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How To Use Instagram Stories For Business

Social media platforms are ever-evolving, and Instagram Stories are a function of that evolution; Instagram used to be quite basic.

However, the era of square images has passed us by.

Now, you can use Instagram for businesses to post images, videos, time-lapses, boomerangs, stop-motion sequences, and live streams.

The most major shift erupted in 2016 when Instagram Stories were debuted.

This kind of social sharing fundamentally revolutionized how people engage online, ushering new influencers and ramming brands into the spotlight.

However, it becomes increasingly difficult to filter through the clutter as social media evolves.

Consider minimalist watch brand MVMT.

Instagram stories

They created a business model with over $80 million in sales in just five years by relying primarily on social media.

However, times have changed in the modern era.

“It is undoubtedly more challenging,” adds Kassan of MVMT. “It is still viable, but scaling at the same rate as we did would be extremely tough.” So we employed channels that are no longer efficient or as simple to use.”

So, what are your options?

Learn the top Instagram Stories techniques to stay one step ahead of the competition. In this post, you’ll discover how to use Instagram Stories effectively to build your audience.

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In The Post

  • Instagram Stories: What are they?
  • How Do Instagram Stories Work?
  • How Long Do Instagram Stories Last?
  • How to Create an Instagram Story
  • The Different types of Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Stories Secrets You Should Be Aware Of
  • Your Instagram Story With Stickers
  • Share Your Instagram Story
  • How to Use Instagram Stories
  • What Is the Runtime of Instagram Stories?
  • The Advantages of Using Instagram Story Highlights
  • How to Tell People Who Viewed Your Instagram Story
  • How Do I Add a Link in My Instagram Story?
  • Summary

 Instagram Stories: What are they?

Instagram Stories, alternatively referred to as Insta Stories or IG Stories, is a feature that allows users to post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. The feature is comparable to Snapchat Stories, which was debuted in 2013 and was essential in the company’s success.

Instagram Stories content is not displayed in the usual profile content grid or the Instagram feed.

Rather than that, Stories are displayed in a bar across the top of the feed:

Instagram stories
How To Use Instagram Stories For Business 5

When users post an Instagram Story, the profile image is enhanced with a colorful ring to notify other users.

Simply tap on someone’s profile photo to access their Story. Their Story will load in full-screen mode, and you’ll be able to see everything they’ve posted in the last 24 hours.

While viewing a Story, you can advance or rewind by tapping the left and right sides of the screen.

Finally, unlike most social media posts, Stories do not allow public likes or comments.

 How Do Instagram Stories Work?

According to the platform’s statistics, Instagram Stories currently boasts 500 million daily active users.

Additionally, Instagram revealed that Stories had prompted users to engage with the site for more extended periods and more frequently.

Since Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, there is a sense of urgency that most other forms of social sharing lack.

Instagram stories

This presents an extraordinary chance to capture the public’s attention.

As Gary Vaynerchuk puts it, “What matters is not how many followers you have, but how many care.” It is not width but the depth that matters. It is not the number of perceptions that matters, but the quality of attention.”

And it is in this arena that Instagram Stories fully thrive.

The medium is ideal for clear, honest, and real-time content – in other words, content with authority.

And the best part is that it is entirely free because let’s face it, many marketing tools will be obsolete in 2021.

How Long Do Instagram Stories Last?

Instagram Stories usually are only available for 24 hours before they expire.

However, this is not the case with certain Instagram stories that contain video content. Instagram will play the video for up to 15 seconds before switching to the next piece of content.

Therefore, if you upload a video that exceeds 15 seconds, the app will cut it into 15-second segments for your Story. Then, utilize an Instagram video editing app to segment a lengthier video into 15-second segments for posting as a Story.

How to Create an Instagram Story

To create a new Story, tap or swipe to the right on the camera icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Then, Instagram will display the Instagram Story creator:

When creating a new Instagram Story, users now have two

Primary options:

1. Select a photo or video from your smartphone’s camera roll.

2. Use the app to add new content.

Your device’s content must have been created within the

last 24 hours. Swipe up or tap on the icon to add content from your device.

Then, you’ll see the most recent photos in your camera roll, and you can choose which ones to include in your Story.

It’s worth mentioning that the optimal Instagram Story dimensions are 1080px wide by 1920px tall, with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

You may use these measurements to create a unique image or video for your Instagram Stories, as GoPro demonstrated in this post:

If you want to create your bespoke graphic, try using one of the many free online design tools available, such as Canva.

Instagram stories template on canva
How To Use Instagram Stories For Business 6

To be sure, Instagram offers a variety of various ways to capture content. Consider each of them.

The Different types of Instagram Stories

You can create a variety of Instagram Stories within Instagram.

Currently, the Instagram Story Maker offers ten distinct options for capturing fresh content.

They are accessible by scrolling left and right at the bottom of the screen:

Type #1 of Instagram Story: Stop-Motion

This option enables you to create brief animations from images, a la an old-fashioned flipbook.

Take a series of photos one by one to create a stop-motion sequence. When done, tap “Done” at the top of the screen to watch your stop-motion animation come to life!

Alright, what else are is it worth doing?

Type #2 of Instagram Story: Boomerang

The Boomerang setting creates an animation by taking a burst of photos that loop repeatedly.

Once you’ve tapped the main icon, the screen will flash in rapid succession while the photos are captured. While this occurs, make a little action toward the camera, such as blinking or taking a step forward.

If you’re a fan of this feature, Instagram offers a dedicated Boomerang app for creating Boomerang animations to share on other platforms.

Type #3 of Instagram Story: Superzoom

Superzoom lets you zoom in on a specific feature while

adding a sound effect, resulting in a comical or dramatic video clip.

To begin, select a style by tapping the small music icon in the center of the screen. You can choose from four options:

• Bounce

• Dramatic

• Beats

• Television Show

Following that, tap the area of your screen that you’d like to zoom in on, and the camera will highlight it with a white rectangle.

Then, tap the record icon — and maintain control of the camera!

Type #4 of Instagram Story: Normal

This is the initial setting displayed when the Story maker is opened.

As previously explained, you can use Normal to snap photos, record videos, or upload content from your camera roll.

Type #5 of Instagram Story: Rewind

This type enables you to record a video in reverse. It works especially effectively with videos that include full-body movements like running or dancing.

Type #6 of Instagram Story: Hands-Free

This setting enables you to record video without touching your smartphone’s screen.

It’s ideal for tutorials and demonstrations of exercises.

Type #7 of Instagram Story: Music

This option enables you to record a video to a specific

music track or to include music into a picture. To begin, search for and select the song you want to add to your Story.

After that, you’ll be able to browse to the point in the song where you want the music to begin.

When ready, tap the musical notes icon to capture a photo or tap-and-hold to record a video to the music.

Type #8 of Instagram Story: Focus

This option allows you to isolate a specific feature while blurring the background.

In professional photography, this is referred to as a shallow depth of field, and it works particularly well for portraits.

Again, tap the large icon once to take a photo and tap-and-hold to record a video.

Type #9 of Instagram Story: Type

This setting creates a vibrant backdrop for your words to stand out.

Simply tap the icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen to change the color, and then tap the icon at the top to choose a font style.

Type #10 of Instagram Story: Live

This is the method by which you can go live on Instagram, simply tap “Begin Live Video,” and Instagram will notify your followers that you have gone live!

Bear in mind that unless you save your video to your camera roll, it will disappear from the app as it is complete.

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Instagram Stories Tips and Tricks

Want to spice up your Instagram story? Here are a few top ways to enhance your Story’s visibility:

1. Incorporate Face Filters Into Your Story

Are you sick of selfies? Consider this feature!

Face filters make it simple to add bunny ears, a flower crown, or glasses to your photos. Additionally, these animations are interactive and react to your movements.

To use the face filters, change to the front-facing camera mode and tap the happy face icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Then, you can scroll through the several available filters to select one that appeals to you.

Below is an example of using the most popular Instagram

Stories face filter: puppy ears!

2. Embellish Your Instagram Story With Text

While this may appear to be a simple task, the text tool is incredibly versatile and adaptable, letting you customize the font, color, effect, size, and location of your text.

To open the text options, simply tap the “Aa” icon at the top of the screen.

To change the font style, tap the “Classic.”

button in the upper middle of the screen. Following that, you have five options:

• Classic

• Modern

• Neon

• Typewriter

• Strong

When it comes to text addition, never underestimate the value of variety. Using a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors can assist in maintaining interest and directing the viewer’s attention to the content you wish to highlight.

Additionally, you may utilize the text tool to incorporate hashtags and tag other accounts:

Simply precede the account’s name with a “@” symbol or a hashtag with a “#” symbol.

When users tap the tags on your Story, a tiny bubble with a link to the hashtag or tagged account appears.

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3. Draw and Paint on Your Instagram Story

Additionally, the markers in Instagram Stories are incredibly versatile. Even minor additions can be practical, as The Minimalists demonstrate:

To start, tap the pencil icon at the screen’s top-left corner.

Then, choose a marker style from the following five options:

• Fine point

• Angled

• Neon

• Chalk

• Eraser

The slider on the left-hand side of the screen allows you to change the size of your paintbrush or pencil.

To choose a general color, tap one of the bottom-of-the-screen options. Alternatively, you can select a custom color by pressing and holding one of the basic colors and dragging your finger over the resulting color palette.

4. Create a Reverse Color Background Effect

Allow me to create a simple technique for creating an eye-catching graphic that shows portions of a photo or video.

After selecting your photo or video, select the marker tool and choose a color. Then, for a few seconds, press and hold the screen to turn it completely black.

Then, select the eraser tool at the top of the screen and use it to reveal the hidden image or video!

5. Swipe to Use a Filter in Your Story

Since Instagram’s start, image filters have existed – and Instagram Stories make excellent use of them.

Swiping left or right adds a filter.

Add Your Instagram Story with Stickers

There is an abundance of fantastic stickers available.

Simply tap the square smiling face icon at the top of the screen to enter the sticker library.

Let’s take a deeper look at a few of the most popular sticker options.

1. Location Stickers

This is the most frequently used Instagram stories sticker.

Consider the following from the artisan bracelet brand BreakTime:

Not only does it inform viewers of your location, but it also has the potential to expand the audience for your Story.

This is because Instagram aggregates the most popular. Stories from each location into a separate location Story. These can be found in the “Explore” feed or by conducting a location search.

2. Hashtag Stickers

Similarly, the hashtag sticker allows you to provide viewers with more context.

Again, if your Story does well, it may be included in the hashtag’s Story, increasing your views!

Additionally, your Story’s people may tap the sticker to see the hashtag’s Instagram page and discover related content.

Another fantastic example from BreakTime:

3. Tag Stickers

Tag stickers let you create aesthetically appealing links to other accounts within your Stories.

Additionally, Instagram will alert these users about your Story and allow them to repost it, thereby increasing your brand’s exposure.

4. GIF Stickers

GIFs are an easy way to add your Stories with personality and vitality. Additionally, Instagram has teamed with Giphy, which means many options.

To begin, tap the “GIF” icon.

Then, click on one of the hot GIFs on the front page or use the search box at the top of the screen to find GIFs.

5. Poll Stickers

Instagram Stories’ polls are a popular feature.

They’re an excellent method to engage with your audience, and you can use them to elicit vital feedback from your followers.

When making an Instagram story poll, you have two different sorts of poll stickers to pick from A/B polls and slider polls.

A/B Polls allow you to pose questions and present users with two possible responses. This option typically generates the most engagement and provides the most precise feedback.

Write your question and make changes to the two response options.

Slider polls get responses from viewers by letting them slide a bar sideways and submit their responses as a percentage.

Simply type your question and write the corresponding emoji for an answer. Swipe left to access additional emojis.

6. Countdown Stickers

One of the greatest Instagram story stickers available,

countdown stickers allow you to add an interactive countdown to your Story.

Once you’ve chosen an image or video to share as a Story,

tap the Stickers button, followed by the Countdown button.

When someone hits your countdown sticker, they’re taken to a screen where they may create an alert for the timer’s end time or date.

After the countdown is complete, everybody who has subscribed to a reminder will receive an alert.

Countdown stickers are ideal for sharing contests that are time-sensitive.

When the contest begins, share an Instagram story with a countdown sticker to remind people that they only have limited time to post their entries and participate.

Share Your Instagram Story

Once you’ve completed your Instagram Story, remember to download your image or video if you wish to retain it.

To execute this, simply tap “Save.”

When ready, tap “Your story” to publish your Instagram Story.

Congratulations on sharing a remarkable Instagram Story!

How to Use Instagram Stories

IG Stories’ characteristics make them excellent for a wide variety of marketing strategies. The following are a few excellent practices for utilizing Instagram Stories to their full potential.

1. Host a Story Takeover

Takeovers of your Instagram Stories are when someone temporarily “takes over” your account to provide your followers a real-world viewpoint on your items or brand.

You can collaborate with an influencer or customer to manage the content for your Stories, providing insight into not only your offerings but also your advocate’s opinions and tips.

Sephora enabled an influencer to comment about a product it recently added to its inventory during a recent influencer Story takeover.

By allowing the influencer to exhibit the item, Sephora infused its Instagram account with a new, personal voice while demonstrating how actual people trust the brand.

2. Tease Something Special

Teasers that keep your followers guessing are among the best Instagram stories strategies currently available.

Utilizing Stories to tease an impending event or product instills a sense of exclusivity in your followers.

And their innate curiosity compels them to return for the big reveal.

For instance, Bougie Bands, a handcrafted headbands brand, created a Story to tease a forthcoming product.

Their Story image gives followers a glimpse of the new product.

This type of dynamic content is perfect for piquing the interest of followers.

3. Share Stuff That Your followers Will Love to Screenshot

While stories expire after 24 hours, you can still post stuff your followers will want to screenshot and store for future reference.

This should assist keep your firm at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Jessica Holmes, a dessert champion, accomplishes this with the assistance of recipes.

What Is the Runtime of Instagram Stories?

As previously stated, Instagram Stories remain visible on your profile for 24 hours before deleting.

However, the videos you add to your Instagram Story have a 15-second runtime.

Despite the 15-second time limit, some apps will extend the duration of a video in your Instagram Story.

Story Cutter and Continual are two apps that will assist you in slicing recordings longer than 15 seconds into discrete 15-second chunks.

You can add each clip to your Story for them to play in order.

The Advantages of Using Instagram Story Highlights

Exploiting IG Story highlights is one of the best

Instagram Stories hacks I’d recommend to you.

While normal Instagram Stories expire after 24 hours, this

feature allows you to “pin” Stories to your profile indefinitely.

Savvy brands leverage Story highlights to promote their

most vital information, updates, and deals.

We’ve picked Stories on the Oberlo Instagram account that

link to some of our best resources for people looking to establish an online empire.

To use story highlights, begin by creating a new story similar to before.

Once your Story has been published, open it and tap “Highlight” in the bottom left-hand corner.

After that, you can continue to add as many bits of your Story as you wish to your highlight. Finally, provide a title for your highlight and click “Add.”

How to Tell People Who Viewed Your Instagram Story

After you’ve published a story, you may see how many people viewed it and from which accounts.

To do so, swipe up from the bottom left-hand side of the screen when watching your own Story, or tap the “Seen by” icon on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

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How Do I Add a Link in My Instagram Story

Once you’ve reached 10,000 followers or more, Instagram allows you to include links in your Story.

This feature is ideal for promoting your website, a particular product, a recent blog post, or even an affiliate offer.

This is very handy for Story highlights elements. Simply select the link icon at the top of the screen and enter the link to include. Then, before tapping “Done,” tap “Preview Link” to verify that it works.

Then, at the bottom of the Story, viewers will see the text “See More,” with an arrow urging them to swipe up to open the link.


When used well, Instagram Stories are a highly effective tool and the features available provide an infinite canvas for creation! Regardless of how you use Stories, keep an eye on engagement and relationship building with your audience.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Which feature are you looking forward to utilizing next?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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