How Debutify Theme Founder Ricky Hayes Makes $2.5M Monthly Dropshipping

Debutify theme is one of the latest newest themes in the dropshipping business, and the theme has most of the latest features any dropshipper would love to have in their store. Learn from Ricky Hayes the CEO of one of the leading Shopify theme,Debutify theme.

Debutify shopify theme
How Debutify Theme Founder Ricky Hayes Makes $2.5M Monthly Dropshipping 9

Today we are blessed to have Ricky Hayes, who has made more than $8 million in sales with his dropshipping business and the co-founder of Debutify theme and one of the few 7 Figure Ecom Expert we have around. 

Rick hayes
How Debutify Theme Founder Ricky Hayes Makes $2.5M Monthly Dropshipping 10

You may have come across Ricky either through his highly rated dropshipping course and mentorship or via affiliate summits that he gets invited to attend as a mentor when it comes to matters dropshipping and creating financial freedom.

Hello Mr. Ricky Hayes, for those who don’t know you, would you kindly introduce yourself and what you do?

Hey Sam, nice to meet you, mate, a pleasure to be here. My name is Ricky Hayes, been drop shipping for two years now, and sold over $8,000,000 since starting to customers all around the world.

Ricky Hayes
How Debutify Theme Founder Ricky Hayes Makes $2.5M Monthly Dropshipping 11

I have taught people via my course and mentoring programs to go onto 6 & 7 figures, and just this year, my student surpassed me with eight characters in sales! Insane!

When did you realize drop shipping could work for you? (What’s your dropshipping journey?)

It took me six months to realize drop shipping could work for me, as I didn’t take it seriously and didn’t understand the essential part to success in dropshipping is your marketing campaigns. 

Once I realize that and focus my skills, there everything else became far more comfortable.

Most drop shipping gurus out there make newbies feel drop shipping is an overnight success, what’s your take on this?

This is just not true, at least not in 2020, anyways. 3-4 years ago, that was true in many regards; now that everyone is trying to do it, competition is fierce, driving up expenses for everyone, so it is not an overnight success, and I have never promoted this and never will. Business is hard, and always will be, that is why it is so rewarding.

Was there time in life that you nearly dropped the dropshipping idea and decided to pursue a different venture?

Yes, in the first six months as I was hoping it would be more comfortable than it was and was hoping it ‘would just work itself out,’ which never happened and was stupid of me to think that.

I was close to quitting and getting into merch by amazon but decided to stick with it as I wanted my brand, not just a seller on a marketplace.

Talking of giving up on drop shipping, what were some of the failed niches or products you tried but never took off?

I failed to sell products in every single niche being baby, cosmetics, fashion, jewelry, outdoors, kitchen, and you name it. I failed in these areas. The product is king, and most products just do not work and make you profit.

If you were to start over again today, what would you have done differently in terms of product research, store design, and marketing in general?

Focus 100% on the product and the creative of the product. The product is what people want/need, then focus entirely on that as everything else will just happen naturally.

Ever seen products go to the roof with a crap site, but they are getting sales? That is because of the creative ticks with them, so 100% the product and creative at all times.

What are some of the myths about dropshipping you had to beat to be where you are today? How did you find your first Dropshipping niche? Did it fail or worked out?

The central myth is that this is easy, that is a lie – it is a business and business is never easy. The second was that Facebook was easy, that is also not true.

 I found my first niche in the baby niche as it is a passionate niche, and sold $52,000 worth of my first ‘winner.’ It failed because I lost $2,000 after all expenses—lousy marketing.

In most cases, newcomers get stranded between choosing between a niche store and a general store or a one-product store, what’s your take on this?

One product stores or niche works best. As you focus on the product mainly, then build your store around the product makes it very quick and easy, for example, using Debutify to make your store in 5 minutes then focus on marketing.

What are some of the elements you look at when choosing a niche or a product?

The niche has to be women 100%. Women buy more than men in eCommerce just go to your local marketplace, and you will see this and reflect it in the eCommerce space. Secondly, an evergreen niche, like cosmetics – women always need cosmetics.

The product has a WOW factor to it, is unique, has good margins($20 margins), and I can efficiently market it to a mass audience comfortably.

Kindly list niches or products you wouldn’t touch or add to your store, and why?

I would never touch specific products, will get banned or products that are just riding a short term trend as it will die out just as quickly as its trends, then you are stuck again.

As a dropshipper, we face many challenges when it comes to suppliers, what is the challenge you’ve ever faced with a supplier?

The supplier did not ship a single item of over $20,000 worth of purchases, was a customer service nightmare.

Always have multiple suppliers and test them individually by sending the product to your product for quality and shipping times and handling timeframes.

What’s the best method of finding a hot selling niche or product you can recommend?

Manually always works best. If you are marketing on Facebook, find one on Facebook that has a WOW factor, mass appeal, a recent winner, someone else is already selling it successfully are the best starting points.

Ricky Hayes
How Debutify Theme Founder Ricky Hayes Makes $2.5M Monthly Dropshipping 12

What’s the best way to price a product? Some should be X3 or X4, what has worked for you when pricing your products?

Three times profit margin minimum or $15 margin minimum to be profitable unless it is the high ticket, e.g., $50, you can sell it for $80 as you still have $30 of actual margin.

What’s an ideal product page for you? (What should it include or not have for conversion)

That is why I made Debutify make an ideal product page. Include quality images, quality videos, gifs, and description, and be honest with customers.

Ricky Hayes Debutify theme
How Debutify Theme Founder Ricky Hayes Makes $2.5M Monthly Dropshipping 13

Free shipping Vs. Paid Shipping, which one works magic in your case, and why?

Paid Shipping as you need it now to be profitable. Free Shipping you can do as a sale to existing customers.

Share with us your top 10 ‘must-have’ apps in your store and their importance?

  • Debutify
  • SMSBump
  • Klaviyo
  • Pushowl
  • Judge.Me,
  • Wheelio,
  • Recart,
  • Aftership,
  • Bulk Image Edit,
  • Madgicx
  • Zendesk.
Do you recommend free or paid apps more so when one just started dropshipping?

I recommend mainly free to get started, but down the line always paid.

Refunds hurt business, how do you handle them? What’ your history with PayPal limitation, chargebacks, and bans?

 Refunds are a part of business, and it will always happen, so I never worry about it. I handle them with excellent customer service and AfterShip for updates to reduce chargebacks.

Paypal limitation
How Debutify Theme Founder Ricky Hayes Makes $2.5M Monthly Dropshipping 14

 I rarely get PayPal holds because of fast Shipping + quality product + excellent customer service, and you are fine.

How do you keep your records in check balancing profit and expenses?

 I use XERO and a bookkeeper with my accountant.

Now that drop shippers likely fear PayPal due to their limitation and holding funds, which payment gateway can you recommend for a dropshipper to have configured.

Paypal. Drop shippers should change the way they operate their business, not Paypal – they are putting the customer first, and so should you.

Suppose a supplier tells you he is out of stock, and yet you have orders to fulfill how do you tackle this?

Find a different supplier immediately and notify my customer service team to notify customers and offer refunds for anyone outside of expected delivery timeframes. This solves it instantly.

How do you manage your income from your dropshipping business, do you pay yourself a salary or you chuck out cash?

I have a company and pay a salary accordingly for taxation benefits

You talked of running a profitable store and running on losses, when do you term a store profitable?

Three months of consistency, starting a business takes time, effort, and dedication, and profits come with it over time.

 In the beginning, you are always going to lose because as you grow, you are reinvesting into yourself and the business.

How important is email marketing to you, and has it boost your business in any way?

Email marketing is essential, and always will be. It is a marketing channel that will still help boost your business profits in any niche.

Free vs. Paid advertisement, what’s your take?

Both, you should do a combination of both at all times as business you need to spend on ads and at times not need to.

Which advertisement platforms do you recommend for running Ads?

Youtube Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook ads in that order.

Before you launch Facebook ads, what’s your checklist?

Do I have a great product, offer, and creative to get them pulling out their credit card?

Video vs. Image Ads? Why?

Video generally works best as you can explain the product.

What’s the best practice of launching a Facebook ad on a new pixel?

Always launch as a website conversion, purchase, launched at midnight to all placements excluding desktop.

What scaling methods work for you?

CBO scaling, using automated rules, and split testing creatives.

When do you kill or keep an Ad?

Based on the individual metrics of your margins and what you are willing to spend. Whoever can spend most to acquire a customer, wins.

What’s your advice for newbies when it comes to running an effective converting ad?

Always understand the unique selling points of the product at all times.

What is dropshipping business-like in Canada?

Competitive and tough, but long term yields high profits with consistency and quality.

What are the challenges you face doing dropshipping business in Canada?

Simply just competition.

What are some of the myths about dropshipping you came to learn were not true?

That one product will mean you are financially free.

Did dropshipping business change in your life?

Yes as Ricky Hayes, it did, very happily so.

 If you were to choose again, would you prefer to drop ship over 9-5 jobs?

I choose always dropshipping over 9-5 for me. I like my freedom!

Tell us something about the Debutify theme?

It is a theme designed to help beginners, intermediate and experts build a store quickly and easily that will help convert more of your traffic more often. 

Debutify theme
How Debutify Theme Founder Ricky Hayes Makes $2.5M Monthly Dropshipping 15

It is designed to take the stress off the individual so they can focus on the creative first and foremost.

What makes a good Shopify theme more so when it comes to dropshipping on Shopify?

To me, what makes a good theme is 

  • Easy to use 
  • It helps drive more sales 
  • 3. Excellent customer service 
  • 4. Regular updates
  • 5. Feedback from the community.

What are the latest features in the Debutify theme?

We are introducing more addons in the theme to help with conversion rates like skip add to the cart page.

Other new features are a help center full of help articles, enhancing our community feedback form, a dashboard to help for beginners, a quick start guide, with more course training coming, including Google, Bing, Youtube, Messenger, Facebook advanced training.

Where do you see Debutfy theme in 5 years from now?

With over 500 staff working around the world providing frequent updates, support, and an excellent experience for people making eCommerce businesses from video creation, product research, marketing support, and much more!

What motivated you to come up with Debutify theme Idea?

I was sick of spending so much time trying to make the perfect store with themes that are hard to navigate and frustrate me all the time.

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What makes Debutify theme stands out

Just its simplicity and support, I’d say. We are wholly dedicated to our customers and making sure that people can quickly and easily build an online store.

What can we expect from Debutify theme in the future?

Expect more updates to the theme, support, and massive growth through various marketing channels.

How can people reach you?

Any questions you can reach me at you can also read a full detail review of debutify theme


Ricky Hayes Interview Conclusion:

Thank you so much, Ricky Hayes, for sharing the above information. Some of the information provided above is sold online packaged as a dropshipping course, having you freely opened up to share means a lot to us and the people reading this.

Guys if you have any questions to Ricky Hayes concerning dropshipping or the above interview don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks so much for reading.

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