Debutify Theme Review: The Pros & Cons And Features

In this Debutify theme review, I will walk you through a detailed step-by-step installation and activation guide.

I came across a Debutify theme a few months ago from a close friend who is nearly doing six figures monthly with Shopify dropshipping.

Debutify Theme Review

Initially, I was looking for a Shopify booster theme. I wanted a fast and likely-to-convert Shopify theme but installed a Debutify theme.

After a 30-minute Skype call with my friend, I was convinced the Debutify theme would serve me better than Flex and other premium Shopify themes.

So if he uses it and makes all these sales with no extra apps, why not try it myself and see how it goes?

I have used various themes in my Shopify stores, and we all know the bugs and lack of support some of them come with; after using the Debutify theme, my conscience was clear it was the theme I wanted all my stores to adopt.

It comes with prebuilt Addons that would cost you a leg and arm if installed individually.

The add-ons help save money; instead of sourcing third-party apps, Debutify combines all that in one dominant theme with a click installation that requires no coding.

Before I jump into the installation, let me briefly introduce you to the team behind the Debutify Shopify free theme.

Before we do the Debutify review, let us first dive into the brain behind the innovation.

The founders of Debutify 

It was about time someone created a more than decent free Shopify theme, and in came Raphael Bergeron and Ricky Hayes, the founders of Debutify, The best high-converting free theme words of Ricky Hayes.

Ricky Hayes, co-founder and head of marketing, is a seven-figure entrepreneur who has sold close to $ 6 million on Shopify. He has also reviewed a thousand Shopify stores and mentored about 140 students.

Debutify Theme Review: The Pros & Cons And Features

Debutify cuts out to be super fast for the highest conversion rates. Whatever you are selling, Debutify has your back, from General, Funnel, and One Product to Niche stores. 

Let your Shopify Store reach its maximum potential on the wings of the Debutify theme. 

 Is Debutify one of Shopify’s best free themes

You are in the right place if you are looking for a Debutify theme review. This review will examine how you install the theme, what you get, how you can customize it, and whether or not it is free. 

Now that the founders are out of the way, let’s install the theme on your Shopify. The installation process is quite easy.


Debutify default as a one-click install-theme; it requests you to enter your Shopify URL when you log in. 

Then, the theme installs as an application. When it asks permission to access your Shopify store data, it may worry you

Debutify Theme Review: The Pros & Cons And Features

You have a valid concern; it is essential to be always security conscious, and you may disagree with how Shopify shares personal data with app creators-

Usually, after a subscription to a few apps on Shopify, you continuously get spammed by some app creators who have been added to their email distribution list.

As regards adding the theme, Debutify has no issues. It claims to have 8k plus customers. With time as their client, you will realize that Debutify keeps spam at bay. 

You could get one thanking you for installing the theme and probably another asking you to join their Facebook page and use the packages you bought.

When you visit the official Debutify website, you can download the free theme version without spending a dime.

You are prompted to enter your store details as it appears on Shopify. The required store name is the one you choose when signing up, not the premium.

After downloading the theme from the website, you will be redirected to your Shopify store since the theme is not listed on the Shopify theme marketplace.

Shopify requires you to approve installing an unlisted app on their platform. 

It is reasonable to get this prompt message; it happens when an app or theme meant for Shopify store owners is not listed on the Shopify platform instead of hosted by the developers or the owners.

Upon installing the theme, activate it and customize it anyway; the activation is done the usual way through your online store, themes, and then publish theme.

The next phase is choosing a plan. However, if you decide to use the free version, you can; the only difference is you won’t be able to access the add-ons, the courses, or Rick’s one-on-one dropshipping consultation. 

Debutify Theme Review

After the theme installation, you will receive emails with the packages you bought. 

If your package had Dropshipping courses, weekly winning products, a Facebook mastermind group, etc.

You will get private invites via email, and you will be able to receive every single promise on the sale page.

Debutify Theme Review: The Pros & Cons And Features

Debutify Theme review: Installing the add-ons.

At this stage, I have already installed and activated the theme. The only remaining feature was to install the add-ons before I started customizing.

Debutify Review

Here are the add-ons that come with this unique Shopify theme:

Add-to-cart animation Installed

Debutify Theme Review: The Pros & Cons And Features

An exceptional attention grabber feature that allows the add-to-cart button to shake at an interval to create attention and increase Add-to-cart engagement.

Cart countdown Installed

This feature plays with the customer’s emotion by displaying a countdown timer after adding the product to the cart.

You can control the minutes and seconds you want the added product to show in the cart.

It will say,” You have 5 minutes before the product disappears from the cart. ” This creates a sense of emergency.

Chat Box 

It helps the store owner connect the store with his messaging platform, e.g., Messenger through Facebook.

Collection add-to-cart Installed

It enables the add-to-cart button to appear under the selection just beneath the product grid item.

To ensure you comply with the new data regulations, the Shopify store must comply with the GDPR. This add-on helps with that. 

You can activate it to help identify your traffic source and compliance with data. 

Delivery time Installed

Below the animated Add-To-Cart button is an estimated product delivery to the customer. It approximates the days it will take for the product to reach its destination.

Discount Saved Installed

This is the add-on every customer loves. If the general campaign applies, it shows a discounted amount on the product or collection page.

F.A.Q page Installed

Designed to display FAQ on your page of choice on the store. Instead of writing your FAQ manually, you can use this prebuilt FAQ to fill in your content and activate it to display.

Instagram feed Installed

The guys at the Debutify theme added a feature enabling the store owner to display their Instagram content. 

This is done by creating an Instagram token.

Inventory quantity Installed

If activated, this section of your new theme will show the number of products left in your store.

Linked options Installed

This addon will hide all the unavailable products or sold out at your store. This helps customers not to see products that are accessible to them.

Live view Installed

It shows the number of customers viewing a specific product in your store. It also gives live stats, though these are not real stats of your actual traffic; rather, they are just an app to help with the conversion on the product page.

Megamenu Installed

If you are creating a general or niche store and need a mega menu, this add-on will help you create drag-and-drop mega menus without touching the coding in your theme editor.

Newsletter popup Installed

An email list is essential when running a Shopify store; this popup also collects emails from clients for future marketing or retargeting.

Product tabs Installed

It helps organize product tabs on your collection page

Product video Installed

Apart from adding product images on the product page, you can now add a product video. You copy and paste the link on this Video add-on and boom.

The dedicated team works 24/7 to ensure that you have the most converting Shopify is guaranteed.

Choosing a theme for your Shopify Store is not something you want to take lightly. The look of your store makes it attractive and likable to your customers and gives it the personality you want.

Finding a suitable theme amongst the several offered free themes is tight, and that is where Debutify comes in.

Debutify Features

The demo store is the quickest way to allow one to see what features the Debutify theme has to offer. When you look at the store, it may not be clear what features constitute the premium and free versions of the themes; it is not entirely clear which feature is premium or free. 

But that is why you are here, right?

 It becomes clear only after installing the theme. The free version offers access to basic layout and styling, while 17 additional features are available on a premium plan. 

Five of the features lead to your cart functionality. There are animations when you add products to a cart. In a premium plan, the add the cart option appears under items. 

A sticky bar and upsell-ups are premium features when adding products to your cart. The 5th feature displays your trust badges in your cart and checkout pages.

Among the additional features include adding videos and tabs to your product pages. Other buyers can have coupon newsletters as popups and notifications of sales.

Mega-menu with advanced columns, a store FQA, the approximate delivery date, and chat boxes for support are other premium additions.

You can lock down the content against theft security features.

Debutify Theme Review: Its Plan and Pricing

As regards prices, you get three programs regarding this Debutify theme review:

*Starter plan

*Hustler plan

*Guru plan

With the starter and hustler plans, you get English support five days a week and access to a private Facebook group. The annual updates and support are free.

Debutify Review

Guru plan is a full package, including all the add-ons and all the other features from other programs.

Debutify theme premium features allow you to choose from 3,7 or unlimited. A

 The starter plan affords you 3 features for $5 per month, while a hustler plan gets you 7 features for $14 per month, and for $20 per month, you get all 17 features of the guru plan.

 An annual plan payment gets you 40% off, lowering the price to $3, $8.40, and $12 monthly.

Debutify theme review: Premium Plan

Debutify is free. Installing the free primary component saves you money compared to a premium theme which may cost $170 or more. 

Usually, adding an app to your store results in monthly fees of $ 3- $ 30, depending on the app. 

Most of the premium apps you can access are probably more expensive than $14 or $20 per month. Again, you may not need all the add-ons. Seven may be sufficient, costing $14 or $8.40 per month. 

Given that all the apps are in-house, your store loads faster than external apps connecting to your store. 

The demo can help you see what the premium add-ons are worth, or watch the free videos on the Shopify app by clicking on each addon. Debutify premium is worth it.

Debutify is a one-click install theme; it requests that you enter your Shopify URL when you log in. 

Then, the theme installs as an application. When it asks permission to access your Shopify store data, it may worry you

You have a valid concern; it is essential to be always security conscious, and you may disagree with how Shopify shares personal data with app creators-

Debutify Review

After subscribing to a few apps, you continuously get spammed by some app creators who have added to their email distribution list.

As regards adding the theme, the Debutify theme has no issues. It claims to have 8k plus customers. With time as their client, you will realize that Debutify keeps spam at bay. 

You could get one thanking you for theme installation and probably another asking to join their Facebook.

Upon installing the theme, activate it and customize it anyway,

Debutify Theme Review: Summary

Debutify 2.0.2+ has a sleek dashboard that allows you to customize your store in real-time. Each page has an easy-to-use section. 

If you expand an option on the left further down the settings, you can quickly edit and make changes. Debutify is responsive and easy to use. You do not have to be tech-savvy to create your store- you can do it in minutes. 

On the premium plan, you can see Debutify theme features appear and customize as you deem fit.

The free version also has some fantastic, sleek, straightforward product pages. You can incorporate the variants as you like.

From the right menu, you will find adding to the cart or heading directly to full cart.

Although the cart page looks similar to most themes, you can customize colors and add a buy-now =button.

Debutify Shopify theme is a great-looking theme, and it is undoubtedly free; however, to get the full features, you must select a premium plan. The plans are monthly; you can get 40% off if you pay for one year. Considering that many apps are extra, you save a lot of money buying Debutify premium.

If you were looking for an in-depth Debutify review and what makes it sound like the best and latest Shopify theme, then I believe you have all the good answers to why you need to install it.

Thank you so much for reading this Debutify theme review. If you have any questions, post them in the comment section below.

Install the Debutify theme by clicking the below button.

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