10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs

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Have you ever wondered about how to use Google Trends?

Not all SEO tools are created equal, and Google Trends is not one of them.

It is valuable for those interested in e-commerce and dropshipping since it provides information on seasonal trends of specific products – or your niche.

You can even use it to gain an advantage over your competitors by tracking where they stand. This guide will teach you to keep track of everything from YouTube statistics to Google Trends’ comparison tool.

But most importantly, we’ll show you how to use Google Trends to grow your business. So let’s get down to the business of how to use Google Trends.

What Is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a trend search that gives information about how popular a specific search word is on Google. You can determine whether a trend is strengthening or weakening over time. You can also find demographic insights, relevant topics, and related questions to help you better understand Google trends.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 22

Google Trends’ 10 Most Useful Features for Business Owners

1. Finding Niches Using Google Trends

Using Google Trends is an excellent approach to finding a niche market seeing tremendous growth. When looking for a new market niche, change your search range from “Past 12 months” to “2004-present” wherever possible.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 23

If you do this, you will see whether the number of search results is increasing or decreasing. However, it allows you to view yearly trends in a single, unmuddled image.

Using Google Trends, we see that posture correctors are growing more popular.

You won’t be able to ignore the recent surge in growth. We had a sharp increase in January, followed by a slight dip in February.

Despite this, you still have a chance to earn from sales. As a result, continual monitoring of this product’s popularity is essential for the foreseeable future.

According to Google Trends, men’s fashion is an example of a niche market that is relatively consistent.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 24

The graph clearly shows that there are intermittently low moments. However, the overall search volume for this specific specialized niche is relatively consistent.

However, it is common to see minor improvements or advances over several years. For example, according to Google Trends, the men’s fashion niche is a relatively stable market for the most part. So you might be wondering what the dips and increases indicate.

These will show you the cyclical trends in people’s searches. October through December saw an increase in search volume, followed by a dip beginning in January.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t establish a men’s clothing store in January; it just means you should be prepared for a potentially lower level of internet traffic at that time of year.

Do you want to see what a trend looks like on Google Trends? You might be interested in this information on fidget spinners.

Before June 2017, there were very few searches for “fidget spinners.” The product attained its peak performance three months later, in May.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 25

There was a significant increase in attendance over the first few months, and this increase was both dramatic and fast.

However, as indicated by the abrupt decrease following the peak, this is not a realistic option for a business to pursue.

2. Find Relevant Product Categories in Related Topics

Assume you’ve established a specialized store selling artificial eyelashes. After establishing yourself as the leader in your specific sector, you may want to attempt expanding into similar verticals.

However, you don’t want to limit yourself to only selling fake eyelashes on your website; you also want to sell other product categories that buyers might be interested in.

After keying “fake eyelashes” into Google Trends, scroll down to the “Related Topics” section and find that.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 26

What’s intriguing is that two of the examples, “Nail” and “Eye shadow,” are unrelated to fake eyelashes, but they may make as product categories in your store.

Examples include “Nail” and “Eye shadow.” For example, someone interested in or wears fake eyelashes may also be interested in manicure goods or eye shadow.

So, for example, if you want to expand the product collections on your website, you should look into the topics relevant to such categories.

Finally, because most fake eyelashes require eyelash glue, you should consider selling that product of the kit in your store.

As you scroll through the related topics, you may find that some do not make sense for your business. Keep this in mind as you go.

For example, on the Google Trends website, Kim Kardashian is classified as a topic related to fake eyelashes. So, you could make a blog post about Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes.

3. Leveraging Google Trends for Keyword Research

Assuming you own a store that sells women’s blouses. According to Google Trends, people’s interest in this topic is growing, which is good.

However, at this stage, you are interested in choosing which keywords to target, how to name your product categories, & how to optimize a blog article about women’s blouses. You might find it helpful to look at the “Related questions” section, located to the right of the “Related Topics” section we just discussed.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 27

Each of the 25 queries contains a callout to color that is continuous. In the figure above, there are two instances of the color black. Other sites have pink, green, blue, and white.

You may elect to create a product category based on color for these examples, such as ” blouses for women.” However, you can include those keywords on the page for the product you’re selling and in the product’s name.

The terms “work blouses” and “Dress garments” should also be featured as product categories because they receive a lot of search traffic and are logically relevant to this garment.

4. Promote Your Store by Leveraging Seasonal Trends

The seasonal trends have a significant impact on the performance of your business. Your monthly sales will be influenced by the highs and lows that occur during the year.

During the busiest season of the year, both the peak of competition and the number of sales will increase. However, when business is slow, you might consider selling seasonal products to help offset some of the loss. For example, let’s use padded bikinis as a point of a “summer” offering.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 28

It is worth noting that the data shows that padded bikinis are suitable not only for the summer but also for the winter. The year begins with the highest peak, which happens in January, and continues to rise until it reaches its peak in July.

The following month, July displays a dramatic reduction in activity. Assume it’s November, and you’ve decided to open a swimwear store; you might be feeling a little discouraged about the drop in business.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 29

However, that point in time is a wonderful opportunity to get started. It gives you a couple of months to create your swimwear business so that when January rolls around, you’re ready to go!

Now that you know what to sell during the off-season, you may be wondering what to sell during the peak season.

Consider filling your store with products that naturally complement those you presently sell but are more appropriate for the off-season. Because lingerie stores typically sell swimwear, the selling of pajamas may be one area that lingerie stores opt to focus on during the winter months.

So let’s have a look:

Pajamas sell best between September and December, making them the ideal product to sell during the off-season for bikinis because they can fill in the holes left by the bikini business.

5. Checking Google Trends for Content Freshness

Content marketing is assisting the most successful online merchants in obtaining more traffic, which helps them increase brand awareness and bring more clients than ever before. As a result, creating blog content for your website could be advantageous to the growth of your business.

“Content freshness” is one way that may be utilized to produce sudden increases in the amount of search traffic that is directed to a website. So what exactly are you on about?

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It is the process of removing old content from your blog, replacing it with new content, and then publishing the revised version of the post.

Where does Google Trends come into play here? Let’s revisit seasonality, but with a whole different time in mind.

For example, assume you own a bike store and have an article on your website or blog about “how to fix a bike” links to relevant resources. If you entered those keywords into Google Trends, the results would look like this:

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 30

According to the results of my analysis, the busiest months for conducting this specific search are typically June and July of each year.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 31

However, if you see that you are dropping more and further down Google’s ranks, you must quickly improve the content of your website.

That is undeniably true. If you want to elevate your game, you can also coordinate the freshness of your content with the peak season for the search keyword you’re targeting.

For example, if you own that cycling store, you might want to update your “how to fix a bike post” video before May.

If you do this, you will quickly rise to the top of the search results list for that particular term. However, if you use this strategy on the SEO articles driving the most traffic to your website, you will quickly see increased website visitors.

6. Create Content Based on Current Trends

On the top section of Google Trends’ website, you may discover a section for trending searches. Trending searches are the most popular subjects being searched for right now. You can search by country and view daily trending searches and real-time search trends.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 32

Even though most trending searches are for celebrity news, you will find some buzz-worthy things about specific niches.

For instance, on June 18,27, 2022, the most searched daily trend was Father’s Day,” which had over 2 million searches that day alone.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 33

Some of the keywords in the “Related Topics” section include “Juneteenth” For example, if you own an online store that sells things to parents of tiny children, you have the option to write a newsworthy essay on the issue and post it on your blog.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 34

Tesla is now the second most popular daily trend in the United Kingdom. So if you own an automotive accessories store that serves customers in the United Kingdom, you can choose to cover automobile news about prominent automotive manufacturers. In this example, your target market would be those who live in that country.


Because those interested in automotive news may also be interested in acquiring your vehicle accessories. Furthermore, you may increase the effectiveness of your retargeting ads by directing eligible viewers back to your website.

You can drive traffic back to your website by sometimes reporting on fascinating events on the blog related to your retail store.

You may also use Twitter hashtags to post your newsworthy story. This will help you obtain more Twitter followers and increase your social media engagement.

7. Define Niche Topics by Region

One of the most exciting characteristics of Google Trends is its ability to assist consumers in identifying specific topics depending on geographic location. When it comes to advertising, one of the most common ways we target an audience is based on where they live.

The United States of America has a population of 325 million people. It’s improbable that Louisiana and New York audiences are the same. Let us now analyze and contrast the positions taken by these two states on gold earrings.

Gold earrings are not extremely popular in Louisiana. There was a considerable increase in the number of searches made in November 2004, although interest has yet to return to its previous level.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s go to Google Trends and check how people look for New York.

The number of persons searching for “gold earrings” in New York is increasing, and this trend is predicted to continue.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 35

But, to put it another way, what does this imply? Instead of targeting the entire country, it would be more beneficial to target individual states, such as New York, with an advertisement for a pair of gold earrings that you are selling.

You will be able to create some sales regardless of whether you promote your business utilizing Facebook Ads or Google Adwords because there is a growing interest in that area.

By running a cross-reference on all states, it is feasible to discover which states have experienced a spike in the trend. Targeting locations where interest is not as great as it is in other areas will allow you to increase your chances of making sales without wasting any of your financial resources.

8. Use Google Trends Compare to track competitors’ positions.

Using Google Trends, you can even track your competitors and see how they compare to your brand. For example, let’s compare how Marvel Comics and DC Comics have performed over the years in light of the current release of Captain Marvel.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 36

The fact that both corporations’ brands were performing at almost the same level of success in 2004 is noteworthy in this context, with DC holding a slight advantage over Marvel.

This capability allows you to compare up to five different search keywords or competitors. Of course, you can always keep one step ahead of your competitors by utilizing Google Trends compare, even if your brand has a larger audience of people who search for it online.

And if you notice that some of your competitors are growing faster than you, you need to assess their marketing channels to see how you may better your own.

9. Google Trends YouTube

You may use Google Trends to broaden your reach across social media platforms, particularly YouTube, and boost the performance of your website, which is the most typical application for this tool.

For example, after searching YouTube for videos about “fashion,” we discovered that most of the most popular videos used the phrase “fashion trends 2022.

” So, let’s type that into Google Trends and see what kind of results we get.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 37

In January, there was a considerable increase in people using this search keyword. The year’s addition to the keyword will make the term more apparent as a search query at the start of the year.

However, after returning to YouTube and searching for “fashion trends,” we discovered an unusual discovery. Let’s have a look:

Every single one of the most popular videos was released in 2022. What makes this such an intriguing issue to discuss?

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 38

Because vloggers and bloggers alike frequently receive new content in the run-up to the new year to get a head start on the traffic that will result from their work.

However, in the top results, we see that content published in 2019 ranks fairly well compared to similar content published in 2019.

As a result, if you intend to create a video themed around fashion trends in 2019, your best bet is to launch the video sometime in January to capitalize on the data found in Google Trends. This information can be found by searching Google for “fashion trends 2019.”

But let’s go back and look at that again. Because we won’t know the data for the rest of 2019, let’s look at the “fashion trends 2018” data to get a sense of what to expect in the coming year.

Read Also:

It has come to our attention that around the end of 2017, viewers on YouTube began searching the phrase “fashion trends 2018.” We observe a similar rise in January in the 2019 image. However, the most significant increases occur in March and September, which is interesting given that these months precede summer and winter, respectively.

How can you make the most of the traffic at specific times? In this scenario, if you have access to an email list, you might consider it beneficial to send out an email in March and September to revitalize the popularity of your video.

Google will detect that you are pushing older video content, and as a result, it will almost certainly reward you with a higher rank for your video, allowing you to receive even more views on it. However, if you find that views on well-known evergreen movies have declined, you can use this strategy to counteract the situation.

10. Google Trends Google Shopping

You can also use Google Trends to help you determine the best time to create Google Shopping ads for your company.

For example, assume you operate a fashion boutique and attempt to sell a brand new white dress. Using Google Trends’ Google Shopping tool, you may determine which months are the most productive for your advertising efforts. Let’s have a look at the data that has been supplied below:

There was a considerable increase in white dress searches on Google Shopping from February to June. Despite a minor decline in the number of Google Shopping searches completed in August, there was an increase in September and October.

How To Use Google Trends
10 Ways How To Use Google Trends For Entrepreneurs 39

As a result, if you are a retailer, you might consider beginning to sell and promote your white dresses between February & June and September and October.

However, you should be fine as long as you target consumers in the United States of America. If you intend to target customers in countries other than the United States, you will need to research the necessary data for those countries.

How to Make the Most of Google Trends, According to Three Marketing Experts

“One thing we didn’t think of when we first started using Google Trends,” says Jeff Moriarty of Mothers Family Rings, “was looking at other countries.” Because our company specializes in selling upmarket jewelry for mothers, we have always kept up with the latest trends in the United States during the relevant period.

After looking at calendars from several countries, we found that Mother’s Day was celebrated on a completely different date from the one in the United States. This gave us the option to create a variety of promotions for various countries throughout the year. And it was all because of data found in Google Trends.”

It allows you to discover regional differences in popular terms and keywords that are only lately gaining popularity. We first run a search using the first keyword that comes to mind, and then we look through the section dedicated to breakout keywords

  • Then, using popularity polls, we compare how many comparable phrases stack up against one another regarding the time of use (think soda vs. pop vs. coke).
  • “I prefer to use Google Trends for competitor analysis or to measure interest in a brand over time,” says Cassidy Barney, the SEO Manager at Epic Marketing. After entering a single keyword, you can add up to four more for evaluation reasons.

You can further limit things by picking a specific area or state, a period, and a category. These results go back to 2004, and they provide you with a wealth of information about your interest over time, the interest of your competitors, and LSI keywords to work with.


Google Trends may give you information that can help your company succeed in various ways, such as assisting you in planning for seasonal trends and discovering a niche that is assisting rapid growth.

By improving popular SEO posts just in time for the busy shopping season, you will be able to find complementary verticals to add to your catalog, which will, in turn, increase the quantity of traffic that your blog receives.

If you implement even a handful of the Google Trends recommendations in this post, you will be ahead of the competition in your market. This is your time to be the dominant player; take advantage of it!

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