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How To Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online

I will demonstrate how Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online and surfing the web. 


And, while that may sound inconceivable, I have personally experienced its efficacy. 

Indeed, it does work. Thus, read to the end because this promises to be a good one.


So, in this write-up, to begin, we’ll dissect how to make $30 an hour by simply browsing the internet and watching videos.

And I discovered this method while assisting a friend with software development.

And we had issues-people got confused during the signup process about how to sign up for the service. And we were perplexed because to us, signing up ought to be, after all, the most straightforward bit, right?

After all, we built and made the software.


However, we discovered that convincing a person to do what you want with a piece of software, a startup, or a business is significantly more difficult.

Thus, we began thinking to ourselves, “How wonderful it would be if we could simply pay some random person somewhere in the world to use our website and provide us with feedback.”

And, you know, have the person watch how they use it to determine what was confusing and what made sense to make adjustments to user interfaces and such.


As a result, I began searching and acting naturally entrepreneurial as any other entrepreneur would. And I conducted a Google search for user testing, as in how you conduct user testing on your website and similar topics.

And what I discovered was that there is a sizable market for people who want to test the internet and the user interface of their software, not just for businesses and software.

On the other hand, there is a sizable market for individuals willing to test software and watch videos in exchange for compensation.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll demonstrate how to make $30 per hour watching videos online by being compensated by large corporations and software companies from across the globe for simply browsing their websites and watching videos while recording your thoughts and experiences.


That is all there is to it. It almost sounds mind-boggling, don’t you believe? However, you can earn up to $30 per hour doing this; I signed up and tested one myself to ensure it was not a scam; I would never write a review for something that might be a scam. And right now, we’re going to talk about Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online.

Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online :Platform-services that pays

I’ve read through several reviews and testimonials. And there are only three to six that are worthwhile, have a long history, pay you the money, and are not a complete waste of time or a scam.

However, we’ll discuss the three best services for accomplishing this. As a result, I went through literally hundreds of these websites for you, conducting BBB and Trust Pilot checks.

Thus, the three sites we’ll discuss will pay you $10 for each test that takes between five and twenty minutes, and occasionally even longer.

Therefore, if the test takes 20 minutes and you earn $10 per test, you earn $30 per hour. Therefore, let’s take a look at the top three sites for this, as well as some tips and tricks for maximizing your earnings in the least amount of time.

Therefore, let us begin. The following are the top three websites, in order of least two best. 

Try My UI: The first is titled “Try My User Interface.” On Try My User Interface in its entirety, as you’d see, the platform is one of the best three services where you can earn $30 per hour.

Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online
How To Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online 4

You’ll make $10 for each test; a typical test takes about 20 minutes in my experience, but it could take anywhere between five and thirty minutes, which means you’ll still earn $10, as such, $10 times 12 equals $120 an hour when you do the test in five minutes.

Nota bene: Rushing through the tests to make the most money is not always the best course of action.  

Userlytics is the other option. Here you will be compensated 510, 15, 20, or different amounts upon approval of your test results for the user test project.

Capture 4
How To Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online 5

Certain projects pay you up to $90 for having fun expressing yourself while surfing the web. That is all. 

User Testing: User testing is a large company, certainly not the least, the service makes for the granddaddy of them all, and you will be compensated $10 per test via PayPal.

Capture 2
How To Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online 6

The video will last approximately 20 minutes. The test will last 20 minutes, and you will get paid $10 for each test. Three tests will take an hour, and you will be compensated at a rate of $30 per hour. 

How does it work?

So, how does “Make $30 An Hour Watching Videos Online” work in practice? It is as straightforward as it sounds. , folks. You sign up for user testing and are ready to go as long as you have some basic information.

Access to a laptop equipped with a standard recording system, your brain=a capacity to speak, and a very basic understanding of English is all that is required to make money.

Furthermore, most of these websites offer tests that can be completed on smartphones and other mobile devices.

As a result, you will not require a laptop at all. Thus, when you register for these tests, you will receive a set of instructions, such as “Register for the website,” and stuff.

When I signed up for mine, I signed up for a school website, a college website of sorts, and instructed me to create an account, so I clicked the buttons, some like interacting with the top bar.

And it took me about seven or ten minutes to complete, and they promptly sent me $10 via PayPal. 

As a result, it was extremely straightforward and simple—probably the easiest $10 I’ve ever earned. No, scratch that. It’s perhaps not the easiest $10 ever. However, it is most likely close. 

I’d practically read the question aloud and spoke through the entire process; I’d say stuff like, Okay, this is pretty obvious that I click here to register, I like the outline of the registration box, and the top bar looks great.

It was a natural process. It was straightforward and uncomplicated. I didn’t have any questions as I went through this process.

Then, if you ever become perplexed, you can discuss it and such. Thus, it is an excellent way to make $30 an hour watching video online with little to no upfront capital; all you need is an elementary level of English, a computer or smartphone, and, of course, a brain, as well as the willingness and time to participate.


Isn’t that an extremely uncommon occurrence? Nothing is required to get started. And you can start earning money almost immediately by simply exchanging your time, which is an excellent idea.

However, as with most things in life, it almost always is when something appears too good to be true.

And what I mean by that, in this case, is that the website has one significant flaw. Isn’t it true that you are limited to the number of tests you can take?

You cannot sit for 100 consecutive tests and earn tenfold that amount, or $1,000. In reality, that is not the case; each week, you are limited to a certain number of tests.

The solution 

However, as is customary, I have a solution for you, sign up for all of these websites concurrently. Following that, you’ll be able to take multiple tests per week on each site, which means you’ll earn more money if you use them all.

Thus, I registered to Try my UI, which is Try My User Interface, and my Userlytics, and for the User Testing, I had signed up for all of them. And for each site, you’d be assigned five tests per week, ten tests per week, or whatever the case may be.

How To Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online Recommendation 

There are three other websites with honorable mention. That is to say; they are not as successful or as reputable.

They are not as common or as old as the mainstream ones. They do not have nearly as many positive testimonials and feedback. I have not used any of them; however, they still seem to lack credibility. 

The websites appear to be a viable option if you want access to more tests, which means you can earn more money.

So the final three that I recommend only after signing up for these three (Try my UI, User Testing & Userlytics), which are the most popular, have the most reviews, the most extended history, and have paid out the most money.

Right, the other three that I’d recommend if you want to make more money include, &

They are all essentially the same service, albeit with lower prestige and fewer reviews, but they remain a viable option. Thus, if you’re new to this, this is an excellent way to make money.

And to begin with, you have virtually no money. To me, one of the most remarkable aspects of it is how enjoyable it is. I am a fan of graphical user interfaces as well.

I enjoy reviewing and critiquing design because I have previously written software, which I enjoy doing. There is no indication that it is monotonous.

It does not appear tedious to me; in fact, I would much rather do a user interface review than, say, accounting, which requires lots of work hours input a week.

As a result, this is probably not the worst-case scenario. It’s a fantastic way to make money if you’re starting with nothing.

Because at first, you have a lot of time and little money, but as you earn more money, you find yourself with more money and less time.

Thus, you initially require more time and make less money, but as an entrepreneur progresses, you earn more money and spend less time.

Read also: Free Guide To Making $100 Per Day On Youtube

Thus, the allure of these is that all you need to do is exchange your time for money. Additionally, you can earn a significant amount of money while sitting at your computer, which is unusual, especially when you start for free.

And, of course, this is not intended to be a career or a way of life.

Prudence dictates that when you complete the tasks and tests, save every dollar you earn, and then invest it in a truly scalable business model such as Shopify, Amazon FBA, or starting a Facebook marketing agency.

Then you can begin building a full-time income and eventually abandon your 9-to-5 job, which is the entire point of How to Make $30 An Hour Watching Videos Online.

Summary on How Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online

There is a sizable market for people who want to test the internet and their software’s user interface.

Three sites-Userlytics, Try my UI & User Testing will pay you $10 for each test that takes between five and twenty minutes.

Some projects compensate you up to $90 for having fun expressing yourself. 

All you need is a basic level of English, a computer or smartphone, and a brain. If the test takes 20 minutes and you earn $10 per test, you make $30 per hour in earnings.

It’d mean the world to me if you enjoyed this article.

I want to ask three things: hit the LIKE button, leave your best comment, and share this post on How to Make $30 Per Hour Watching Videos Online; best ways to make money online.

And until we meet again, have a fruitful grind.


I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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