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Getting Stripe For Non Us Citizens Vs UK Stripe Account

You would agree that owning a verified stripe for non us citizens is stressful, and there are many requirements one must meet to acquire a stripe account as a business owner living outside the USA.


As an active dropshipper, PayPal’s limitations and bans contribute to about 50% of the reasons for store closure or bans.


Most dropshippers like me and you are looking for a payment gateway alternative to integrate into Shopify dropshipping stores.

Stripe is one of the names that keeps coming up, rated as one of the best, and predicated to overthrow PayPal in the future.

Stripe gateway is an improved version of PayPal and has features that favor eCommerce business owners.

Stripe allows online businesses to integrate and process credit card payment on a one-page checkout system. Most customers abandon carts during the checkout due to the lack of a card processing gateway on the same page.


An increase in abandonment cart rates results from having Paypal gateway as the only payment processor in your store even though Paypal Process major credit cards like master and visa.

The checkout process redirects the customer to finish the payment on the PayPal website instead of on the current store they are buying from.

Stripe is a fully integrated payment gateway that is hard to integrate. Once done right, the customer starts and finishes the checkout process on the site without any redirects to another page.


Unlike PayPal, Stripe accepts android pay, bitcoin, and other forms of payments; it has diversified online payment and focuses on an eCommerce business.

Stripe for non-us citizens is a subject most online business owners seek to find answers to consider if they are into problems with other significant gateways like PayPal. 

Stripe is strictly for specific countries, Africa, Asia, and Middle East countries are left out, which means for one to use Stripe as a non-us resident, they need to partner with a friend living in the U.S. who, in return acts as the business manager.

The stripe account uses the partner’s SSN/EIN, personal details, and address, and they share the profit based on the agreement in place.


A verified Stripe for non-us citizens

There are thousands of entrepreneurs with a desire to have their stripe account, but having no friends or relatives in states, they end up giving up doing business. 

I was literally in such a space a few years ago, and I came to find out one can get a verified stripe account living outside the USA. 

There are a few things you must get in order before attempting the application.

Stay with me, as an active dropshipper, we all know the disadvantage our kind of business comes with, which are:

  • Chargebacks
  • Disputes
  • Payment on hold
  • Payment on reserve
  • Shipping Delays
  • Poor product quality.

The above mentioned kills dropshipping business every day; it worsens if you are using one payment processor like PayPal, who is a button away from baning your store and closing down your PayPal for a reason best known to themselves.

Paypal claims to be in support of dropshipping business, while on the other hand, they close down Shopify stores citing dropshipping is a high-risk business. 

When left with no option,dropshippers find ways to process online orders even if it involves partnership or trying out not so trustworthy payment processors. 

To eliminate the risk of losing cash and a long waiting withdrawal period, you can now get a verified stripe account as a non-us citizen.

So who needs a stripe account?

Stripe for non-us citizens or unsupported countries is for those who:

  1. They want to start dropshipping business or already with as dropshipping store but lacks a payment processor
  2. They are service providers and needs a verified stripe account to create invoices

What are the requirements for getting a stripe account?

Now that you are setting up a stripe account outside the United States, you need to meet legal requirements to create the account successfully.

Stripe has made it clear that you need to make sure that they support payment processing your current country before yo stat with the application.

Besides that, you will need it.

  • A valid Tax ID in the country you wish to apply.’
  • A physical address or proof of residential address for mail delivery (they don’t accept PO BOX)
  • You need a mobile Phone number in a specific country.
  • You also need a live website, and this can be a store, agency or a blog (it should show the services you offer or products you sell)
  • You are required to have a physical bank account in the country you wish to apply to Stripe. (they don’t accept virtual bank accounts.

If you do need a stripe for non-us citizens, then the above requirements are easy to find, it depends on how fast you want to drop PayPal as a processor on your website.

So how do you set a stripe for an unsupported country?

A non-us citizen means you are not a resident of the united states hence living outside the united states but in need of stripe account, which accepts only a few English speaking countries like the U.K. and the U.S. and a few others.

Here is the process of creating a verified stripe account for your business.

Start by forming an LLC business.

You will need to create a limited liability corporation that is quite simple to form and has the simplest business structure suitable for online business and start-ups.

The LLC business has no U.S. residency restrictions hence allows non-us citizens to freely have a business name or company registered in the U.S. without actually living there.

The LLC is very flexible on taxes, and this what makes it the perfect business formation for anyone living outside the U.S. 

You are only required to report your share of the profit, and the loss incurs via your regular tax return and not to file for corporate returns.

LLC business protects your assets from debts and any obligations and gives your business favorable working condition.

U.S. Bank Account Requirement

Since the stripe account, you intend to create a U.S. based account. Therefore, you must have a physical U.S. bank account that requires you to be physically in the United States of America.

As a non-resident, it is tough to secure a visa to travel to the U.S. or open a bank account without SSN and the right visa category.

There are two ways to beat this:

You can either form an LLC company with a friend or partner in the United States; the partner must be U.S. residents who, in turn, will open up a bank account and act as the manager to that account. 

The bank account will have his details, i.e., SSN, residential address, and contact details.

It is about trust even though many have been duped.

Linking US Bank Account

In the second case, we can use a Payoneer virtual U.S. bank account that allows ACH transfers since stripe account uses ACH for its transfer.

A Payoneer account allows you as non-US residence to have a virtual U.S. bank account, which comes with a prepaid Mastercard for cash withdrawal from any ATM in the world.

You can also connect your Local Bank account with your Payoneer account, instead of using the Prepaid card, one can transfer cash from their Payoneer account to their respective local bank accounts, and transfer funds take roughly 24 hours.

I prefer getting a U.K. company registered, a Transferwise account, and a UK stripe account. 

Transferwise account connects to your stripe account, and it also has debit cards that one can use to withdraw cash, you can as well connect to transferwise with your local bank account and received cash transfers within minutes.

I have helped over 300 dropshippers get a valid U.K. business company, U.K. residential address, Uk verified Stripe account, and they are all operational.

A bank account is a requirement to get a valid stripe for non us citizens.


Social Security Number also abbreviated as SSN is issued to U.S. residents or those on special work permits working in the united states temporarily.

While on the other hand, one can get EIN (Employer Identification Number whose purpose is to identify business entities operating in the United States.

If you are looking for Stripe for non us citizens, then EIN is a must-have; it serves non us residents better.

I have helped over 300 Shopify store owners to get a verified stripe account using the U.K. business method. 

You get get a stripe account using U.K. business details. I have registered over 300 drop shippers and helped them acquire Uk Limited Company.

I also help them get the U.K. Office address for both Office and residentials; the addresses help in forwarding any letter received from Uk to the residential country of the store owner (we use the address as forwarding addresses).

So let me know if you want to use my Uk business services.

Non-Residents Package with UK business Registration

Here is a deal for those who want to set up a UK limited company. This package includes the following things:

  • Registered your company online in 3 to 6 working hours
  • For business, banking can use TransferWise UK
  • Business address and registered office in London 
  • Document related to the company delivered free all over the world 
  • Free services for the maintenance of the company

UK business registration

For our non-UK resident customers, we facilitate them with the TransferWise account. They can use this account for sending and receiving money at the real exchange rate in multiple currencies.

Our customers can receive their sort code and UK account number, and the US account, Eurozone IBAN, and routing number in minutes do not matter where you are located in the world. 

Address service of London 

The customers who choose this package also get a UK address.

Through this service, the company will give you access to three address services:

  • Service address
  • Registered Office
  • Business Address

Maintenance service provided by the company

Maintenance services also offer free access to our Online Company Manager. By using this, you can edit and view the details of your company. You can also change the features and maintain new changes. These services are available for a lifetime.

Banking Options for Non-UK Resident 

We worked a lot with non-UK residents. Therefore, we understand their problems regarding banking and business. There are some best options for these problems. 

Business Account for UK Transfer Wise 

UK TransferWise is the quickest and simplest banking solution for the non-UK resident; therefore, we added this in our package.

It provides the fastest international banking. It allows to send money to more than 70 countries and can also receive the funds from more than 40 countries.  

When you form your company through our website, you will receive a link from our side and create your bank account using this link. You will also collect your UK bank account and sort code. There is only a one-time onboarding fee of £19-£21.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to live in the UK for registered a business company? 

No, it is unnecessary to live in the UK for the registration of a UK limited company. For the booking, you require a shareholder and a director (a one person can act as both) and a registered office address in the UK. This service is also included in the package.

Can I use this package to form my own company?

No, you can only use this package to incorporate a limited company. However, this package has exclusively designed for the non-UK resident that represents the excellent value of money.

 Is my home address used instead of the provided company address?

Yes, you can choose another address other than the provided address by the company. However, your registered address must belong to the UK. The cost of the package will remain the same; either you chose the provided address or not. 

Will the company forward my mail internationally?

All customers’ emails forwarded them directly. It does not matter where you locate in the world. All mails covered from one of three address services included in the package; service address and registered off mail. All emails will be scanned and sent to you without any cost.

What facility is providing to the Online Company Manager? 

This facility allows you to make changes easily into your company. You do one thing, file your updates by using the company website, and we will take care of rest. Make sure every update is up to date at Companies House. 

Want to know about Confirmation Statement?

It is a document that is just filed annually. This document provides up to date information to the companies’ house related to your company. Your first preparation of the confirmation statement also includes in the package.  

Will this company files my annual accounts?

The package of the company does not include this service. The filling of a company account does not embrace in this package.

However, the company introduces you to an accountant that may help you. Our company also has a partnership with an accountancy firm, and we will also provide a meeting with them for the initial consultation.

Note: You should deal with all charges directly to the accountancy firm.

Is there any extra cost other than this package?

All service address and registered office mail (official government mail) emailed you after scanning, and there are no charges for this service.

However, general business correspondence will send you at the cost of a 15% handling fee and Royal Mail Postal charges. However, after a year, you should renew the address services at the standard price.

Do I need to supply proof of ID?

All company formation (including our company), have a legal requirement for the checking of proof of ID and address documents. 

How much will it cost me after the first year?

After a year you need to renew this package at the cost of £161.00. This package facilitates the three service address. You also need to recommence your confirmation statement after a year at the expense of £34.99.

Package Features:

  • Private Company
  • Shares are limited
  • TransferWise Business Account
  • Company’s House
  • £12.00 and Filling Fee Also Included
  • Online Free
  •  Manager of the Company
  • Maintain the Book’s Statutory
  • Free .com or Domain Name
  • Email’s Copy
  • Incorporation’s Certificate
  • Email’s Copy
  • Documents and Association Articles
  • Email’s Copy
  • Certificate Shares
  • Email’s Copy
  • First Entries Are Used for Registration of Company 
  • Incorporation’s certificates are print.
  • Printed Copies of 
  • Documents and Association of Articles 
  •  Shared Printed Certificate(s)
  • Address of Registered Office, London 
  •  (with digital mail service and same-day) *
  • 1 x Service Address London 
  •  (with digital mail service and same-day) *
  •  Business Service Address, London 
  •  (Forward at international level) *
  • Registration of VAT
  • Confirmation Statement
  •  (Annual Report of the company)
  • Introduced with an Accountant Firm
  • Permitted Contracts

What About Taxes?

In the UK, corporate tax is 19% of the profit you earn in a year. You can also read more about this topic. Click 

Do I Need To Pay VAT?

There is no need to pay VAT because you are a drop-shipper who makes less than £85,000 in a year.

What Documents Do I Need?

Our company required two things from you:

  • Your ID card or Passport
  • Two your bank statement or a utility bill for confirming your name and address on it (utility bill dated from last three months).
  • We will verify your Identity through selfie-app technology.

The above package only covers for UK business formation and not stripe account. We can create a verified Uk stripe account for your company.

We only need your website link (where stripe will be integrated) and ID.

Ready to place your order? Click the amount below and allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

If you have any questions reach me out via WhatsApp +254727567529 or Instagram or use the contact us page.

Tell me if you have any question about stripe for non us citizens.


I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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