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Shopify Email Marketing For Shopify Store Owners

Alright, so now, we’ll delve into Shopify email marketing. If you’re one of those who overlook email marketing, I’m telling you straight up, that’s a fatal mistake because Shopify email marketing is essential to a profitable Shopify store. 


Now, two things come with a regular Shopify store: the Front-end & the Back-end and it’s typical in any business you get a front-end and the back-end.

Now, the difference between the front and back-end is that customers visit your store, they see your ad and buy from your actual sales page, and that’s the front-end sale.


However, you make most of the money on your back-end. And you don’t want just to run ads or perpetually have to get new customers over to your store to purchase your product.

It’s often better to sell again to the same customer than it is to have to acquire a new customer, and that’s a basic rule of marketing.

As such, you must develop your back-end, and Shopify email marketing is part of that and Facebook Messenger and SMS. You want to set those up.

Shopify Email Maketing : Klaviyo

Head over to the apps, then go to Klaviyo, the app you installed, do you remember?

Shopify email marketing
Shopify Email Marketing For Shopify Store Owners 17

Login, and the first thing you do is set up your abandoned cart sequence. So, click on Flows and then click on create flow. 

Shopify email marketing
Shopify Email Marketing For Shopify Store Owners 18

You’ll find that they already have abandoned cart ideas here. If you click the abandoned cart, you’ll see an array of abandoned carts to choose from as there are various concepts, including high value versus low value. In this case.

let’s create flow, and we’ll do the standard one. 

Shopify email marketing

But you can also start from scratch; however, the standard abandoned cart pre-populates your sequence, and that way, you have to do less work.

For this article, in the box, call it Smooth Skin abandoned cart sequence. 

Shopify email marketing

An abandoned cart is when a prospect visits your page, and they add it to cart, and for some reason, they change their mind and end up not paying.

What follows is that they get hit with the abandoned cart sequence, and that’s because when a customer adds the cart, they have to put in their email before they can get to checkout.

Shopify email marketing

Click on Create Flow. Here, I’ll show you how to set it up as it’s really simple. You can see a whole layout of the flow, and it’s automatic and works on triggers and emails.

You can check the trigger on the trigger, and below it is what compares to a time delay so you can wait for hours, and I have one, an example of an abandoned cart email sequence I’ll share it here.

Shopify email marketing

So, this is what you do, like offer a 15% off coupon two hours after a prospect initiated a checkout and so try and use the template of my abandoned cart email sequence.

You can put that in, and that way, you have an initial abandoned cart sequence or at least salvaging most of your sales. 

Go to Time Delay and then delete email, delete Time Delay, then click on Abandoned Cart Email1. Here, you want to click on edit. Once you begin using the abandoned cart email, you can also see your analytics.

In the From field, put in Smooth Skin and then for Subject line, you can like write in Re About Your Order for reply. Framing subject lines this way works well. I mean, this type of subject line, especially having Re in the front, looks like a reply to an email they sent.

These days, many people even don’t bother to check emails, more so from companies.

And so the reason you’d have to do your best to get their attention. Click on Edit Content then save changes, and you’ll be taken to the actual email.

And that’s why you want to select the abandoned cart sequence that’s pre-populated.

It allows you to populate the product the customers abandoned cart with automatically; therefore, it’s great. Leave that as it is. 

Have your store’s logo always centered at the top. What you do to achieve that is to drag the image block and drop it at the top of the cart and then hit browse. Add an image.

Click browse and for the Image Library, upload it and then drag and drop your logo image at the top. And that’s it. You’ve your logo in place. 

You can also resize the logo, for example, and you can even center whatever suits you, do your thing.

And then for the headline right, you can have that to read Get 15% off your order. And for the message, you’ll put something that mirrors my abandoned cart email sequence I had to share it, and it reads as follows: 

Hey {first_name default}.

This is Samwel, one of the founders here at {Your Brand Name}

I’ve noticed that your order is still pending in our system.

Did you have any problems checking out! If so, please send us a replay or email us at {your company email}, and we’ll resolve any issue right away.

Sometimes life gets busy and things like that from time to time.

But no worries, I’ve reserved your cart so that you can finish your purchase right away.

And on top of that, we would like to give you a little gift to help speed up the process.

Shopify email marketing
Shopify Email Marketing For Shopify Store Owners 19

Use code: 5BLHG2G2H to get 15% off your entire order

Here’s what you left behind!

Capture 4
Shopify Email Marketing For Shopify Store Owners 20

You can make up a brand name if you’ve read some of my other resources; you know articles, you already know that I like to make up phony names for different brands if you intend to deal with a beauty product, having like Sam respond to your customer service emails. As such, fake names work magic.

For beauty, you can fake Ashely, or whatever works. It’s your call. So, proceed to copy my sample abandoned cart email sequence message and paste it in the text block below the Get 15% OFF Your Order1 

You want to ensure that it all looks good and for the company email section in the message, fill in your store email address, in this case, Also, preview it and check how it looks. 

For the Use code section, you want to make the font text bigger. You can place it in the middle.

Otherwise, you can have the same font for the rest of the text. Have the text placed on the left here, and you want clients to see the text well on the mobile phone. 

Hit backspace on the Here’s what you left behind section. You want to show your product, the Smooth Skin product, and then copy the text message again, drag & drop the text block below the product.

Click on the block and then go to edit again, and then below the text message block, you’ll have a rectangular box with lines text saying USE THE CODE AT CHECKOUT and then below it, have the code. 

So, on the text block, you will have USE THE CODE AT CHECKOUT, then like bold it, make it big letters, and for the border, you go to Block Styles and click on, and when you click on the black border. 

So black border, solid, and you can also try dashed to see how that looks. You have to make it black. Now that you have a border, you can make it like size 3, and then you can put use code at checkout the code that we’ll make. 

Create a coupon code for your emails, go to discounts, hit Create a discount, and click on Discount code.

Then Generate a code, but you shouldn’t like generate code because it’s so complicated in that case, in the Discount box, for example, put in like 15 OFF.

For Discount types, you do a percentage, Discount value put 15, for Apply, do entire order, and then for Minimum requirements, you can do limit to one use per customer; Customer eligibility you can filter such that it’s only specific groups of customers. For example, it would be Abandoned checkouts. 

Then add, and you make sure that the start date is today and there’s no end date, then that’s pretty much it.

However, there’s a lot of things you can do here. Save the discount code. And so this will only allow abandon checkout to use the code.

Go put the code like in the use code at checkout block. And so that’s a pretty good basic abandoned car email. 

Below it, you can put links to your social media down. Attach links to your social media, and you can put like, for instance, Ashley or whatever part of your brand and click save content.

Go back to your email sequence in the flows, so the abandoned cart email will be sent out automatically after 2 hours.

You can set your preferred delay period, but I prefer doing this after 2 hours. Hit save, and that is how you set up a basic abandoned cart sequence. 

Equally, you can do like conditional split that trigger splits, but that’s a lot of more advanced stuff beyond the scope of this article. Else, this article would do 10 hours long. 

kaviyo forms a major part of Shopify email marketing for either dropshipping store or a branded Shopify store.


Now, the SMSbump sequence is the next thing you need to setup. This sequence is enormous, and it’s essential.

And SMSbump is even more effective than the email sequence from email marketing because what happens is, and you can leverage it, and here’s what I do.

Capture 6

Like in this case, you’ve just had an abandoned card message sent out two hours after they viewed the product and you say like

 Hello, this is Ashley from Smooth Skin. I saw that you checked out our product, but you didn’t make the purchase. Here’s an extra 20% off and the link

Of course, this tact works incredibly well. First, go to apps, click SMSBump you had installed, then go to settings.

You want to scroll further down. You want to enable auto-recharge. Typically, when my balance falls below $10, I’d add $20 to the count. 

Capture 7

Then for Do not spend more than I’d put $1000, and that’s because I’d scaleup my stores real fast on that.

Capture 8
Shopify Email Marketing For Shopify Store Owners 21

But on that, it’s your call. You can limit it to $100. Now, I want to share with you the SMSbump Abandoned Cart Template; it’s one of the sequences that I use. 

Capture 9

Send 1 hour After te Abandoned Cart.

Hello, this is Samwel from [Brand name]

I saw you were checking out our [Product name]

Great choice! I just made you a code for 20% off it’s [Code]

Just make sure to apply it at the checkout to get your discount!


For the code, you want to have a different code as opposed to your email sequence.

You can’t use the same one, and then for the first name & abandoned checkout URL, SMSbump automatically fills those for you. 

Next, go to Automations and then hit on Create new Automation. For the SMS Automation name, put in Abandoned cart reminder.

SMSbump is an exceptional app. You’ll love the app. For Recipient, select customers. Delay select enabled and for the Message timing, put one hour.

And then, for the Text message, just copy-paste the SMSbump abandoned cart sequence template above.

It’s fantastic, and then you can click on Add discount below the text message as well. That way, the app automatically put in the discount code. 

You want to put your brand name, the product name, and this works incredibly well. I guarantee you’ll sure reap phenomenal ROI with SMSbump, hit save, and there you go. That’s your basic abandoned cart sequence for your SMS. 

Of course, you can have extended sequences, but since I look to maintain the article like on a certain general level, not too advanced.

But when you get into the more advanced stuff, then that’s when you’ll need the extended sequences, but you’re good for now. 


And then for Recart, you want to make sure that you set up an abandoned card messenger.

So the way it works is that the abandoned cart messenger adds a button that will allow your prospects to checkout. 

The button links Recart to the customer Facebook as well, and the other thing is that it’s checked on by default, and that’s undoubtedly terrific for us. And so, to set up this abandoned card Messenger hit activate. 

First, you want to connect your Facebook page, which we’ll touch on here in short awhile, and that way, you’ll hit them in the Facebook messenger.

And you’re going to do it using a coupon code, the same you did with email & SMS sequences. But first, ensure that you make the coupon code, and that’s that with Recart. 


Now, in this section, I’ll briefly talk about how to import products using Oberlo, even though I held at the beginning of this article and still hold that it’s not a solid eCommerce business concept as we advance. 

The business model may have worked three, four years back, but I wouldn’t vouch for the model.

In essence, you’re merely importing as in you’re, but an intermediary between AliExpress and the customer, but the customer can go on AliExpress and purchase the same thing.

But Branded dropshipping, the brand-new model that I’ve been teaching throughout the entirety of this article, is way better than AliExpress-Oberlo copy-paste affair. However, just so in case you get the knowledge, I’ll show you its workings.

First, you need to install Oberlo. We already installed Oberlo in the app segment of this article, and the thing that follows once you create your Oberlo count, you log in and then head over to and type in your product. 

In this case, try typing in advanced IPL laser. When you found the product, of course, it won’t be as impressive. I mean, it sucks given that it’s not branded, no logo, and frankly speaking, you won’t manage to sell the item for say like $200 or $300. 

Capture 10
Shopify Email Marketing For Shopify Store Owners 22

Okay, the Oberlo icon appears at the right bottom corner, so click on that, and it will indicate whether or not the product is already imported. If not, proceed to import the product to your store. It will add to the import list.

Capture 11
Shopify Email Marketing For Shopify Store Owners 23

Then go to your Oberlo dashboard right here, you should see your product. Go to the Import list and then import the item to the store but first, you want to change the title; it’s essential, so you put like Smooth Skin Advanced laser hair IPL removal device.

For the description, you can customize it the way you did on your sales page. The description is the sales page.

Conversely, you can import it to the store as it is straight from AliExpress that way, customize it later. 

Shopify email marketing Conclusion

And all that this does is copy-paste the product onto your store, and then when you start getting orders, it auto fulfills it. It pays your supplier via Oberlo. 

It does everything on your behalf that way.

However, the way Branded Dropshipping business model works is that you won’t use Oberlo. 

I vouch for this business model. For Branded Dropshipping, when you like start getting your customer orders, you’d just go-to orders, and then in here, you can download a CSV with all of your orders and then send that off to your supplier once a day at the same time. 

And you can make a request like Hello, can you please bill me or send me an invoice? 

They’ll send you an invoice for every individual order. They’ll ship out every particular order to your customers’ addresses and.

Branded Dropshipping is way better. It’s like a much better way of doing business and the right way. 

If you had questions about the right Shopify email marketing tools or apps then this article answers your questions.

Comment below with any question in regards to Shopify email marketing, will be glad to answer where I can. Thanks for reading.

Try put Shopify basic plan for 14 days

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