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24 Profitable Online Jobs You Can Try out Today

It feels like online jobs are the future. With technological innovations and constant advances in technology, it is now possible to work from anywhere anytime- as long as you have access to your laptop or smartphone. 

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24 Profitable Online Jobs You Can Try out Today 3

Unfortunately, there’s never been a better opportunity for people who want flexible hours and freedom than there is now with so many options available!

It was reported in a recent study that the number of Americans working from home had increased substantially. According to Business Insider’s report on ” the future of work, ” it is estimated to be around 43% for 2020 and 2021.


“More people are choosing this opportunity because it offers flexibility as well as other benefits like lower costs than renting an office space or paying high electricity bills. There are many online jobs, so you can find one that matches your skillset, including freelance writing!

How people earn a living is undergoing tremendous change. Each year, we witness an increasing number of people embracing online jobs in some form. Indeed, 59 million Americans freelanced last year, earning roughly $1.2 trillion in sum. 

If you’re trying to break free from the 9-5 grind and consider yourself a self-starter – or if you’ve been affected by the economic devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic — pursuing online jobs from home may be a fantastic alternative for you.

However, looking for online work often entails poring over site after site. As job prospects become more competitive and new websites claiming to offer the top listings appear, identify legitimate online jobs. 


With that hindsight, we deemed it fit to take it upon ourselves to research each opportunity extensively and compile a list of the finest internet jobs for working from home.

We will share a list of the best online jobs you can start in 2021. We’ll give you an estimate of the hourly wage and links to websites where you can apply for each job we highlight.

Best Online Jobs For 2022

It is difficult to predict the future, but jobs will always be in demand. As a result, more and more industries have been making their way online, which has created new opportunities for people seeking employment, such as freelance writers or content creators.


Some of these positions you can do from your own home! If this sounds like something up your alley, then I recommend checking out a few websites listed below: 

(#1). Facebook Ads Specialist 

While Facebook advertising is an excellent approach to boost revenue, most businesses lack the skills or time necessary to create campaigns. That is why specialists in Facebook ads are in high demand. 

It is becoming increasingly important to have a presence on social media in the digital age. Facebook has over one billion users worldwide and continues its growth at an alarming rate every year. 

If you are looking for guidance on how best to reach customers through this platform, become certified by taking our online certification course! 


This way, you learn everything from basics like creating ads that get attention to optimizing your campaigns with retargeting strategies, so they generate even more revenue than before. 

So you can’t afford to be part of this revolution – take control today!

As long as you understand how to set compelling ad creatives and target specific audience segments, you’ll be able to acquire various online jobs and choose the company for which you want to work.

$30-$100 per hour

Indeed, SimplyHired and Hubstaff Talent are all excellent jobs to find for work.

(#2). Customer Service Rep

In the past, customer service was typically handled by a phone operator. Today, with many businesses moving towards automation and self-serve solutions to meet consumer demands for greater efficiency in their transactions – it’s not uncommon for customers’ first experience contacting an organization through email or other social networking tools.

It’s no surprise that customer service is a massive part of what you do as an agent. You work hard to make sure your customers are happy and satisfied with their experience, day in and day out. It can be challenging at times, but it’s all worth it when they send over praise via email or leave testimonials on Google reviews!

Numerous companies now hire customer support personnel to address consumer inquiries remotely. Training will be provided, and you will have the option of selecting from a range of shifts throughout 24 hours. 

You can consider applying for an online customer service job if you have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy assisting people. Simply keep in mind that you will require a calm location to work.

Earnings per hour: $8–$20

VIPDesk Connect, Glassdoor, and We Work Remotely all have job listings.

(#3). Online Beauty Advisor

With the rise of technology, women can now find all their beauty needs online. 

There is no shortage of options for every need in this digital era, from makeup artists and skincare specialists to hairstylists and eyebrow waxers. 

With the rising trend of cosmetics and beauty sweeping the world, there has never been a better moment to start a career as an online beauty counselor.

Sharing your skills and understanding about skincare and beauty routines can help to instill confidence in your clients. 

You can assist customers locally or globally, depending on your specialization, while also developing a brand that has the potential to grow into something significant in the future.

Earnings per hour: $5–$45+

Jobs can be found on Beautytap and ZipRecruiter.

(#4). Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager handles the digital marketing strategy for all social networks. They are in charge of analyzing trends and optimizing content to increase reach, leads, followers, likes, and shares daily. 

The job entails using platforms such as Facebook or Twitter where companies can post messages to gain attention from users who may then purchase goods or services offered by that company.

If you have experience managing campaigns on social media sites, you may sign up to assist businesses in promoting their products via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among other channels. Additionally, companies may require moderating comments, building their community, and optimizing their social selling efforts. 

As long as you can inject your personality and originality into your postings by generating viral videos or incorporating amusing GIFs, you may immediately take on clients.

This is not your typical 9-5 desk gig! Instead, as you coordinate strategies across various channels like Google+ Instagram etc., make sure what they will have a maximum impact (such as trending topics), while also maintaining brand credibility at all times throughout their workday when working with influencers on sponsored posts, for example; so this could be no easy task!

Earnings per hour: $16–50

Jobs can be found on Indeed, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour.

(#5). Instagram Influencer

Social networking has changed the world, and now it’s easy to be your boss without leaving home! One of my favorite ways you can become famous is by becoming an Instagram Influencer.

Being an influencer on social media platforms is a great way for anyone to build their brand.

If you are between 13 and 17 and interested in earning your own money (or extra money), try becoming an Instagram influencer. This is one of the finest online jobs for teenagers because you may work from home part-time. 

Almost every business nowadays looks to partner with influencers who can help them grow and sustain their Instagram following.

For example, if you can generate engaging Instagram Stories, know the best hashtags to utilize, and write compelling captions, you will succeed as an influencer.

Earnings per hour: $7–$40

Job listings can be found on SimplyHired and LinkedIn.

Influencer on Instagram

(#6). Stock Photographer

Stock photography is a booming industry that allows people to make money innovatively. 

People can create and submit their photos for public use, or they may find some of their favorite photos online at sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, Adobe Stock Photos (or any other stock site). 

One benefit of taking pictures as your profession is traveling worldwide while making cash on both ends!

Typically, photography is considered an offline job. However, if you are a photographer who has a large number of truly outstanding shots that you captured while on assignment, you can sell them online. 

With the assistance of online platforms, you can post your photographs online for sale to clients or used as stock photography.

This is a simple online job that pays well without requiring much effort on your part, particularly if you set it up as a side hustle to your regular 9-5 job.

Earnings per hour: n/a, per print: $1

Shopify, Burst, and other job sites are available platforms to sell your work.

(#7). Online Moderator

The words “online moderator” sound like the perfect job for someone who loves to be in charge. As an online moderator, you will oversee user-generated content and ensure that no one violates any of your rules or policies about what is allowed on the site. 

You’ll get paid hourly, so it’s a great way to earn some cash while maintaining flexibility!

Looking for work? Consider becoming an Online Moderator instead of waiting tables at night until 1 am when all restaurants close down. As a webmaster with this position, you have complete control over enforcement – even from home as long as there’s internet access available!

This position needs you to regulate online conversations in forums, social media groups, and other locations. Daily, you will be responsible for responding to unfavorable comments, categorizing inquiries, and resolving disputes. 

With the growth of digital communities and chat rooms, the demand for online moderators is projected to grow in the near future.

Earn $15-$40 per hour

Employers can be found on Glassdoor, Cloudworkers, and Upwork.

(#8). Data Entry Worker

Data Entry Workers are employed to enter data from documents, such as payroll information and medical records.

Data entry workers are involved in some of the most critical aspects of our lives, whether processing your paycheck or inputting a patient’s vital signs into a computer database. Data is one thing; you can never have too much on hand!

Data entry jobs online require entering alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data into a computer system. While this may not sound like much fun, it is an online job that may be pretty lucrative! 

Additionally, you can complete the work whenever it fits into your schedule. For example, consider honing your computer applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to help you succeed in the role.

Earnings per hour: $10–$20

Jobs can be found on Upwork and Working Solutions.

(#9). Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are the creative minds behind any ad you see on a billboard, bus stop bench, or TV. They use their skills to design their logo, branding, and marketing materials. For example, they create any graphics that might be used on websites or in ads.

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24 Profitable Online Jobs You Can Try out Today 4

Graphic Designers get paid well for their creative work to promote companies worldwide with just one idea: The Company Brand.

Additionally, you might focus on graphic design. While most businesses require well-designed graphics, inexperience with Adobe Photoshop can instantly turn away most job applicants. 

You should understand that not all businesses require elaborate designs; others only demand visuals generated using free resources such as PicMonkey and Canva. If you have a basic understanding of computers, you may simply learn to utilize these apps and apply them for suitable tasks.

Salary: $25-$50 per hour

Employers can be found on Dribbble and Upwork.

(#10). Website Designer

Every good website starts with a designer. Whether businesses are looking for just the right color scheme or making their site responsive, you have got it covered as a designer.

When the business launches its new company’s webpage, everyone will be able to enjoy and navigate through all the content seamlessly!

If you have web design skills, you can work for NGOs, technology companies, and more. Employers will assess your Adobe Illustrator, user experience, and CSS proficiency, so be prepared in these areas. With a few basic skills and the ability to develop visually appealing websites, you can easily earn a nice living.

Earnings per hour: $30–$50

 Jobs can be found on 99designer, Upwork, and Indeed.

(#11). Freelance Writer

It’s not easy to find a job these days, and the competition is even tougher for jobs in writing. However, freelance writers may have more opportunities than they think when finding work through platforms like UpWork or, which provide global access to companies looking for quality content on any subject matter imaginable!

The freelancing industry has grown massively over recent years, with many people choosing freelance writing as their primary source of income rather than working full-time at one company because there are fewer restrictions, and you can pick up projects that will fill your schedule while still making enough money doing what you enjoy most: Writing!

If you’re a talented writer, you can apply to write for online-only blogs, magazines, journals, and even newspapers. 

Freelance writing counts among those online jobs that pay well since there is a high need for writers, as many companies strive to give quality material to their customers. 

Apart from solid writing skills, you’ll need a passion for the particular area you’ll be working in, such as technology or fashion.

Earnings per hour: $15–$100

Jobs can be found at Problogger Jobs, FlexJobs, and BloggingPro.

(#12). Transcriptionist 

As a transcriptionist, your job is to transcribe audio recordings accurately and on time. There are many different types of jobs that you can take on as an individual who works within this field, such as editing transcripts for the accuracy or checking them against the original recording for mistakes.

Transcriptionists work with tapes or other recorded materials containing spoken words by converting these sounds into text.

Transcription is a relatively simple online job. Transcriptionists are responsible for listening to audio recordings and transcribing them into text. Additionally, this job requires excellent attention to detail and a lightning-fast typing speed. While transcription is not the most common job type, it can provide a steady revenue stream for someone with lightning-fast fingers.

Earnings per hour: $15–$30

Jobs can be found on Transcribe Me,, and Scribie.

(#13). Voiceover Artist

There are many different jobs within the entertainment industry. One such job is voiceover artist, which involves doing voices for animated characters in TV and movies or video games; voicing commercials, narration on documentaries, talking at theme parks to entertain children – it’s a versatile profession that can be done anywhere; with an internet connection!

You may work as a voiceover artist if you have a naturally smooth accent and a beautiful voice. Jobs for voiceover artists are available online in various fields, including films, cartoons, podcasts, apps, audio recordings on public transportation, and dubbing on foreign-language films. 

Before sending any applications to possible employers, ensure that you have a suitable computer with a fast internet connection, audio software such as Audacity, and studio-quality headphones.

You could do so many things if you have a knack for vocals. For example, you might consider becoming a voiceover artist. Your vocal skills would be used by performing cartoon character voices and narrating documentary films, among other duties like providing entertaining commentary over live events. The best part about this career choice is that there isn’t any set location because everything works via Remote.

Earn between $20 and $60 every hour

Jobs can be found on PeoplePerHour,, and Upwork.

(#14). Personal Trainer

There were some shocking findings in recent studies of just how much people admire their physical fitness instructors; for example, about half of all respondents felt personally more confident due to being around such perfect specimens as themselves. 

So, if being a personal trainer is something you’re looking into, be sure to check on certification programs available or even try signing up for online courses before getting started.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast with a strong understanding of proper workout techniques, you might try applying for online personal training jobs. With online coaching, you can train anyone, at any time, from any location, which allows you to take on more clients. In addition, you can train individuals or groups of people via Zoom/Skype.

Earnings per hour: $20–$70

Employers can be located on Fiverr and Glassdoor.

(#15). Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants, a new kind of business that is now being used in some companies, help with administrative tasks for the company and provide customer service on behalf of the client.

An external or internal agency may employ the assistant to serve as a liaison between employer and employee during work hours, or they might have their employment contract –

If you’ve ever wondered whether online jobs are available for someone with basic skills, being a virtual assistant (VA) may be a viable choice. You can make a good living by managing simple office duties such as receiving calls and responding to emails. 

The best part about VA jobs is that they allow you to work as little or as much as you like, making them excellent for busy folks with restricted availability due to other commitments.

Earnings per hour: $14–$30

Jobs can be found on the following websites: Virtual Assistant Jobs, FreeUp, and

(#16). Online Recruiter

In the past few years, recruiters have had to get creative with their job search strategies. 

For example, a recent study found that recruiters successfully fill a position about 40% of the time, up from 30%. 

This could be attributed to various factors such as companies’ fear of fraud and other illegal activity online or high-tech competitors who are more adept at finding candidates for open positions than humans. Either way, this means there’s a fantastic opportunity out there! Become one today.

Recruiters used to be limited to office environments, but times have changed, and you may now work from home as an online recruiter. Your primary responsibilities will entail posting job openings and recruiting suitable employees for your organization. 

Certain companies may also require you to conduct the initial phone interview to filter applicants in advance and forward only the most qualified candidates to the appropriate management at the company.

Earnings per hour: $20–40

CareerBuilder,, and Jooble all have job listings.

(#17). Music Reviewer

“Music Reviewer” can always be counted on to give an honest opinion about new releases.

Earning money to listen to your favorite music is one of the most enjoyable online jobs. Some companies hire individuals to review tracks, listen to brief music samples, and rate new albums. 

Your feedback enables artists, record labels, and companies to polish their work before publication to the general public.

Earnings per hour: $5–$15

Jobs can be found at SliceThePie and

(#18). Email Marketer

No one ever said marketing was easy, but you can make it a little less difficult for yourself by keeping up-to-date on the best techniques and tools. In 2021 though, email marketers should use social media as part of their strategy so that they’re not falling behind in this ever-evolving world.

Are you endowed with a unique ability that no one else possesses? Can you write email subject lines that compel recipients to click? If this is the case, you can contact firms and make money managing their email marketing online. 

Employers will hurry to secure your services and award you a long-term contract after you exhibit that ability to entice recipients. You’ll earn major brownie points if you’re able to assist firms in growing their email lists.

Earnings per hour: $30–$45

 Jobs can be found on Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and LinkedIn.

(#19). Website Tester

As an internet-based company, how can they ensure their website is working all day properly without someone checking? That’s where Website Tester comes in! You can get paid to go into different sites and identify any potential problems that get fixed before customer complaints start coming through.

Website Tester works from home and is responsible for testing websites to find bugs or glitches that need fixing.

WebTester: Many perks come with this position, such as working remotely, which means no commute is needed, plus getting paid by the hour.

Numerous brands want to know how simple it is to use their websites and hire testing agencies to solicit feedback from real users. As a website tester, you’ll be required to answer a set of questions as you browse a website. 

Additionally, you’ll use video recording to express your thoughts on the user experience. Videos should last between 20 and 25 minutes. Further, if you have a strong understanding of how websites operate, you may be particularly beneficial.

Earn $15-$25 per hour

UsersTesting, Ferpection, and TryMyUI all have job listings.

(#20). Online Tutor

The online tutoring industry is booming! With all the benefits of a tutor, but without any commute time, Online tutorials are even more convenient for you because they can be done from your computer or phone no matter where in the world you happen to be living right now.

Lately, I’ve been getting many calls from people who want to hire me as their online tutor. It’s hard for them in high school and college since so many students per teacher. But with my help, they could learn more quickly because it would give them one-on-one attention!

Are you math, science, or foreign language whiz? If so, you can apply for online teaching jobs to tutor students from all over the world. Most employers and job marketplaces require tutors to hold a bachelor’s degree, so make that you apply this requirement before applying. 

A teaching certificate in ESL or another discipline can further increase your chances of becoming an online tutor.

Earnings per hour: $10–25

Employers can be found on, VIPkid, and Chegg Tutors.

(#21). Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for any business. They must keep track of all incoming money, outgoing transactions, payments owed to employees or suppliers – not only that, but they need to make sure everything balances out at the end!

Are you a financial enthusiast? Are you someone who enjoys managing a personal budget? If so, you might want to consider bookkeeping. The majority of firms require bookkeepers to work with them in tracking and managing their financial transactions. Bookkeepers do administrative activities such as recording revenue and costs, invoicing clients, and preparing financial reports. 

Working as a bookkeeper may not be the most glamorous job, but it does have some benefits. For example, they will likely work with numbers all day long and very rarely need to meet any clients in person, which means they can do their jobs from virtually anywhere! 

The pay is also quite competitive for this position. So if you’re looking for something more stable than what’s typically available, then consider outfitting yourself because opportunities are waiting just beyond your fingertips.

To find your search for your first online bookkeeping job, contact local businesses or visit the websites listed below the hourly wage range.

Earnings per hour: $25–$50, Indeed, and FlexJobs are all excellent resources for finding jobs.

(#22). Proofreader

Proofreaders are experts at grammar, spelling, and punctuation. They make sure that all of the sentence structures in a document are correct while also correcting any writing errors found within it. Proofreading is essential before distributing to customers or putting anything on social media, so you want to be keen!

Have you an innate ability for grammar, the ability to notice faults, and the ability to reassemble fractured words on the fly? A proofreader’s role may be ideal for you. As a proofreader, you’ll be responsible for proofreading various text forms, including email copy, blog articles, and business documents. 

Essentially, you’ll serve as a second set of eyes for publishers, assisting them in creating more attractive and professional-looking content.

Earnings per hour: $12–$50

Jobs can be found on Upwork, Monster, and Freelancer.

(#23). SEO Expert

It’s not easy to make a living as SEO Expert. You need the skills and knowledge of an internet marketing professional- but this is just scratching the surface! To be successful at what you do, it takes dedication. If you’re confident enough to take risks when needed, then nothing will stop you from becoming a success story yourself!

SEO Experts have always been vital assets that companies rely upon heavily for their visibility online. They help find strict algorithms that allow them access through different routes using black hat methods or white hats.

Several businesses are looking for somebody who can facilitate their search engine optimization efforts. To work as an SEO expert, you must be skilled at generating backlinks and optimizing a website’s existing content. Direct experience in the subject may be preferable or required in some instances, but a relevant degree is not always needed.

Earn $15-$50 per hour

Job In SEO, PeoplePerHour, and Fiverr are all jobs to find for work.

(#24). Chat Agent

Empathy is a critical component of customer service, and Chat Agents are the ambassadors for the company. You’ll need to be able not only to answer questions but also to have empathy. 

If you’re willing to assist others with their problems but are uncomfortable speaking on the phone, you can work as a chat agent online. Customer service is provided via text-based chat, and chat employees are expected to handle many inquiries concurrently. 

If you lack a private workplace or spend most of your day in front of a computer, this may be the ideal job for you.

Earn between $13 and $20 each hour

Jobs can be found on Jooble, Indeed, and CrowdChat.

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Demand for online jobs is unlikely to wane pretty soon. And in an era when wages are static and conventional work policies are constantly changing, the opportunity to earn money online may be precisely what you need to keep calm.

Whether your objective is to work part-time to build savings or to make a full-time income while working from home, online jobs offer significant flexibility that the mass of conventional workers will never have.

Which of these online jobs do you find most compelling? Leave a comment below to let us know.


I was looking for ways of making a living working online from the comfort of my home,few years in am able not only to work from home but also help others achieve their dreams too. I am a full-time eCommerce expert dropshipping business ,Niche research and Facebook ads Expert.

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