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30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs

A compelling video may help your brand succeed in a world driven by visual content. 

However, making visually attractive video content is achievable only with the assistance of editing software. While most mainstream video editing software is expensive, there are several equally effective free alternatives.

That is excellent news for entrepreneurs with high aspirations. Whether it’s Instagram stories, Facebook ads, or product testimonials on YouTube, employing the best free video editing software will render your brand look polished and professional.

With the breadth and quality of accessible video editing software, you don’t have to be Spielberg – or have his money – to achieve dramatic effects.

We’ve sampled a list of the best free video editing software accessible in 2021 for this article. Our list includes the most versatile video editing software that we could uncover. While each user’s objectives are unique, this guide will give you a decent overview of what each movie editor has to offer and how to get the most out of it.

We’ve classified this list into the best free video editing software for PC, the best free mobile video editing apps, and the best Instagram video editors. Are you set to proceed?

Get your PC, mobile, and Instagram videos a notch higher; in terms of these video editors.

Ready, steady, and go!

Best Free PC Video Editing Software

This list of free video editing software for PC includes desktop applications. Typically, desktop programs offer better editing capabilities than mobile applications. When you need to create longer-form material for YouTube or your website, use these video editors.

Each of these video editors is either completely free or has an excellent free version. And their application spans from fundamental to advanced.

(#1). Freemake Video Converter


Freemake is a free video converter that allows you to edit and convert videos and extract audio from video clips &embed videos on websites. Freemake is an easy-to-use program that converts video clips for playback on various mobile devices and gadgets.

Screenshot 27

The software can convert videos between over 500 different video file formats and supports a variety of audio and image file formats for making slideshows and video clips.

Among the features of Freemake are the following:

  • Convert Between More Than 500 Different File Formats
  • Converting Videos Is Simple And Quick.
  • Clips Can Be Cut, Joined, Or Rotated
  • Convert Subtitle-Enabled Movies
  • Support for a 4K display

Merit: There are no prerequisites for this position.

The downsides: During the initial installation process, several features are disabled for three days.

Most ideal for: Converting videos into a variety of file formats is its strongest suit.

(#2). Machete Video Editor Lite


Lite version of Machete Video Editor

Machete Lite makes the best free video editor available for performing simple editing operations on a Windows machine. You can not edit audio tracks in the free version, but you may delete them. Additionally, the free edition is limited to AVI and WMV file formats.

Screenshot 28
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 13

The following features are included in Machete Video Editor Lite:

  • Metadata-file tags get edited for all media formats that are compatible.
  • Fragments of video files can be copied, chopped, pasted, and deleted.
  • Create a separate file from the video stream
  • Combine two videos of the same format

The complete version is $19.95 and adds audio editing capabilities and compatibility for more file types.

Merit: Extremely straightforward to learn and utilize.

The downsides: Only compatible with Windows; does not handle as many file kinds as other apps; does not include audio editing.

Most ideal for Simple video splicing is the best use for this tool.

(#3). EaseUS Video Editor


EaseUS is an easy-to-use video editing app that is suitable for both beginners and pros.

It includes features for creating exciting videos to share on social media platforms. You can cut MP3 files, apply effects, and even use pre-made templates on your videos.

Screenshot 5
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 14

Additionally, the EaseUS video editor functions as a sound special effects editor, allowing you to add transitions, overlays easily, and filters to your clips for artistic purposes.

Additionally, because the free video editing software supports the vast majority of audio, video, and image formats, importing and exporting files should be a breeze.

To remove the video watermark and gain access to the most comprehensive range of high-quality video services, you’ll need the premium edition of the software.

Among their features are the following:

  • Templates that guide you through the process of creating your videos from start
  • Excellent range of trimming, merging, rotating, mixing, & splitting features.
  • Access to a variety of file types, such as MP3 and MP4
  • Diverse filters, special effects, and overlays
  • Conversion files in the wrong format

Merit: Excellent for quickly and easily applying special effects to your videos.

The downsides: Lacks advanced features in comparison to other free video editors.

Most ideal for: The best application for Filtering and enhancing your videos

EaseUS User Reviews: Read what others have to say about EaseUS.

(#4). VSDC Video Editor 


It’s an entirely free app.

VSDC is one of the best free 360-degree video editing programs available exclusively for Windows. The free version includes a plethora of valuable features, such as color correction and audio editing.

Screenshot 7 2
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 15

Color blending enables you to modify the video’s appearance to your brand. Additionally, beginners can save time editing using Instagram-like filters.

Additionally, VSDC lets you construct various mask shapes for blurring, concealing, or highlighting specific parts in your movie.

If you’re looking for recommendations for a premium video editor, VSDC offers a pro edition for $19.99. It includes all of the features included in the free version, plus image stabilization, support for voiceover, and a visual waveform. If you opt-out of the pro edition, technical support costs $9.99 per month or $14.99 per year.

Merit: Relatively easy to learn, with a plethora of valuable features.

The downsides: The disadvantages include the fact that technical help is not provided for free and that the software is only compatible with Windows.

Most ideal for editing projects based on Windows

VSDC User Reviews: Read what others are saying about VSDC.

(#5). HitFilm Express

Both Mac and Windows versions are supported.

Hitfilm, a video editor for Mac & Windows

HitFilm Express cuts as one of the best free 360 video editing applications available for Mac and Windows users. It has all of the fundamental editing features you’d expect from a basic editor (splicing, trimming, and audio editing), plus a lot more.

Screenshot 8 1
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 16

While some users may find HitFilm too advanced, it is undoubtedly one of the best all-around free video editors accessible. More than 180 special effects are included in the free package.

Although the tutorials are based on well-known Hollywood films such as Star Wars, they are highly interactive and entertaining.

Hitfilm requires you to share a status update on social media to get this software. This is, however, a relatively small price to pay for such advanced software. Among Hitfilm’s features are the following:

  • Cutting implements of the highest quality
  • Filters for both audio and video
  • The use of layers and masking
  • Support for 3D video
  • Green screen keying
  • Compositing tools

Merit: Truly professional video editor at an affordable price.

The downsides: It may take some time to become familiar with the interface.

The best use case is for YouTuber Vlogs – YouTube uploading is integrated.

(#6). DaVinci Resolve

It demonstrates compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

DaVinci Resolve Video Editing Software

DaVinci Resolve is unquestionably the most advanced video editor on this list. While it includes a slew of professional video features, its interfaces remain straightforward.

Screenshot 9 1
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 17

Along with video trimming and slicing, you can master audio and color fixes. Additionally, the program lets you add 2D and 3D titles to your video.

If all you want to do is cut and publish your videos, DaVinci Resolve’s expansive feature set may be overkill. However, if your video production requires a little more sophistication, this software’s free version is hard to match.

Among DiVinci Resolve’s features are the following:

  • Editing multicamera footage
  • Adjustment of color
  • Trimming expertise
  • Mastering of audio

Merit: Easy-to-use interfaces and excellent color correction.

The downsides: Its comprehensive feature set can be daunting, and not all tutorials are free.

Most ideal for More complex tasks requiring color correction

(#7). Lightworks

Lightworks is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Lightworks Video Editing Software

Lightworks is another excellent free video editing software compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Screenshot 29
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 18

Lightworks is a more powerful video editor than the others on the list. It’s brimming with valuable features. The free version should be sufficient for the majority of users.

  • The free version of Lightworks provides the following features: High precision video trimming.
  • Multiple video formats are supported.
  • Export to YouTube in 720p.
  • Multicamera capability.

While most features are provided, 4K video support for YouTube and Vimeo is available exclusively in the software’s commercial edition, which costs roughly $25 per month.

In comparison to Blender, Lightworks provides many excellent video tutorials that can help you get started faster.

Compare the features of the free and paid versions to ensure that the free version includes everything you require. If the free version does not fulfill your needs, you may want to consider purchasing one of Lightworks’ commercial video editor packages.

Merit: A competent video editor with a plethora of advanced features.

The downsides: 4K video support is available only in the premium edition. Lightworks may be too advanced for some users.

Most ideal for General-purpose desktop video editing

Check out user reviews for Lightworks.

(#8). Avidemux

Avidemux is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Avidemux Video Editing Software

Screenshot 10 1
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 19

Avidemux’s straightforward interface makes it an excellent choice for beginners wishing to create visually appealing video material. This software can assist you in performing basic activities such as:

  • Simple slashing
  • Encoding
  • Filtering

If you’re new to video editing, this is a fantastic place to start.

Merit: Extremely straightforward software; no need to study technical documentation.

The downsides: This video editor lacks the functionality of other video editors.

Most ideal for Simple editing chores for novices

(#9). Openshot

Openshot is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Openshot Video Editing Software

Openshot is entirely free and open-source, making it one of the most accessible video editing software available.

Screenshot 11 1
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 20

Given its simple drag-and-drop interface, it may remind some Mac users of iMovie. Openshot, on the other hand, comes with more features than iMovie, such as infinite layers and audio mixing.

This free editor strikes an excellent balance between advanced features and a straightforward user interface. Additionally, it provides real-time previews when transitioning between clips.

Among the features of Openshot are the following:

  • A More Complex Timeline including drag & drop, scrolling, panning, zooming, and snapping
  • With real-time previews, you may resize, scale, trim, snap, rotate, and chop video clips.
  • 3D animated titles templates, title creation, and subtitles and effects
  • Optical illusions, picture overlays, and watermarks
  • Multiple tracks/layers

Merit: It is open source and supports an unlimited number of layers.

Most ideal for: There aren’t nearly as many video tutorials as there are written tutorials.

Excellent for users new to video editing.

(#10). InVideo

Windows and Mac OS X compatible

Invideo online video editor

This free online video editing tool is ideal for marketers, publishers, individuals, and small businesses. This desktop-compatible software makes the best in class for a variety of reasons. 

Screenshot 12
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 21

It supports intelligent frames, automated voiceovers, and much more. Users rave about this video editing software’s exceptional customer support, user interface, bang for buck, and, of course, features.

With new high-quality video templates being introduced regularly, this tool is suitable for both novice and experienced video editors. It’s surprisingly easy to use and possesses incredible flexibility.

Among the features of Invideo are the following:

  • High-Definition Support
  • Instruments de audio
  • Stabilize Your Video
  • Brand/Text Overlay
  • Speed Adjustment
  • Collaboration
  • Split/Merge

Merit: This is an excellent tool for quickly generating presentation videos.

The downsides: It is not a 360-degree video editor in its entirety. You are not permitted to include more than one audio file, for example.

Most ideal for: The best application is for creating marketing videos or listicles for your site.

(#11). Blender

It is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Blender is a video editing program.

Blender, one of the most powerful free video editing programs available, is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Screenshot 13 1
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 22

Blender is a free, open-source application. Although the product was initially intended as a 3D animation suite, it does include an excellent video editor. Blender’s video editor should be sufficient for the majority of your video editing needs.

The editor enables you to do essential video editing functions such as cutting and splicing. Additionally, it gets used to performing more complex tasks such as video masking. As a result, it is a very versatile video editor suitable for both novice and advanced users.

Blender’s Video Editor is equipped with the following features:

  • Control over speed, adjustment layers, transitions, keyframes, and filters, among other things.
  • Displays include the live preview, luma waveform, chroma vectorscope, and histogram.
  • Up to 32 spaces are available to add video, graphics, music, and effects.
  • Merit: Ideal for advanced users who aren’t intimidated by the abundance of features.
  • Audio mixing, synchronization, scrubbing, and display of waveforms.

The downsides: Due to the breadth of features, the learning curve is slightly steeper. The majority of tutorials focus on the 3D animation/modeling side of things. The resources available to assist you in using the video editor are somewhat limited.

Most ideal for More complex projects that may include 3D animation

Blender Reviews: Read user reviews about Blender.

(#12). Shotcut

It is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Shotcut is the most effective video editing software for desktop computers.

Shotcut counts among the best free video editing software for Windows, and it works equally well on Mac and Linux computers.

Screenshot 14
30 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs 23

Shotcut, like Blender, makes for a completely open-source tool, which means that all features are available without requiring a paid upgrade.

While this video editing software includes several impressive features and tutorial videos, some users may find the interface a little odd. That is because Shotcut was created initially for Linux, and it shows. However, it is still a capable video editor behind the hood.

Two of Shotcut’s most notable features are its support for 4K HD quality and its timeline editing. There are a few free video editors that support 4K resolution. Additionally, Shotcut does not require you to import your video into the editor, saving you time if you work with huge video files.

Additionally, Shotcut is a 1080p video editor that caters to individuals seeking one. The software supports 1080p videos at a frame rate of 60 frames per second (frames per second). Additionally, it supports three lossless export formats, allowing for lossless video transfer (the only downside is the huge file sizes).

Merit: Native timeline editing and support for 4K resolutions.

The downsides: For some users, the eccentric interface may be off-putting.

Most ideal for 4K, HD, and 1080 video productions

Check out user reviews for Shotcut.

(#13). iMovie

Mac compatibility

iMovie Video Editing Software for Mac 

As is the case with most native Mac applications, iMovie is a highly intuitive video editor to use.

With iMovie’s drag-and-drop interface, moving and editing video objects is a breeze. Mac users can use this video editing software as a learning tool for the fundamentals of video editing. The following are some of iMovie’s features:

  • Library of pre-made transitions
  • Support for a 4K display 
  • Video trimming
  • Audio editing
  • Split screen

Merit: Simply put, it’s a breeze to learn.

The downsides: Advanced users may find several features lacking; import and render times maybe a touch lengthy.

Most ideal for: The best choice for Mac users new to video editing.

IMovie User Reviews: Read what others are saying about iMovie.

(#14). VideoPad


VideoPad Editing Software for Video Windows

VideoPad makes for one of the best video editing tools for beginners who want to start multimedia video editing. It’s ideal for anyone getting started with video compositions because it’s straightforward and quick to use. Advanced video editors, on the flip side, may find it unappealing.

Among the features of VideoPad are the following:

  • Multiple Resolutions For Exporting Videos
  • Reduce Camera Shakes
  • Sound Effects Library
  • Transitions library
  • 3D Video Editing

Merit: Extensive exporting features to YouTube and other social media channels.

The downsides: For more advanced users, it may be too easy.

Most ideal for: Newcomers to video editing.

User Reviews provides you a look at what others have to say about VideoPad.

Mobile’s Best Free Video Editing Software

These apps are designed for individuals who enjoy capturing and sharing videos from their cellphones and editing videos on the move. While other excellent video editing programs are available, this list highlights the best, most intuitive, and free video editing software for mobile devices.

(#15). Adobe Premiere Rush

iOS and Android versions accessible

Adobe premium rush, a free mobile video editing software 

Adobe Premiere Rush is a well-known video editor for Android and iOS devices. Add music (your own or from a library), transitions, and automatic color correction, and your video is ready to share.

Given its two modes, Freeform & Automatic, you can retain editing control or allow Adobe to select transitions and trim your footage automatically. Adobe lovers will be pleased to learn that this app seamlessly integrates with other Adobe products such as Lightroom.

Merit: Ease of use; compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud.

The downsides: It is missing a few essential features, such as the ability to rotate clips.

Most ideal for Simple smartphone video editing

User Reviews lends you insight based on what others have to say about Adobe Premiere Rush.


Available for both iOS and Android devices. is an excellent tool for creating stunning, professional-looking videos, mainly social media postings, and advertisements. With the program’s web and mobile versions, you can effortlessly edit videos at your desk or on the road.

Among the features are the following:

  • Brand/Text Overlay
  • Speed Adjustment
  • HD Resolution
  • Social Sharing
  • Video Capture
  • Audio Tools
  • Split/Merge

Merit: Extremely simple to use, straightforward user interface, and excellent automation.

The downsides: Due to the smaller screen size of the mobile edition, it can be challenging to arrange text and photos.

Most ideal for: Creating high-quality advertisements quickly and easily.

Take a look at user reviews for 

(#17). GO KASO

IOS and Android versions are available.

AKASO GO is a free video editing software for mobile devices.

AKASO GO is a practical mobile video editing tool that enables greater mobility while editing.

With AKASO, you receive a robust editing suite that enables you to add your videos with effects such as filters, transitions, and music.

Additionally, you may edit your clip to capture the perfect moments and instantly share your work on social media.

Among the features are the following:

  • Immediately share your content on social networking channels.
  • Featuring eye-catching stickers, animations, and caption texts
  • Clips include extensive cutting and trimming features.
  • Editing professionally with special effects and music
  • Remote video recording through your smartphone

Merit: An excellent app for on-the-go video editing.

The downsides: There is a slight learning curve for individuals unfamiliar with using their smartphones for video recording and editing.

Most ideal for: Using your smartphone to take action images.

ASAKO GO User Reviews: Read what others have to say about ASAKO GO.

(#18). Vizmato

iOS and Android versions are available.

iOS video editors that are the most effective

Vizmato, one of the best free video editors available for Android and iOS, simplifies the process of creating amazing videos and slideshows.

The app features video clipping, trimming, editing, and HD recording with immediate video effects, themes, and filters applied.

Built-in speed control enables you to accelerate or decelerate the effects applied to your footage. Additionally, you can edit your video by adding stickers and text and inserting your background music.

The voice changer effects are another unique aspect of this mobile editing app. You may modulate your voice in Vizmato’s editor to sound like a ghost, chipmunk, baby, and more.

This is an excellent setup for recording voiceovers or delivering amusing video stories. You can instantly share videos with your followers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms with a single click.

Merit: high-definition recording; instantaneous video effects; voice changer

The downsides: Videos can be rendered slowly at times.

Most ideal for: Creating shareable video content

Vizmato User Reviews: Read what others have to say about Vizmato.

(#19). Horizon

iOS and Android versions accessible

Horizon Video Editing Software

Horizon is a straightforward app that lets users capture videos horizontally regardless of their phone’s orientation.

When we are rushing to capture a moment, we may forget to tilt the phone horizontally and capture the action. This app can assist you in resolving that issue: all footage captured in the app is horizontal in orientation regardless of how your phone is tilted. To see how it works, check out this demo.

Horizon has you covered if you’re looking to avoid vertically captured videos and create something quickly.

Merit: Extremely user-friendly; vertical content is never wasted.

The downsides: The Android version is less complex than the iOS version; subject to your demands, certain in-app purchases may be required.

Most ideal for Capturing film horizontally at all times.

Read user reviews; what are others saying about Horizon?

(#20). GoPro

Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Free GoPro video editor for mobile

GoPro is a top-rated free video editing app for iPhone and Android users. Due to the app’s intuitive UI, it’s easy to learn.

With GoPro, editing and cutting videos are as simple as a few touches. Add a few transitions and sounds from the extensive built-in library, and your video is complete.

Merit: Uncomplicated and relatively simple to use.

The downsides: It can be a little glitchy.

Most ideal for: When you need to edit a video quickly

GoPro User Reviews: Read what others have to say about GoPro.

(#21). Quik

iOS and Android versions accessible

Quik Free Video Editing Software 

Quik is the producer of GoPro’s free video editing app. This app is comparable to the famous mobile video editor Splice, except it limits its editing capabilities.

It has automatic trimming and editing features that expedite the editing process; but, you can also edit your clips manually if you prefer greater control.

Quik is outstanding in its ability to search your video for great moments and even build transitions automatically.

This is the app for you if you need a quick edit. Additionally, unlike Splice, it is compatible with Android!

Merit: Features for automated editing.

The downsides: The disadvantage is that some users may desire additional editing control.

Most ideal for Quick, customized video editing

Quik User Reviews: Read Quik user reviews.

Instagram’s Best Free Video Editing Apps

Instagram is something we all adore. However, as an online entrepreneur, you understand the value of presenting your brand professionally on an app.

Therefore, why not elevate your Instagram Stories with these video editing apps? By the way, all of the mobile video editing tools described above function particularly well with Instagram. However, the video editing tools listed in this section were created having the Instagram platform in mind.

(#22). PicPlayPost

Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Free video editor picplaypost

At times, all you want to do is post a video collage without any fancy editing. PicPlayPost is the ideal app for such occasions. You can create a collage in seconds with the app to share travel videos, demonstrate how-tos, and more.

Among the features of PicPlayPost are the following:

  • Add a watermark with an image, logo, or text
  • Select from nine different video collages.
  • Import and add gifs from Giphy
  • Add background soundtracks

Merit: A straightforward video editor devoid of superfluous and perplexing features.

The downsides: Combining numerous collages requires an upgrade.

Most ideal for: Creating stunning collages from your video recordings.

PicPlayPost User Reviews: Read user reviews about PicPlayPost.

(#23). Boomerang

Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Boomerang Instagram Editing Software

Boomerang is an Instagram-created app available for iOS and Android. This app enables you to create more engaging content with your photos. Shoot a burst of up to ten pictures, and Boomerang will convert them to a short video. You may now publish directly to Instagram from the app, thanks to native integration.

Among Boomerang’s features are the following:

  • Save footage to your camera’s memory card
  • Create mini-videos for Instagram Stories
  • Smooth out any bumps in the video
  • Videos are repeated back and forth.

Merit: Extremely straightforward to utilize and share content.

Most ideal for: This is essentially a one-feature app.

Best for: Creating compelling video content from photos.

Boomerang User Reviews: Read user reviews about Boomerang.

(#24). Apple Clips

Only available on iOS

While some native Apple applications fall short, Apple Clips is an exception. This app will take care of most of your Instagram video editing needs. You may edit your timeline and stitch clips together.

Two of the more intriguing features are the ability to customize your background and give your content a comic book feel.

Read Also:

The following incredible feature is Live Titles: simply shoot a video, and Apple Clips will automatically add captions as you speak (that are in sync with your voice).

Once you’re finished, simply go back and edit the titles to ensure they’re accurate.

Merit: It’s quick and straightforward to use; it has a feature called Live Titles.

The downsides: The disadvantage is that it is only available for iOS.

Most ideal for Apple users searching for an iOS video editor that is speedy, interactive, and Instagram compatible.

Apple Clips Customer Reviews: Read Apple Clips customer reviews.

(#25). Hyperlapse

only available on iOS.

Hyperlapse is the Best Video Editing Software for Instagram

Hyperlapse is an excellent tool for creating time-lapse videos. Because Instagram designed this app, it is truly optimized for that platform.

Hyperlapse can help you create engaging videos for your audience by condensing a long period into a brief video. Be prepared to receive a flood of Instagram followers after sharing a few time-lapse videos on your Instagram feed.

Additionally, this app eliminates the necessity for tripods, owing to its excellent stabilizing technology. This type of time-lapse video would be great for demonstrating the manufacturing process of a product.

When your timelapse video is complete, you may share it directly on Instagram. Additionally, you can speed your time-lapse by up to 12x.

Merit: The use of stabilization technology eliminates the need for a tripod.

The downsides: iOS-only; may require a few attempts to achieve great results.

Most ideal for: Capturing breathtaking time-lapse photography.

(#26). Magisto

Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Magisto Instagram Video Editor

Magisto is a multi-award-winning artificial intelligence video editor. Add your photos, video, music, and anything else you wish to include, and it will automatically edit and create your video for you. And the outcomes are pretty amazing.

By selecting the type of tale you wish to tell, Magisto can save you time by delivering a professional video utilizing its intelligent video editor. It’s ideal for quickly posting to Instagram. The app creates the illusion that you spent at least a few hours editing your work.

Merit: The AI outcomes are very remarkable.

The downsides: You give up some editing flexibility in exchange for speed.

Most ideal for: Creating quick, professional-looking video edits.

Magisto Customer Reviews: Read user reviews about Magisto.

(#27). FilmoraGo

Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Finally, but certainly not least, we arrive at FilmoraGo. FilmoraGo is a capable video editing app that is free of watermarks and subscriptions.

All from within the app, you can add music, transitions and reduce video clips.

Your videos get customized with themes, text, and titles. A desktop version is available for $44.99 a year, although the free mobile app provides enough editing functionality.

Merit: great for editing basic cellphone video.

The downsides: The mobile version is not quite as excellent as the desktop version.

Most ideal for: Customizing your videos with text, themes, and overlays.

FilmoraGo User Reviews: Read what others have to say about FilmoraGo.

Best Free Video Editing Software FAQs

Thus, through FAQs, let us summarize and look at the video editing software that is most suitable.

What makes for the best free video editing software for PC, editing and converting videos, extracting audio from video clips, and embedding videos on websites?


Which video editors for the Instagram app are the most effective at converting audio files into social media shares?

Anchor Video Creator is available on iOS and Android devices.

What video editors for the Instagram app are the best for customizing videos with text, themes, and overlays?


Which best free video editing software for PC is recommended for Mac users who are new to video editing?


Which video editors for the Instagram app are the most efficient for making rapid edits?

Magisto, Clips for Apples

Which video editors for Instagram are the most effective for converting images to video content?

Boomerang, a mobile app accessible for iOS and Android

What’s the best free video editing software for PC I should use for complex 3D animation projects?


Which is the best free video editing software for PC for editing projects on Windows?


What’s the best free video editing software for PC for submitting vlogs to YouTube?

Film Express HitFilm

Which mobile video editing apps should you use when you need to edit a video quickly?

Adobe Premiere Rush, Quik, and Splice

Which best free video editing software for PC should I use for 4K and HD projects?


Which video editors for the Instagram app are optimal for time-lapse photography?


Which is the best free video editing software for PC for color correction?

DaVinci Resolve

Which mobile video editing apps are best for horizontal video capture?


Which is the best free video editing software for PC, is the most beginner-friendly?

Avidemux, Openshot, and VideoPad

Which is the best free video editing software is optimal for splicing video?

Machete Miniature

Final thought: Best Free Video Editing Software

Begin generating great videos today by utilizing the free video editing software on our list. Increase your return on investment and make the most of your brand budget by developing aesthetically engaging product videos and advertising.

Have fun with your editing!

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