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What Do You Get With Shopify Basic Plan And Is It Worth It?

There are a lot of Shopify plans that you can sift through when launching your online store. But which one is right for you and your company? Is it a Shopify Basic Plan?


Whether you aim to be the next Amazon or you want to see if your handmade jewelry could become a secondary revenue stream, your online store begins with a web host.

Shopify’s reputation is well-regarded in the online retail world.


Surely, by now, you’ve been sucked in by the free trial, but once those 14 days are up, it’s time to pay the piper.

And that means picking a plan. Let’s delve into each Shopify plan’s features, considering pricing, payment features, and other factors to help you make the optimal decision for your budding business.

If you’re manufacturing your products, doing white labeling or dropship, Shopify has a perfect strategy that suits all your size and needs.

Today we’re going to look at the Shopify Basic Plan, which costs as low as $29 a month. We’ll think in and discuss briefly it in a nutshell.


Overview of Shopify Plan and features of basic Shopify plan

Let us get started!

Shopify has several plans. These are:

  • Shopify Lite plan
  • Basic Shopify plan
  • Shopify plan
  • Shopify plus plan
  • Advanced Shopify Plan

Shopify Lite Plan Features

The Shopify Lite plan is a platform for social sales, which costs $9 a month. It doesn’t allow you to create a platform website, but you can use Shopify’s payment processing system.

The Lite plan is the most economical of all the plans, but you have to sell your goods on social media sites or other platforms to create the site.

Capture 1

The Lite Plan allows you to accept payments via credit card through the Shopify point-of-sale (POS).

It is an app you can add to your Android device or iOS device. From there, to close a deal, you enter your buyer’s credit card information.


The Main, Shopify and Advanced plans aim at small and medium-sized enterprises.

Shopify Basic Plan

You can develop a fully functioning online store with these three plans, create and delegate personnel accounts, items included, and transactions generated online.

Shopify Plus is a strategy for big business on an enterprise basis. Businesses that usually process at least 500 orders a day use this best.

How much does it cost? To get a quote for Shopify Plus pricing, you must contact Shopify.

Shopify Basic Plan Features

Let us now talk about what the Shopify Basic Plan features and benefits you will receive.

Note, this plan costs $29 a month, and if you’re a novice, this is the perfect choice if you want to create your e-commerce store on the Shopify platform.

Shopify website | Online Store

An online store is an actual website the clients are using.

It includes different pages showing the goods, terms and conditions, policies for refund, and more.

You have the option of using Shopify Free Themes with the basic kit. The workings of the themes are so straightforward.

What Do You Get With Shopify Basic Plan And Is It Worth It? 11

All you have to do is pick one that’s free, and then you can customize it.

Think of it as a template that will take care of the rest, where you need to fill in the details, the Product photos, and the homepage set up.

You may also change the color schemes so that the context of the borders and the Website matches your company’s colors.

The online shop also has a blog attached. There is a choice where you can upload your blog post, Tag them in a category, and build sections that will turn into drop-downs. That makes navigating your blog easier for your clients.

Shopify Basic Plan

The Shopify online store also allows you to create groups of goods called collections, where you can upload your items for sale in various groupings.

For example, all pants are part of the Pants collection, and all t-shirts are part of the t-short collection.

Capture 2

Various designs are in various types. Whatever the Shopify fees you pay, most themes are free.

You can create a store and customize it with Shopify basic, and this store had already being hosted, so you don’t have to pay for a hosting web service.

There are over hundreds of topics that you can use-free and charged. Shopify itself has about nine free themes from which you can choose.

You can add items in this shop, create product pages, write posts, create collections, and add terms and conditions, privacy policy, shipping policy, and so on to your Website.

It is a completely functional website with a home page, menus for navigation, banners for heroes, video banners, pages, etc.

The store you can create with this plan is a fully functioning website for e-commerce, including adding buttons to cart, shopping cart, and checkout systems.

All in all, this Website is a full website where you can run an online company, process orders, issue refunds, and build pages for the product.

2. Unlimited products

You can post unlimited items to your store for that simple package. What do you mean by that?

Some e-commerce sites restrict the number of items that can be featured in your shop.

Capture 3
What Do You Get With Shopify Basic Plan And Is It Worth It? 12

They do this because your Website uses up the server bandwidth for every word and picture you upload into your shop.

It can slow down services provided by the web host. The thing is if you want to put up a bigger store, they’ll charge you more money.

Shopify is not doing so. 

You can have only as many things as you want with the Basic package. This function is perfect for business people who have huge inventories.

It is perfect for retailers, like clothes shops, which have a lot of inventories. So essentially, no matter how many items you upload, Shopify will charge you no extra.

Usually, most e-commerce sites would limit you to 50 items. If you plan on selling more, they will push you to switch to a higher tier or schedule.

The problem with this kind of set-up is that you haven’t yet sold anything, and maybe they charge you more.

There is no limit on the number of items in the Basic Plan to add to your shop. You can also upload as many different products as you like, unlike other e-commerce sites.

It is perfect for businesses with an extensive catalog and dropshippers trying to sell more than 50 items. 

I’ve seen some web store sites where you’re limited to only ten items, and when you need to add more, you need to upgrade.

Staff accounts

A staff account is someone’s account that will help you manage your Website (if you wish to use this feature).

You can add two staff accounts to the Standard Shopify pricing plan, like your account, the owner’s account.

Capture 4
What Do You Get With Shopify Basic Plan And Is It Worth It? 13

What are you doing this for?

Some entrepreneurs would rather concentrate on publicity and outsource the operation of the store to others.

You may add a trusted employee with a personnel account to run your shop. 

Except for changing passwords, modifying your financial or payment systems, and other essential aspects of your company, the staff can do almost anything you can.

Your workers can upload items, update details about the product, and make changes to your Website’s look and feel.

Your employees can also post blog posts or update pages containing your shipping rates, terms and conditions, and return policies. Often employees can handle customer orders.

Shopify Basic Plan

If you run a dropshipping shop, it’s essential to hire an assistant to fill orders, because it will give you time to concentrate on other things. The best part of the personnel accounts is that the staff can operate remotely.

You can recruit anyone from the other side of the planet, and from anywhere, they can access the Admin page of your shop.

In this plan, various people can be allocated tasks and their rights selected. If you have a store manager, you will allow her access to process purchases, issue refunds, and complete orders.

If not, you can delegate restricted rights to other staff members and only allow them to make changes to product specifications, upload and remove items, or build new pages of collections.

 24/7 support

One thing you will need once you put into creating an online store is support from a Shopify expert Especially when you are a newbie in the business, and you will have a lot of questions regarding your online store

You might need advice on setting up shipping rates, adding a domain, and changing theme colors.

On the basic Shopify Plan, all you need to do is click on the “Contact Us” button on the Shopify website, and you’ll be given the option to diagnose your problem yourself.

If you cannot solve it by yourself, you can log in to your account and click on the “Support” connection, where you will also find a chat section with an agent.

Shopify has no phone-support system.

Service can be requested by email or chat only. Generally speaking, the agents who represent you are highly supportive and knowledgeable about any questions you pose against them.

Do not confuse an App-Agent for Shopify. 

When you’re using a Shopify store app, that’s quite a different business.

A support agent for Shopify can only provide you with anything that applies to Shopify itself. I would advise you to check out Shopify University.

It’s the organization’s knowledge base where you can find the solution to almost any problem you may face in a shop’s construction and operation.

Shopify offers support for users who pay t 24/7. There are three platforms you can get help via — chat, speech, and email.

As a paying subscriber, if you need an immediate response, your best choice is to chat. 

If you’re from the US, you call the customer service hotline but have no hotline for any of their support. But it does have a contact number to help those living in the UK.

Sales channels

A sales channel is another platform where you can get your goods shown. Facebook is one example of that.

So what’s making this feature attractive?

You need to build an account for that social network if you want to sell on social media then post all the goods and reviews to that social media site.

You are getting this for free with the simple Shopify plans. What that means is you have to add your Facebook account, and Shopify will upload all your items automatically!

In addition to the Facebook profile, consumers can also search your goods through the Messenger app.

Your Website is your online sales platform. You may also add a few more. Notice that those channels are available depending on your region.

Here are all the different types of sales channels you can use:

Amazon: If you have an Amazon Seller Account, Shopify will display all of your items in Amazon’s online store.

Facebook: Integrate a Facebook page that you created on Facebook, and Shopify will load all of your collections in it.

Pinterest: You can pin the Shopify items from Shopify at Pinterest. All your items in the online store will show up in your Pinterest account, and you can sell from there.

  • Instagram: You can integrate your Shopify store and add your product photos on Instagram if you’re popular on Instagram and if you’re an influencer selling products.

Messenger: Shopify will allow your Facebook messenger to have a menu where customers can search on a carousel. 

Also, there will be descriptions of the items, and they can buy Messenger.

If this isn’t enough for you, you can use other social media channel-specific Shopify applications.

With this package, your Shopify store can be integrated with other advertising platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.

What do you mean by that?

If you choose to integrate your store with your Facebook profile, your Shopify store’s items will appear on your Facebook Shop. If you delete one product from Shopify, it will be removed by Facebook too.

Pricing isn’t an issue. Your social media app will duplicate every detail found on your Shopify page.

These two will integrate, with your primary source of knowledge being Shopify.

The places you can incorporate and the social media networks depend on your country. For example, Shopify’s Asian countries have no integration with Amazon, but Facebook and Instagram are optional.

Manual order creation

After convincing a person in face-to-face conversation, there are occasions when you can make a deal and then take the cash in person. 

An individual can even call you occasionally and put an order over the phone.

This customer never went to your Shopify store in this situation, and he probably doesn’t want to go through the trouble of searching your online store.

If you want to get into dropshipping, how will you fulfill this request because you don’t have the inventory?

The answer is manual order creation.

It is a process where you manually input the order in your Shopify admin page, and The order will then be handled just as usual. 

It would be best if you used Shopify Mobile to do this. It is an app that lets you accept cash and payments via credit card on your computer.

If you do not wish to use the app, you can use the default Drat Order functionality. The presumption in this order is that it is not payable yet.

The process involves creating an invoice your customer receives through email. As usual, after they receive the payment, your online store will process the order.

Manual order creation means the Shopify subscriber enter your customer’s details because you sold a product offline.

A neighbor may have stopped by your house, for example, and ordered your product. In this situation, you could have been paid in cash by the neighbor.

You need to insert this order in your dashboard to keep your record correct so the reports will represent the sale.

This should allow you to maintain accurate records for taxes or any other purposes it can serve.

Discount codes

When costumers put orders in their shopping carts, there are occasions only to change their minds and completely abandon the order. If it does, you’ve just missed a deal.

There is a method called the recovery of discarded cards. This works if the customer has already filled out his contact information with the checkout tab’s email address.

You can take advantage of this with the Simple Shopify package to send personalized emails to customers who have left their shopping cart.

You will generate discount codes for your customers on this plan. You can create a discount from the backend, generate the code, and then turn it on.

You can give the code to your customers once it is enabled. The discount will apply if they use the code during checkout.

There are two discount styles which you can create:

The percentage-the store will automatically add a percentage discount to the purchase by the customer.

Set price-a, fixed dollar amount of the overall sales price will be taken off.

When the discount codes download, or when they will expire, you are in charge. Everything you need to do is go to the dashboard with discount code and toggle the settings.

Free SSL certificate

What is SSL?

It stands for Secure Socket Layer. Encryption technology ensures that the information transmitted between your Website and your customer’s browser is safe and secure padlock close up.

This prevents hackers from getting information intercepted between you and your customers.

All web browsers will now send an alert to a customer if the Website they are attempting to access is unsafe. If that happens, the user gets something like this:

“It’s not a safe website you’re trying to reach. Are you sure you want to go ahead?”

Quite definitely, no, the client would not go forward. If your Website does not have an SSL, your clients will never access your Website.

SSL is not usually a Free Service. It is a certificate you must renew each year. But it’s cheap, with Shopify.

Once people go to your online store, they would see either a padlock icon at the URL or the letters “HTTPS, ” which means that your Website is very secure.

 Abandoned cart recovery

Customers often fill up their shopping carts, email addresses, and then leave. Perhaps they changed their minds or maybe disrupted their relation.

If this happens, you’ve got a customer who was about to buy but didn’t finish it. With Shopify Basic Plan, you’ll see who these customers are, and you’d have their name, email addresses, and orders recorded.

What is the detail you are doing with?

You remind the customer via email. That can be manually programmed or sent.

You can also get discounts if you want. If you do this, you need to generate a discount code for that customer and make sure the deal works for a limited time.

Shipping discount and shipping labels

In Shopify, you can print your shipping labels using the USPS, UPS, and DHL Express.

 This refers to business people shipping their goods but not to dropshippers. 

With this package, you can get a 64 percent discount from these companies from the ordinary shipping rates.

Shopify transaction fees

As a Shopify Basic Plan subscriber, you will need to pay Shopify a fee for every sale you make successfully. This applies even if you are not using the Shopify payments method to charge your clients.

The fees include:

  • Credit card rates online – 2.9 percent + 30 percent
  • Credit card prices in person – 2.7 percent + 0

If you charged your clients via another payment processing system, Shopify would charge you 2 percent of the transaction cost.

Like the Lite Package, you can also use the Shopify POS app to charge your customers offline or add 3rd party POS apps.

You should go with Shopify when it comes to starting your eCommerce store! Start with the plan for $29, so you can upgrade anytime.

To all my Dropshipping students, I suggest a basic Shopify plan. These pricing plans on the Shopify are competitive.

Try put Shopify basic plan for 14 days

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