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DSers Aliexpress Dropshipping App: Is it Faster Than Oberlo?

If you are a dropshipper and searching for an alternative to Oberlo, then DSers is the answer to your prayers. 

If you don’t already know, DSers is a well-designed platform to provide the best dropshipping solutions. 

DSers Aliexpress dropshipping app

It improves people’s efficiency with online stores since it allows them to place multiple orders to AliExpress in just one click.

What this means is that it simplifies the ordering process of dropshippers and makes it even faster. 

It is an efficient platform that aims to make things easier for dropshippers compared to the Oberlo platform.

Overview of DSers:

  • It helps you save time since it’s easy to set up.
  • Product management – DSers makes it easy for dropshippers to manage their products on the platform.
  • Convenient subscriptions – DSers comes with affordable and convenient subscription options for all their customers. 
  • Easy account setup – With DSers, you can easily set up your dropshipping account and start ordering products and shipping them to your customers from AliExpress.
  • Orders processing – You can find all the details on DSers to place your orders to AliExpress and automatically trigger Shopify shipping confirmation email.

It has everything you need when it comes to setting up your dropshipping business and running it efficiently.

DSers History : Automation order management with tech solution

It was launched back in 2018 after the founders experienced various order management software. 

They realized that the processing speed of the existing order management solutions was not enough to eliminate all the repetitive work dropshippers had to do.

They concluded that the traditional order management processing speed was too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. Therefore, DSers was created from that point of view to try and offer the right solution. 

It provides users with the opportunity to focus on improving their branding and marketing strategy. 

What makes it more efficient and ideal is the fact that it is free. The platform enables you to reduce costs by setting up logistics price screening, managing your merchandise, and even starting batch processing.

Once the increase in demand for eCommerce solutions hit the market, the company developed the only fully-functional and commission-free management platform that enables dropshippers to manage their orders and items that they are selling.

Currently, DSers is a platform that globally supports individuals and teams and provides dropshippers with a platform that simplifies things for them to close orders effortlessly.

 It is also a platform that helps dropshippers to increase the turnover in their businesses.

DSers Platform and What it Entails

It is a platform that comes with plenty of excellent features. With DSers, you can process more than 100 orders within minutes. There are no order limitations when you’re using it.

Just from the overview that we provided earlier in this post, you can tell that it significantly assists dropshippers to run their businesses without much strain. 

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Although Oberlo is also a platform that works almost like DSers, there is no denying that it stands out and is worth checking out and trying it.

The good thing about it is that you can also use it with Shopify. Therefore, if you have a Shopify store, you don’t have to worry about whether this platform is compatible with it.

It works perfectly the same way Oberlo works with Shopify, but even better and offers improved features that make your work easier. it is also faster, and it can help you save 96.67 percent of your ordering time.  

Let’s check out some of the features you can expect to get from DSers. 

1. Order Management

If you wonder whether DSers will be able to help you manage your orders accurately, you need to know that it’s got you covered. DSers is an excellent platform that can handle bulk and multiple orders efficiently. With DSers, you can process more than 100 orders per day in minutes.

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If you are using a Shopify store, all the orders are synchronized from your store simultaneously. That means you can easily place your orders on AliExpress with the click of a button. 

This allows you to save the time and effort that you usually find on other platforms. Therefore, DSers is not only affordable but also easy to use and faster. 

You can manage your orders effortlessly, make your work move faster, and save time. You don’t have to struggle with other platforms anymore because DSers has already simplified the work for dropshippers.

2. Supplier Management

DSers also helps you to manage your suppliers effortlessly. It enables you to set multiple suppliers for the selected items.

A substitute supplier is only activated when the product ordered by your customer is unavailable at the default supplier. With DSers, you can set a default and substitute supplier for all the products you are selling on your store.

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Having various supplier options for your store provides convenience because you won’t have to worry about lacking products to sell to your customers. 

You will always have an alternative to consider when a product is out of stock from the default supplier. Millions of products on the market mean that there are hundreds of suppliers and extensive inventory on AliExpress. 

Therefore, it means you won’t ever be sold out when you are using DSers. You will always have an alternative for your customers.

There is a new feature coming soon, which will allow dropshippers to find cheap suppliers automatically.

Therefore, when this new feature is implemented, you’ll be able to compare different suppliers and choose the cheap and affordable ones.

3. CSV Bulk Orders

DSers is an excellent software that enables you to place multiple orders regardless of the platform you are using.

You can use Shopify or any other platform to run your dropshipping business, and DSers will help you manage your daily operations efficiently.

You can create and upload the database of your products. You can also import and await orders to DSers or even place them all at once. You can place bulk orders at once and save approximately 97% of the ordering time.

How DSers Works for Dropshippers

DSers make it easy for dropshippers to start and master. So, how does it work for dropshippers? That’s a question we are going to explain below.

Multiple Store ManagementThrough the help of DSers, dropshippers can now manage multiple stores in one place. If you have several Shopify stores, you won’t have to worry about maintaining them because DSers will help you do that without much strain.

  • Supplier Management

Supplier management for dropshippers has been made easy thanks to DSers. You can set multiple suppliers for one single item. 

That means if a product is not available at the default supplier, a substitute supplier who has the product can be chosen to process the order.

  • Multiple Orders

Processing orders can be a daunting task. However, DSers has simplified the work and made sure dropshippers won’t have to struggle to place hundreds of orders.

DSers allows you to place more than 100 orders within minutes and save time.

  • Auto Sync

DSers allows dropshippers to automatically synchronize the status of their orders from AliExpress to their stores.

DSers is trusted by millions of people worldwide because of how efficient and affordable it is, plus it offers excellent features that make work easier for dropshippers. 

DSers Key Features

There are some critical features of DSers that you need to keep in mind, although some of them we’ve already discussed. These features include:

1. Multiple Order Processing

DSers allows you to process multiple orders at the same time with the click of one button. Through this feature, you can save time and energy you would have used placing one order at a time.

2. Variants Mapping

DSers allows you to add variants to products easily by adding suppliers. Therefore, since it’s easy to add product variants, finding suppliers and linking them to your products is not that difficult.

 3. Shipment Setting

You can set the shipping method of the products you sell in your store by country and fees. This makes it easy for your customers to understand what they have to pay, depending on their location.

4. AliExpress Whitelist

When you are using DSers, there won’t be any order limitations. You can place as many orders as you want all at once.

5. Multiple Stores Manager

DSers also makes it possible for dropshippers to manage multiple stores in one account. Therefore, this makes it easier for you to run several stores at the same time efficiently.

6. Supplier Management

The supplier management feature included in DSers enables dropshippers to add multiple suppliers on one single item to avoid out-of-stock issues.

7. Product Importer

There is also a Google Chrome extension for DSers users that allows you to find and import products to your store quickly. 

8. Auto Messaging 

DSers also comes with an auto messaging feature that enables you to create automatic messages for AliExpress users. 

9. Email Template

DSers has a shipping notifying email that is coming soon. Therefore, this is also an excellent feature to watch out for that will come in handy for dropshippers.

10. Tracking

Tracking items is a crucial factor when running an eCommerce business. Luckily, DSers provides you with the option of accurately tracking shipping information.

11. Price Monitor

The good thing about DSers is that it also notifies you about price changes on AliExpress. 

This helps you to keep tabs of the prices of items you are selling on your store.

12. Inventory Monitor

DSers is an efficient platform that also enables you to monitor inventory from AliExpress. When you have accurate information about the stock, it is easy for you to run your store and market the products well.

DSers Pricing

DSers comes with three options for users. There is the basic option: free, advanced, and pro premium options which you can choose to pay monthly or annually.

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These options include:

1. Basic

The DSers first option is free, but it doesn’t have many features than the other paid options. This option is meant to improve efficiency and help you get a good start.

Some of the features of this option include:

  • It supports integration with Shopify and WooCommerce per DSers account.
  • You can manage up to 3 stores with the free option.
  • You are allowed up to 3000 products for all your stores, and this equals to a maximum of 1000 products for three stores.
  • Unlimited orders
  • Chrome extension
  • Multi-language capability – This includes English, Portuguese, and French.
  • Import list – You can easily manage imported products to DSers.
  • Automatic price rule – You have the option to set a fixed or percentage product price markup
  • Inventory notification
  • Bulk orders
  • Pre-selection of shipping method
  • Automated order status synchronization
  • Automated tracking number synchronization
  • Split product
  • Hide product
  • Basic mapping
DSers dropshipping app

2. Advanced Option

The advanced option goes for $19.9 per month or $190.8 annually.

Features include:

  • Shopify and WooCommerce integration per DSers account
  • Maximum of 10 stores
  • Maximum of 2000 products per store
  • Unlimited orders
  • DSers chrome extension
  • Multiple languages
  • Import list
  • Automated pricing rule
  • Inventory notification
  • Bulk orders
  • Pre-selection of shipping method
  • Automated order status sync
  • Automated tracking number sync
  • Split product
  • Hide product
  • Basic mapping
  • Advanced mapping
  • BOGO/bundle mapping
  • Automatic inventory update
  • Affiliate

3. Pro Option

The Pro option goes for $49.9 per month or $478.8 annually.

Features include:

  • Shopify and WooCommerce integration per DSers account
  • Maximum of 25 stores
  • Maximum of 3000 products per store which is a total of 75000 for all stores allowed
  • Unlimited orders
  • DSers chrome extension
  • Multiple languages
  • Import list
  • Automated pricing rule
  • Inventory notification
  • Bulk orders
  • Pre-selection of shipping method
  • Automated order status sync
  • Automated tracking number sync
  • Split product
  • Hide product
  • Basic mapping
  • Advanced mapping
  • BOGO/bundle mapping
  • Automatic inventory update
  • Affiliate
DSers Review


DSers is an excellent platform for dropshippers because it makes their work easier and offers the right solutions.

The available membership options are also ideal for you since you can start with the free option.

Once you love the platform, you can upgrade later on to the premium options that offer better features.

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