Why sell candles online on Shopify?  Lately, there has been a fire going in the candle industry with a developing rate of whopping 3.1% each year since the year of 2011, which makes it the generator of $3.1 billion revenue in the USA alone. In the USA only a rough estimate of 70%  households are currently using candles, which has opened up the door to a diverse market to sell to.

Nowadays candles are not just limited to the use of lighting in the dark. The use of candle has gone into diversity, and now candles are used for a wide range of purposes like relaxation, decor, celebrations like birthdays or weddings and peaceful strikes, etc. Which is an excellent opportunity for you to sell your product in different types of niches. Candles also serve the purpose of gifting.

Why sell candles online

They can be a great housewarming party gift or a birthday gift etc. The lesson to take from why sell candles online is that there are a lot of possibilities for marketing your candle store for a variety of special events and occasions.

How to Perfectly make candles at home

Making of candles is a piece of cake, meaning you can quickly cook candles in your kitchen. You will need candle making supplies from your local store or from online retailers who are specialized in candle-making such as Candles and supplies.


To manufacture a candle from scratch, you will need the below-given supplies:

  • Soy Wax
  • Wicks with anchors
  • Candle color blocks
  • Fragrance of your choice
  • Candle jars (these can be mason jars or any standard glass jar of your choosing)

Once you have the supplies, you are ready to produce:

Tidiness is of great importance here, so make sure to wash your jars to remove any dirt from them properly.

Now you will have to place the anchor and the wick at the bottom of the jar and then add a touch of hot wax to secure the anchor in place. Then set the jar aside.

After that, you will have to melt the soy wax.  To do so, you will have to place the soy wax into a pot which is already filed water after that, boil it at the medium heat until the wax melts completely.

To add fragrance, place a few drops of your scent in the melted wax. If you want to add color, you can mix in some color blocks to experiment different colors. You can add different colors to create multicolored candle like a tutti-frutti candle for a children’s birthday party.

But remember not to make all candles of like that if your niche is different. Once you have added fragrance and color blocks, stir the mixture to make sure the blocks and fragrance have spread evenly.

Pour the mixture you have created of wax into the jar before it becomes solid, make sure the wick stays in center. Remember to pour the mixture slowly to avoid any spilling over the sides of the jar.

Once done, let the wax harden to become an entirely new candle. Make sure to wait for 12 to 15 hours, because wax at top hardens quickly, but in the middle and end, it takes time to freeze thoroughly.

Once the candles have hardened, trim your wicks if it is necessary and then place your brand label on the candle. You can put a simple sticker as the label with your company’s logo on it, maybe with some info about your business, it’s entirely up to you!

Marketing your candles

Women have purchased 90% of the candles sold. So if you decide to create an ad for your candle business, target women, because it can be a more significant sales opportunity. If you choose to target men, then you will have to use manly scents in the candle and will have to go creative to make candles appealing, as men do not use candles for decoration purposes.

The three-quarter of candle consumer says that fragrance is essential for a candle. You can differentiate your brand from other brands by adding unique and variety of scents to your candles like a collection of floral scent, candy scent, outdoor scent and much more!

It’s entirely up to you to experiment with your creativity. But remember one thing, the more non-traditional your scents are, the more focused your marketing strategy should be.

Blogging, a great way to market Your Candles

Nowadays it is a trend to read blogs more than newspapers, so you should create blogs to reach your customers and potential customers.You can set up  a blog section on your Shopify store. Some ideas for a great blog are:

  • 10 Ways to Use Candles for Relaxation
  • Favorite and optimal candle fragrances for Home.
  • How do candles aid in meditation?

Since candles are considered great birthday gifts, you can target birthday freebies groups to reach people of all demographics.

Candle Shopify Business model

A single candle can be sold at a price of 10$ to 25$ depending on the size of its jar and the costs of the goods. Your candle in a glass jar is fragile due to the breakage of glass, so make sure to include a special delicate packaging into your shipping costs for your business to remain profitable.

You can also sell other related products with your candles like scented and relaxation oil for mediation but make sure to include calming fragrances.I hope you are leaning something on what you need to sell candles online more so on Shopify.

Some DIY Tips


In the DIY business, your production can eat up all of your time to run your business. So you should think about the tasks that you can outsource without compromising the production aspect and the quality of your candles.

For Example: If you have a business of stuff toys production. You can outsource the cutting, filling, and sewing of the fabric while you can focus on the fine details and construction of the toy. You can also hire an intern to help you with management, shipping, customer service or automated business tasks.

Don’t undervalue your work:

While putting the prices of your handmade product, you can underestimate it, because you made it yourself and no machinery was used. But the artistry that you used and the uniqueness of your product has a value. Follow general guidelines for e-commerce pricing and make sure to include the labor while pricing for the product.

Educate Your Customers about your candles

Products that are handmade needs to be priced higher due to their uniqueness, ethical production, craftsmanship and being one of a kind. You need to educate people about that by including that information on your site including the product pages and FAQs. You need to tell customers why it is worth paying the price you are putting.

Tell your story through the products

Telling your story about the handmade products, how they are made, your personal journey, how you get inspiration for the products you are selling, etc. can be a great way of marketing your brand and yourself too. You can create vlogs and upload them on your blog’s page on shopify.

Build a consistent voice on social media to represent yourself and your products in that way when you will be known among people, your credibility will increase, and your new line of products will have a higher chance of getting sales.

Consider made-to-order and custom

You can put a unique request page on your product’s website and include it in your ads because custom made to order feature can be an excellent attraction for customers. In handmade goods it is not difficult to make products according to your customer’s need, you will be doing the same process that you would’ve done otherwise, but you can charge more.

When you offer custom or made-to-order service to your customer, don’t forget to communicate your production time as well as your shipping time.

Start your home-made candle store today!

The one of the easiest way to start a business is through candles, as they are easy to make, by literally setting up your production house in your kitchen. So why not Sell Candles Online  Today!

It is very easy to start just sign up on Shopify and start your journey,you can dropship products from Aliexpress if you decide to start dropshipping business.


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