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How To Start Dropshipping Using Instagram Reels

Undoubtedly, Instagram is the best social media platform to be on right now. With 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram allows brands to connect with their potential shoppers, build relationships, and grow loyal followers, today we tackle dropshipping using Instagram Reels.

That’s why brands need to jump on every new feature released on the platform, including the latest content format — Instagram Reels.

The Instagram Reels app lets you create interactive videos, add effects, and match the video right inside the app.

dropshipping using Instagram Reels
How To Start Dropshipping Using Instagram Reels 2

This content has an ‘Explore’ page where people can view different reels back on the type of content they like and engage more with the profile.

As an online store, Reels is a great asset to help you with your customer acquisition and enhance your social media growth.

Let’s dive into why Instagram Reels is worth investing in and how you can create the reels for your Instagram Store profile.

Types of Instagram Reels You Can Create for your Dropshipping Brand

As a video format, there are many ways you can use Reels for your Shopify brand to increase reach.

Here are six types of reels you can experiment creating:

Product how-to’s

Show shoppers how they can use your products via Instagram Reel. Such content enables consumers to visualize the different uses that one product has and makes them eager to purchase an item if they are already interested.

Product how-to is a great way to introduce your online store to new audiences, as it doesn’t overwhelm shoppers with too much information about the brand in general.


Are you coming up with a new campaign or a new product? Use Reels to take a 15-second look at the latest release.

You can create a design teaser, some preparation clips, planning, or even give clues and ask your viewers to guess what you’re launching.

Give inspiration

When you create Reels, you don’t just need to stick to your products. You can also broaden your scope to create Reels that are relevant to the needs of consumers within your industry or niche.

Use your Instagram Reels to give shoppers an idea of how they can improve their lifestyle and establish themselves as an expert in your industry.

Show how it solves problems.

Consumers love the fun content they share as Reels. You can also create such light-hearted content by making Reels creative about how your online brand makes people’s day better or how it solves a specific pain problem.

Use your Instagram Reels app to show how people’s lives would be without your products or show how your products add to your shoppers’ experiences.

Behind the scenes

Give shoppers a look at who you are and who your brand is by creating a Reel behind the scenes.

Use the live video to show how you came up with specific designs or products, the inspiration behind them, and even show how it’s made. These behind-the-scenes can also include how your team works together or the culture of your team members.

User-generated content

You don’t have to create your content from scratch to make your reels. Tap into user-generated content, showing how other customers use your products.

Such content is sure to build credibility, as it will not push any polished and marketed content.

How do you use Instagram reels to dropship?

You need a product! 

In other, for you to use Instagram reels, you must first have a product. It’s is pertinent that you have a product based on the fact that you can’t droppship without a product talk more of posting on the Instagram reels app.

Build A Store

Once you have the product you intend dropshipping with via the Instagram reels app, you can then go-ahead to build an online store around it.

This store will aid shoppers or those who intend to get your products to easily shop or purchase your products quickly and conveniently from their home’s convenience.

Get a domain

Once your product store is ready, you should have a domain related to your products’ names or online store.

It tends to go a very long way in proving the authenticity of your products and online store.

In most cases, you tend to get more boost, and product sales increase when you already have positive reviews in your online product store.

Now we have our product, store, and our domain ready, the next step is to advertise the product on our Instagram reel app.

Before you can advertise the product, you need to record or create a live video of your products, how it can be easily used, how they could solve the buyer’s problem, and why it’s essential for them to purchase it.

Once the video is ready, you can then go ahead and upload it on your Instagram app.

You also can go-ahead to use Instagram paid ads to promote the product on your Instagram reel app; this will go a long way to help you reach your target audience, get enough engagements, and more clicks on your product.

In addition to the above step, you can use the right and trendy hashtag while posting your product on your Instagram reel app. It will help get your products to those searching for some products too.


With Instagram’s growing user base, Shopify stores need to keep an eye out for new features and use them from the get-go.

Instagram favors new users of their features and enhances their profile for new audiences and their existing follower base.

You can get the Instagram algorithm to select you by using new features as they are released.

But the most crucial point here is a bit different. Considering how popular Instagram Reels is in your audience, we think it’s the right time to tap!

Would you love to learn more about using the Instagram app or Instagram reels to dropship or sell more?

Don’t forget to keep in touch with this site and check out the next post on our blog.

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