How Can I Drive Free Traffic To My Shopify Store?

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If you ever asked yourself ‘How Can I Drive Free Traffic To My Shopify Store?’ then you are in the right place.

Do you have a Shopify store that you’re looking to drive more traffic to? In this blog post, I’ll share some tips that have worked well for me. I’ll also provide some resources that will help get you started. So, if you’re ready to learn how to drive free traffic to your Shopify store, keep reading!

We have different goals and the fulfillment of those goals is what matters. One person may be looking to make $1,000 in a month to supplement their income. Therefore, when they make this extra $1000, they are in a perfect place.

They have gotten what they wanted. Another may be in the business to save some cash for the rainy day. Therefore, what matters is your effectiveness in running your online store to reach your financial goal.

The following article will show you how to make money with your Shopify store. To that effect, we have also incorporated some valuable tools on how to manage your finances.

This is usually one of the challenging factors of running your own business. We know that you need information on the same. The ideas that you will accrue from this article will help you be the success that you have always wanted.

How Can I Drive Free Traffic To My Shopify Store?

If you are in it for the money, then it is imperative that you are able to draw a significant amount of traffic to your store. The number of people that actually make the decision to buy is a portion of all those that have visited your store to view what you are selling.

Just like in the brick and mortar stores, it is not everybody that visits your store buys the products. However, the larger the traffic, the better it is for you. So let’s get into how you can get free traffic for the Shopify store without spending a dime.

There should be a lot of customers that are able to view the products on offer so that a section of them finally make the decision to purchase. If your store is dealing with some great merchandise at an affordable price, then it is only a matter of time before the traffic, as well as your income, starts to grow. Always aim for this.

How Can I Drive Free Traffic To My Shopify Store
How Can I Drive Free Traffic To My Shopify Store? 4

Regrettably, there is no assurance that you will start earning money right away. Many people that get into business and fail have this misconception that they will start making big money as soon as they start.

You need to put in some effort. It is not as easy as most individuals would like to believe that a Shopify dropshipping business is.

You need to employ the right marketing channels to attract traffic to your Shopify store. You must tell people that you are in the marketing and are offering a great product at a certain price.

Before deciding on the marketing channel, it is crucial for you to determine the amount of traffic you need to reach your financial goals. You cannot just go in blindly. You need a plan.

Understanding the Amount of Traffic You Need

One important factor that determines the amount of traffic you require at your Shopify store is down to the amount of revenue that you need to achieve.

What you need to do is input the amount of revenue you want and the period within which you want to earn it. The useful tool will show you the number of visitors that you need at your store in order to reach your revenue goals.

Once you have obtained the amount of traffic you need to attain your goals, the next step is determining how you will get there.

Generating Traffic to your Shopify store

Marketing campaigns are the fastest way for you to generate a significant amount of traffic to your store. There is a host of different marketing channels that you can employ to attract visitors.

Each of them has its special advantages and will need different levels of investment on your part. In other words, the amount of money that you are willing to spend makes all the difference.

Below is a brief discussion of the different channels at your disposal to make the right decision and generate the right amount of traffic that you need to attain your financial goals.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

You have probably come across these marketing channels when browsing the web. The yellow “Ad’ logo next to a Google search result and a post on Facebook with the ‘Sponsored’ banner are some of the best examples of PPC channels.

PPC is where individuals pay a certain amount of cash to have a better chance of generating visitors to their online store. Some of the most efficient Shopify stores utilize PPC to make sales.

The benefits of using PPC include a greater amount of traffic, enhanced brand awareness, and most importantly, better sales. The last factor of better sales is the ultimate.

Another good thing about PPC is that you get instant results from your campaigns. You will be charged every time somebody clicks on an ad.

Some of the popular PPC platforms include Facebook, Bing, and Google. Bing and Google provide you with the ability to know the number of people actually interested in what you are posting.

This insight is invaluable and helps you make better choices and be efficient in your postings. The only shortcoming with Bing and Google is that you will not be able to tell important demographic characteristics such as gender, age, and interests.

If utilizing Facebook for your marketing campaigns, then you will get critical information such as age, sex, and preferences. Unfortunately, you will not know how popular your posting was.

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Low-cost Marketing Channels

If you are tight on budget or the thought of investing significant portions of your savings is hard, then you can go the low-cost marketing way.

However, these channels will take longer to generate satisfactory results. In other words, you will have to wait a bit longer to get the traffic you want to your store.

Among the low-cost channels include content marketing. One way of using content marketing is by creating a blog where you post SEO-relevant and insightful content.

Such blogs enhance your brand authority and organic search ranking. You can make use of social media to interact with your target audience regarding new products, or make announcements.

Reddit is a good example of a discussion platform at your disposal to generate traffic to your business. The good thing about this platform is that it has niche-specific sub-categories. You can use these ‘subreddits’ to interact with others interested in what you are offering at your store.

If you have insightful content marketing material, then you can as well share it on the platform. However, you have to make sure that what you are posting on Reddit is relevant to the current discussion.

As you are aware that the individuals in the discussion are interested in your niche, you have in your hands an opportunity to attract high-value customers to your store. You also have a cost-effective way of creating brand awareness.

Determining Your Shopify store Profits

Once you start making sales from your Shopify store, it is critical to know how much of the income is profit. The Monthly Profit Calculator from Orbelo is one tool that you can employ to determine how much profit your store is making. You will need a Google account to open and run the tool.

Copy the form that Orbelo has created to your Google Sheet. In the green sections, input your figures. After you have inserted all the necessary figures on the provided spaces, the tool will provide your profit. You will also view your gross revenue, as well as, your profit. Below is what all this jargon means.

  • Gross revenue – you get the gross revenue of your store by doing multiplication of your selling price with the units you have actually sold in your store.
  • Net revenue – you actually work out the net revenue by first multiplying the cost you got your products and the number of items you have actually sold. After completing the sum, subtract this figure from the gross revenue you obtained above. The result is your monthly net revenue.
  • Profit earned – you calculate your store’s profit by subtracting your marketing budget from the net revenue that you calculated above.

Start Earning From Your Shopify  Store

You now have all the information you require to get started. Go ahead and give the business your best shot. However, there is one thing that you need to make sure of.

Keep testing the marketing campaigns you are using together with your prices. These will tell how effective you are.

If your campaigns are not effective, it is time that you changed them for the better. Try incorporating other channels such as Facebook and varying the price of your products.

If by any chance you discover that your customers are ready to pay more for the merchandise, then you can also afford to do more marketing. Go out there and make that cash to fulfill your financial goals. You no longer have any reason to lie back.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. And, as we’ve seen, there are many ways to get traffic to your Shopify store – both free and paid.

What matters most is that you experiment with various methods and track the results so that you can continue to improve your traffic generation efforts over time.

So there you have it! Seven tried and tested methods to drive free traffic to your Shopify store. We hope you’ll find at least one or two that work well for you and help increase your website traffic, leads, and sales.

And finally, don’t forget to sign up for a 14-day free trial of Shopify – no credit card needed – so you can start putting these tips into practice today!

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