunity for an item will leap out at you.

Shopify Free trial Banner
How To Dropship Phone Cases On Shopify Store 4

Starting with a product can be challenging because instead of looking for customers and offering a solution for their problems, you are starting with a solution and trying to find the problem that fits.

That is tough, impossible. Research into trending products points out that certain items out here sell like crazy compared to anything else.

By reading articles, you will realize that there is a massive opportunity to drop ship products. You are bound to discover Shopify, an accessible eCommerce platform that allows you to sell products to sell online.

You have to read articles on trending product ideas and start taking each, cross-referencing it with what is available on Shopify.

Identify a few products that seem exciting opportunities.

You do not necessarily retread old ground, but you want Something affordable and easy to ship.

It would help if you built a framework outlining what makes for an ideal product for your case. Feel free to use the following guide:

  • It must be available on Shopify if you set it for dropshipping, e.g., selling phone cases.
  •  It needs to have an ePacket as a shipping option.
  •  It needs to be affordable, preferably under $5, including shipping.
  •  It needs to be trending on Google Trends and have a healthy search volume on Keyword Planner.

Figuring out an ideal product can take time, as it should. Deciding on an item is an essential part of starting a business, perhaps the most important.

You can change your niche; later on, however, when you do not have faith in your product, you will not give it your all.

You may still need to land on the final product from your primary research, but you have gotten some fascinating ideas.

Therefore, you can try other resources to find more inspiration.

Trendosaur is one of the tools you can try out. It is a trending product analytics tool that pulls stats from platforms such as Wanelo and Polyvore to give you a sneak preview of what product to sell.

Trendosaur will provide you with some insights into what products people are buying. You may notice some similarities between Trendosaur and your research on trending products.

In this case, Selling Phone Cases, you should search for the keyword “phone cases ” only, not ” selling phone cases. “

Phone cases are famous currently. The more specialized, the more excellent, the better. It may take some time to give you ideas; however, keep it in mind as you continue searching elsewhere.

Try looking in other places, like Reddit, Pinterest, and the top trending section on Alibaba. These are helpful, but you may still need to determine what you want to sell.

During these early days of Phone Cases, you are having your day job, or you are on a short vacation, and you spend most of your weekend browsing, say, furniture store showrooms, in between sorting through textile samples and stress-testing mid-century couches boom!

It is during these episodes that you have your first moment of inspiration. You notice that some unique home décor design trends have taken off. The most notable trend?

Marble, Marble coffee tables, Marble cutting boards. Marble everywhere.

The thought is stuck at the back of your mind, echoing, ”Marble is trendy, and I need to capitalize on it somewhat.” You need to sell Marble products, but what?

You file that thought for a moment.

Then it all comes together — that moment of pristine clarity. You are sitting on a couch at the office and realize that many of your colleagues’ laptop sleeves are also Marble. Then it hits you.

Marble Phone Cases.

You quickly boot up to Google Trends and search for ” marble phone cases.” A massive trend for ” marble phone cases” is rising.

It is promising, but you need a little more validation. You turn to Google Keyword Planner, and the search volume is there. Amazing!

Now, you need to ensure it is not a fluke. You log in to Pinterest and search for marble phone cases! There are tons of pins and tons of engagements.

Now you know what you need to sell and what imbibe it is not sifting through the reports and data. It comes from everyday life. It rewards paying attention to details.

You draw valuable lessons that inspiration can come from strange places, apparently even from a furniture store.

Try to look for trends and patterns in the products you buy. You must think hard about what people need and want, which may surprise you.

I hope you learn Something new in this guide on how to start selling phone cases in your store.

Dropshipping With Shopify.

Now you have a product idea, and it is time you start looking for items to sell. Before delving into that, though, you need to know a little bit about dropshipping with Shopify,

Dropshipping with Shopify is a simple concept.

Start a free trial today and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month Instead of $39/month on selected plans. Sign up now

You find the product you want to carry and import into your store, and when a client places an order, process the order directly within the app. Et-voila!

You have got yourself a dropshipping business.

Oberlo fully integrates with your online store and lets you choose from millions of items with a button click.

Process orders and send customers’ details to suppliers/manufacturers, thus making the whole process simple.

Oberlo has a Chrome Extension that helps narrow down manufacturers. Say you search for an item on AliExpress; the App Chrome Extension highlights ones with the ePacket delivery method crucial to running a successful dropshipping store. epacket orders arrive within a few weeks instead of the typical 2-month wait window for international products. 

Not all suppliers ePacket, so we need to be on the lookout for this in the early phase of planning.

Begin searching for quality manufacture. Many suppliers sell phone cases, and the tricky part comes in weeding out the great ones from the not-so-great. A few key features will help you do this.

The most important are seller rating and the time the supplier has been in business, given the dropshipping low-risk profile; therefore, as a guide, you may have to avoid manufacturers operating for less than a year, which seems risky.

You also want a seller with positive feedback overall than 97%. You want to avoid doing business with a supplier who will send clients unsatisfactory products, have a manufacturer that ticks all your boxes, place a quick order for various products you want to carry, and wait for the samples to arrive.

Coming up with a Logo & Name

Your sample could take a couple of weeks to arrive, and you should take this time to start building your store.

Come up with a business name. You already know the general vibe of what you want your brand name to be: fun and energetic.

In your research, you may find similar phone cases on the shelves of places such as H&M, Topshop, and Urban Outfitters.

Your brand should try to capture the same feel as these retailers because you will inevitably try to reach the same audience.

You also want a URL that matches your exact brand name. A Business Name Generator will help you start poking around and brainstorming, ensuring the URL is available.

Since your plan sells phone cases, type ”case” into the generator and let it do its thing. It pumps out pages of results, and you start combing through them to pick the right one; there are great candidates like:

  • Oasis Case
  •  Sweet Case
  •  Case Jewel
  •  Treat Case
  •  Sunday Case
  •  Case Spice

Now you have found the perfect name. It could be something like Crush Case. It uses alliteration, is fun and catchy, and you bought the name on the spot. You have an excellent brand name, and it is time to create the logo.

Hit the Dribble, a design inspiration website, and browse the different designs to find a color palette you like. If you are good with graphic designing, you may head to Pixlr-an, an online photo editor, and see what you could do with it and try different mockups.

However, if it comes to the painful realization that you are terrible at graphics, worry not. Just turn to the next best thing: asking your friends for help.

But only some have graphic designers in their clique. There is hope in the many great resources out there. You can get professional. Beautifully done logos in no time.

Starting Your Store.

Now, you have a great logo and name at your disposal. The next logical step is building my first store, signing up for a free Shopify trial, and setting up a shop.

Think about a minimum viable store; how streamlined and straightforward can you make an online store and still have it successful? Imagine building a store that fulfills the most foundational e-commerce requirements and even takes off.

Sign up for a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on Select Plans.

It would be best to optimize a store’s minimum features to be viable.

You have moved towards this idea by selecting a specific kind of product. You will not just be selling phone cases. You will be selling marble phone cases. You set up your store by following step-by-step with Shopify eBooks.

Create a store that reflects the same level of laser focus. Start with Debutify, the theme that every Shopify store begins with. It is free. It is a clean theme with lots of options for customization.

While running this store, the goal is to keep your costs low. Starting your own business should be available; it should be Something anyone can start.

Keep the business affordable so that even people with a smaller budget can follow.

To execute it, customize your store and design it to focus on the items you are selling. Start by importing products that you had ordered samples for with Shopify.

You want to see how far you can get by structuring your store in the most minimalist way. The following is a breakdown of what you should focus on getting up and running.

Product Pages

Product pages are an essential aspect of any online store. It is your opportunity to sell your product, flaunt its central value proposition, and reinforce trust with your clients.

Ensure that you have some sharp product photos to give customers a bright look at the product. Next, write a persuasive product description that communicates the value of your products.

Look at the product description and explain why you write it this way and why it is practical for pitching a product.

Product copy:

Keep your phone safe and look fabulous in Autumn; our latest premium black marble phone case snaps on fast, smooth, dark, and deep marble print.

Available for Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8


Trendy black marble finish. Rugged design. It keeps your phone safe and cozy.


Free shipping

Guarantee plus secure checkout

100% money-back guarantee

Limited quantity available

The description starts with strong. An action-heavy sentence that hits on two of the most prominent case’s most significant value propositions- style and safety- grabs the reader’s attention and lets them know immediately why they should purchase your product.

You followed that up with a supplementary value proposition- it is easy to use and a slightly more in-depth description of the color.

You have listed off all the phones the cases are compatible with to minimize confusion and ensure the reader knows it would work with their phone. Upon reading the top section, customers may be ready to decide.

If the clients are not convinced, continue proving why your product makes a smart purchase.

The ”Details” section quickly rattles off bullet points summarizing the product copy section that reinforces the main points.

When purchasing, online clients can be wary of new online retailers; your ”Shipping” section should help ease customers’ concerns by giving as much info as possible about shipping.


Apps store hosts a massive collection of apps covering every square inch of eCommerce, and you need just a few to get your store off the ground.

Shopify App

It is the first app you need to install in your store. At this juncture, you know it is a powerful app that simplifies dropshipping. With the Shopify app, you can import products into your store with only a few clicks.


Email collection is enormous in e-commerce. Privy is a fabulous app for adding exit-intent email capture popups to your store to help build an email list.

A healthy email list enables you to contact customers directly and leads to promoting new items, bringing people back to your store, and advertising sales.

Hextom Announcement Bar

Install the Hextom Announcement Bar on your store to create a customizable countdown banner that urges clients to act quickly before a sale ends. Urgency is a powerful psychological lever when it comes to driving sales.


Social proof is a powerful psychological tact that nudges your customers down the purchasing funnel. Fomo executes this tactic by adding tiny popups on the site that let visitors know that other people have purchased your products.

Fomo is an excellent way to showcase your business’ popularity once it is up to steam.

Receiving Your Samples

The samples arrive in about 2 to 3 weeks, the standard ePacket shipping time after placing an order. And the excitement to open the package and see how the phone case looks is palpable. And you love them; they just looked like they were in the picture.

You know your future customers are going to love their product! But you also know that your love is not enough.

You ask around. Your colleagues are impressed with the quality of the products. You officially have the go-ahead to start selling phone cases.

Remember to ask the supplier not to send any marketing material on your package. You can do this using Shopify’s ‘Custom Note to Supplier.’ Please find it in Settings>Suppliers>Custom Note

Getting Your First Sale

Your store is set up, and with a sample in hand, you are ready to make your first sale. You want to promote your store quickly, so you turn to Facebook Ads as your primary marketing tactic.

Facebook Ads are excellent customer acquisition tools for online stores. They get your business in front of your clients, have incredibly in-depth targeting options, and are easy to set up.

So your first business order is to set up Crush Case’s Facebook page, upload a profile picture, grab a cover photo from Unsplash, and jot down a short write-up about Crush Case.

The goal is to set up a minimum viable business, so take your time filling in every last detail before launching.

Refrain from overthinking every last detail before you start, which can be a severe roadblock.

You want to launch and make sure that your product has a market before you focus on filling out every last detail of your business’s online presence.

Before launching your Ads, try running a sale on your store. The Hextom Announcement Bar is how to amplify any sale and give your customers a sense of urgency.

Mark your products down by 40%, and set your announcement bar advertising sales with a countdown that refreshes every 24 hours.

Since your products only cost a few dollars wholesale, you have a lot of room to frolic with the price.

Set your product price at $15 and then compute what 40% more than $15 would be and lock that in as the ”Compare At” price in Shopify.

Now you have a constant sale set up, launch your first set of Ads using inspiration from a recent trend that has picked up steam on your newsfeed—some of the Facebook Ads that you have probably noticed recently formatted in a very unconventional way.

They are often organic posts that afterward have an Ad built around them and usually list their products’ value propositions in bullet point format instead of telling the complete story.

You can experiment with this ad style as it is effective.

To begin with, you can set up three different Ads: One for all the 4-phone cases, one for the black marble phone cases, and one for white marble phone cases.

For the ad featuring all 4 cases, you can use a collage on Instagram to piece all your product photos together.

Rather than start an ad from scratch, you can post your content organically to Crush Cases’ Facebook page and then build an ad around it afterward.

In each post, use a beautiful, high-quality photo of the phone cases and lay out the strength of your product as clearly as possible in the caption.

You may use the following template:





Share and tag a friend who needs this!

After posting on your page, go to Facebook Ads Manager and start building Ads to promote your posts. For all your Ads, set the objective to ”Engagement”, resist the allure to set the aim of” Purchases,” and there are good reasons that make ” Engagement” an intelligent choice, more so since you are focusing on boosted posts for your Ads.

Let your Facebook Pixel bake. In other words, Facebook needs to collect as much data about its audience as possible through trial and error; this process takes time.

If you set your ads to engagement, Facebook uses your initial targeting to find people who respond positively to your content.

As Facebook collects data about people more likely to engage with your content, it becomes more effective at serving your ads to the right audience.

Once Facebook has refined its targeting for Engagement., you can switch your objective to ”Add to Cart” and perform this over again until you finally optimize for purchases. However, at times, this can break your Ads.

Facebook will continue to find customers for your business. This method’s effectiveness increases as you put more effort and time into it.

Once your objective is set, start customizing your targeting, and since you started with a product and not a niche, it involves some educated guesswork.

Remember, you had noticed marble iPhone cases on retailers’ shelves, such as Urban Outfitters, so the first step would be to target clients of existing businesses and other brands in the same industry.

You could add some beauty YouTubers whose audience may want iPhone marble cases.

It would help if you edited your placements so that your ads are only visible on Facebook feeds, not Instagram.

Because you are selling phone cases, making your ads appear only on mobile and targeting them towards qualified channels is best.

Hitting Your First Roadblock

You are pretty excited after getting your first Ads off the ground. Keep checking back regularly to see how they are doing. Engagement on them is excellent; in less than an hour, you see comments and reactions rolling on your post.

It is a good sign. It means you are probably on to Something. If people are at least engaging with your content, then you have somehow hit the right market.

As your Ads start to take off, you load Google Analytics to check their performance. You switch to the real-time view and notice Something incredible:

Someone is checking out! In just 2 hours. It looks like you are about to have your first customer.

At this point, you are probably excited. You have gotten clients in such a short time, so you must be an e-commerce genius!

And then nothing. Customers come close to checking out, then navigating, removing your hopes and dreams.

What did you do wrong?

Over the next few days, you observe the same thing happening several times. Products are added to the cart, customers drop in their details, and then suddenly, they disappear. It is a highly frustrating experience.

Then, a few days later, you are tweaking some settings in Shopify, and that is when you notice Something heartbreaking: You never finished setting up your shipping settings. Darn it!

Customers are getting to the final part of the checking process; however, they need help to select a shipping option and can not check out even if they want to.

You can count this as a low point in the process and your first real roadblock. For days, you have sent customers to your website, let them choose products they are genuinely interested in purchasing, and then send them to a dead-end.

In just 5 days, you have racked up 20 abandoned carts due to your inattention to details.

You immediately fix the error, carefully reviewing your abandoned carts; suddenly, an idea hits you, a simple way to try to get results from your failure.

You create a discount code for 20% off and then begin firing apart abandoned cart emails to every lost client. Apologize for the technical error that prevented them from checking out and offer a discount as a consolation.

This tactic may or may not work for you in this situation; unfortunately, it isn’t a one size fits all but it is worth a short,

Customers who navigate away have expressed intent to purchase your products but are only coming back if you attempt to pull them back.

You should set up abandoned cart emails for your store; thus, if you ever go through a similar situation, send some contextually specific emails instead.

Your first order comes in in just a couple of days and is quickly followed by a second one just a few hours later. Although you are still hurting from all the orders, you missed out.

You are happy that you finally seem to be on the right track. You fulfill your orders using your Shopify app and sleep happily since you have made your first sale.

Fulfilling an Order through the Shopify App

Now your store is starting to get orders regularly. You are becoming very familiar with filling them out through the Shopify app. Fortunately, Shopify App simplifies processing orders for your customers.

If you find an outstanding order, head to Shopify Apps under Apps, click ”Order” and, when you find unfulfilled ones, hit ”Order Product.”

The Shopify app then takes over your browser, automating the entry of customers’ shipping info. Once your cart is ready to go, you will need to pay. And that is it.

Before you fulfill your first order, you must ensure your Shopify App settings are set up correctly.

Putting Your Email Lists to Good Use

Your Facebook Ads continue to drive steady traffic to your store, and you want to use this to grow your email list.

With Privy, you set an exit-intent popup that offers a 15% discount code in exchange for a visitor’s email. Although you may often find yourself navigating away from the exit-intent popup on other sites, this one can successfully build your email list rapidly.

Once you have collected 45 emails, trying out your first email marketing campaign is an excellent time. Load up your contacts into your email provider and blurb a quick email.

You want to strike a personal connection with your list, especially since it is so tiny. Opt for no graphics and instead focus on a plain text version that looks like Something you might get from a friend.

Your email should include a discount code, say $5 off, and a clear CTA at the bottom for feedback.

Given that it is still early on and your store is yet to prove a runaway success, feedback from potential clients can prove incredibly valuable as you continue to scale.

Although this campaign is promising, you may need more results. Your open rate says 40%, and 20% of the opens lead to clicks to the site, but no one redeems their discount code.

While the results are disheartening, do not let them hold you back; continue with your Facebook Ads.

Tweaking & Optimizing Your Ads

Your Facebook Ads generate a healthy influx of orders, but you’re looking for opportunities to improve them. After looking at your Ads, you notice that the one showcasing all four cases at once is outperforming the rest by far.

You turn off your underperforming Ads, continue with your best, and try other quick experiments and hacks.

Create a new campaign around your best-performing Ad with ”Add to Cart” as the objective.

Facebook is honing in on the audience that positively engages with your content. You are ready to guide Facebook towards tracking down those who have a higher intent to make a purchase.

With the new campaign, increase your budget slightly. Resist the urge to spend massive amounts on Ads since it is a success.

It should worry you to alter the formula too much and not kill the magic. Instead, add $4 to the daily budget and make a note to scale it slightly every few days. If it ever shows signs of wavering, stop increasing it.

Think about your product photography. The photos you got from your supplier are excellent but could be more exceptional.

Your photography skills may also need to improve. Brainstorm on your own without bothering a more gifted friend or a professional photographer.

Go to Unsplash and hunt for stock photos of phones or desks. Look for an eye-catching scene that you can use to edit your product.

You quickly search for ”iPhone” and see a gorgeous overhead shot of a desk with an iPhone as the central focus.

Download the stock photo and hit up Pixlr to put your minimal skills to the test. The product listing shows a picture of all four phone cases set against a white background.

To isolate each phone case, paste it into your Unsplash photo over the top of the iPhone in the original image.

The iPhone in the stock photo(original) cast a shadow under the case, creating an illusion that makes your photoshopped image look completely real.

Set up some Ads with the updated photos to gauge how the improved visuals will positively affect sales.

The new photos are perfect for showcasing your product in your store. Swap out the main product shots for newly created lifestyle photos on each product page.

Also, think about some new ways that you can refine the targeting of the Ads. While you only target Phone devices, you can go even more granular.

Doing Things That Do Not Scale

Facebook has become a great source of revenue for your store. Your Ads regularly pull in more orders, and you feel like you are on the right track. Although steady traffic from Facebook is converting well, you look for new ways to drive some bursts of qualified traffic.

Posting on Reddit can increase sales and popularity, and you may want to replicate the success. However, Reddit is a massive place for many communities, and there are other places to find an active niche online.

Facebook Groups in recent years have exploded, and tons of Facebook groups have been built around sales and deals.

Head to Facebook and search for things like ”Discounts” ”sales” and ” deals” and then join popped-up groups with over 1000 members.

Once accepted into the group, post a link to your store and a discount code.

This kind of marketing costs you only a dime for your time, and therefore, you can get a $10 discount code with every post and be confident about eating into your margins.

You will end up snagging a few orders, but nothing long-term or sustainable. Still, it is worth trying early on, as you need help validating your product. Give each group value for their attention and avoid being spammy.

Set up an Affiliate Program

At this juncture, you focus on finding additional revenue streams for your store that do not require up-front costs. So, your next order of business is setting up an affiliate program for Crush Cases. You can get an affiliate program running in just a couple of hours at no price.

The basic structure of an affiliate program is pretty straightforward. Get an influencer a unique coupon code and reward for every redemption of that code. For your plan, say, offer 10% coupon codes and reward $5 to an influencer for every sale made using that code.

Search for YouTubers with under 3000 subscribers. Though 3000 subscribers seem like a small audience vis-à-vis 500k subscribers powerhouses, it is a significantly sized audience.

It indicates that the YouTuber has a viewership that holds them in high regard.

Comb through related channels and related channels of associated pathways. Put together a list of 45 different influencers who may be interested in participating in your affiliate program and mailing them.

You may get emails from YouTubers interested in taking up your offer, who want to get the cases for themselves, cross-checking to evaluate the quality before promoting it.

Given the lengthy shipping times, it is unlikely that any YouTuber would receive the cases within the shortest time but would ship the phone cases anyway.

You want to help bring in sales for your business.

Affiliate programs are elementary to set up and cost nothing. Researching takes only a bit of time, but you can pull your continuous stream of sales without spending upfront.

Final Push

You have laid down a strong foundation of growth tactics for your store. The thinking is about the last thing: you can pull out some additional revenue and grow your store to its true potential.

Video Ads

You will need a quality edited video before selling phone cases online.

Lately, social media is awash with videos, and it should interest you to create a Facebook video for your product. Fortunately, you only need a partial film crew to pull this off.

GoPro’s Quick is a super handy app. It can sprinkle various photos into highly engaging, pre-packaged videos with stock music.

Download Quick, toss in your product photos, and choose a flashy template for funky music. You have your first video Ad; caption it showcasing discounts and free shipping.

Publish your video to Crush Cases’ Facebook page, and build an ad around it in the style you have used previously on your ads.


Google Analytics shows that in just a few, your site is getting significant traffic from Facebook Ads- 6000 plus unique sessions and considerably fewer orders. It is an ample opportunity for retargeting Ads. You can work on recapturing visitors who took a look but bought nothing.

Set up your retargeting. Ensure your Facebook Pixel is set up for this to work and set a modest budget behind them, say $15 per day. There are a few things you can try to maximize the impact of your Ads:

  • Placement: Only serve your Ads on the right-hand column, not in feeds. You do not want folks to scroll past your Ads.
  •  Budget: instead of spending money on impressions, set up your Ads to pay when people click through. It just means you will save money on showing up.

Set up Dynamic Product Ads for your store, and they are retargeting Ads that serve as visitor Ads of the products that they specifically added to the cart or viewed during visits to your store. Setting up Dynamic Product Ads is easy if you have a Shopify store.

Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook are great, owing to the level of personalization. Instead of hitting visitors with an all-catch campaign, Ads are tailor-made to appeal to every interest. That means that every audience member only gets served Ads featuring products they have expressed interest in.

More Email Campaigns

For your business of selling phone cases to be even more successful, you must utilize your email list.

By now, you have built a considerably extensive email list, exclusively from your Privy popup -say about 800 in just a couple of weeks.

Keep trying to hit this email list, banking on finding what resonates with them.

Sales made through emails are primarily free. Do not spend time acquiring contact info to offer a discount in the next campaign.

Send out the campaign resembling the casual and personal style of the previous mail you sent; it performs much better than your initial $4 off deal and manages to pull in 5 sales.

It is not a runaway success, of course, but it is better than nothing, and it is okay to be glad since you are putting an email list to good use.

Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting

The whole process can be a learning experience for you, and retrospectively, there are things you wish you would have done a bit differently.

You would have kept your Ad costs much lower if you had focused on Instagram marketing instead. The product would have sold better if you had focused on Instagram.

Additionally, when recruiting influencers, having them post pictures with their marble cases could have spiked sales. You wish you had spent time building an Instagram audience,

Setting the right shipping expectation is Something else you could have done better.

You knew through experience that shipping times lasted 2 to 3 weeks with ePacket, and you should have made that more apparent to customers on the product page. The delay led to some complaints that would have been limited had been transparent.

Although a minimum viable store is a great idea, you could have had more sales and more than one product style. Your target and reach needed to be expanded.

So, if you are thinking of selling phone cases online, you have a complete guide on how to go about it, but before you start selling them online, go for unique designs and phone cases with a wow factor.

You might have had good chances of scaling your store if you had a more fabulous selection of phone case styles.

Invariably, it is easier to look retrospectively and see what you could have done better than to do while doing it.


Ultimately, you will make $ 4,500.47 or above weekly selling phone cases. Considering it is the first store you have ever built, you are happy with what you have accomplished over the past two months.

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Well, the truth is, my main aim is to provide the best information about drop shipping for both beginners and experienced dropshippers.

And I plan to continue doing so for as long as I can.

I would also like to thank those who support my work by reading and sharing my content.

Trust me, when you take your time to share, it will greatly help me and others who need this information.

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I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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