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Shopify vs Weebly: Which Is Better for Ecommerce

Are you ready to learn about Shopify vs Weebly? The most important things any entrepreneur can invest in to build a fantastic store are the right tools.

In today’s digital space, making a name for oneself count for more in a crowded market place as opposed to just producing the right goods or services, you want a store that arrests the audience attention and drive sales as well.

Today would-be entrepreneurs have everything going for them, given an array of options to start with, ranging from BigCommerce to WordPress.

In this post, we’ll look at two renowned eCommerce platforms around, Shopify & WordPress.

Both Shopify and Weebly are fashioned-out to simplify the process of building an online store from scratch.

Beginners find user-friendliness in these platforms, thus transcending issues of lacking in coding knowledge to drag-and-drop an ideal website to life.

With that out of the way, it’s vital to point out Shopify, and Weebly to has significant differences between them.

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An Overview: Shopify and Weebly

If you’re in search of a newbie-friendly website builder for an online store, then Shopify and Weebly have you covered.

Over the years, Weebly has earned a reputation as an affordable eCommerce platform, user-friendly, and brimming with features. Furthermore, Weebly’s pricing policy suggests that it’s accessible for even smaller businesses too.

Weebly lends you access to everything from product filter searching, SEO support to free templates for your site design as well as a free plan. Juxtaposed with Shopify, Weebly comes across as a tool putting user-friendliness at the foremost.

On the flip-side, Shopify is most famous as being the ultimate online website builder, helping businesses stand apart with everything from drop shipping solutions, social media integration to certificates, and free SSL too.

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Vis-à-vis tools like Wix and Weebly, Shopify is amongst the most prominent eCommerce platform options in town, with loads of fantastic add-ons and customization tools cut-out to catapult your store to the next level.

Shopify offers dozens of payment methods you can tap into, it supports multiple languages, and grants access to email lists for marketing.

Ultimately, the decision between Shopify and Weebly boils down to determining what you want from your eCommerce store. On both tools, you find basics such as checkout tools, options for accepting payments, and shopping cart.

However, both differ significantly in everything as regard ease of use and customer support.

At the tail of this comparison, Shopify vs Weebly, you should be empowered to pick a winning tool for your eCommerce store after a thorough scrutiny of everything from payment gateways to transaction fees.

Let’s roll.

Shopify vs. Weebly: Merits and Demerits  

At times the easiest thing to do in comparing Shopify vs Weebly involves drafting a list of merits and demerits.

Though your vital positives and negatives on each platform differ subject to what matters you as a store owner.

For this article, the following are the pros and cons of dug out from Shopify vs. Weebly reviews.

Shopify Merits

  • Countless themes: For customization, Shopify has no competition; it has a host of themes, both free and paid to select.
  • Incredible eCommerce: Modern store owners have everything from Shopify as regards creating a valuable store.
  • Extensibility: Shopify delivers countless app extensions alongside various in-built tools.
  • Support: Shopify invariably lends a helping hand via live chat, phone, and email whenever you need- it.
  • Excellent community: Online has plenty of info on how to use Shopify to full potential.

Shopify Demerits 

  • Transaction fees: In the head to head between Shopify vs Weebly, you’d incur charges with Shopify while Weebly doesn’t charge transaction fees. However, with Shopify Payments, you can opt-out of transaction fees.
  • Expenses: On the whole, Shopify is more expensive to use Shopify than Weebly.

Shopify is a stable platform for online and sales, devoted to assisting folks in building eCommerce stores from scratch. It has all as concern running a business, including tons of add-ons and extensions.

On the other hand, a comparison of Shopify vs Weebly reveals that feature-set wise, Weebly gets more limited, it’s easy to set up and also a little less advanced.’

Weebly Merits

  • Great for newbies: You’ve never built a store before? No-fuss. Weebly avails all tools required to get you started in minutes.
  • Excellent pricing:  At a reduced cost, you can get started with Weebly.
  • Various templates: Though limited in number compared to Shopify, Weebly’s themes and templates are modern and easy to use.

Weebly Demerits 

  • A limited number of advanced tools for eCommerce: Weebly comes short in the battle of Shopify vs. Weebly regarding advanced tools.
  • Limited customization: With Weebly’s editor, making changes to your online store can be a hell of a time.

Pricing: Shopify vs. Weebly

When shopping for the right tools, it’s nice to have the option that concentrates exclusively on features of an eCommerce builder. 

Because everything from HTML customization, the number of products to host to access a widget can tilt the scale of a company’s success.

But like it or not, pricing plays a critical part in the decision that you make.

Weebly Pricing  

Weebly offers four different pricing options. Each of these paid plans incorporates various tools that help in selling items online. Also, you can sell unlimited products and digital elements.

Shopify vs.Weebly

Upon upgrading to one of the higher tier plans, you can create coupons for your eCommerce store.

The alternatives include a “free” basic-use solution; however, you only access it if you intend to launch a website and add store functionality later.

If that doesn’t cut it for you, you can try:

  • Pro: $9/month
  • Business: $18/month
  • Business Plus: $28/month

Undoubtedly, it’s pretty cheap running an online store with Weebly.

What’s cool is that choosing among the online store packages gets you a free domain name with your purchase, worth about $20, and $100 in credit for Google ads to kick-off your marketing.

Shopify vs.Weebly

Picking the Business Plus package provides access to email marketing built-in, a cool extra feature for those that want a way of keeping tabs with their leads.

Shopify Pricing

If you go for Shopify for your eCommerce platform, you’ll three Shopify pricing options, and they include:

Obviously, with each Shopify package herein, there’s a lot of expense to factor-in. But the beauty is, all the perks incorporate a selection of comprehensive functionalities to explore.

Shopify Vs Weebly

For instance, Shopify or Advanced Shopify affords gift cards for sales strategy; you can tinker around with app center, and even tweak CSS in building the website.

Both Weebly and Shopify have a lot of great benefits to offer as regards reliable web hosting. Although with Shopify, you’ll pay a lot more, equally, you’ll get a lot more functionalities.

It’s true Weebly is a lot cheaper. Also, it offers fewer tools. The right option for you in this Shopify vs. Weebly spins on whether you’d want to look elsewhere for add-on functionality with Weebly or get everything in one place with Shopify.

Before it escapes my mind, Shopify offers a 90-day free trial to try out the software before you invest real money. Also,read Shopify Pricing- Basic Shopify Vs Shopify Vs Advanced

Sales Features: Shopify vs Weebly 

As a; ready alluded to above, running a successful eCommerce takes more than just finding the cheapest eCommerce platform.

You want to ensure that your eCommerce site has all that’s needed to succeed in your business plan, from fantastic checkout experiences to Google analytics.

You ought to have an easy time setting up everything, that’s the beauty with both Shopify and Weebly have given their ease of use.

Of course, going head-to-head, Weebly will come out tops on ease of use, and probably it’s your go-to of choice.

Weebly Features

With Weebly, you’ll find in one place all that you need to enhance and maintain your store.

Since Weebly’s 2018 acquisition by Square, its tools have undergone a dramatic improvement. Weebly now provides an array of fantastic niche-specific features, ranging from inventory tracking, orders to integrated shopping carts.

Weebly vs shopify

With Weebly, you can build your mobile website, get access to flexible shipping alternatives, filtered product search, physical and digital goods support, coupon codes, inventory management tools, and much more. 

The in-built functionality tool enables website owners to send products domestically and internationally, with real-time rates calculated dynamically using an address, quantity, and weight.

Besides, using features like bulk import and export helps in managing inventory and keep track of the items you sell.

  • With a host of means in making website navigation more relaxed, perhaps are Weebly’s most compelling features. Visitors find what exactly they need with product badges and search. Further, other features include:
  • Customizable checkout pages with payments accepted via Square, Stripe, and Pay Pal.
  • Integrated Shopping carts and Automatic tax calculation
  • Featured customer reviews for social proof
  • Product search support and product badges
  • Gift-card and coupon customization
  • End-to-end customer support
  • Inventory tracking
  • Real-time shipping tools

The technology on Weebly also features useful email marketing crucial in notifying customers about the happenings in your website store from special offers, updates to events, news, et cetera.

Thanks to the ever dynamic-evolving Weebly app store, you can add dimensions like live chat and call-out boxes to your website.

Shopify Features

Shopify conversely has plenty to offer.

Shopify eCommerce platform was-molded to provide teams with everything needed in operating an eCommerce store hassle-free. With a robust storefront boating of over 70 professional themes for pick, Shopify is a breeze.

Capture 42

With Shopify, you’ll browse through countless tools that include solutions making customization and branding of online store easy, to HTML and CSS solutions.

Shopify orients your site to mobile commerce ready, incorporating in-built shopping carts; thus, folks can browse through your online store and purchase what they need on the mobile.

Also, you access your domain name or acquire (buy) one with Shopify and tap into the full blogging platform, something you don’t get with Weebly.

Designing and running your online store is a lot simpler owing to Shopify’s full web-based website builder with functionality such as drag-and-drop feature.

Shopify uniquely stands apart from the crowd due to its multiple integration alternatives and updates. Consequently, it’s possible to enhance the online store’s functionality and performance; however, you choose.

Even there’s the option to synchronize Shopify account with Amazon, link with Google analytics, and also browse through an array of other integration options.

Shopify’s newly introduced Augmented reality tool helps businesses stay ahead of the curve in the shopping process; by letting customers view products from various angles.

Additional features include:

  • Tons of professional free and premium themes
  • Access to your domain name
  • Liaise with experts to build your website
  • Web-based site builder
  • Free SSL certificate for encryption
  • Automatic shipping carrier rates
  • Accept Mastercard, Visa and a range of other credit cards
  • Flexible shipping rates
  • More than 100 payment gateways
  • Abandoned cart checkout recovery
  • Automated tax calculations
  • Dropshipping & fulfillment centers
  • Customer account and profile
  • Email marketing and templates
  • Google AdWords credits
  • SEO optimization
  • Gift-cards & discounts
  • Testimonials and product reviews
  • Inventory management
  • Social network integration
  • Unlimited products
  • Export/import

And the list goes on. Also, you’ll get access to everything from reports that you can export to share with shareholders and team members; to Goggle analytics, dashboard analytics, and unlimited bandwidth for web hosting.

On the whole, Weebly might become a lot more impressive in light of sales features contrariwise; it can’t compete with the Shopify’s massive array of functionalities.

Both Weebly and Shopify provide POS solutions for offline stores. Whereas Weebly’s offline solutions come via Square, you’ll buy Shopify’s POS hardware from the Shopify website.

Customization And Ease of Use: Shopify vs. Weebly

People must enjoy using a product for it to register success in the digital space.

Ecommerce comparison

The incredible thing is that most folks have little to no problem with either Weebly or Shopify.

shopify app store

But as mentioned already in this comparison, Weebly has devotedly invested itself in providing an experience tremendously clear-cut.

Weebly Customization and Design

If you’re a newbie, of course, with zero coding knowledge, Weebly drag-and-drop functionality is for you. Weebly lets you customize your entire web store, freely place elements wherever you choose.

There’s plenty of options as regards customizing color and typography, that means it’s in your hands to ensure your website is unique.

Weebly is awash with professional-looking themes, with professional fashioning the designs to fit your specific niche. Moreover, Weebly has a consistent and clear-cut interface; thus, starting from scratch isn’t as overwhelming.

Granted, Weebly isn’t flawless; you’ll find some hitches with customization and ease of use options.

Though today we’ve more themes than you’d previously find, still you’ll not get anywhere near as much choice as you’d from a competition like Shopify.

Furthermore, with basic themes come issues ranging from limited intuition for shoppers, difficulty in tracking down shipping info to locating the shopping cart on Weebly themes.

Despite Weebly’s website builder tools’ relative ease of use, the tools miss things like keyboard shortcuts and the “undo’ button (jump you back through content), an element that may make life a little easier.

Shopify Customization and Design

For convenience, Shopify is very much akin to Weebly. On this platform, you won’t get a drag-and-drop builder functionality; 

However, you’ll get clear-cut instructions-throughout. Ideally, you should have little to zero trouble building your website.

Even without the drag-and-drop feature, people just love the experience derived from Shopify. You’ll have it easy to set up and customize your store.

Also, Shopify comes with several keyboards shortcuts and undo buttons that facilitate jumping backward through design changes.

Rest assured, your website won’t look similar to the countless competition online since Shopify packs dozens of great themes. Just be cognizant some themes are quite expensive.

However, if you do pick a premium, usually it’s cheaper as opposed to a professional designing your website at a fee.

Shopify isn’t so much a devoted website builder, it’s more inclined as an eCommerce tool, and so it comes with superior design options to Weebly.

You’ll have modern themes from Shopify alongside a host of clearly-laid out action buttons and industry-defined features to explore.

eCommerce Support: Shopify vs. Weebly

We’ve examined the basic features of Weebly and Shopify, scrutinized how simple each tool makes it for businesses to launch their web store.

And so, in this section, we’ll address the eCommerce functionality you’ll get.

Weebly eCommerce Features

Prima facie Weebly is an upfront platform assisting sole entrepreneurs and small companies in getting their websites up and running asap.

Though nowhere as comprehensive as Shopify matters selling features, Weebly still punches above its weight for its worth.

Integrated shopping carts get hold of your customers from the moment they view the product of choice to completion of purchase. 

Weebly lends access to various vital tools making sales easier, including coupon access, inventory tracking. Sadly, there’s no abandoned carts recovery functionality.

Weebly’s major selling point hinges on the fact that you can migrate a store you’ve already built on Weebly’s platform by uploading CSV tools. But even with this element, Weebly lags Shopify as regard functionality.

Much as Weebly integrates with Google analytics, its reporting isn’t-advanced as what you get with Shopify.

On the whole, there’re significant limits on things you can do with Weebly. It suits small businesses-not brands amid growth.

Shopify eCommerce Features

Conversely, Shopify always stands out as the most fully-featured eCommerce platform in the market, brimming with tools to assist you in selling items daily.

Shopify caters to both large and small businesses, with countless solutions for functionality ranging from automated tax calculation to abandoned cart recovery.

With Shopify, you can accept payment methods from more than 70 different environments that include Pay Pal and credit cards. Also, you can receive money in different currencies; in other words, you get more than you’d from Weebly.

Shopify pales Weebly in analytics.

To sell to your customers, you’ve got to have a grasp of them. Shopify via your reporting offers a level of details you won’t get with tools like Weebly. This way, you get what it takes bigger stores to thrive and grow.

 Shopify lets you sell on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, and integrates with your Instagram store. Moreover, you’ve got the alternative to invest in dropshipping with Shopify.

Other tools let you create multiple staff accounts, create your blog, send discount codes, and more-all impeccable to generate traffic. 

The only drawback with Shopify pops up in selling features portending risks in that you might get overwhelmed with the number of tools available.

Shopify vs. Weebly: Customer Support

Excellent customer support, you can keep your business running smoothly. Regardless of how easy to use the platform might be, there’s always a remote chance you’ll need a bit of extra assistance from time to time.

In specific comparison to Shopify, Weebly has limited customer support. Speaking to an assistant on the phone needs one of the higher tier accounts with Weebly. Additionally, getting responses to your questions is a struggle.

Although Weebly isn’t as terrible, it’s equally not as comprehensive as what you’d from most significant providers in the market. Maybe Weebly has limited customer support because it’s easy enough to use with little hindrance.

But either way, it’s a significant drawback.

Shopify’s customer support alternatively offers an entirely different experience. This platform gives access to everything from live chat, email to over-the-phone, and Twitter. Assistance is available on all the plans, including Basic Shopify.

Having a high-tier level of customer support is crucial more so when starting-out with vending products online. But it’s useful to have plenty of customer support regardless of the stage you are in growing your business.

Apps: Shopify vs. Weebly

Apps and integrations is another area Shopify comes out ahead of Weebly. Though Shopify is ahead of its competition curve in the field of apps and integrations, Weebly has a lot to offer for a competitor of its size.

Weebly’s app center is more intuitive and immersive than Shopify’s, thus finding a service you want is a lot faster. With just tapping on a button, you can expand your website. And because all the apps are-integrated, you’ll not need coding knowledge to embed them on your site.

Some apps on Weebly are premium, meaning you pay for them, but often you’ll find trial periods to get started.

Despite Weebly’s enhancements in the app world, Shopify’s app store still stands tall among the best in the business.

You can pick what you need to expand your store functionality from thousand of apps, which encompasses everything from accounting to taxes and social media integration.

Shopify’s apps do not allow you to add new features to your store. You also get help with automation with things such as a follow up with clients after abandoning a cart.

Shopify has both paid and free apps, and this post recommends you researching to ensure investing in the tools that best fit you.

FQA: Shopify vs. Weebly 

You still got some lingering questions about Weebly and Shopify, right? Fuss not, this segment on FQA will help clear the air on that all-important choice.

Is Weebly better than Shopify?

Whereas Weebly as an eCommerce isn’t as powerful as Shopify, it’s a lot more newbie-friendly. Ultimately, the kind of experience you seek determines the choice of Shopify vs Weebly.

Weebly is big on simplicity, whereas Shopify has a much bigger focus as a robust eCommerce platform.

Shopify vs Weebly vs. Squarespace: How Do They Compare?

In contrast to Shopify and Weebly, Squarespace incline towards eCommerce builder, fashioned notably to support folks in the creative industry. Squarespace gel well if you seek the attractive and design-based website.

 However, Weebly and Shopify have superior selections of apps and eCommerce tools to offer. Moreover, Squarespace provides zero free plans.

Shopify vs Weebly vs. Wix: How Do They Compare?

Wix, Weebly &Shopify all build website and eCommerce tools molded to help newbies launch effective eCommerce stores. 

Wix has a wide range of templates and designs to pick from than Weebly; however, it comes short to Shopify.

Weebly suits smaller sites, whereas Shopify and Wix work well for larger businesses.

Do Professional Use Weebly?

Weebly is ideal for newbies who’ve never built a website before. Also, it’s a terrific pick for professionals. It packs plenty of extra features such as image galleries, eCommerce, and blogs. You get to use your domain name too.

However, in the battle of Shopify vs. Weebly, Weebly lags Shopify as a better pick for professionals.

Does Weebly Own Your Content?

The content you publish online Weebly does not maintain its ownership. But upon signing up with Weebly, you grant the company permission to host content you need online.

Also, Weebly carries out all the acts vital in hosting your content on the service, such as making copies, reformatting, and distributing contents.

Shopify vs. Weebly: Which Is Better?

With terrific third-party apps and built-in tools to explore, beating Shopify becomes inconceivable in finding a solution that assists in growing your store.

From the tremendous Shopify themes scope to the incredible customization options for your website, Shopify makes it a cakewalk designing a store perfect for you.

Also, you can go an extra mile with your store, crafting a custom domain name with a value for money on your products

Shopify won’t force your hand to opt for a pro plan just so you access customer support and guidance; instead, you get the help you need your subscription plan notwithstanding.

Though the pricing plans don’t get as cheap, you’d get with Weebly. You get fair value vis-à-vis the amount of functionality you get back. 

Shopify makes for an eCommerce website builder for any company that envisions scaling and evolve exponentially. But Weebly could be the alternate for small businesses.

Say you’re a one-person band type of business, then Weebly should cut it for you in terms of functionality without breaking your budget. 

Also, given Weebly’s ease of use, you won’t fuss over seeking professional assistance every so often.

On the whole, Shopify might punch as a heavyweight in eCommerce ring; Weebly equally packs better punches with its pricing plan options thus, suiting smaller businesses that do not wish to break their budgets starting a store.

Shopify vs Weebly, which is it going to be? Let’s know in the comments.

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