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Free 21 Business Ideas That Actually Makes Money

In 2021, it can prove not easy to determine which ones worth pursuance with so many business ideas to choose from. 


And it’s often risky to sail a new trend, but it can also result in massive profits. You’d realize that many ideas on this piece have recently become increasingly popular. 

For a long time, others have been popular, making them more competitive & risk-averse as it were. But all the small business ideas below will help you make profits. 


Whenever you ask yourself what’s what, then these ideas will be for you. 

Business ideas For Fledging Small Businesses in 2021

Video Production Business

There’s a need for people who can film, edit, cut, and publish videos given the spike in online video content consumption. Therefore, it could prove a lucrative business idea to start a video production business. This business’s initial investment is simple lighting, wifi microphones, one or two lens cameras, and editing applications such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro

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Free 21 Business Ideas That Actually Makes Money 11

To minimize startup costs, see if you can find second-hand alternatives for any of the equipment. You can offer the production and management of graduating and wedding videography for companies’ YouTube channels, etc. Although there is no limit to what types of projects you can do, it is easy to stand out in a buzzing market by focusing on a niche. 

Instagram Consultancy

If you possess the tricks to drive Instagram engagement, consider yourself an Instagram Consultant. Customers will award you for the generation of captions, reviews, appealing organic bios, and more. These services can be monetized by charging a certain price per hour or via the project. For digital nomads, this is the ideal business concept because the entire thing can be controlled from a smartphone. 

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Free 21 Business Ideas That Actually Makes Money 12

Master the drill of making impressive Instagram ads that get traffic convert and shop from companies makes you a sought-after Instagram Consultant. Through marketing your business on Upwork and other social media sites, you will land your first customers.

Home-based Catering 

You can make a decent income by launching and operate catering business if you have a nut for cooking and consider it a creative outlet. The initial investment is based on the scale of the setup. You should start your business less if you start with smaller events that you can handle your own. Many home-based caterers start to set up a website, experiment with local food markets, or enter forums where experts can benefit from their food. 

Virtual Dance Studio

You don’t need to rent space to film, publish and upload your choreography: such make for the upsides to a virtual dance studio. Moreover, the number of students you can enroll in your class is not capped. You will need to invest in a video lecture program like Zoom to start a virtual dance studio. High-speed Internet is also necessary to ensure the live stream has no delays or buffers. 

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Ensure that your students learn their routines quickly and schedule enough classes every month. You can also find ways to work with dance schools to give your students access to your content on a subscription basis if you are involved in developing your exclusive choreography. 

Software Education 

Given the gulf in proficiency; the lacking computer software expertise in this techno-age, the software education business can be set up, and students can be enrolled monthly. School students may include IT entrepreneurs or other small businesses who want to learn applications like Excel and PowerPoint. You will lead the way by teaching the majority of the lessons if you have the experience. 

You can employ freelance tech specialists, depending on their field of experience, as your business expands and more people sign up for your programmes. Although you can rent space for lectures in classrooms, hosting virtual classes will keep costs low as you expand your business to international markets. 

Stock Photographer

You can become an inventory photographer by registering a sole proprietorship under your name if you can catch great candid moments or have recently taken a portrait shot of a friend. Companies such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Canva are actively searching for lovely videos. The list of some images you have already taken on those platforms may be started. Wait for people to download your images after you’ve submitted your photos. 

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Free 21 Business Ideas That Actually Makes Money 14

For any download on their network, most stock photography websites pay a royalty. The alternative involves launching your website and the direct selling of photos to people, which is only possible if you have the money to make marketing investments. 

WordPress Support

There are tons of websites hosted on WordPress, and virtually every website owner requires proper support. As such, you will have more chances to make money if you know the network’s ins and outs. 

You can identify and fix security holes, and many more, customers can contact you about issues related to their CSS. You should build a custom website and list your services using sites such as PeoplePerHour and Upwork to land your first customers. In this way, you can avoid high fees and create meaningful connections with your customers. 

App Development

App development count among the best small profitable business ideas as so many companies needs an application. Not to mention, this enterprise’s costs have fallen dramatically as tools and affordable developers are growing. 

Today, you can make wireframes before the application is published with software like Sketch, OmniGraffle, and CoreAnimator. You can also hire a freelance application developer on sites like AngelList and Upwork. You can also earn passive income by developing consumer apps. 

That naturally depends on a strategy for monetization, which generates recurring income. Effective tactics include providing in-app buys and a premium app fee. 

Print on Demand

If you want to implement business concepts effectively, consider printing on demand. The business model powers you to sell custom designs for products such as phone covers, tassels, and t-shirts, but do not print the artwork directly. 

Instead, you deal with manufacturers who print the product onto your template – they can even bundle and send the product to your customers so that you need not concern about logistics. You pay only until the items are sold. The fastest way to start is to build a shop and install a POD app such as Printify

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Free 21 Business Ideas That Actually Makes Money 15

Marketing is an efficient way to meet the audience through partners that promote your POD posts. If you are interested in a print on demand, check with our resource on the same-print on-demand business model, Start by signing up on Shopify 14 days free trial

Email Marketing

Do you excel in writing impressive emails? Perhaps you have a knack for crafting subject lines that people can’t help but click. That be the case, by starting a business in email marketing, you can get into entrepreneurship and make money. 

On websites such as PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and other cold services, you can find businesses that need support with their eMail strategies. After demonstrating this ability to attract people, customers can ease their services and appreciate even the price you quote for your services-selling points if you can help grow their email list. Investments in e-marketing software that automate many of the activities entail costs for the startup. 

Personal Shopper 

Perhaps you have an eye for fashion trends; the kind family & friends would seek fashion advice. Congratulations because Personal shopping may be a business focused on these competencies. 

Personal shoppers select clothes for consumers who find their style hard to find. You have to compare your customer’s wardrobes, visit websites and select the things that are the best fitting. There are several different items in all kinds of online clothing shopping, which means you don’t have to shop offline to start this business. Moreover, to become a personal shopper, you do not have to hold any special credential or graduation. If you’re searching for a low capital business venture, trust Personal Shopper model to cut for you. 

Career Coaching

There is no shortage of people who need help seeking jobs given the high unemployment rate and a saturated labour market. You will potentially also help others if you have the talent to help your friends and family land successful careers. 

Try launching a career coaching business where you help people realize what their best career is, how to perform in an interview, what characteristics a successful candidate identifies, and more. In Facebook groups or on platforms such as Coach me, you can search for customers. The best thing about the business model is that 4-5 hourly sessions a month will help you make money. 

Moreover, in a single session, you will coach many customers. You might be the right choice for a career coaching if you’re looking for side business ideas that won’t take too long. 

Flipping Website 

Flipping the website is one of the latest ideas that has gotten everyone excited from new graduates to work-at-home moms. It involves acquiring an already owned website, its design and its contents, and then its sales for profit. You can purchase and sell sites to make a profit from a variety of places.

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Free 21 Business Ideas That Actually Makes Money 16

For example, Shopify’s marketplace Exchange or Flippa will enable you to purchase websites that can be further enhanced through content marketing, SEOs, and other hacks. You can list your site on the market until you start bringing in more revenue than when you bought the website. 

Virtual Assistant

One of the business ideas with the most popular is to have virtual assistants. All, from big corporations to solopreneurs, require assistance in day-to-day business management. You will take some weight off their shoulders with your excellent organizational skills.

You get charged to answer emails, arrange meetings and perform other administrative tasks for the time and effort. By answering lists on platforms like FreeUp, PeoplePerHour, or Virtual Work, you can end up with the first few of your clients. This is an existing business model since people often pursue efficient virtual assistants. 

Content Writing

Almost every organization present on the Internet needs assistance in developing content for product pages, blogs, etc. The start of a writer or copywriter may also be one of your most valuable business ideas. 

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Free 21 Business Ideas That Actually Makes Money 17

BloggingPro, Problogger Jobs, and are popular websites to land the first few customers. You may also join Facebook content groups for a broader audience to promote your business. There are several ways that you can make a good impression on customers, for example, by offering your services keyword optimization or personalized graphics. 

Tutoring online. 

You can start the online tutoring business if you are a specialist in Art, Mathematics or another subject. A bachelor’s degree in the subject you wish to study is a key requirement, ensuring that you cover the subject before you start. 

On platforms like Skooli and you can find tutoring clients. For better performance, always teach topics relating to your field of expertise to share your skills and constructive insights to improve the learning experience. You can give lectures and connect with your students via Skype, making online tutoring one of the easiest startups. 

Website Testing

Were you aware that digital footprint brands employ real people to offer reviews on their website? Opinions enable them to address issues not identified by their developers. You may employ a group of people on a freelance basis and set up your website testing agency. 

During projects, your employees will address a set of questions that you need to answer when browsing a business website. They will share their initial ideas about the current user interface and how the web can be enhanced through the video. Work is available on sites like Ferpection, UserTesting, and TryMyUI. 

Greeting Cards 

Greeting cards are always in style. If you have a good eye for conception or if you want to show your artworks on physical items, creating greeting cards counts among the best artistic ideas for business. 

You will need a handful of designs ready to go before you can start searching for customers. Though. Custom card designs are made simple through software such as Photoshop and Canva. Besides, it would help if you stocked the supplies (ink, paper, etc.). to produce greeting cards. 

You’ll need to purchase your goods from a wholesaler if you want to keep costs down. Once the inventory has been sorted, start generating sales by promoting your business on Facebook, Etsy, etc. 


Would you like to sell items online, but have no funds to purchase and carry inventory? Take dropshipping into account! Dropshipping-an eCommerce business model in which no physical goods have to be handled.

All it takes is an online store and liaising with vendors ready to store, package, and ship to your customers. Moreover, you don’t need to waste hours on a product analysis, since you can sell fantastic products through dropshipping apps such as Oberlo.

For further info on dropshipping, check with our resource (Here). Dropshipping makes for a suitable option if you’re looking for simple business ideas online.

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Free 21 Business Ideas That Actually Makes Money 18

One of the causes of dropshipping is also that you do not have to keep inventory. But if it is not a matter of keeping an inventory-you can also sell wholesale items.

Small business owners can find exclusive and high-quality goods online marketplaces like Handshake & even meaningful long-term relationships with suppliers. If you already know what you wish to sell, it is worth considering as a compliment. Start by signing up on Shopify 14 days free trial

Food for Go 

If you look at it, the line of people who compete to find time to prepare nutritious and balanced foods does not stop. This has contributed to increased catering operations for all kinds of cuisine. By starting your own food-to-go business right in your town, state or community, you can capitalize on this trend. 

You don’t have to invest in building a big commercial kitchen contrary to common opinion. A shared kitchen can also operate a meals-to-go business. Usually, these places are equipped with anything you’d need and can be rented every month, day or hour. Via websites, you can find shared use, licensed kitchens. 


Multilingual people are often in demand, so consider starting a small business to monetize your talents if you can speak more languages. It would help if you began searching for customers at sites such as Flexjobs and Upwork to slowly develop your website.

With more and more businesses, you will employ more language translators to expand your services as you work well with more and more firms. It is also smart to put your business on social media platforms since it will help you reach a more general public. 


If you have experience building backlinks and enhancing the popularity of a website search engine, then you have a chance to milk your skills. Worldwide, site owners need the SEO specialists’ services to be your best option to start a business in this area. 

When you search for sales, concentrate on a nice audience, draw on the experience and develop your portfolio – show your success stories. You are confident that your SEO strategies are in hand to see a stream of customers. You can either target all kinds of businesses or call firms, such as legal, health, or financial, in a specific niche. 

Business ideas Summary: 

There’s a list of small business ideas, which will make you money in 2021. To better succeed, work on one idea at a time before you find one which is compatible with your skills. Thousands of entrepreneurs have carried out these ideas to make money and ensure that you put your effort and time into something sustainable and well-proven. 

Note that if you are an undergraduate, a parent or anyone else who wishes to start a business, there is plenty of chance of earning a significant income. 

How do you want to proceed with these business ideas in 2021? In the comments below, share your answer!

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