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24 FREE Business Name Generator : Creative Name Ideas

Launching a business can prove challenging but with a free business name generator, you can come up with a unique business name in seconds.

Crafting a brand name that resonates with your audience, has a compelling narrative, and is available as an domain extension might be even more difficult.

You may have spent several hours brainstorming business names only to discover that your preferred ideas lack an available domain or are prohibitively expensive.

A FREE Business Name Generator will help you find the perfect business name that’ll be easy to remember and brand your company with!

Companies in various industries will often pick up a dictionary, brainstorm some ideas, or use an online company name generator to help develop the perfect business name.

But it’s not always easy – especially when there are so many words out there. That’s where FREE Business Name Generators like this one can make things easier for you!

A FREE Business Name Generator will help you find the perfect business name that’ll be easy to remember and brand your company with!

A catchy business name is something that companies look for when branding themselves.

Companies in various industries will often pick up a dictionary, brainstorm some ideas, or use an online company name generator to help develop the perfect business name.

The best thing about these generators is that they don’t cost anything. You can try them out by simply providing some basic information about your business.

Business Name generator
24 FREE Business Name Generator : Creative Name Ideas 9

 Some of these generators are free, while others charge a small fee for their services.

A business name will help to brand your company, so you must pick the perfect one. When coming up with a name for your business, you’ll want to make sure that:

1) It doesn’t sound like another company (and avoid trademarks and copyright infringement).

2) There isn’t a similar business name already.

3) It’s short enough to be memorable and easily searchable online.

4) Easy to spell so your customers can find you!

There are some ways that you can go about choosing a business name. 

However, using a free Business Name Generator is one of the easiest and quickest methods!

Why should I have a catchy business name?

A catchy business name will help your customers better remember your brand. A good company name will be easy to spell, have a unique acronym, and have an easy-to-remember tagline.

What happens if I don’t have a good business name?

If you do not choose an appropriate business name, your brand will be at risk of being lost in the crowd of other brands.

The real kicker is that business name generators are available that can help you generate unique business names. Read the complete list of brand name generator tools that focus exclusively on generating appealing company names.

Factors to consider when looking for a business name

What’s in a name? A lot of things. It is the first thing that people see, and some also judge you by it. 

You might have heard that “You live by your name, die with your name.” Names are influential, and they invoke excellent or bad feelings about whatever they represent.

Your company name may become the key to your success. That’s why it needs to be handled with care and precision to give your company the best chance of succeeding.

Many factors are crucial for business success, but nothing is more important than picking the right name that you can rely on to get you through tough times. 

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Many entrepreneurs mistake not doing enough research before making this crucial decision, giving themselves much less chance for success.

One way to improve your chances at picking this important name is to use a company name generator. 

It’s an online tool that can help you pick the perfect name by simply entering some fundamental characteristics about your company, and you’ll be given a list of suitable and related names.

Keep in mind that company name generators are not perfect, but they’re very close to it. 

They help you find the best options by communicating with hundreds or thousands of different naming databases at once. 

You can then check out the most relevant results and add your requirements until you find the perfect name that suits your purpose.

 Here are ten tips for picking the perfect company name. 

Although they’re not guaranteed to be 100% effective, they will undoubtedly help your chances of making a great choice:

1- Make it simple

No complicated names or terms that are hard to pronounce. Your customers should feel comfortable when they see your business name, so it’s best to keep words short and sweet.

2- Stay away from slang

You don’t want to use slang in company names because you need to appeal to a broad audience, not just one specific group. Keep in mind that slang terms constantly go out of fashion. 

If you want timelessness and appeal, stay away from slang and pick something more familiar and generic.

3- Make it easy to remember

You don’t want your company name to sound gibberish or too complex. Instead of using complicated words that people can’t pronounce, try using subtle hints instead of the actual word itself. For example: ‘Acme’ is an excellent name for a company, as it sounds like ‘acai,’ a fruit that has been trending recently.

4- Make sure your business name can be used everywhere

Make sure you read the fine print and check whether you’re allowed to use the name in different countries, formats, and media types. You don’t want to end up paying a lot of money to operate your business name and then find out that you’re not allowed to use it everywhere.

5– Make sure it has at least one good keyword

Make sure the words in your company name contain some keywords, so they help with SEO. A great example is ‘bites’ for a food company.

6- Make sure it has your industry keywords

You also want to make sure that your company’s name contains some words related to your business. It’s even better if you can use terms often searched by customers, like ‘web design’ or ‘online marketing. You may not be able to do this with all businesses, but it’s still a plus if you can.

And the best part is that it doesn’t have to be forced – if you’ve made a name generator yourself, chances are it will show company names with keywords related to your business niche automatically.

7– Make sure there aren’t any typos or errors

Some words may not be allowed on some internet platforms, so make sure that your business name can be used everywhere. You also need to check for typos and errors because it’s not the best idea to create a company name that has misspelled words or, even worse – lousy grammar.

8- Make sure you’re allowed to use the name

Make sure you don’t infringe on any trademarks and check your domain name. If the company name you want to use is taken, simply pick another one – there are many options available, so it’s better to be used somewhere else than not available at all.

9- Make sure it’s easy to say out loud

You want people to remember your business name quickly, so try to pick something easy to say out loud. Avoid words that are hard to pronounce or sound strange when you tell them.

10- Make sure it’s attractive/engaging

Your business name needs to attract customers and make them remember your brand easily. It should be easy to convey what your company does, especially if it makes people feel like buying your products or using your services.

How can Free Business Name Generator help you?

1- Time and money-saving: You save a lot of time by creating company names that work on all online and offline platforms. And since our advanced algorithm generates them, you can be sure that they’re unique and error-free.

2- No risk of infringement: You don’t have to worry about infringing on anyone else’s trademarks because you’re creating your business names from scratch, so they belong to you exclusively.

They also won’t cause any spelling or grammar errors, so you’ll save money by not having to hire a proofreader.

3- Creative and catchy: Making your company name with our name generator is free, so you have nothing to lose! Click away and find the perfect name for your brand.

4- 100% unique: Using a business name generator results in genuinely unique names, which means they’ll always be exclusive to you. 

You can be sure that no one else will use the same company name, and it will bring in more customers, which means more revenue and success for your business.

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A fitting business name will incorporate the following aspects:

  • Longer names are more likely to be forgotten than shorter ones. Seven or fewer letters are preferred.
  • It should be easily pronounceable and spelled in significant customer countries.
  • Two-syllable names such as Facebook, Nike, and Apple are easy to recall.
  • Your business name should convey a message of optimism.
  • Inside jokes make poor business names.

Nevertheless, you do not have to think of a name on your own. Create one-of-a-kind and memorable business names using our free brand name generator. 

You can employ a business name generator to create an appealing brand name that includes an available domain. Here are 25 truly remarkable online name generators:

(#1). Hipster Business Name

Hipster Business Name Generator

Hipster very possibly is the most inventive brand name generator on the list. You can click through to see a collection of hipster-inspired business names.

Because your niche is not included in the domain, you can expand your brand into other verticals if you wish.

Screenshot 32
24 FREE Business Name Generator : Creative Name Ideas 10

Some of the brand names generated by this generator are witty, amusing, and memorable, making it the best brand name generator if you look for something unique.

You may even get a t-shirt featuring your brand’s logo and name.

(#2). Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search Business Name Generator

Finding the perfect brand name is a breeze with Lean Domain Search. When you type your keyword, you’ll be sent to a page listing available domains. The green ones, which are typically displayed at the top, represent accessible domains.

Screenshot 2
24 FREE Business Name Generator : Creative Name Ideas 11

By clicking on a domain name, you may see if it has an associated Twitter account. It thus enables you to create a social media profile for your brand using your brand name.

(#3). WebHostingGeeks

Webhostinggeeks business name generator

WebHostingGeeks features an excellent company name generator. It prompts you to enter the keywords that best represent your business, specify the type of domain you’re looking for (.com, and determine the location of the keywords within the domain-at the start, in the middle, or at the end). You’ll generate a more specific list of business name ideas by responding to all of these questions.

Screenshot 3
24 FREE Business Name Generator : Creative Name Ideas 12

One of the best features of this company name generator is that it displays each option’s domain and Twitter account availability.

Simply click on the desired name, and the tool will check for these characteristics and show the results in a window. Additionally, the generator provides a list of domain registrars from which you can purchase the domain name. In general, it’s a helpful tool if you’re seeking brand names available via domain and social media.

(#4). One-Click Name

One-Click Name Business Name Generator

Another brand name generator is One Click Name, which provides a logo along with a domain name. Thousands of premium domains are available for purchase through this store’s name generator. Each domain is classified and labeled with keywords.

Additionally, they include a cool logo. You should budget at least a few hundred dollars if you locate one you adore.

You can type a keyword or niche, and the tool will display brand names relevant to your search. When you find one you like, you get to learn more about it, including the inspiration for the name, the types of businesses for which the name would be ideal, and its structure.

(#5). Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler business name generator

The Domain Puzzler provides three methods for creating a domain name. The first method is for the keyword to be the precise domain name.

The second method is more complicated, as it allows you to include more keywords in your business name. Then there’s magic, in which you type a keyword, and the tool suggests related words.

Additionally, you may view the page rank of major websites with this business name generator. To view just domains, select box below the options.

(#6). Brand Bucket

BrandBucket biznamegenerator

If you’re seeking a distinctive brand name that includes a logo, Brand Bucket is the tool for you. Although the brand names are pricey (over $1000), they are unique, snappy, and one word.

If you purchase a domain name through this website, you will receive a logo and request logo adjustments. This generator was created primarily for businesses that demand responsive customer service, sound design, and an instantly memorable brand name.

(#7). Name Station

Namestation Business Name Generator

If you look to find a free company name generator, Name Station can provide a list of excellent business names. Simply enter the keyword for your brand name in the space, and a screen displaying domain names will appear. Additionally, you can sort the list to view available domains, which can streamline your search process.

Additionally, Name Station provides pages of domain inspiration to help you create the perfect business name. By combining creative thinking with solid research tools, this company name generator can assist you in identifying proper brand names.

(#8). BizNameWiz

BizNameWiz business name generator

BizNameWiz is another website that generates store names with no effort on your part. To use our business name generator, simply enter a word or name, and it will instantly generate a list of possible business words. Additionally, this tool indicates which domain names are available.

Additionally, this company name generator offers business naming and branding recommendations that may be used better to understand the dos and don’ts of brand naming.

(#9). Dot-o-mator

Dot-A-Mator Domain Name Generator

When you click the button, this simple-to-use company name generator generates a random name. By selecting an option from the name lists or typing your own words, you’ll be able to choose from many combinations of the two lists. You can then create a Scratchbox for the business name ideas that appeal to you the most.

Following that, you must manually verify that the domain name is available. You can check the availability domains through websites such as and GoDaddy.


Naming Domain Name Generator

This store name generator allows you to generate business names by entering specific parameters and receiving more precise results. You can give a root word, syllable, or letter, as well as the desired number of syllables. Additionally, you’ll be able to use rhymes, Latin or Greek roots, and other words for variety.

This fantastic business name generator also provides some naming advice and ten points to consider before naming your domain, product, or business.

(#11). Name Find

Name Find company name generator.

If you’re looking for high-quality domain names, this website’s name generator will provide you with dozens of names. While most domain names are hundreds of dollars, if you’re seeking an exact match domain, you’re sure to find it here.

Name Find is ideal for successful entrepreneurs with a substantial budget for domain name acquisition. You may also contact or email their domain experts if you have any questions. They’re available 24 hours a day and eager to assist you in acquiring the perfect business name online.

(#12). Name Mesh

Name Mesh Business Name Generator

If you have particular keywords in mind for your new domain, Name Mesh may be the best option for you. The tool is beneficial in recommending appropriate available domains based on the keywords you enter. Additionally, it categorizes the name ideas as common, similar, unique, and fun to assist you in selecting the best business name for your purposes. You’re presented with thousands of unique names classified into these categories.

The names with available domains will be highlighted in green, while those that do not will be highlighted in red. To simplify, tick the “Hide Registered” box on the right side at the top to view accessible domain names. Additionally, our startup name generator provides additional customization options, such as character length, which you may adjust to fit your personal preferences and the nature of your business.

(#13). Freshbooks

Freshbooks business name generator

The company name generator on Freshbooks is entirely interactive. When you are on the page, click ‘Let’s Get Started!’ After that, you’re prompted to choose your industry: creative and marketing, legal services and business consulting, trade and home services, or information technology. After selecting your industry, you may enter your keywords.

Screenshot 33
24 FREE Business Name Generator : Creative Name Ideas 13

The tool provides three initial brand name ideas, but you may click ‘Show me more names’ to receive further ideas. Once you’ve chosen a brand name that you like, it will be displayed in a vivid rectangle on a new page.

(#14). Brand Root

Brandroot Business Name Generator

Brandroot is a one-of-a-kind business name generator that generates unique business names with a domain name.

Each name is carefully chosen and then listed for sale with a professional logo and an affordable price. You can conduct a keyword or category search to locate a brand name that fits your specialization.

You’ll notice that some excellent business names are listed at a premium, and some are more expensive than others.

You can select a pricing threshold to prevent being given company names out of your price range. When you purchase a brand name that you adore, you also acquire the accompanying logo design.

(#15). Namesmith

Name Smith, business name generator.

The brand name generator at Namesmith enables you to put up to five keywords in your domain name. You’ll be given domains that contain the exact keywords, blends, rhymes, pre-suffixes, and alterations you choose.

After that, you’ll be taken to GoDaddy to complete the domain purchase. 

The tool includes a variety of different algorithmic name suggestions. 

They create portmanteaus, a combination of two words, such as breakfast + lunch = brunch, from your keywords, creatively misspell them, add suffixes/prefixes, and present you with catchy company name ideas.

(#16). Wordlab

Wordlab Name Generator

The business name generator provided by Wordlab is not as targeted as others on this list. While it gives over 7 million potential names for you to choose from, they are not pre-listed; you must discover them independently. If you’re seeking unusual business names, you can keep clicking ‘Get Name!’ until you come across one you like.

Additionally, Wordlab includes additional name generators, including a name builder, that you can use to augment existing ideas. This generator provides over 340,000 possible combinations, including unique, compelling names that might help your company increase brand awareness.

(#17). Getsocio

Getsocio Business Name Generator

The brand name generator on Getsocio enables you to enter a keyword for your domain name. You’ll be presented with thousands of potential domain names.

The tool will continuously generate clever names based on your keywords. Even unexpected phrases can inspire them to produce names that inspire you and help you establish a unique brand image.

The sole disadvantage of this domain name is that it will end rather than Once you’ve chosen a domain, enter your name, email address, and password, which will guide you through the process of creating an eCommerce store using this fantastic business name generator.

(#18). Shopify

Shopify Business Name Generator

If you’re looking for an excellent company name generator, Shopify has you covered. You’re likely to come across hundreds, if not thousands, of business names. Interestingly, Shopify only displays business name ideas that include available domains, simplifying the process of creating an online presence.

Screenshot 4
24 FREE Business Name Generator : Creative Name Ideas 14

Additionally, it is designed to provide unique samples of business names that can serve as inspiration for your own.

Another fantastic feature of Shopify’s business name generator is that, once you’ve chosen the perfect name, you can easily sign up for a Shopify account and open your first Shopify store. This means you can quickly launch your first eCommerce business using Shopify’s robust eCommerce tools.

Copy of Purple and Orange Clean and Bold Vaccine Information General Health Banner

(#19). Oberlo

Oberlo’s business name generator

Oberlo’s business name generator streamlines the process of generating business names. All you have to do is enter a keyword related to your company’s central concept and click “create names.

” You’ll be presented with a list of unique business names to choose from. You can scroll through the options and choose your perfect business name, then register the domain – the generator includes built-in capabilities that assist it in generating business names for which domain registration is possible. That is one less worry to have when beginning a business.

Screenshot 5
24 FREE Business Name Generator : Creative Name Ideas 15

To use this business name generator, simply enter word variants into the search field until you’re satisfied with the results.

Thus, if you are dissatisfied with the results for a particular term, such as “clothing,” you can retry by changing your search to your company or the way you wish to show it. It could be “antique clothing” or “plus-size clothing.

” When you enter a keyword, the tool’s algorithm generates hundreds of innovative options for you to choose from. Not only is the Oberlo brand name generator free, but it’s also exceedingly simple to use and ideal for brainstorming small business name ideas.

(#20). Anadea

Anadea business name generator

The free business name generator from Anadea allows you to generate unique business names based on the keyword you enter. Its database contains a variety of unique and relevant names for you to choose from. And once you’ve selected a name, the tool will invite you to request a domain and website building quote.

Further, you may generate company name options based on industry category, which provides many alternatives, including healthcare, software, travel, and technology. If you’re seeking a custom website design and a brand name, Anadea can help. Additionally, you can use our store name generator to produce site and mobile app names in the same manner.

(#21). Wordoid

Wordoid business name generator

Wordoid makes it easy to discover available brand names. Simply enter your keyword under Pattern and then click the top-right ‘Create wordoids’ button. On the right, you’ll find numerous domain name suggestions. A fantastic feature of this snappy name generator is customizing the filter settings in the left-side column. This will enable you to obtain more detailed findings.

Additionally, the tool allows you to customize your results based on your quality, language, Pattern, length, and domain name preferences. It redirects you to GoDaddy’s domain purchase page, where you can purchase domain name.

(#22). Naminum

Naminum business name generator

The online name generator at Naminum augments your preferred keyword with suffixes. If you’re looking for a one-word domain, your best bet is Naminum. The only disadvantage to this brand name generator is that you must click manually to determine which domains are available and taken.

You may need to click several times before discovering suitable domain names. To buy a domain name, click ‘Get it at GoDaddy’ to be redirected to the registrar’s website. Additionally, this is where you’ll find resources such as a website builder to assist with the launch of your web presence.

(#23). Namerific

Namerific business name generator

Namerific is another upscale website dedicated to brand names. Some domains cost up to $400k, while the average is less than $10k. When you type a keyword or niche, you’ll be presented with appropriate brand name suggestions that include a logo.

This creative name generator generates memorable brand names with a fabulous ring, making them ideal for individuals wishing to acquire a premium brand name. If you like a name, but it is more expensive than you are prepared to give, you opt to make an offer to buy it for a certain amount.

(#24). Domainr

DomainR Store Name Generator

Domainr displays domains that are accessible for a particular keyword. Utilize their real-time service to save frustration when searching for a domain name. And if you’re looking for,.io or another type of domain, Domainr can assist you in finding the perfect domain name.

The tool features an instant, per-keystroke search function that transforms domain name search’s conventional dead-ends into an adventure. Additionally, Domainr returns various top-level domains based on your intellectual background, assisting you in securing the ideal brand name.

Suggestions for Naming Your Business

The following tips may assist you in finalizing your company’s name:

  • Opt for a broad business name rather than a narrow one. For example, if your brand name includes a particular product, your customers may only associate your brand with that product, limiting future expansion opportunities.
  • Make an effort to avoid selecting a generic name. Something too simple will likely be forgotten.
  • Cultivate a minimalistic image. Avoid going too far and choosing an excessively long company name.
  • Adapt substitutes for commonly used terms. For instance, instead of using Flicker, use Flickr.
  • Ahead of finalizing your business name, ensure that your selected domain name is available.
  • Consult with friends or relatives to get a second view on your ultimate pick.
  • Avoid replicating any already-existing company names.

A Few Outstanding Business Name Examples to Inspire You

Never assume that a great business name will exist. A few business names have endured the test of time and serve as excellent examples of company names. Consider for instance:

  • Lego is derived from the first two letters of two Danish words, ‘Leg godt,’ which translates as’ play well, ‘which perfectly characterizes their development.
  • Coca-Cola: Appropriately named after two of the drink’s constituents, Coca-Cola is simple to pronounce and remember.
  • Canon: The name Canon, spelled in English, is derived from the Japanese word Kwanon, which means kindness.
  • Google: What began as a joke was renamed Google after an investor sent them a payment.

Whether you’re seeking an exact-match domain name or a creative brand name that conveys your brand’s emotions, the online name generators on this list will assist you in creating a name you’ll enjoy. However, how you present your brand, serve your customers, and differentiate yourself in the industry will ultimately determine how you are seen.

2021’s Best Free Business Name Generators

Create a brand you can be proud to call your own, anchored by a name that accurately reflects and enhances your identity. To accomplish this, you can make use of the following 25 free tools for generating business names.

  • Hipster Business Name
  • Lean Domain Search
  • WebHostingGeeks
  • Fit Small Business
  • One Click Name
  • Domain Puzzler
  • Name Station
  • Brand Bucket
  • BizNameWiz
  • Dot-o-mator
  • Name Mesh
  • Freshbooks
  • Brand Root
  • Namesmith
  • Name Find
  • Naminum
  • Namerific
  • Wordlab
  • Getsocio
  • Shopify
  • Oberlo
  • Anadea
  • Wordoid
  • Domainer


Free Business Name Generator has helped many businesses find the perfect name for their company. 

Whether you’re just starting and need a catchy brand or looking to change your business’s name entirely, we can help. 

Want to learn more?

Business name algorithms will generate unique names that are guaranteed not to infringe on trademarks or copyrights while still being attractive enough to catch customers’ attention. 

You’ll also save time by ensuring your new business name is usable everywhere and doesn’t require proofreading because it was generated from scratch with no errors!

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