For Running Paid Facebook Ads, the first thing you want to do is to go over to, also known as Facebook business.

And then, you want to proceed and click login. Log into your existing Facebook account. 

Running Paid Facebook Ads
How To Start Running Paid Facebook Ads For Your Products 14

You will need a Facebook account. Do that right away. Upon login in, proceed and create what’s called a business manager, and that’s very simple. All that it entails is you to follow the steps. 

For this article, we’ve already created a business manager for our store as an example.

And so what we are going to throw open in this write-up here is how exactly Running Facebook ads work. 

And Facebook ads are incredible because if you happened to have some money right from the start, money that you intend to spend like a slightly higher budget, you know, something in the region of $300-$500+. 

Then you can give your store a massive boost because essentially what that kind of budget means is that you could start running social proof ads, engagement ads, purchase conversions.

And even build your pixels, and all these sorts of stuff are critical for dropshipping. 

And that’s why I seize this opportunity to flash out some profitable types of ads So that you can run. 

So click on the Business manager. On this page, it shows you every single section of Facebook ads. 

Lets check out the next step of Running Paid Facebooks Ads.

Choosing your Interests

For example, if you go over to Analysis & Report, click on audience insights. 

It’s a handy tool, allowing you to determine the best target audience for ads.

 Running Paid Facebook Ads
How To Start Running Paid Facebook Ads For Your Products 15

For instance, if you could go over to Choose audience, you can pick Everyone on Facebook.

 Running Paid Facebook Ads
How To Start Running Paid Facebook Ads For Your Products 16

In this case, for our laser hair removal product for the location, you can do the Big Four. 

 Running Paid Facebook Ads
How To Start Running Paid Facebook Ads For Your Products 17

And the Big Four is a Dropshipping terminology referring to the US, UK, and Canada. And for your interests, you want to put in laser hair removal.

 Running Paid Facebook Ads
How To Start Running Paid Facebook Ads For Your Products 18

You should see the audience’s size, and for some items, it runs into millions.

If you can click on Page Likes, you’ll see the exact pages your potential audience likes. And you must note down interests from these pages in a notebook.

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Some of the interests that you can take note of if you open an event note, for example, can include Sephora, Bath and Body Works and Ulta beauty are some of the great ones.

How this works is that when you run your ads, you can target people who like Body & Works, target those who like Sephora, and you can see that those same people are interested in hair removal; it’s highly probable that they’ll be interested in your store. 

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And it’s likely that run into some interests that do not make sense, I mean, they’re irrelevant regarding your store.  Finding Running Paid Facebook Ads guide useful? well continue reading.

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The interests too broad and so you’ll need to skip those. You don’t want too broad interests.

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And for location, you can also see the exact top countries & cities if you want to target. Choosing the right location while Running Paid Facebook Ads is vital for conversion

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Typically. I’d discourage targeting cities though; you limit your reach by going that narrow; the broader your ads in terms of targeting, the cheaper the ads as such, I’d advise going broad. 

Running Paid Facebook Ads :Creating Ads

Since you have some interests, let’s now delve into the actual making the ads. 

Head over to, which I had shown you at the onset of this article. It’s here where you can see any of the ads that run for any Facebook page. 

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Facebook ensures that it’s transparent because they want customers to see all the ads that run on the platform.

When on the Ad library, you can put in your leading competition brand name in the Search and then hit Search. 

Using your main competitor guys gives you an example of some great ads that you can leverage and make the ads yourself.

On this page, you’ll get to see every single ad that your competition ran when they started running the ads, and if you scroll down, you’d see all the ads.

This sort of insight is incredible for inspiration, and you won’t need any unique technology to make ads for most of your profitable stores.

You can even use your mobile phone to record videos if it makes quality videos. 

And you can coordinate getting models that’s if you need a model for your ad. Also, you can have one on Fiverr or Upwork to create an ad for you.

However, I’d advise against going that route because they piece together many different clips that they source online.

That might work for some time, although stuff like that amounts to spamming on Facebook, and Facebook prohibits that, and you run the risk of even having your ad accounts blocked by Facebook.

So, it would best that you don’t do it unless you’re doing it on a short-term basis. 

Sometimes you’d find your competition, for example, running a flash sale. Such are usually retargeting ads, and that would mean your competition targets people who had already been to their website. 

You’re also most likely to find your competition running ads that look like a Cold ad, which means they target people who don’t know about the product.

You’d find, for instance, in those ads a model talking about the product and showcasing the product and the ad pieced together possibly by a professional video editor that you can undoubtedly rent from Upwork. 

If you already have the footage, making the ad is not hard because you can practically use a phone to get a friend, give them your product, and have them present the product. 

Ideally, the best types of ads you’d figure are ads that show the problem initially and then solve it. 

Also, some ads you’ll find aren’t problem-solving. They’d be more like an introductory ad because such tend to look cool, oozing a high wow factor. 

And there are tons of ads with professional models, for example, depicting a craze for a particular product, in this case, laser hair removal.

You can have a custom thumbnail for a model’s ads using your product, laser hair removal any body part. Making the ads is very simple, just clips, get a friend(s) or hire some models.

Models aren’t too expensive, for that matter. In essence, these make for the best types of ads to make.

Still, you can further scour the for other examples of pages of Dropshipping that follow the Branded Dropshipping strategy.

You can even look for a store that deals in an exciting product like height enhancing. 

And the ads can choose a presentation format of testimonials. Testimonials are retargeting ads, and they can use picture ads, and yes, picture ads do pretty as well.

So, for this ad increase your height, I mean it helps enhance your posture. 

In this case, the pictures or videos ads show customers or people that your competition probably sent the product out for free via DM, and people in these ads show like the actual product. 

So, indubitably, it’s your call to make the ad look good. The better you make it, the better it will work on Facebook ads and any other platform you advertise.

And because Facebook owns Instagram, you can manage both of those ads from your business manager on Facebook.

For the actual ads, you want to make sure that you’re adding columns, set them up.

And for your ads first, hit on Create ad. And since yours is a new store, you want to get likes & comments on your videos.

That way, you get to respond to comments. 

Facebook Engagements 

And later on, when people see your ad when you do actual purchase conversion, campaign conversions means sales. 

You’re driving the ad for sales. Essentially, these are the various objectives. 

So, when people, I mean when your prospects in the future see the conversions, they’ll probably be won over, like they’ll see that there are people that like & comment on the item and they’d possibly perceive the product as legit thus, trust the brand the more. Therefore, you’ll first run engagement.

Then post engagement. For the campaign name we’ll put in, you can frame it like PPE_GS_BROAD, for example, and GS, in this case, is Smooth Skin and then click continue.

And you can also tinker with the CBO as campaign budget optimization for targeting; for instance, eComhunt, if you recall, provides you stuff to target.

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How To Start Running Paid Facebook Ads For Your Products 25

 With Facebook ads, the name of the game is testing. You have to run multiple tests. 

I’ve spent tons of dollars on Running Paid Facebook Ads. My mentors’ expenditure on Facebook ads runs into tens of million dollars combined on Facebook ads, and the takeaway is that Running Paid Facebook Ads are a machine. 

It’s a system, and fortunately, there are resourceful books on the system, as in thinking in systems. 

Such books provide insight, thus enabling you to hang that Facebook ads compared to a machine, which means there are inputs and outputs. 

And therefore, if you screw up the inputs, you screw up the outputs as well. In other words, GIGO a term that refers to garbage-in, garbage-out.

Cold Targeting

To understand what I mean, go to locations, hit edit, and I suggest that when doing this, you can start targeting the big four; Canada, the UK, the US, and Australia. That way, you are doing people who reside in these locations.

For the age, do 18-65+ you can narrow the age down, although I wouldn’t advise doing that at first because you should go broad. For Detail Targeting, you want to click edit then do only one interest no more.

Don’t exclude anybody. It’s the last thing you want because excluding anyone screws up the inputs and the outputs. It then gets more problematic for the system to get you sales and to get you customers. 

For Interests, put like Sephora or Ulta Beauty, it has to be the right interest, and you can tell that by its demographic size or reach.

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For Exclude people or Narrow audience, you want to leave that unchecked given there’s a lot of stuff Facebook tries to shelve by narrowing the audience, and that makes everything more expensive as such, steer clear that.

For Languages, you can put all languages for now or test English only, and then for placements, you should check off everything. By leaving everything off first, you’re doing cold targeting. 

For a cold audience, that’s new prospects, someone who doesn’t know you have never seen the brand before, doesn’t know who you are. 

For that, do Facebook news feed, Instagram feed, and then the Instagram story. 

If your actual ad creative, let’s assume it’s filmed in vertical mode. Then you can do the Instagram story.

So Instagram feed, Facebook feed & Instagram story make for Facebook’s best placements for cold ads. If you start doing the other ones, you’ll just waste your money.

Instagram feed, Facebook feed & Instagram story are as great as you can do automatic placements for retargeting ads. Suppose someone already visited your store. For instance, they responded to an ad, but they make a purchase. 

That be the case; you can then launch an ad and then create a custom audience. 

You do that in your audiences, and you can only target people who have already initiate to Checkout. To do that, click on Ad Manager, click on All Tools and then click on Audiences under Advertise.

You can then create your audience that way. And for the Detail Targeting, you wouldn’t target anything, and then you would do automatic placements. 

That way, you’re hitting your prospects from every single possible angle from the Facebook feed, Instagram feed to Instagram stream-videos everything Audience Network.

And it’s terrific for retargeting given the fact that the cost of acquiring the customer is significantly lower, the customers already know you, right? It’s Basic Marketing Cold vs. Warm vs. Hot audiences. 

And it’s for engagement. You shouldn’t expect to derive sales from engagement ads. Engagement ads are merely meant to get Social proof. After that, you can go back to Facebook ads.

Then click on Create Ad and then go and do Conversions on the same ad.

So, is either you do the same creative ad or find the post ID of the existing post. 

Click on Ad Manager, then head over to page posts. And then here, you should be able to see the post ID of the other ad you were running-the engagement ad. 

And that way, to transfer the comments, you’d have to copy the post ID, and then you can paste it in the new ad that you’re making once it asks you for the post ID. I’d advise starting with engagement. 

And once you’ve raked up the likes and the social proof, then proceed to use the same post ID on a conversion ad.

You can do the Conversion ads between $5-$10 a day or interest or per ad set.

And don’t overload the ad set, don’t put two or three ad interests in there. 

They’ll sure overload, and everything’s bound to screw up the system, and you undoubtedly get a shot in the arm in terms of high costs. And that’s how you run Facebook ads for a new Dropshipping Store. 

Of course, you can get into much details, but then again, that’s beyond this article’s scope. 

This write-up is intended to cut as a general tutorial for Branded Dropshipping for someone new and wants to start a shop by storm. Thanks for reading Running Paid Facebook Ads, look out for the second phase of this guide in the next post.

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If you just read the above about running-paid-facebooks-ads and you still have questions, kindly let me know in the comment section below.

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